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A/N : btw this is in Ella's POV. Like the whole thing, thanks :)

So were having dinner, and dads talking about going to the press about Maize being back. Apparently he doesn’t like that idea, but I know for a fact he’s lying. He loves knowing that if Scorp or I do any crazy, rash things he’ll find out because it’ll be in the news. And of course he wants the same for Maizey.

I looked over at Scorp, he’s beating himself up. You can tell by the look on his face. Not only did he miss the first day with his sister, but he made his best friend seem gay! I mean the media know what Al’s like in school, and they still print that he ‘is not as straight and narrow as we thought!’ the media have got some nerd. Oh how I’d have loved to seen Harry’s face when he read that. Of course we ‘famous’ people don’t believe a word the papers say, but it’s still a laugh to see what they print.

“May, maybe you can take your sister out tomorrow day-time so they’ll be expecting a conference?” Mom asked knowing that I was best to include me in the conversation, other wise I’d be very zoned out for the rest of the meal. I smiled at her and she nodded in understandment.

“Sure, Maize will have to meet Dom too… so I’ll text her in a bit and make some plans,” I answered sending a smirk at my twin sister. She smirked back. Oh good. She got the message, tomorrow is going to be one hell of a day. I think dad caught the message too because he frowned at the two of us and then shook his head. He knew even if he didn’t allow it we’d still go!

“I was thinking maybe a party before you go back to school. So that Maizey can meet all of your friends, and so the press can see her finally, when there supposed to be?” Dad asked.

“SHOPPING!” I shouted and to not much of my surprise so did Maizey. Did I mention we’re more alike than we look. Scorp laughed a hearty laughed and mom smiled. Dad frowned again. He obviously didn’t like Maizey being out in public. But he’s gotta get over it. She’s 17, not 7. She’s not a baby. And neither am I. but even though we know he knows that, he’s babying us girls more than he ever has.

The next morning I ran from my room - which was the same as Maizeys except it’s pink and black not purple - and down the stairs into the front room. Sitting their on my sofa was a gorgeous blonde, how was very tall and skinny. She had a gorgeous complexion and you could tell she had Veela blood. This was my best friend in the whole entire world. Dominique Weasley. She was munching on toast. Raising and eyebrow at me she said,

“Morning doll,” I laughed and jumped on her for a hug, not caring that my mini-skirt was probably by my waist right now. But so. This is my girl. And no-ones taking me away from her. Except Lorcan. When he gets his hands on her I’ll hardly see her!

“DOMMIE!” I said squeezing her, I felt her giggle against my chest and she replies ‘ELLIE!’ I love this girl I really do. Together me and her keep Hogwarts in check. And no obviously Maizey will help us. She will need to know what she can and cant do around school. But shes a Malfoy and shes my twin, and by the look of the photo on her wall shes a bit of a minx too - therefore she can do anything she wants.

“Right missy, I wanna meet your sister. I need to get to know my new best friend now don’t I!?” She asked raising her eyebrow again. I swear she practices that in front of the mirror. Omg I’ve so gotta ask Victorie or Louis! Haha! Imagine that.

“Come on then she should be ready by now,” I interlocked our fingers- like usual and towed her u the stairs. I barged into Maizey’s room who was standing at the mirror doing her make-up. She turned to look at me and smirked the Malfoy smirk.

“Fucking hell Ells, don’t knock you know.” She said feigning annoyance, I smiled and jumped onto her bed, which of course was unmade. I mean come on if we made our bed what would House-Elves do.

“Shut it you. This is Dom your new best friend,” I introduced smiling at Dom who was now studying Maizey, it would take her approximately two more seconds to realise that we’re exactly the same. Maizey looked stunned that she didn’t say anything. So of course I signalled for her to lay on the Malfoy charm. And I mean girl she has got a lot of it.

“Hey Dom, I’m Maizey” She smiled looking confident as usual.

“SHit you’re the same. Sorry hey best friend ready to shop?” And from that moment then I forgot any worry I had about those two. We were going to be the best of friends. Like ever! So we’re just so damn awesome!

We went down stairs kissed moms cheek - even Dom did- and kissed Scorp - even Dom- he shrugged us off, but everyone knows he loves having the hottest blonds kiss him. Even if we are his sisters! Yeah he’s slightly perverted. But when it comes to one Miss Rose Weasley, he is the perfect gentleman. Bless his heart.

