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A/N - this chapter has drug use and alcohol use. just a warning :)

I smiled as I felt the alcohol run through my veins. It was my thing. Well our thing to do at parties. But seeings though I can’t seem to find my best mate any where - I’ll make do with her awesome twin sister who is already like a best friend to me. So Maizey and I are sitting at the bar after like two hours of non-stop dancing. We’re not talking just sitting here in this comfortable silence. We’ve been dancing with Scottie and James. James likes Maize, it’s kinda obvious. His hands were roaming why we were dancing - and she wasn’t stopping him. So either she likes him or she did stuff like this all the time in France. I know how much she’s like Ell’s, so probably both.

I looked over into the corner, you know just a sneak peak and Freddie’s sitting there looking devastated.

“Maize! I’m just gunna see Fred,” I tell her she nods an mouths something about the boys. I nod my head and make my way over to my cousin. I sat down next to him and put my head on his large shoulders. “What’s up buddy?” I ask him. He shrugs and my head falls. I giggle a little and he does to. It’s good to see him smile. He’s got an amazing smile.

“ Ell’s is smashed,” he says seeming more and more depressed. Well dip wad, it’s a party I’d be scared if she wasn’t to be honest. He nods his head in the direction of a boy and a girl on the wall. I recognise the boys as Jordie Longbottom. Go mate. As the girl pulls her head back - forcing Jord to kiss her neck I notice it’s our very own Mayella.

“Babe,” I say not really knowing what to say - he likes her a lot. He told me last year and he’s been trying to get her attention since then. And she likes him. But I swore under GirlCode I wouldn’t say anything. And I haven’t told Ell about Freddie either. I guess I could call it BoyCode?

“I kinda shouted at her. And now she’s with that bastard.” He says his voice lined with guilt. I rubbed his shoulder not knowing what to say. “Go have fun babe, I’m going to get royally pissed and get laid,” He says knowingly. I giggle and kissed his cheek and walked back to the dance floor were Maizey was grinding with Scottie and James.

I started dancing with them, smiling and laughing. I looked over to Fred to check he was okay - he was snorting our stuff. Bless him. The next thing I know I’ve got some teeny arms around me and running them up and down my body. I turn and its fucking Lorcan Scamander all over me. This boy had been stalking me ever since he started the bloody school. And he really pisses me off. I don’t like him. I never fucking will. Get the fuck over it!

“GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!” I scream and Scottie punches him the jaw. Gosh I could kiss Scottie - but he’s Uncle Ron and Auntie Hermione’s son so it’d be extremely weird. Plus I don’t like him like that. I’m not an inbred thank you very much.

“I love you Scott!” I tell him as I throw my arms around his neck and hug him tightly. He’s still slightly worked up from my ‘attack’ but he’s backed of now - he’s with his twin Lysander. I went out with him once. He’s a good kisser. And I never want to try out his brother. I feeel a tapping on my back and my best friend is standing there looking through ally smashed.

“Babe! I need to tell you something!” She slurs drunkenly, the only way I actually understood her was because I was as just as outa my head. I nod my head grab my ciggies and walked to the courtyard with her. Hand-in-hand.

I pass her a cigarette and light it - along with mine. We sit there in silence inhaling the beautiful inventions. The moon is just going down. I smile - it’s my favourite part of the day. It makes everything seem so much better. Even when I’m in a state like I am, I always appreciate the sunset. It makes me think - is Vic in danger? I know Teddy isn’t a full werewolf - but I can’t help worry about my sister. She’s always been there for me and I can’t imagine life without her. She’s always their to guide me in things I can’t do.

I dropped my head on Ell’s shoulder and breathed deeply. People think that Ell and I are friends for convenience but were not. I truly love being in her company. I always have. At first I was slightly intimidated by her - because she was a Malfoy and all but when I got to know her, I realised me and her are exactly alike. And now we’ve got someone else to share the trend with it doesn’t mean she won’t be my best friend. Because she will be. She’s the best anyone can have. She’s mine.

“I kinda invited some of Maize’s mates from France - hot lads. There supposed to be here now and I’m slightly scared about meeting them. And I knew you’d come with me. That’s alright yeah?” She spoke up. That was sweet. it’s the sweetest thing she’s ever done for any one. I hug her tightly and tell her I’ll stay with her. I wasn’t going to leave her side for the rest of the night.

Still hand in hand we made our way around the edges of her house - to make sure no adult see’s us. We no we look smashed. And we’re not that bad anymore - well I sobered up I know what Ell’s like so she’s probably not. So we’ve reached the front of the house. And there stood three boys. Not let me re-phrase, ther stood three fucking hot boys. I starred.

