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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter and plot is based off novel Blonde with a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson.



“We have something for you Draco,” Hermione said. “I can’t guarantee that it will turn you into you’re normal self, but the information in the book looked promising.” She sat the potion in a bowl in front of Draco on the kitchen counter.


            The stuff in the bowl smelled like they’d ladled it out of a sewer. Why couldn’t a potion smell like pumpkin juice? As he was bracing himself for the challenge ahead, someone knocked on the apartment door. Draco froze in place. Should he make a break for it if Hermione opened the door? No, that was panic talking. He might have the recipe for the transformation in his head, but he couldn’t go out and shop for the ingredients and he couldn’t brew it or even hold the utensils to stir it, if he was still in a cat form.


“I know you’re up,” a voice called through the door and Draco recognized it from before. “I heard you yelling earlier.”


            Bloody hell! It was the women who’d Hermione talked to the other day while she carried him to her home in a bundle of his clothing. It was the women who wanted to de-man him. He edged towards the bedroom, where he could run and hide under Hermione’s bed. Hermione scooped him up into her arms before he made it to the hall.


“It’s just Ms. Moffit,” she said. “Don’t be scared.”


            Scared? No, he was terrified. Any women who would want to destroy your manhood were women you should stay far away from, Draco thought. But Hermione held him tight as she unlocked the door. The hateful woman stood in the hallway with a pet carrier in her hand.


“I see you still have that stray.”


“Yes I do.” Hermione scratched gently behind Draco’s ears.


            He shouldn’t like that, but to his shame he loved it. Ears must be an erogenous zone for cats. His stress level decreased the longer Hermione kept up the soft caress.


“The special on free spay and neuter is still on today,” Ms. Moffit said. “So just let me take him and save you the trouble. I’ll keep him until you get home later.”


            Draco glanced over Hermione’s shoulder and there was Ginny smirking. Oh yeah this was hilarious. A real laugh. He struggled to get away, but Hermione held him tight.


“Thank you, Ms. Moffit but like I said the other day, I plan to take him to my personal vet.”


Ms. Moffit frowned. “He’ll charge a fee, won’t he?”


“Yes, but my vet should get to know him if this cat is going to be a part of my household.”


            Surely Hermione was making this up as she went along. Draco prayed that was the case. The thought of becoming part of Hermione’s household, eating from a dish off the counter everyday…he might have to drown himself in the toilet bowl if it came to that. Then another horrible thought came to him, what if he couldn’t change back, would Hermione keep him? If so would she end up taking him to her vet? He shuddered at the thought.


“It’s a ridiculous waste of money,” Ms. Moffit said. “But if you want to throw your money away, I guess that’s up to you.”


“I appreciate the thought, Ms. Moffit.”


Draco didn’t.


“Just trying to help,” Ms. Moffit stomped back to her apartment.


“Thanks,” she called out and locked the door.


“Bossy woman isn’t she?” Ginny said.


“She doesn’t like pets. Now where were we?”


“I believe we were trying to turn Malfoy to his original self before your neighbor threaten to castrate him. I’m sure that could really ruin a guy’s day.”


“Right, but don’t worry Draco, I won’t let her get her hands on you.”


            If he wasn’t keen on the potion before, he was all over it now. He’d drink the sludge from an oil pan if it would keep him out of Moffit’s clutches. Ginny and Hermione stood hovering nearby as he crept towards the bowl, his whiskers twitching. The closer he came, the worse it smelled. Of course his sense of smell was ten times better then it ahs been as a man. And if he was a man, he could just hold his nose as he drank. As a cat he had no option except to take it like…like a cat. Slowly he lowered his face towards the bowl. He couldn’t gulp it back like a shot of fire whiskey, he had to lap it up with his tongue. He took a taste and backed away. Dear Merlin that was hideous stuff.


“Remember the goal, Draco,” Hermione encouraged.


            Exactly. The goal, to become a man again. So he could avoid castration, and getting back at Hermione for doing this to him. He forced himself to keep going, with each lap of his tongue he imagined Hermione homeless, living in a box by the river. With every swallow of this evil tasting brew he vowed to find a way to bring her down.


“Wow, he drank it all, he even licked the bowl.” Ginny said.


“Yeah, maybe it tasted better then it smelled.” Hermione added. “And now we wait, I guess?”


“No, you go to work, I’ll wait.”


“Really Ginny! Thank you; you’re such a great friend. When we get out of this mess I promise I’ll treat you to something big.”


“Oh don’t worry about it, but be for warned that you might be on babysitting duty for a while.”


“Ha ha done.”