We apparated to Liverpool, Dom and mine favourite shopping place. And of course they’re were Paparazzi waiting for us. I swear they stalk us. Dom and I are a well-known. Because 1) our parents were main parts in the second war in Hogwarts (Dom’s dad got attacked) and 2) we’re James Potter II best friends, and as he’s Harry Potter’s son everything we do gets publicised. I did explain this to Maizey so she wouldn’t seem shocked, but hell it can be scary. I looked at her she seemed calm, confident, determined. She looked like a Malfoy, and this I smiled eve wider at.

‘Mayella who’s that? She looks like your sister? Dominique why you in muggle Liverpool? What’s the occasion girls!?’ reporters left right and centre asked us. So me being me did the most stupid thing I could think of. The one thing dad told us not to do.

“MAIZEY’S HOME! But shush I weren’t supposed to say anything,” I laughed and ran away, knowing that I had both the girls behind me. We entered CULT - our fave shop- and collapsed in laughter. We heard the snaps clicking so we just browsed for dresses. A really annoying thing about hosting the party was we had to be at the formal for at least ten minutes. And we had to look like ’ladies’ not ’sluts’ as daddy so politely called us once. Mom slapped him. It was funny.

Anyway we searched for our normal party stuff in the end we got the same things. All in different colours, I can just see now that’s how we three are going to roll. Oh yes its gonna be a gooden. It was a short boob-tube dress that has netting at the bottom so it goes out slightly with a big black bow around the waist. Mine was pink, Maizey’s purple and Dom’s blue. We all bought necklaces, bangles and earrings to match our selective colours. Before we bought everything we tried it all on, and dang we looked good. I’d see Fred tonight. Maybe have a dance. Tonight I want to make him want to ask me out. Please make that night be tonight.

Next we went to another shop called T K Maxx and each of us picked out ball gowns. Dom had to because her parents -Bill and Fleur - were going to be at the adult party, so they needed to arrive all together. So she’d be at the formal with u for about ten minutes. Along with the rest of her cousins, or how I like to call them, the Wotters. Weasley and Potters get it? Yeah I’m sad. You soo love it!

“Daddy loves me the most you know,” I said on the way back to the apparating spot, we ignored the press - like we’d being doing I don’t know all our fucking lives.

“No he doesn’t I’m his favourite,” Dom said winking, I looked to Maizey to see hif her expression had changed, only slightly. She was smirking now. She obviously expected Dom to say something like that.

“Well everyone knows I’m his favourite, since I’m the one he’s just got back,” She said smartly grinning widely.

“whatever, he loves me the most,” I stuck my toungue out before apparating back home. And daddy was in the sitting room smiling at me. I bounded over and jumped into his lap. “Daddy I’m your favourite aren’t I?” The girls arrived as I jumped on his knee.

“No! Daddy I am!” Dom came and sat on dads other side, gripping onto his arm lovingly.

“Daddy, I thought you loved me!” Maizey said hugging his legs tightly. He laughed. I mean really laughed. We all shook. It was funny. I laughed.

“Now now girls, I love you all equally,” He said still grinning widely at his girls. Even though Dom isn’t his daughter, I know daddy thinks her as one of the family. She looks a bit like us, and acts like us. She’s like the third twin! The third triplet!

“okay, but I know mommy loves me more!” Maizey got up and ran from the room as quick as she could. Probably to get to mommy. Today we were feeling kiddyish, so we went after her and chased her into the kitchen.

“HEADS UP” Dom shouted as she dived for Maizey’s legs, bringing her down to the floor. I burst into a fit of laughter at my two best friends on the floor. Mom and Scorp looked at us like we were mad. But they love us. So they laugh. I would have gone and sat next to mommy and bragged about how much she loved me more than the others. But that was too darn funny. I heard footsteps behind me, and dad walked in looked at the girls - shook his head and chuckled to himself.

Yeah he loves me the most!

Yeah I’m the most normal.

Yeah I’m the prettiest.

Yeah I lied about that last one.

Right now Maize and I are sitting on my bed in my room, slobbing out with chocolate. Dom left like an hour ago - she needed to act surprised by the party tonight. But of coure her family knew we would have told her so there was really no point - yeah she still insisted on going. Ah well it’s Dom for ya. Over-dramatic moron, kinda like her whole bloody family - The Wotters.

I mean it the Wotters are the most over-dramatic people in the world, and I’m not just talking about the many cousins that make up the Hogwarts population. I mean the dads, the moms - even nanny and granddad Weasley are really dramatic. Every time I’m over there with Dom and …… Freddie, nanny Weasley shouts at Freddie and his dad, saying something about times repeated. It’s very funny. We find it hard not to laugh. But we stop ourselves. I swear nanny W can be bloody scary. She scares Freddie and he doesn’t get scared at anything - well maybe something but I don’t know. I’m not in his gorgeous head.

