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The Longest Lasting Dare by Bubbles and Squeak
Chapter 1 : How The Story Goes
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My name is Rose Weasley and I have a slight problem. I cannot resist a dare and well in my fourth year my biggest dare ever came my way. You’re probably thinking what could be that big, well let me show you.

I sat in a circle with Dom, Roxanne, Lily, Molly and Lucy; we’re all cousins if you’re wondering. I’m in my fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and ever since I was in first year the girls in our family have got together once a month to play a game of Truth or Dare. We were at present sitting in the room of requirements pondering what to ask Lily who had taken truth. “Oh I know, Lily have you ever thought about boys as in more than just friends.”

“Lucy that’s the silliest truth I’ve heard, Lily’s only in second year!”

“I have!” Lily declared proudly. My jaw dropped yeesh the girls these days get interested in guys awfully young. I looked at Lily, she’s a very pretty girl with black hair, I could see guys getting very interested in her when she’s older but at present I think she should be keep to herself. “Now that we have analyzed me, I do believe Rosie dear you’re next in the circle.” She gave me a cheeky grin and I glared at her, everyone knows I’m a sucker for dares, last month they made me swim in Black Lake at night naked for half a friggin’ hour!

“Truth or Dare Rosie Red?” I turned my glare to Dom, did she even have to ask anymore.

“Dare,” I said sighing. Everyone smiled.

“Red we’ve been thinking since last month what we should dare you to do, we’ve come up with a real challenge for it.”

I smiled. “Doubt it; I’m the master of dares.”

“Well once you do this one it will be official but I must say it might take you awhile.” There were a few murmurs of agreement.

“Bring it on sista.”

Roxanne smiled evilly. “We dare you to kiss every boy in your grade who is not a relative.” My jaw dropped, Roxanne is in sixth year and I think she just proved that she’s psychotic.

“You can’t be serious!”

“Are you chicken?”

“Of course not!”

“Good so it’s agreed Rose will kiss every boy in her grade.”

“Come on guys I’ll be called a slut if I do that.”

“And a whore, but… Rosie who cares! It’ll be our little dare.”

“I care! If my dad found out he would kill me!”

“I think we might have just found the dare that Rose can’t complete. I declare me the champion of dares!”

“Molly you haven’t done anything as bad as me as a dare!”

“Yes but I’ve completed every dare thrown at me.”

“Fine, I’ll do it but it’ll take awhile you know.”

Lily hugged me. “How about your deadline is the end of your seventh year?” They all nodded. Great, I had to kiss every guy in my grade in four years

Yep that was the dare I received those years ago and I only have half a year to finish it. Over the years I’ve kissed so many guys that it isn’t funny, I’ve been called a bitch for kissing other girls boyfriends but whenever they do one of my cousins jump in and explain the dare, every girl for some reason laughed at me and said they were sorry for calling me a bitch. At the time I thought they laughed because some of the guys in our grade aren’t that good looking but I think I’ve only recently figured it out.

I have one kiss to go, only one little kiss. The problem is who I have to kiss, Scorpius Malfoy. I know crazy right; he’s Albus’ best friend and a complete player, I’m not really in his range. I’m hot according o guys I know but, Scorpius goes for the sort of girls that should be models and celebrities.

I’m sitting on my bed in the Head Girl bedroom, yeah I’m Head Girl, shocker right? Anyway Dom was sitting with me, she was talking about her boyfriend Lorcan Scamander, I kissed him in fifth year.

“How am I going to do it Dom?” Dom looked at me and realized I hadn’t really been paying attention to her.

“Do what.”

“Complete THE dare.”

“Oh you mean kiss Scorp.”

“Yes!” I said exasperatedly.

“Well you just walk into the Head Boy room next door and snog him senseless.”

“That would never work silly. He doesn’t go for girls like me, plus we argue all the time he would probably push me away.”

“It doesn’t matter Rosie if he pushed you away as long as you get your lips on his it counts for the dare and you will be crowned Queen of Dares. And to be honest Rose I don’t see why he wouldn’t go for you, slim, pretty and nicely shaped.” I blushed.

“It won’t work.”

“Only because you don’t believe it will.”

“That’s not it! He’s so...”

“Hot, amazing, kind, single, need any more reasons to do it right now?”

“Hump, Dom why can’t you kiss him and we say it was me.”

“Because I would love your title as Dare Princess almost Queen and if I do the kiss for you and we say it was you then I will never stand a chance at proving my dare power.”

“Trust me being Princess isn’t what it’s built up to be.”

“Whatever Rosie. Look I’ve got to go meet Lor, he wants to hang out by the Lake before dinner. I say you go get your kiss done now so that you can relax for the rest of the year.”