The first one was tall and well-built, very muscley and tanned. He’s got dark eyes and brown hair spiking up, he had a cheeky grin - I immediately knew he was Maize’s friend. The second one was the most gorgeous one there. He had black hair down to his ears amd is was slightly wavy. He had bluey-grey eyes that I would possible be able of tread water in. his smiled was perplexed and simple - but he had a fit smirk. He was tanned and quite tall extremely muscley. The one on the end was blond with pin straight hair - I wasn’t as muscley as the others but he was just as cocky. He had pure blue eyes and da lovely complexion. I couldn’t say anything - neither could Ell. Damn they made Frenchies good.

“I’m Ella, this is my best friend Dom. I would take you through the house but I’m dying for another ciggie and well… daddy.” She finished lamely I laughed as I lit up another ciggie. I had a long drag and gave it to Ella so she could have some.

“Hey, I’m Bobby P. This is Jase and Kieran.” The first boy said pointing to the others. My eyes were focused on the middle one. Jase. I was looking him up and down. Checking out every part of him. So far so good. He was nice. I know a fair few girls who would go for him - myself included. His eyes locked with mine and he smirked. I threw him the Weasley smirk and turned around going back to the club. Ella was telling the boys about the plan and I could feel eyes burning into my back - it was uncomfortable but I love knowing I’ve caught lad’s attention.

“Hey I’m Jase,” The fittie came up to me starring at me. I raised one eyebrow and nodded - always the best way to keep them interested. “So you a friend of Maizey’s?” He asked trying to make conversation. I just swigged the whiskey. “Oh kay,” He said looking confused.

“Wait here I’ll go speak with Chase,” I said to the others. Chase was Teddy’s best friend and our favourite DJ of all time. He was fit and I kinda shagged him why he was at ours with Teddy and Vic. Dad went mental. Vic and Louis laughed. Mom looked disapprovingly at me. I’ve always been the disappointment but she loves me.

“Okay, don’t get side-tracked babe,” Ell winked at me. I rolled my eyes. Just because every time I see Chase we end up in a full on make-out session. He’s hot and something draws me too him. I don’t know what it was but I like him so much. More than anyone really.

“I wouldn’t count on that,” I winked back - I know I’m getting a kiss but how long we go for I don’t know. She laughed and the boys looked amused.

“SHAG HIM LATER BABE!” Ell shouted as I opened the door to the club I flung my middle finger back at her and I heard a lot of laughs. I walked down the dance floor and all the way up to my favourite DJ.

Chase was a looker - like real hot. He had long blonde hair and the sexiest smirk ever. He was well toned body. He was to die for. I climbed up the stage and sat on his CD boxes - waiting for him to notice me. I smirked and leaned back. I watched his ass - it was so nice and yummy. It looked good with the pants to. He turned around and walked towards me, a smile on his lips. He bent down so he was in front of my face,

“Your not supposed to be up here Miss Weasley,” He said in a teasing tone. We were inches away, I just wanted a kiss.

“Okay I’ll just go,” I got up an made my way to the steps. I smirked knowing that he’d pull me back. He grabbed my waist and spun me back to him. I could feel his heavy pants on my body. I could feel his racing heartbeat. He placed his forehead on mine, his nose brushing mine.

“I shouldn’t do this, we can’t” He said sighing, I growled slightly in frustration, he’s been saying that for years. He always makes some excuse about me not being able to kiss him. All the time.

“Whatever then, I just came to tell you something,” I backed away from him, not wanting to stand any more rejection. He pulled me back and wrapped his hands on either side of my face lovingly and kissed it passionately. I laced my fingers through his hair and ran my fingers up and down. I smiled as he ran his tongue over my lips - granting permission I opened my mouth and allowed my tongue to dance with his. I felt his hand move down the top of my leg and pull me closer to him. I wanted to stay like this, with Chase for always. I honestly think that he’s the one I want. But he won’t let me! He says he’s too old for me. But I don’t care I just want him. I broke apart so I could breathe. Frigging oxygen. I hate you.

I smiled at his flustered face and ran my fingers down his blushing face. He always blushed when he was in front of me. It was cute and sexy. He pulled me close again, but this time for a hug. I told him about the boys and he nodded his head and walked over to the DJ station again, leaving me. I walked down the step to Scottie. He smiled at me and took my hand. I didn’t want to cry but I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. No I can’t this is a fucking party. I can’t cry.

