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A/N: I do not own the characters or settings of Harry Potter. I own this plot and my original characters.

Heidi dropped in the last ingredient that the potion needed, it simmered slightly and changed to a nice crimson colour, exactly the colour it was supposed to turn into. Even Myrtle was surprised at the work that she had done. Albus sat on the ground behind her going over her Astronomy homework.

"It's finished Albus, come see," she said excitedly, beckoning him to her.

He put done the work and walked over to the cauldron. He still didn't feel that right about the whole thing, but he had to admit that Heidi had made a potion to rival Rose's best work.

"It smells like you, the smell of Frangipanis," he commented, feeling slightly happier.

"It smells different to everyone. But to complete it we need a part of both of them. I have some of Bridget's hair."

"And I have James' fingernail. He chewed it and spat it at me yesterday."

Heidi separated the potion into two goblets. Into one she put Bridget's hair and into the other she put James' fingernail. They sizzled and changed colour again.

"Says here that everyone has their own unique colour," Heidi whispered.

James' had turned more orange and Bridget's had turned a silver colour.

"Now what?" Albus asked, being a smart ass.

"Well we find a way to give it to them. And just them, if anyone else gets it as well, it won't work and we'll really be found out. I suggest put it in a chocolate, their favourite kind and offer it to them from a box of chocolates. They're bound to chose their favourite."

"Good idea. But James has been moody ever since the wedding, Dad really went off at him. That's what you get for setting off Fireworks in the middle of the ceremony, which hit the cake. I can't believe he got them at my Uncle's store too."

"Well, maybe some chocolate will cheer him up." Heidi smiled.

"I like the way you think love."

                                                                        * * *

“We won! We won!”

The shouts of several people rang out through the common room. Gryffindor had beaten Ravenclaw in Quidditch. Tonight there would be a party, tonight was the perfect time to share a little chocolate.

On one side of the room James sat drinking with his fellow Quidditch players as students gathered round to hear his account of the match, blow-by-blow.

“You see, being seeker I knew it was up to me to win the match. Ravenclaw was dominating the quaffle and we were 50 points down. But just as Ravenclaw was about to score another goal, I saw it. Right next to the chaser with the quaffle. So I dived for it. I think he shit himself when he saw me coming. But I pulled up and missed him and reached for the snitch. Then I caught it. And we won.”

James loved being the centre of attention and answered all the questions from his adoring crowd. It never mattered that they booed at him when he lost, as long as they bowed down to him when he won. Albus watched him and rolled his eyes. Although Albus was the exact double of their father, James had inherited the Quidditch ability. But now was the perfect chance to share some chocolate with James, who would get first pick.

He made his way over to James, briefly passing Heidi and winked at her. Soon he was next to James and he reached into his pocket for something.

“What you got there Al?” James asked, noticing him just as he had wanted.

“Nothing, shove off James,” Albus said, trying to put the box back in his pocket, but James was too fast and took it off him.

“It's a box of chocolates! How kind of you Al. Oh and there's only one of my favourite!”

James shoved his favourite chocolate in his mouth and shared the rest with his friends. Albus walked away, pretending to be annoyed. Everything had gone perfectly to plan. He went to sit with Heidi.

Heidi made her way to an empty two seater, to sit with Albus. She had given Bridget her favourite chocolate too, letting her friends share the rest. She didn't need to be so sneaky with giving out hers. Albus met her as she got to the seat and they sat down, waiting for the show to start.

James was talking to everyone on one side. Someone asked him what the best thing about winning was.

“Seeing Bridget smile,” he said, and started to walk to Bridget.

Bridget sat with her friends talking about chocolate.

“The best thing about chocolate is it's almost as good as James,” she said and went to meet James.

They arrived to the middle and stared at each other, with everyone else staring at them. Then they started kissing madly. Everyone cheered. Not many knew there was a family feud. Heidi and Albus hi-fived. Their plan was to make James and Bridget kiss by using a love potion, so they would be hypocrites next time they said anything.

Heidi stood up and walked to them and pushed them outside, they were starting to get a little much. Outside she decided to give them the antidote before they had sex in the corridor. She got Albus to take James one way and she took Bridget the other. First they gave them a sleeping draught and then gave them the antidote. When they woke up they would just think they had had a crazy night at the party. But no-one would let them forget they had kissed.

After they were safely back in their rooms, Albus and Heidi joined the party again, dancing to their success. 

                                                                        * * *

“I saw you! How could you!? What haven't you been telling me!?”

Heidi woke to the sound of yelling in her dormitory. She recognised the voice of Arista.

“I don't know what happened, I mean it. I don't even like him,” Bridget replied in a small voice.

Then Heidi realised her mistake as she heard more and more of the fight. She had noticed that Bridget and Arista were spending a lot of time together, but she had thought nothing of it. Now she realised that Bridget and Arista were a couple and she had ruined it for her best friend. She waited for them to leave and when she heard the door slam, she got out of bed. There was Bridget crying her eyes out.

“So you heard then?” she asked through the tears, “Arista was my girlfriend and now she's gone, it's ruined. I didn't even think I kissed him for real, I thought it was just a dream.”

“I'll fix it for you, don't you worry, I'll talk to her,” Heidi said, getting dressed.

Bridget just cried more. Heidi hurried out of the room and went searching for Arista. She found her crying in a bathroom.

“Go away!” she yelled at the door when Heidi knocked.

Heidi could hear her sobbing and knew she must be very upset.

“Arista, I need to talk to you,” she said bravely into the keyhole.

“Fuck off Heidi! I hate you!”

Heidi ignored her and unlocked the door magically. She walked in and sat next to Arista, putting her arm around her.

“Look, I know what happened. And it's my fault,” Heidi whispered to Arista.

“How is it your fault? Bridget was the one who kissed James Potter. I really like her and she's really hurt me and I don't know how I could forgive her.”

“I made a mistake and gave her some love potion. If I had realised you and her were together I never would have done it. But I did and I hurt you both.”

Arista stared at Heidi. “So it wasn't her fault, you made her? But why?”

“I was trying to protect mine and Albus' relationship. But I fucked up.”

“I should go tell her what you did.”

“Yes, you probably should,” Heidi sighed and realised she was about to lose her best friend.

“But I won't.”


“You came to me and told me everything because she was your friend and you wanted her to be happy. I think I'm mature enough to let it go and not tell her. I know what it'll do and you deserve better. Anyway, I have to go, I have to go apologise to my girlfriend.”

Heidi sat stunned as she watched Arista walk out. Things had certainly changed since the last year. Now the plan was ruined and was very close to ruining Bridget. Heidi went to go find Albus, it was time to think up a new plan. 

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