Dom smiled and then left in my room, I was alone to think about what to do. I changed clothes into a blouse and short skirt, the skirt showed my legs off so I hope he might take notice long enough for me to kiss him. Puckering up the courage I stepped out of me room and walked over to Scorpius’ room.

The door was open so I peered in. He was standing near at his bookshelf running his hand over the spines of books probably pondering what to read. I knocked on the open door and leaned on it. He looked over at me. “Yes Rose?” We were on first name bases even if we didn’t always get along.

“I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

He raised an eyebrow. “You want my help for something.”

“Yes please.”

“Well I guess I have nothing better to do.” He put the book that he had in his hand away and leaned against the wall next to the bookshelf.

“You see I’ve been dared to do something and I need of your help.”

“The mighty Rose Weasley coming to me for help with a dare?”

“Yes,” I wish he wouldn’t seem so amazing, then it would be okay for me to be angry with him for acting all high and mighty.

“Well come on then.”

I came over to him. He took a step away from the wall as if he expected me to drag him somewhere. I pushed him back against the wall to his clear shock and smashed my lips against his as I had done over and over again to other boys but there was something different about this. My whole body seemed to react to touching him and I pleaded he wouldn’t reject me.

To my great pleasure his lips automatically responded to mine and I deepened the kiss hungrily. His arms snaked around my waist pulling me in closer to him while my arms went around his neck. I loved being this close to him, my body felt like it had been dead until this moment and I never wanted to let it die again. It was like we had been starved forever and then was present with a feast I couldn’t get enough of him.

I felt a sweet shiver run down my back as his tongue traced the bottom of my lip; I opened my mouth letting him in without giving it another thought. I tangled one of my hands in his hair and he pulled me closer to him. His tongue leisurely explored my mouth making me moan with ecstasy.

We pulled apart both needing air and I gazed deep into his amazing eyes of which any girl could get lost in.

“A dare huh?” he asked breathlessly.

I smiled grabbing his tie pulling him closer to me. I leaned up on tippy toes so that my lips were next to his ear. “I’ve been dared to kiss every boy in our grade that I’m not related to but this,” I placed my hand on his chest, “Is for pure enjoyment.” And like that we were kissing madly again.

He growled moving his lips to my neck kissing it crazily; I moved my neck to the other side to give him more access to it. Wanting to feel his lips against mine again I pulled them back to mine in a fiery kiss. His hands traced my back and were playing with my waist.

Abruptly someone cleared their throat. We pulled apart frantically to see Albus and Lily staring at us from the door. Albus looked horrified and Lily looked kind of excited.

“About time Rosie!” Albus looked at his sister like she was a crazy ninja. “Don’t look at me like that Albus!”

“Well how do you want me to look at you when you congrats Rose for making out with my best friend like that!” He was gesturing at me cloths, my skirt wasn’t that short!

“Well Albus, I wasn’t saying congrats to that more to the fact she finished the dare. Must say Rosie you didn’t have to go that far.” I blushed a bright shade red.

“Um... Well you know.”

Scorp put an arm around my waist pulling me next to him. “You don’t mind me being with your cousin do you Al.”

“What? Guys please explain, dare? Dating? Argh!”

“Chill Alby all the girl cousins from our family dared Rosie to kiss every guy in her grade that she wasn’t related to.” Albus now officially looked like he thought we were all insane.

“Al take a deep breath.” Al tried to take my advice but ended up choking on air, he looked rather ridiculous.

“Is it really that big a problem Al cause we can keep it on the down low?” Scorp’s hand tickled my waist by brushing lightly against it, he smiled down at me and I smiled cheerfully back up at him, this was what I wanted.

“Hang on! You’re like together now!” Lily seemed stunned now.

“So?” I asked challenging to say something more.

“Oh, um... cool.”

“Yeah,” Al was still beaming at us but was slowly calming down. “Well I think we’ll be going now.” Al took Lily’s hand and started to drag her against her will out of the room.

When I heard the portrait close then I looked at Scorp. “You really want to go out with me?”

He smiled. “Hmm... Let me think, do I want to go out with the most amazing girl I know who has driven me crazy by kissing every guy in our grade but not me. Yeah!”

“Jealous huh?”

“Maybe.” I smirked kissing him.

He pulled me closer to him but now that I had him I was going to test it. Pulling away I started walking towards the door. I heard him groan following me, I put my hand on his chest but this time it was more to stop him. “I have some work to do. If you still feel the same after word gets out let me know.” And like that I walked out with the biggest grin on my face.

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The Longest Lasting Dare: How The Story Goes


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