“Hey folks. Well the gorgeous Dom Weasley and Ella Malfoy have got a surprise for our one and only Maizey Malfoy people. Maize and Dom come up here.” His sexy voice rang through the place. I can’t believe he was going to make me go up there. Maizey was instantly by my side raising her eyebrows. I put on a happy face and winked at her.

I took Maize’s hand and pulled her up the stairs laughing with her. I caught Chase’s gaze and he looked away. Great. Thanks babe I love you too.

“Ella Malfoy come in and bring with you Bobby P, Jase and Kieran!” his sexy voice shouted as Ella and the boys walked through the door. I felt Maizey cut of the cirulation in my hand. She screamed and sprinted to the boys. She lept on all of them and once and they held her like they were never going to let go. I felt a hand on the small of my back, I flinched slightly as I felt the warm breathe on my ear,

“Meet me in ten minuets out back please babe,” Chase said into my ear. I nodded my head and walked down the stairs and straight into the arms of Vic… she hugged me and brushed my hair with her hand. I felt a tear run down my face. I can’t cry. It’s a fucking party.

“Come on baby,” Victorie took my hand and pulled me to the courtyard. away from the noise. We sat by the trees. My head was on her shoulder and she was comforting me. Or attempting to. I think I really want Chase. Not because he’s hot. But because he knows what I’m like, he respects me, he can have a laugh, he loves his friends and doesn’t give a shit what people thing of him. I really want him. Like really.

“Dommy, you really like Chase don’t you?” Vic asked me. She is the only one in the world allowed to call me Dommy. She gave me the name - therefore the only one who has the right to call me that. I nodded my head feeling the tears run down my face. Great now I look a mess.

“Then listen to me, go out back and be determined. Don’t let him say no. tell him if he can’t have all of you he can’t have any of you ever. He won’t say no. I no him Dommy, he likes you a lot. And surprisingly I’m okay with it. Go get him babe,” Vic kissed my shoulder and pushed me up.

I stood up and desperately tried not to fall. I succeeded. I smiled heartedly at my sister, before wiping my eyes and getting my swagger back. I walked back in the club. My eyes sub-consciously darted to Chase, he was starring at me. I looked away, Ell’s was sitting on James’ knee with Scottie and Freddie close by. I smiled and walked in the opposite direction. Out back.

I walked past Chase’s eye line and waited for him in the small yard at the back. Hardly anyone knew about this place, so it was perfect for a meeting place. I leant against the wall and thought about what I’m going to say. I really like him? But I can’t handle him in bits? I don’t know. It all sounds so corny. So rehearsed. I’ll just say what comes outa my mouth - yeah that’ll do.

I heard footsteps from the stage. I held my breath and sighed as he walked into the yard. He stood opposite me -starring. I didn’t know what to say so I looked up into those eyes - the ones that always make my vulnerable.

“Dom… me and you… it’s just -” He started saying. I cut him off.

“Chase I really like you, and seeings though we make-out every time we see each other, you like me to. But I can’t just keep having make-out sessions. I want you. All of you.” I said moving closer and putting my hands on his chest. He was sweaty. With anyone else I would have backed off - but I don’t want to. I want him so much.

“Dom I can’t your 17, I’m 19. We can’t. I’m sorry babe,” he answered trying to pull me into a hug. But I didn’t let him. I can’t believe he just said that. I pulled away with him. I can’t believe it. I felt hot tears prick my eyes once again. So I did something simple. I ran. I ran to my friends.

Ell and the boys were still sitting down thankfully, so I sat on Freddie’s knee and cryed. Ella got onto it was Chase and told the boys to just stay with me. Ella stroked my back and kissed my head. I fucking hate ruining the night.

I’m lying on what feels like the velvet cushions in the club. Ah I don’t even want to open my eyes. I probably look as shit as I fell. But oh well I’ve gotta. It’s school today. I opened my eyes and expected to see the blue of my room. Shit I’m still in the club. So is everyone. I look at the clock on the wall. Fuck!

“EVERYONE UP! THE TRAIN LEAVES IN TWO HOURS!” I scream so everyone wakes up. Well so far so good. Btw I’m Head Girl. Everyones suddenly running around collecting their belongings and siblings. I grab my shoes, give Scottie, James, Freddie, Ella and Maizey a kiss before running to find Louis. We were going to be in some pretty deep shit.

“Dom! Over here we’re next,” I ran over to the fireplace were my darling little brother was standing in line. Bless his cute little heart. I ran up to him and placed several sloppy kisses on his face before it was our time. I grabbed his arm and he shouted out address. ‘Shell Cottage.’