“Now, go go I’ll handle things here.” Ginny said.


“Okay thanks, call me if you know anything changes.” She said as she glanced over at Draco. “I’m planning on closing early so I’ll hopefully be back a little after lunch.”


“Okay sounds good have fun.”


            Hermione went about he apartment making sure she had everything, she went to grab her want then realized that it was useless to her at the moment. Man she hoped that she would get her magic back when Draco changes back.


“Oh one last thing, could you do a cleaning spell on Draco’s clothes, there still covered with chocolate. I would wash them myself but me and laundry don’t mixed and his look expensive and probably hand tailored as well.” Hermione said.


“Okay sure. Wow I just now realized that when he changes back he’ll be naked, won’t he?”


“Um, yeah probably,” Hermione said trying to keep her blush that suddenly appeared on her cheek hidden, trying not to picture Draco Malfoy naked. “Um so you know, keep his clothes somewhere where he can access them quick and easy.” She said blushing even more. “Okay I’m off to work, bye.” She left before she made even bigger a fool of herself.




Hermione walked to her shop an hour early, which was fine because she had a lot to do if she wanted to close early and she still had to stock the book that she got in yesterday. She walked around the corner and immediately froze. Her storefront window was shattered. Oh no, no how could this have happened? She cautiously walked towards her door to unlock it even though it was probably pointless since she could have walked through the window if she wanted, since there was no longer any glass in it. Her first thought was that she should call the police. But her gut told her she should wait and study the situation first. The first thing she did was call Ginny.




“Ginny, somebody broke in to my shop!” Hermione cried.


“Okay calm down, what happened?”


“I don’t know, but who ever did completely destroyed my shop.” She couldn’t keep from wailing.


“Okay I’ll be there as soon as possible and I’ll bring Draco.”


“Okay hurry!”


            Hermione hung up and looked at the destruction. Every book was pull off the shelves. They laid everywhere, pages ripped and torn. Her furniture was ripped to shreds and all the pictures where either on the ground or askew on the walls. She started walking about. She checked the cash register…oh; no she thought she didn’t put her money away last night because she was in such a hurry to get Draco out. She opened up the register prepared for the worst…huh? That’s really weird, whoever they were, they didn’t take the money. If somebody broke in, why didn’t they want the money. She started walking towards the back towards her hidden room. She was shocked to notice that the portrait was hanging open. Which only meant that whoever did this was magical otherwise no one would have been able to get in regardless of her lack of wards.


            She slowly walked in the room, and was met with the same destruction that was throughout her entire shop. She turned back to walk out when she saw a message written in ink on the wall.




She heard a pop and heard Ginny call out. “I’m in the back,” she said.


Ginny raced in the back, Draco at her heels. “Bloody hell, Hermione what happened? Who did this?”


Hermione still looking at the message on the wall, “Pixies” she said with disgust.


“Damn nasty buggers,” Ginny said.


“Yeah they must have sensed that I lost my protection wards.”


“Do you think they stole anything?”


“No, I think they just messed everything up.”


“I already fixed your window and fogged up the glass so nobody could see in.”


“Thank, would you mind cleaning up and restoring my wards?”


“Sure, no problem. Are you okay?”


“Yeah, just annoyed and a little relieved that it was just pixies and not a real person who broke in.”


            Bloody hell, when Ginny got the call from Hermione, he automatically knew something was wrong. He could hear the panic in her voice over the phone. He wasn’t sure what exactly was going on but he knew it was bad. Without asking Ginny scooped him up and pulled her wand out getting ready to apparite. Even though he didn’t want the Weaslette touching him, he wanted to go and make sure Hermione was okay. And if it meant he had to go along and play nice with Ginny so be it.


            They arrived seconds later in the middle of her shop. Bloody hell, he felt sick. If he thought it was bad when he was a human the sensation of appariting as a cat was ten times worse. But he quickly lost the feeling when he looked around her shop and felt sick in a completely new way. Everything was destroyed, nothing was in one piece or was left untouched, even the countertop was cracked. Now instead of feeling sick, he was pissed. Whoever did this was going to pay, if they ever came across him human or cat. He looked around panicky searching for Hermione, where is she he thought. Then he heard her voice from the back room and relief swipe through him. It was one thing when he was the one doing the destroying and making Hermione upset but when it was somebody else…well he didn’t like it. And he felt a strong need to protect her or defend her. Though normally he would never think twice about being there for Granger, but seeing this and knowing she could have been hurt and helpless without her magic did something in him…but it was just because he needed her to help change him back…right? Yeah that had to be it, she was his ticket to freedom, he didn’t have feelings for her, that would be impossible.


