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Complications by hpswimdummy693
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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A/N: Wow, it’s been a little while, has it not? Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the chapter. Please REVIEW and I will be forever grateful. :D


The White Family: Melissa's New Family

“Would you like some hot chocolate?” Mrs. White asked, her comforting deep brown eyes looking at me in question. Tanya was like the mother I deserved to have but never got. Every time I entered her home, she treated me as if I were one of her own. She even presented me with my own room over the summer break since I was always over at Denise’s house, of course, now she had to put guest in the basement whenever they came to visit which served to be a problem because the basement was the teenage hangout spot.

I set my bags down by the big, comfy couch then allowed myself to plop right onto it. So comfortable, was the primary thought running through my mind at that moment until I caught the loving stare from Denise’s mom, “Oh, um,” I ran my hand through my hair and gave her a sheepish smile.

“Hot chocolate?” a bright smile appeared on her face as she repeated herself.

Oh Merlin Pie! It was that time of the year again where all the trees rid of their leaves and instead sat cold during the chilly nights as flakes of white spreads across them. The time for warm drinks and carolers to walk around the neighborhood in glee. It was the time for snowmen and presents no matter what the holiday. So when Mrs. White asked if I wanted this drink, I wasn’t hesitant in my response, ”Yes!”

“All right then, will you be okay in this room by yourself for a moment while we get things set up?”

I smiled at her, “Of course I’ll be fine Mrs. White.”

By the time I said it, it was too late. She absolutely hated it when I called her something so proper. She believed that it made her sound old, which she most certainly wasn’t. “I mean Tanya,” I did my best to give her an apologetic look, but she would have none of that.

“That’s right, you better remember that young lady. This ‘Mrs. White’ business has got to stop. Tanya or mum. The only two things I will accept from you, preferably mom,” she left the room immediately after putting in those two cents.

As usual, Denise was ready to burst with fits of laughter that were being strategically held in, but before she could, her father spoke up, “Denise, is the basement cleaned up?”

Denise’s posture and expression completely changed from amusement to horror at the prospect of actually having to clean up her room, “No?”

It was my turn to be ready to explode with bits of laughter as she struggled to keep her stand against her slightly intimidating father. He was tall with dark skin and light brown eyes and quite the built body. (He’s not my father, I’m allowed to say that.) “Clean it,” Denise made no move, “now. It looks like some damn crazy Tornado went through there.”

“Fine father,” she said viciously, “I am seventeen now though so therefore I am an adult. I believe you have no reason to be so rude to me.”

He laughed, “You aren’t an ‘adult’ until you pay for a third of the bills in this home. Now, go downstairs,” he watched her disappear down the steps to ensure we wouldn’t be returning. “If you’d like to go down with Denise and see the pigsty she calls a basement, go ahead. I don’t advise it though. I’m going upstairs to put your bag in your room and if you need me, give me a yell.”

I nodded and watched him go to my luggage that sat beside the couch. He bent down to pick it up but paused as if something just occurred to him. He turned to me with a bright smile on his face and his arms open wide, “Welcome home.” I grinned and practically jumped on him as I gave him a tight hug.

“You guys are the family I never had,” I said to him as we embraced. He pushed me back to arms length away, “No seriously you are.”

He continued to smile, “You better not call me Mr. White either Miss Melissa. It’s either dad or Warren.” He released me from his hold to pick up my bags then turned to me and in a strict commanding voice asked, “Is that understood?” I nodded, still smiling from ear to ear, “Good. I’ll be back soon.”

I listened to his steps become silent as he went upstairs. I loved this house; it had two official levels, the main level and the first floor. It was nowhere near close to the size of my home in which my biological family had way too many rooms than they knew what to do with. This house was the perfect size, with just the right amount of bedrooms—three, including the one that used to be the guest bedroom but is now my bedroom—and bathrooms and a beautiful kitchen connected to the breakfast nook and the family room. The room I’m occupying as of now, is brightly painted with the perfect contrast of furniture. They attempted to incorporate the muggle technology by getting an old television set but they couldn’t figure out how to work it for the life them. Not even I really knew because unlike the Kensingtons, this television was old and the dials were complicated. There wasn’t even a remote invented for it. So most of the time when I’m in here with the res t of the Whites, it’s to play board games and what not.

I hardly ever spend time on the official levels though because the basement is where it’s at. It was made just for teenagers and it’s not like we didn’t have some cool stuff down there. Denise and I listened to the radio all the time and played Exploding Snap almost twenty-four-seven. There were two huge comfy couches in the middle of the room and on the other side of them were bean bags. The basement had couple of rooms, one of them being the room that illegal stuff was done in. My generation was parented by hippies and former hippies. We were brought up with a different outlook on life and war. So, it’s only to be expected that illegal happenings occur every once in a while. The other room that resides in the basement is the dogs’ room. They were kept in there when there was no one to supervise them which I’d say was a good deal. The room was lush and big with lots of toys and dog beds and food and treats and room to run around in. Whenever I was downstairs, I usually had them out and about.