After a few stumbles we landed in our front room. In front of a very angry looking dad, and a very tired looking mom.

“Hey?” I say unsure, that’s when dad looks at me. His mouth drops in horror. I look down. Shit I took my dress of last night and didn’t put it back on.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN YOUR UNDERWEAR!” He screams and I groan. He is doing no favours for my headache. And apparently not for Louis either, he dropped to the floor and clutched his head. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

“Dad I took it off to sleep, it was uncomfy!” I sai praying to Merlin he didn’t shout again.

“YOU SLEPT WITH NO FUCKING CLOTHES ON!” He shouted again. My head throbbed again and I swear Louis nearly cried. Mom just sat in the corner. Oh yeah I love you too mom. And you Merlin.

“Scottie and Freddie where with me. I was okay. Dad I’ve gotta get changed and freshened up - school in like an hour,” I smiled brightly and made my way up the stairs, supporting Louis. He was such a god brother - but no-one can cope with a hang-over. It’s like impossible.

I put Louis in his room and he told he would be alright to getting changed. he threw up in the toilet. I heard him so I went to rub his back. But of course I put a pair of pants on first. I cooed him and rubbed his back comfortingly. I thought about last night. Chase. He was gone. I’d never see him again. I felt a tear run down my face.

“You’d make a fabulous mother darling,” my mom said from the door. I turned to see her and smiled. I quickly wiped the tear from my eye. But it was too late she’d seen it. I took Louis to his room and got him changed again. Mom gave him some blue potion - Sobbering Soloution. She then came with me to get changed. I smiled as she gave me some of the sickly potion, but I did feel better.

I got a pair of baggy jeans and a vest top out of my wardrobe. They were the only things there any way - everything else was in my trunk.

“Baby, what happened last night?” Mom asked me, she was a loving mother and a good friend too.

“Chase… he said he’s leave me alone now… not play me around,” I began to cry again harder than I did last night. I still couldn’t believe it. It still hadn’t sunk in. the first boy I might have loved wanted to just leave me. Mom got of the bed and hugged and cooed me. Just like Ell and Vic had done last night.

I quickly composed myself and put my make-up on. Mom kept looking at me like I was going to break down. I probably would tonight in my own bed. I can’t let him go. I just can’t. 

So I’m in the Head’s Compartment and you’ll never guess who’s Head Boy, Jason fucking Derulo. Slytherin. Hates my whole fucking family. What the fuck is McGonagall playing at putting us as heads. He keeps sneering at me. Like I’m easy. And easy fuck. Of course he’d think that. He’s a sweaty Slytherin!

“I’m Dom Weasley, new Head Girl. I’ve got one hell of a hangover so let him do the talking,” I said after Jason had interduced himself. My little cousin Lucy was prefect so I sat with her and put my head on her shoulder. She was hungover to. Wait why the fuck was she drinking?

Anyway the Slytherin was going on about the rules, patrols, the normal shit. An then he dismissed everyone.

“Weasley wait,” He said, Luce and I stopped. We giggled. He swore at Luce I slapped him and warned him about messing with my family. Or friends. Family and friends. Once Luce had gone and I’d finished my ‘fuck off away from my family’ conversation. “Do you know where the Heads Dorms are. I’m supposed to show you,” He sneered. Oh fuck of you muckrake. Just cos you live In Hogsmede. But unlucky you bastard. I know where they are!

“Yeah I do actually. Bye,” I said and walked out. I didn’t give a shit about that little bastard. He does my head in seriously! I walk all the way down the corridor and into our compartment. Which consisted of Scottie, James, Freddie, Maizey, a pissed of Ella and Hugo - Scotties little brother. I sat down next to Ells.

“What’s up babe?” I asked her. She threw daggers at Freddie and I looked at him, he looked pissed of too.

“That fucking bastard took my alcohol.” She said starring at Freddie some more. I smiled slightly. But inside I was scare - these two never argued much.

“Ey what your language.” Maizey said from beside James. Everyone laughed. “What I’m not having her swearing why Hugo’s in here, its not right,” Ella cracked a smile to this.

Well I would love to say that the ride was enjoyable. But it wasn’t. it was awful. It was very awkward and I couldn’t take my mind of Chase. I need him. I really do. I need Chase.

Authour Note: hey... i like this chapter. i don't know why. i just think its awesome. please please reveiw cos it's like i've got lots of reads but hardly any reveiws. it makes me sad :( anyway anyone like Chase? the boys? Dom? Ella drunk? please reveiw. 
love zoeeyxox:))

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