            Pixies, ugh he hated the things. They were known for creating chaos and trouble. He remembered when they tried to mess with his house when he first moved in. Ha, yeah he scared them so bad, they haven’t messed with him again since. Yeah well if they messed with Hermione again he would rip them apart with his teeth…okay maybe not his teeth but his claws definitely.


            It took less then five minutes to clean up her shop. Everything looked as if it was never touched. She loved magic, she just wished she had hers at the moment, if she did then this wouldn’t have happened.


“Okay, I think that’s everything, do you want us to stay with you?” Ginny asked.


“No, thanks Ginny with the protection wards back up everything should be okay.”


“Okay, well I guess we should be heading back to your place, you know in case he changes back.”


“Okay sounds good,” she said.


“Alright come on Malfoy.” He stayed back near Hermione as if he didn’t want to go with her.


“It’s okay Malfoy, she won’t hurt you, besides you don’t want to be here if you change back, they you won’t have clothes and it could happen in front of someone.” He let out a sigh and reluctantly went towards Ginny.


“Ah, isn’t that sweet, I think he wants to stay with you.” Ginny teased and Draco let out a low growl under his breath.


“Yeah okay, ha ha funny, I’ll be home in a few hours.” She said ignoring the comment.


            Once she opened up the shop, things pretty much went back to normal, lucky it was a rather slow day and not many people came through her doors. So closing early wouldn’t be a problem, actually maybe she should close the book shop for the weekend since tomorrow was a Saturday and put a note in the window saying she was on a short holiday and would be back soon. She really wanted to get home, mainly in case Draco changed back. Not necessarily because she wanted to witness it, but she was anxious to find out if the potion worked. She looked at the clock three more hours to go before he was supposed to change. Okay calm down Hermione, she thought. If he changes back it could be bad for you, he could do serious damage if he wanted. So why was she almost excited about him changing back? Ugh this whole situation was just frustrating and confusing and she wanted it to be over so her life could go back to normal. She set about making sure that she had everything set to close up shop for the weekend. She made sure she put her money in back in the safe, just in case something bad happened again not that it would. Once that was done she grabbed her bag and keys, turned off the lights and locked up, double checking that the lock was set, better safe then sorry. Then she started walking towards her apartment.


            Merlin, when was Hermione getting home? Draco thought. It was almost time for the potion to kick in. Hopefully she is alright, she hasn’t called again since Ginny apparited them back into her apartment. And why couldn’t he stay with her at work? If he changed then he would have figured something out and Hermione and he would get their magic back so they could always conjure up some clothes for him. He mainly wanted to stay with her because he didn’t like being cat-sit by Ginny, who watched him like a hawk by the way and making it almost impossible to relax. And she fed him cold chicken, cold! She didn’t warm it up like Hermione did and she put it on the ground, did she honestly think a Malfoy such as me would eat off the ground? Luckily Crookshanks was sleeping in the broom closet. Their little exercise this morning completely wore the guy out. And Ginny took up his sleeping spot on Hermione sofa watching TV, another muggle invention. And she shut all of the doors so he couldn’t hide under Hermione’s bed, so he leaped up onto his spot on top of the bookcase and pretended to sleep instead of counting the minutes until Hermione got home.


            He managed to finally doze off when he heard the locks turn on her front door and he was greeted by the exotic scent of Hermione. His heart beat sped up. And he wanted to go to her and greet her, but then it would look like he cared or missed her…which might have been kind of true but just because Hermione was nicer to him then Ginny was. Maybe it was just the anticipation of changing back into a man that had him all riled up.  


“Hey I’m home,” Hermione said. “Has anything happened, and changes?”


“Nope nothing.”


“Has he been good? You know been on his best behavior?”


            What the hell, she acting like he is a child being watched by the nanny, Draco thought.


“Yeah, he’s been fine mainly he’s been up on that bookcase glaring at me,” Ginny said.


“Okay well I guess that’s normal, for him anyway.”


“Well if you have everything covered for now, I should probably be going. I need to pick up Lily from my parents and I want to be home when Harry gets off work.”


“Yeah, sure go ahead, and thanks for everything,” Hermione said.


“Okay is there anything else you need before I go?”


“No, I think I’m good.”


Ginny gave Hermione a quick hug then said under her breath, “I want to know everything, you know after he changes.” She said wiggling her eyebrows.


“Yeah, yeah well I’m pretty sure nothing is going to happen…in that way I mean,” she said under her breath sneaking a quick glance at Draco.