I’m not sure what the family does about the dogs when Denise and I go to Hogwarts. Tanya and Warren have to work during most of the day, therefore they aren’t around to entertain their two pets. I’m pretty sure they get a dog nanny to come in for a few hours to give them love and affection as well as food and other essentials.

“Alright, your hot chocolate,” Tanya announced prancing into the room with a covered cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a bag of marshmallows in the other.

“Oh Merlin, you rock!” I yelled running over to the marshmallows. I took a handful of the creamy white puffs of goodness and dumped them into my cup of chocolaty deliciousness. So good.

“Yes, yes, I know I am,” she chuckled while closing the bag of the edible pillows and placing them on an end table nearby. “I have to talk to you about something.”

I analyzed her expression, and being the not-so-great face reader that I am, all I got out of it was that whatever she was going to tell me wasn’t too fabulous, “Should I be sitting down for this?”

“Yes, probably,” she led me to the sofa that my suitcase was beside, “Warren and I are going on a last minute vacation to Australia for some business. We are due there midafternoon tomorrow and will be gone by the time you get up.”

I stared at her waiting for her to continue but all I got in return was an expectant stare, “Are you missing Christmas?”

“Yes, and New Years. We won’t be back until just before school starts for you two again.”

“Oh that kinda sucks, but why’d I have to sit down for that?”

“There’s more.”

“More? Is it more quote on quote ‘bad’ stuff like what you just said or actual badness.”

She smiled sweetly, “That depends on how you interpret it Melissa.”

“Hmm,” I nodded pursing my lips as if in deep thought, “I guess you can continue then.”

“I was going to no matter what. I don’t think you’d like this surprise too much,” she told me. In response, my eyebrows creased while I wondered what kind of surprise I wouldn’t like, because I love surprises. “You see James Potter’s mother and her family are having their home renovated and they need a place to stay,” she stated, looking for my reaction.

I shrugged my shoulders, “I’m not following, it doesn’t take that long to renovate a house, no more than hour if you know the proper spells.”

She shook her head, “They live in a muggle neighborhood Melissa.”

“Still not following, it’s not like the muggles are watching them do magic.”

“The Potters have some really good friends in their neighborhood, all of which are muggles,” she started, I stared, “At one point, Mrs. Potter was out to lunch with one of the ladies in the neighborhood and accidentally mentioned the renovation they were going to do to their first floor. The muggles, obviously not knowing about magic, sympathized with them and asked where her and her family were going to stay since there would be workers at the house making loud noises for the majority of that week or two. Do you get it yet?”

“Not really…”

“Melin, you can so daft sometimes. It would be suspicious if there never were any workers around the house and suddenly they have a new house practically.”

“So? They could’ve done the job by hand themselves.”

“They’d still need to bring in furniture and take it and make loud noises and what not and the neighbors would probably come volunteer to help and they’d be living in total chaos.”

“Okay, I guess I get that. I’m not seeing what this has to do with me though,” I said running by hair through my fingers, it was really soft.

“They’re staying here.”

“Oh, well that’s not so bad. I mean there’s only three of them. James can stay in the basement and his parents can get your room. No big deal,” I stated.

“Right, except it’s not really going to work like that,” she said looking away quickly.

I hesitated then said suspiciously, “Why?”

“There’s five of them, you see…”

“Five? Who are the other two? If James has younger siblings I will not stand for them being in this house.”

She gave me a hesitant smile, “His grandmother lives with him, so she’d get my room and the parents would get the basement.”

“Oh that’s fine, James can sleep on the floor in the basement then,” I said nicely, “Who’s the fifth person?”

“James’ friend.”

“Which one?”

“Sirius Black, he’s been living with James for a bit now.”

I nodded and looked up in thought, “Where’s he going to sleep?”

Tanya laughed nervously and looked at everything except me. Her deep brown eyes moved quickly as if hoping the room would tell her what to say but it was evident that it was of no use, “That’s the thing. James and Sirius would stay in your room and you would stay in Denise’s.”

My smile stayed upside down as this registered in my head, “No, that’s not going to work. You just gave this room to me over the summer. You even painted it my favorite color and decorated it to suit my style. No way am I sacrificing it to a couple of boys who wouldn’t give shit about it.”

“Watch your language.”

“Sorry, but I’m just saying, I’m not leaving my room. I’ve just been kicked out of my house, the last thing I want is to be kicked out of my room too.”

She nodded, “I understand and that’s fine. You’d still have to deal with the both of them in there though. I’m not having them stay on the basement floor with nothing but thin blankets and a tiny futon. They’re young adults.”

“You mean you want me to share my bed with them? Aren’t parents supposed to prohibit intersexual sleeping in the same bed or something?”

