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Chapter 19-christmas day excitement
AN: I hope you enjoy it; the next chapter is going to be an important one, I’m so excited! Read and Review!

After breakfast they decided to open presents. Before Emily could even suggest it the room had started playing a mixture of muggle and wizarding Christmas music. Emily happily sang along to those she liked best while Damien watched in amusement. 

“Don’t you ever sing along?” She asked as he just continued to watch.

“Not really, people in my family don’t generally act like that, ever really.” Emily looked at him a bit sadly.

“You have to; it’s part of the experience.” They had a stare off, Emily won. Damien began to sing along quietly. Emily accepted it and did not try to push it farther. 

“Present time!” She smiled a big, genuine grin. Damien returned a similar smile, with a slight smirk hidden in his smile. They sat down by the tree and retrieved their gifts for each other. They smiled a bit as they exchanged boxes. Emily had added her personal touch to the gift, so that it wouldn’t seem so plain. As Damien opened his gift, she had insisted that he had to go first, she smiled. Inside was the nice cologne that she had bought for him, but she had included something else special. She had spent hours in the library looking up the proper spells to make her gift for him. It was a picture frame. Like muggle electric photo frames it changed its image every five seconds. The difference was that these weren’t actual pictures, she had used her own memories to take memory snapshots from the ball, their ditch day, and their other times together. Damien gasped. 

“This is so cool. How did you do it?” Emily quickly explained the spell process. Damien nodded, it was nice to know that he actually understood what she was saying, unlike if she were to try to explain it to Harry or Ron. “Are you saying that I smell bad?” Damien asked jokingly, holding up the cologne. 

“Of course not, I’m just saying now you can smell even better.” They both laughed. Then Damien turned his attention to Emily and the present in her lap. 

“Open it! I hope you like it, I got good help picking it out, but if you don’t like it I’ll blame her.” Emily chuckled at that thought, knowing that he was referring to Hermione. 

What surprised her most was that when she opened the box there were more than two things in there. It seemed that Damien had embellished his gift as well. Inside she found the two necklaces that they had picked out that day when Draco and Hermione went shopping. Underneath the two necklaces she found a tiny box tied with a bow. When she pulled the bow she found the box full of dirt. Then, right before her eyes a tiny green stem grew. She watched until a fully bloomed lisianthus in a vibrant purple color and a brown rose. The two flowers were intertwined starting at the roots and going all the way up. It was Emily’s turn to gasp.

“Are these ever-fresh flowers?” Damien nodded. “That’s really complicated magic, especially to intertwine them like this. This is amazing.” Damien smiled.

“I spent some time looking up the proper spells. I thought it would be cool, since brown is my favorite color and purple is yours. That was one of the first things we ever told each other.” 

“That it is. I love it. And the jewelry is simply stunning. Your female friend did well. They will match my coloring perfectly.” Damien was pleased to hear that, he had been nervous that maybe Hermione wasn’t the most knowledgeable person when it came to fashion, but apparently it had paid off. He helped her to put on the necklace with the teardrop shaped red diamond pendant. Emily thought that it was much too expensive, but Damien would hear nothing of it. Besides, it matched her hair and the Christmas color scheme. 

Once presents were taken care of they decided that since they were disguised as Damien and Emily they could wander the grounds freely. They bundled up so as not to freeze. When they got down to the grounds they found a fresh layer of packing snow had fallen during the night. Together they made a ginormous snowman that ended up looking like a fat old man. They built a huge snow fort, building up the walls all around it. Then they did the same thing again, making a fort of the same size a ways away from the first fort. Then they took their positions. The most epic of all snowball fights ensued. From within their forts they whipped out snowballs in an attempt to damage the other person’s fort. In the end Damien was declared the winner. They made snow angels side-by-side and even made their angels touching wing tips. By the time they had finished playing in the snow and were thoroughly wet it was time for lunch back in the room of requirements. 

The room started a fire for them as soon as they entered and produced a rack for them to set their clothes out to dry on. They changed into the clothes they brought for the day, finally abandoning their pajamas. They chatted happily as they ate and then they just sat, warming together in front of the fire. Damien was a little sad that she hadn’t revealed her true identity, but he held on hope, since there was still quite a lot of day left. 

They spent the rest of the day in the room of requirement. They saw no reason to leave it. They played some games, talked, told more stories of their childhoods, continued reading, and just enjoyed being together. They had gotten to be very comfortable together, no longer feeling awkward when they hugged or kissed. They had agreed that they would go their separate ways after dinner. When the elves brought dinner to the room, Emily was shocked to find that it was half past six already. 

“Wow, do you realize how little we have done today? We have spent the whole day lazing about.” They chuckled. 

“I know, but I don’t regret a single minute of it. I’ve never enjoyed the holidays as much as I have this year. My family certainly needs to adopt some of your “silly traditions” that you have taught me these past two days.” Emily smiled, thinking about that image, finding it hard to see Lady Malfoy participating in such muggle traditions.

After they finished eating they said their goodbyes. They agreed that Emily would head back first and Damien would wait about five to ten minutes before departing. They hugged and kissed, saddened at the thought that they didn’t spend every day like that. Emily was slightly freaked by her feelings. She’d known that she no longer hated Draco, but Damien had introduced a whole new feeling to the mix. She had never expected Draco to be capable of caring for somebody else like Damien cared for Emily, so it had caught her by surprise.  

Hermione rushed, trying to be sure that she would not appear out of breath or anything when Draco made it back to their room. She changed back to Hermione as she went through the hallways, positive that no one could see her. By the time she reached the room she was entirely Hermione again, except for the necklace. She ran up to her room and put her gifts in the same locked trunk where she kept all the letters between Emily and Damien. Once that was finished she decided that she needed a shower. She changed into a clean pair of underwear and put a white tank top on to get her to the bathroom. She didn’t want to run the risk of being caught naked by Draco, that would be horribly embarrassing. When she was done she tossed a silky robe over it all and grabbed her shower stuff. As she came down the stairs she didn’t look where she was going. She did, however, notice when she ran full on into Draco. He had gotten back faster than she had anticipated. She fell, dropping her stuff on the floor. She landed face down. She wasn’t hurt, as she’d only fallen a short way, but Draco was frozen where he sat, having fallen down right next to her but having been graceful enough to catch himself and sit. She realized why he must have been staring at her when she noticed that her robe was up near her head, exposing her underwear to him. It was normal underwear, but Hermione just assumed he must have been in shock at seeing her so scantily dressed at all. However, when she pulled her robe down and sat up to look at him she realized that it must have been something else.

His face portrayed shock and disbelief, confusion and perplexity. His eyes hadn’t moved from where he had been staring before she sat up. She waved her hand in front of his face. His head jerked up to look at her right in the eyes. He was beginning to make Hermione nervous. 

“Where did you get that!?”

AN: Where did she get what? Haha. You’ll just have to wait to find out. I’m so excited! I wasn’t going to write this right now, but the wait for validation was really short and I’m going away this weekend because my great-uncle is dying, so I’m a little stressed right now, but a reviewer gave me great inspiration so I just had to. By the time I finished I decided it was long enough to post as is. Besides, then it’s a bit of a cliffy. Lol. Hope you like it. Please review, as you can tell it really speeds up the writing process and helps me immensely. Thanks!

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