“Well still, I want details.”


“Fine, now go home!”




“Okay one more hour to go.” Hermione said as she nervously flipped through the channels on her television.


Draco was asleep on the corner of her sofa. She gave up on the TV nothing was on. So she picked up a book and started reading it refusing to look at the clock. She was half way through the book when she looked up. Damn three hours had passed. That was the thing with reading once she got hooked nothing else existing and time flew by like that. She looked over at Draco who was still asleep and still very much a cat. Why didn’t he change back? He was supposed to change back two hours ago. Did they not make enough of the potion or did they not brew it correctly? She didn’t have the heart to wake him up and have him be disappointed when he realized he was still a cat. So she left him to sleep.


            He woke to the scent of warm chicken. A quick check told him that his cat status hadn’t changed. It should have by now. A sick feeling of dread curled in his stomach. He followed the chicken smell which took him to the doorway to the kitchen. Hermione had her hair pulled up off her neck and was wearing a pair of flannel pajamas with pictures of cats on them, if he wasn’t still a cat he would find them funny but now they just seemed to annoy him as if each cat was silently mocking him. Crookshanks wove a figure eight through Hermione’s ankles. He looked at the clock 7:30pm, more then 12 hours had passed since he’d lapped on that evil brew and nothing had changed.


            Hermione turned to him. The look in her chocolate brown eyes told him all he needed to know. She was worried.


“I see you’re awake,” she said. “I fixed you some chicken.”


            Draco should have been to upset to eat, but if truth be told he was starving. He didn’t want to push his luck with Crookshanks so he waited until she put his bowl in front of him and as he was shoving his face into it was when Draco made his move up on the counter and began to eat.


“I don’t know what to think, Draco,” she said. “We’ll see what happens later tonight, and if you’re the same in the morning, I’ll have to swallow my pride and ask for help. In the meantime, I can’t do much but wait.” Hermione kept talking as she was washing dishes in the sink. “To bad I didn’t ask Ginny to renew the protection spell on this apartment.”


“Anyway,” she continued as if trying to convince herself, “the bookshop was the interesting place to break into. They won’t be excited about a boring little apartment.” She said as she dried the dishes.


            Draco was intent on eating that he was only half listening to what she was rambling about.


“But specking of that, I can’t remember if I locked the dead bolt.” Putting down the towel as she left the kitchen.


            Once she was gone Crookshanks meowed softly. It seemed directed towards Draco. He peered over the edge of the counter at the orange cat and sure enough he was gazing pitifully up at Draco. He supposed Crookshanks had been through a lot in the passed 24 hours, so therefore he should get some kind of reward. Crookshanks wasn’t supposed to have chicken, but Draco couldn’t stand the sad look on his face. So he ‘accidently’ dropped two pieces of chicken down to Crookshanks. You better eat that up fast before Hermione gets back in here, he thought as he watched Crookshanks devour the chicken pieces.


“Dead bolt is on,” Hermione said as she walked back into the kitchen. “Of course a dead bolt won’t stop pixies from getting in, but I doubt they’ll bother the place,” she mumbled almost too softly for Draco to hear.


            He hoped they didn’t show up here either. But if they did he would be ready. Hermione spent the rest of the night reading and Draco spent it watching her read, which should have been boring to him but he was oddly fascinated by it, he liked watching her facial expressions change when she liked a certain part or didn’t like a certain part, and he loved how she would bite her lower lip once she get really into the book.


Around 10:00pm she yawned. “Time for bed,” she said as she glanced over at Draco and Crookshanks. “Can you guys manage to share my bed without fighting?”


            What, why did she ask him that? Did she want him to sleep in her bed? Or did she forget that he’s a man in a cat suit? Or did she just feel bad for the potion not turning out as it was supposed to? He decided not to fret about it and instead followed her into the bedroom.




            Hermione wasn’t sure what woke her up, she laid still in the dark, and she could have sworn she heard someone or something. She looked down at the bed and both cats were gone. Okay it just the cats, she thought. At least they weren’t fighting, which was a relief. Maybe they were becoming friends, ha yeah right Draco Malfoy and Crookshanks friends! She barely closed her eyes when she heard the sound of laughter she sat straight up, did she leave the TV on? She heard it again only this time it was followed by a crash. Oh god, is it pixies? Did they manage to get into her apartment as well? How was she suppose to stop this, she had no magic so her wand was useless. And the cats? What awful things could they do to the cats? She hoped Draco and Crookshanks were somewhere hiding. For the most part pixies were harmless, they were just mischievous.