Anyways Maize and I are sitting on my bed munching chocolate - because we’re hungry and chocolate is the best thing in the whole ENTIRE world. It makes everything seem so much nicer. I swear there must be a Stimulant in there because nothing legal can make you feel so good. Except maybe weed - and that was once by the way!

“Ah babe I’m stuffed, I’m so going to look fat tonight,” Maizey moaned clutching her stomach and rolling on my bed, all through the Chocolate Frog wrappers. I laughed she was as dramatic as Dom.

“Shush up, no you wont. But if you do I’m sure we can find a human-friendly shrinking spell!” I joked poking her stomach. It was no bigger than it was before. I placed my head on it “Any way you can dance it all off,” I replied sighing. I could hear her heart beat and it made me think - was Maizey the only person who’s heart beat I’ll ever hear? Because this year if I don’t get the boy I want , I wont have anyone.

I’ve been after him for ages. Always dropping hints. Always flirting. And he winks and goes to kiss another girl. So I try to make him jealous. I get boyfriends. I snog random lads in the corridor - daring him to say something. But no. he has every single girl in the school- that’s above third year and not a relative - in his bed. He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get how much I actually need him. Because when I’m not trying to make him jealous; and he’s not with another slut, he’s my best friend. He’s Freddie Weasley. And I really really want him.

“Babe?” Maizey asked propping herself up onto her elbows. I turned my head so that I was looking at her, I slightly tilted my head - motioning her to carry on, “Do I get to meet this boy tonight?” She said starting to smirk. What?

“What boy?” I asked, my face blank. I have no clue what boy she wants to meet - as long as it’s not Freddie.

“You know, the one your pinning after - the one you think about when we’re not talking.” She answered, grinning widely. Stupid bint. I didn’t want to tell her. Dom nos the basics. But she doesn’t actually know how much I like him.

“Its Freddie Weasley - and when he’s not shagging some girl and I’m not snogging some boy; he’s my best friend. The bestest ever. He treats me with respect. Hugs me for the sake of it. Walks around with his arm around my shoulder - just so he’s sure he won’t get lost. Waits up for me at night - just to wish me a good night. He makes sure I’m alright everyday. He throws my birthday party for me at school. He makes sure no lad takes advantage. And he’s fucking gorgeous,” I told her smiling to myself. Just thinking about him makes my heart beat faster. My whole life revolves around him. And I’ve honestly just realised that.

I felt Maizeys hand reach down into my hair. I sighed as I felt her fingers run through my hair. I knew she wasn’t going to breathe a word to anyone - and I know she’s not going to try to comfort me. Because it wont work. To be perfectly honest, the only thing that’ll make me feel more alive than I do now would be him. Freddie Weasley. Hogwarts resident man-whore. I think, think I’m in love with him. Fucking hell.

Maizey didn’t wait for an answer to the question- I think she knows he’ll be here. And that’s scary. He’ll be in my house. I’ll be drinking - possible high. So what the hell might I say. I might pill everything so the anyone who’s important will know I fancy Freddie Weasley - my best friends cousin. That part bothers me too - him being Dom’s cousin. I know she says she doesn’t mind, but I know if she liked my cousins I wouldn’t be so cool with it. But I don’t know. In some ways Dom is more mature than me. I know what your thinking the girl who just floored your twin - more mature than you ( who stood there laughing). Yes she is. She’s more grown up - more happier with herself. Me? I’m nothing. Sometimes I cry all day and all night because I’m not as perfect as the other girls in the frigging school. But I know they all think I’m perfect. But I’m not! They treat me like I’m some sort of queen. But I’m not! I’m just a girl who has been accepted into an extremely wealthy crowd. Of course it helps that I’m rich. But just because i have money - it doesn’t mean there’s not a thing wrong with me. Look at it this way - my granddad is a Death Eater and he kidnapped my twin sister. My dad he got the Dark Mark when he was still at school. Its not a good thing. To be a Malfoy. Yeah our reputations changed - but I can’t ever forget that practically half of my family have been involved with the Darkest Arts. And that, is not a good feeling.

“Babe? Wanna get ready?” Maizey said slightly smirking. She was excited for tonight - I was too on my first party night. Of course I was about 2 but its still nervous. Everything has to be perfect - as tonight is the key to Maizey Malfoy reputation. And Marlin knows that’s important.