“Yes, but this is a different situation. I’m confident in your ability to not engage in sexual intercourse with three other adults in the house unless you’re an idiot. Are you an idiot?”

“Not at all. I wouldn’t have such a problem with this if only one of them slept in my room and the other slept with the blankets and futons in the basement. I’m not going to be happy about it, but that’s better than sharing a queen sized bed with two teenage boys that are bigger than you and take up most of the space.”

“Okay,” she nodded, “How about this? I move James to the basement with his parents and Sirius sleeps in the same room with you.”

“I guess that’s alright. When are you leaving and when are they coming?”

“Tomorrow. You know, I’ve seen Sirius and James. You must love your sleep to be passing up the opportunity to sleep in the same bed with both of them. They’re some good looking boys.”

Oh boy, did I know that. Sirius and James were one of the best looking boys in the school and most girls wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to be in the same bed with both of them. Sirius had beautiful grey eyes, which have captivated me on numerous occasions, with nice black hair that was either short (for when he is happier) or long. James also had very pretty hazel eyes with green specks. His hair, contrary to Sirius’ (which was naturally nice and straight. I don’t think he used hair products), was messy in a sexy ‘I just got out of bed’ way. They were both a good definition of built and tall, about the same height, with big feet. (You know what they say about big feet. Big Socks!)

If I was forced to either pick sleeping with Denise or sleeping with James and Sirius, I’d pick the latter because not only are they attractive but Denise snores and hogs the bed and covers. I don’t know how James and Sirius are, but I have theo right to kick them out of my bed. I didn’t have the right to kick Denise out of her own.

“I do love my sleep. You are right,” I told her.

“How well do you get on with those boys anyway?”

“She gets along with them fine mum. Like me, she doesn’t make a point of trying to talk to them, but when they do speak, they have good conversations,” Denise interrupts.

“Did you have fun cleaning the basement?” I asked her while smiling deviously.

“No. Thank merlin for being seventeen, yeah?”

“Yes indeed,” I raised my hot chocolate to her.

She looked at it, “Mum, you made some for me right?”

“In the kitchen.”

“Thanks!” she said heading just in that direction.

“How long will they be staying for?” I ask Tanya.

“Um, they should be gone by the time we get back, but I’m not sure how many days exactly.’

“How old is that grandmother?”

“I think she’s around 92? Maybe? She’s relatively old, but a nice lady.”

I laughed, “Good, cause I don’t want a crazy old bat harassing me throughout the holidays. I’d have to be in constant hiding away from her instead of enjoying my break.”

“She’s lovely, I promise.”

The next day…

My eyes opened with a jolt as the sound of the doorbell wrung throughout the halls and rooms of the house. My heart was racing from being woken up so abruptly. I closed my eyes while I was in my normal confused state that I always get in after waking up. I swear, I have the weirdest thought process when my mind isn’t awake yet. I attempted to sleep once more, but my efforts were thwarted.

Ding dong! Ding dong!

So maybe I hadn’t imagined the doorbell like I was trying to convince myself. “I’m coming!” I heard an outrageously panicked Denise yell as she ran across the hall downstairs, her feet making loud noises as she went.

I looked towards the clock, 1:43 PM. My alarm was supposed to go off at eight in the morning so I could say goodbye to Warren and Tanya. I pressed a button to see if my alarm was on, it was. I looked to see if it was set to the right time, it was. Oh, well it apparently did go off I just didn’t hear it.

I heard muffled voices coming from downstairs as greetings between Denise and who I could only assume were our temporary guest. I vaguely made out the words let, show and rooms So I can only assume that Denise is showing everyone to their rooms.

I should get out of bed so I can be a good host to these people, but I’m way too tired to be one at the moment. I’ll have plenty of days to prove to the family that I’m not a lazy bum. So why try now? I heard footsteps rich the top floor and Denise telling the family where the bathrooms were and then she said in a sweet voice, “And this is your room Miss…”

“Mary, my name is Mary,” the voice of an elderly woman spoke. I smiled because James’ grandmum had a cute old lady voice which means she is probably a cute old lady who is just awesome.

Denise kept talking to Mary giving her basic advice like if she needed anything to just ask, then she instructed the others to follow her to the basement. Their footsteps disappeared and I smiled thinking I could finally go to sleep again.

Except, that would be too easy because at that moment, my door opened. “Go away!” I said immediately, still in my weird thought process and thought it was Denise, even though I listened to her voice as she went downstairs.

“Well, you’re a friendly girl aren’t you?” a voice that was definitely not Denise’s said.

“Oh my god!” I panicked and jumped straight out of bed. I should’ve gotten out of bed much slower because I’m still in my odd mind processing stage and my legs were working much faster than my brain, so instead of standing like my legs were trying to tell my brain to do, I was falling because my brain hadn’t caught up yet. “Ouch…”

“Good afternoon to you too,” Sirius chuckled as he walked over to me, “Roomie.”

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