            She was fully awake now; she bent over the bed and peaked under. “Crookshanks? Draco?” she whispered and nothing she couldn’t see very well in the darkness of her bedroom but she could sense that they weren’t under there. She grabbed her wand which was useless, but they didn’t have to know that and crept slowly towards the door. Once she was in the hallway she began to see what they were doing to her place. And she was angry. It was worse then what Draco and Crookshanks did earlier that day. As she slowly entered her living room still unnoticed she searched for the cats her eyes landed on Crookshanks in the corner, tail twitching, fur sticking out. He crouched as if waiting to pounce on one of the little buggers and scratch their eyes out.


            She searched for Draco and couldn’t find him anywhere. She turned back to the pixies, she only counted three. Okay she could handle this, just act mean and tough she told herself. Raising her wand with as much authority as she could and cleared her throat, all three turned in her direction, but she could tell that they were unfazed by her attempt at being threatening.


With her in her pajamas and wand pointed at them, “You should all be ashamed of yourselves,” she said in the meanest voice she could muster at the moment. “Put everything back the way you found it…or suffer the consensuses.” For a second she thought she had them worried. But they all looked at one another then back to her and started laughing. They were laughing so hard they could barely stay in flight.


            Then one of them scooped down towards her reaching for her wand but before he could get it, her wand was taken by another. But not a pixie, no instead of a tiny blue hand holding her wand, it was a human hand, a large male human hand. She kept staring at his hand afraid to look up. Then she heard his voice in a way more menacing tone then she used.


“Get the fuck out of here you beast!”


She gulped, “Draco, you’re…”


“Going to take these three apart, I think.” He advanced towards them fingers flexing. “I could use magic to do it of course, but I prefer the satisfaction of rippling their limbs from their sockets with my bare hands.”


            All three pixies backed away looking frantically for the closest exit. Two of them manage to escape, but the third was not so quick, Crookshanks was faster. With a leap that was astounding considering his bulk, Crookshanks snagged the fluttering creature and landed with it clutched in his paws.


“I’ll be damned.” Draco said as he walked over to the cat and crouched down. “Good work, buddy you got one.”


            Hermione took this time to stare at Draco. He must have changed when the pixies got here because he didn’t have any clothes on, instead he wore two kitchen dish towels tied around his waist, which barely covered him…barely! He most certainly wasn’t a cat anymore but a man, a broad shouldered, narrow hipped man. He was beautiful. She tried desperately had to stop staring. So what he came in and saved the day, it doesn’t mean that he’s cares for you, once he gets done with them he’s coming after you, but in a bad way.


            Draco picked up the pixie that was left behind from Crookshanks clutches and pointed Hermione’s wand at him. “You clean this up and put everything back together the way you found it. And never come here or her shop ever again.” He told the pixie in a threatening voice. The pixie snapped his fingers and everything went back to normal. “Good, now get the fuck out or I’m feeding you to the cat.” He flicked it away and the pixie vanished into thin air.


            Draco turned to Hermione to hand her, her wand back. Hermione’s breath caught in the back of her throat as his fingers touched her hand. Which were warm and slightly calloused and he was so very naked.


“Um, thank…,” she cleared her throat. “Thank you for that, Um I’ll go get your clothes.” She said trying to look anywhere but his naked chest. She was about to turn and leave but he caught her arm. Hermione immediately froze up. This was it; he was going to seek his revenge on her now.


But instead he said, “You’ll need to put up a new ward around your apartment, maybe even the whole building.”


“Okay” was all she managed to say as she looked back at him then added, “I had one up before…before”


“You turned me into a cat” he finished for her.


Was he smirking? No he must be furious at her. “When did it happen? I mean when did you change? She asked.

“Sometime after the pixies showed up. Crookshanks and I came out here to investigate and as I was watching them destroy everything I was getting really pissed, then I felt weird. Somehow I just knew what was about to happen so I ran into the kitchen.”


“Did it hurt?”


“No, I’m a little sore but other then that I’m fine,” he said flexing his shoulders and back.


“Your clothes are in the bedroom in my closet if you want to change,” she said again distracted by his nakedness as if it was the big elephant in the room. Then she just realized that she just asked a naked man to go to her bedroom, she could feel the heat of her blush upon her cheeks. Fortunately he didn’t seem to notice or care as he walked passed her to her bedroom. She of course would politely stay out in the living room to give him privacy and wait until he was done and then figure out what to do next.


            She was about to sit down on her sofa, when she heard him yell. She took off immediately to see what happened but when she stepped into her bedroom all that was there was pile of clothes and a blonde haired cat.   





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