“Yeah! Lets do this!” I said with much more enthusiasm than I felt. I felt hopeless - dirty - raw- ugly. Tonight though I’m going to forget about Freddie fucking Weasley. I’m going to have the time of my life with my adoring sister nxt to me. Yeah. I’m not going to ay any noticed to the freaking slut. Tonight is about Maizey and I promise I will not take the lime light away from her. This was going to be one of the best nights of her life - and school tomorrow!

I told Maize to go to her room to get ready I wanted to right a letter. If this was going to be the best party ever we needed those French Party Boys - the one’s on Maize’s wall. Princess will find them - definitely. I took a piece of parchment from my bedside table and started to scribble the letter:

Bobby P, Kieran and Jase

Hey my name is Ella Malfoy - I’m Maizey’s (Lauries) sister. I was wondering if tonight you could possibly come to Malfoy Mannor for a part we are holding in honour of my sister being home. I know that Maizey would love for you guys to be there and hopefully you can surprise her? Write back quickly please,
Love Ella x

I called Princess up to my room and told my gorgeous tawny owl to find them quickly. And of course she soared out of the window taking off towards France. I hope this party will be good - the formal will introduce Maize to the fame side of us all and the teen party will introduce her to life at Hogwarts. Hopefully it’ll be good.

Right so were standing in the doorway of Scorp’s room. Waiting to be called down. I think its Charlie Bagman doing the commentating. She usually does.

“at the door is the lovely Weasley’s! Bill, Fleur, Dominique and Louis, I have been informed the Victorie will be arriving later on in the night,” She said I turned to Maizey and took her hand. Dom was here, that was comforting right?

“Heavily pregnant Hermione Weasley and family are here now. Ron, Rose and Hugo Weasley, and look at that Mr George, Angelina, Freddie and Roxanne Weasley are right behind them,” My heart fluttered at Freddie’s name. stop. I need to get over it. I can’t think about that tonight. I imagined George run over to Charlie and high-five her. Of course they played on the same Quidditch team.

“Luna, Rolf, Lorcan and Lysander Scamnder next people, and the Potters. Harry, Ginny, James, Albus and Lily! Of corse Teddy will be arriving with Miss Weasley. And that’s it folks all the guests here! Time for the hosts!” Charlie shouted. I felt Maize stiffen at James’ name. oh I think my little sister has a crush on Jamey Potter!

“Draco and Astoria!” Charlie shouted. I moved closer to the stairs knowing it was nearly time. Dad and mom walked down then stairs and waved to the cheers - James, Freddie, Scottie, Hugo, Albus and George.

“Mr Scorpios Malfoy,” Scorp kissed our cheeks and squoze Maizey’s amr comfortingly before making his own way down the stairs. And of course Scorp winked at the boys. And Al being Al winked back - he’s so not helping his gay charges.

“Miss Mayella Malfoy,” Charlie shouted me next, I smiled at Maize and let go of her hand and started making my way down the stairs. I smiled and put one hand on the bar and giggled as more people were cheering now - Dom the loudest. I looked at Freddie and he was laughing with his dad. Merlin he knows how to make a girl feel good about herself. I reached the bottom of the stairs with Scorp, mom and dad and waited for a Charlie to reveal a nervous twin of mine.

“And introducing Miss Maizey Malfoy!” Charlie said just as loud, I knew that the walk felt long - but I knew my sister. She’d milk it. And then I saw it, her dark purple heel step out… all went quiet everyone was watching the foot. Her leg and waist came next…. Still silence. Then her chest and proud face. She was smirking. The did the long walk starring at all the boys. Mainly James. Awh, my sister likes James. I looked over to where him, Freddie and Scottie were standing. His eyes were wide and his face focused on hers. That was good Scottie was focused on her chest. Typical boy… Freddie snapped his head around to Maize the second I looked at them. He was just grinning stupidly at her. Maize got half way down the stairs and still no-one was clapping, she looked a tad nervous now. I looked at Dom she nodded. We cheered as loudly as we could - the other girl Weasley’s and Scorp joined in too. The boys were too busy checking her out. Bless.

“Whoa, she well fits in with the family don’t she guys?” Charlie said as she stood next to us, the crowd cheered again, Scottie and James making whooping noises. “Now if Draco could come up here and he can take the presses statements, I’m guessing the kids wanna go next door - Have a pleasant night, don’t do anything I wouldn’t,” Charlie said flirtatiously to us, making several adults groan - each of them knowing that theres nothing Charlie Bagman wouldn’t do. And of course we whooped!

I leaded the teens through the door and out through the courtyard to get to our club - dad had one built for us cos he loves us. Whilst I was leading us, a familiar arm crept around my shoulders. It was the person I didn’t particularly want to spend time with tonight.

“You look hot Ellie,” He whispered in his ear. I shivered unwillingly at the closeness of our faces. I could hear his slow breathes, feel the warmth on my cheek. I stopped, turning to look at him.

“Thanks Freddie, but what about now?” I flicked my want and I had my short dress with accessories on. I raised my eyebrow waiting for an answer, but he just starred at me. Great. “Gee Freds you sure do no how to make a girl feel special,” I said walking off in front of him again. He didn’t answer. He didn’t follow. He watched me walk away. And I swear to god I hated doing it. Like really hated it. It felt like I was standing on my heart - with heels on.

I opened the door to my very own club and smiled. It smelled of my favourite - fire whiskey and hardcore dance. The speakers were booming and the rrom was practically shaking. Just the way I like it. I felt Dom slide her arm through mine and I smiled.

“What you do to my favourite cousin sexy - looked like you killed him?” Dom asked raising an eyebrow.

“I changed in front of him and he starred and thanked him and walked away,” I told her, slightly confused by the situation myself.

“He likes you,” She said simply and walked off to dance with her other cousin - Scottie. She was lying definitely. If he liked me he would have talked to me then not just ignored me. If he liked me …. He wouldn’t be over there dancing with Katrina Halfhat. But of course he doesn’t, and of course he is. My heart sank a little.

I looked around to find my sister - she was with James and she was grinning like an idiot. They were dancing in the middle already - to one of my old favourites Castles in the Sky. When I say old I mean like really old! But it’s amazing and I love it. So my gorgeous sister and one of the best friends I can have are dancing to my song. The boy I like/best friendis of dancing with another girl - to busy to look at me. My best (girl) friend is dancing with her cousin (another best friend). And I’m the only one left. Great. So I do what I do best. I get fucking hammered.

So I’m over at the bar having Fire whiskey after Fire whiskey. I’ve been here for like 2 hours. And I was gone. I can’t even feel myself anymore. Freddie walks over and noticed my dazed look.

“You okay gorgeous?” He asked concerned. He strokes my face, but I brush it off.

“Come dance Freds!” I shouted over the music and pulled him to the dance floor. He didn’t want to let go he knew as well as I did I’d fall to the ground! He danced with me. We danced and grooved everywhere. I put my back to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and danced more. I felt him carefully put his hands on my hips. Careful not to spill his whiskey. I took it out of his hand and swigged it. I gave it back to him with a smirk.

“Oh no you didn’t!” He said grinning, he put me on his shoulders. I screamed and shouted but couldn’t help but laugh. Finally I had his attention,. He was so gorgeous and yummy. I’d frigging do him right here if I could. And damn if I can I will.

Freddie took me over to the corner and sat down, pulling me onto his lap. He looked me straight in the eyes seriously. It was quiet frightening. I sobered slightly but not much. I didn’t want to think tonight - I wanted to forget about my worries and my strife!

“What?” I said slowly, examining myself to make sure I hadn’t spilt anything.

“What’s going on with you, you’ve been smashed since this thing started,” He said. I scoffed.

“It’s called a good time Freds.” I told him rolling my eyes.

“You don’t need to drink to have fun, you know that Ells,” He said.

“What ever Freddie I really can’t be assed with this crap. I think I’ll go find a lad,” I tried to get out of his grip but he held me tightly.

“No your fucking not, your staying with me until your completely sober, and your going no-where with a lad.” He said menacingly.

“Oh yeah, get off me right now Frederick Weasley, or I’ll make you wish you weren’t even born,” I said into his face - and he let go. He knows I wasn’t blushing. I took his whiskey with me. I didn’t give a fuck to be quiet honest. I just wanna have a good time.

Little Jordie Longbottom was standing in the corner with a smile and a bottle of whiskey. He was a seventh year so that was good. I walked over and leant next to him.

“Hey Jord,” I slurred slightly.

“Hey Ells,” He slurred - we were both pissed. Great. Pissed make-outs were so much better than sober ones.

“Wanna kiss?” I asked hopefully.

“Hell yes,” He leant over me and placed his lips gently on mine. I pulled him closer and crashed our lips together, our tongues tossed and turned in each other, it was amazing. He was an amazing kisser. I put my fingers through his hair and ran them through. I felt his hands go to the back of my legs and up my dress. I groaned. This is what I need right now. I bit of sexual fun. And seeings though I wasn’t getting it from who I wanted it off - I took what ever I could got. 

Authors Note: hey:) i love this chapter tbh - i think that Ella's absolutely amazing! and i love her. so please r+r and the next chapter is Dom's:) so e will know her more. merci ;]

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