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Summary- It shows when you have doubts, Ginny’s have just decided to confront hers.

“Good morning Ginny!” I opened my eyes to the bright morning sunlight looking to the side I saw Hermione with a breakfast tray in her hands and sitting down on the side of my bed.

“’Mione?” I asked groggily and sat up taking the tray from her.

“You excited about this afternoon?” She asked smiling and watching me eat slowly, because of the butterflies which continually fluttered in my stomach not helping with the fact I would be putting up with morning sickness after I’d finished my breakfast. “Ginny are you alright? If you want I’ll go and get you some of the nausea potion.”

“Yeah, fine, just...”

“Nervous?” She questioned with a knowing tone before laughing.

“Yeah, I am. Look ‘Mione... do you think I’m doing the right thing?” Mione was the best person to ask this, she was neutral compared to everyone else, she was best friends with both of us, she wasn’t involved with my brother anymore- not that that would’ve made any difference- and she was the most honest person I knew.

“Ginny, I know it’ll feel a bit strange getting married because it feels strange for me to be engaged... especially to Draco, but I know that I love him, and I know that you love Harry, so what is this jittering about?” She pressed me slowly for more information.

“I don’t know.”

“Well, if you don’t know then I am sure as hell that I don’t know. For years this is the day you’ve dreamed of isn’t it? Here it is, that dream is about to become a reality and we haven’t been planning this day for the past two months, putting all of our lives on hold, for nothing.

Today is going to be perfect, the weather forecast is sunny all day, your dress is here, the bridesmaid’s dresses are here, Teddy and Victorie are both here and we’re all here to make sure two of our best friends are going to be joined until death do them part.” She took my hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. “Ginny, I know you’re doing the right thing, and not because you have to as it runs a lot deeper than that it runs right through your veins.”

“’Mione move!” I yelled suddenly feeling the wave of nausea sweeping over me, sure enough ‘Mione moved quickly and threw open the adjacent bathroom door as I lunged towards the toilet, Hermione held back my hair as I deposited my breakfast from my stomach. “Sorry.” I mumbled as she sat me down on the side of the bath-tub.

“Nonsense Ginny, it’s not your fault.” She told me taking a damp flannel and pressing it to my face. The coolness felt welcoming to my skin, she took it away and looked at me. “You do realise you’re putting me off ever being pregnant don’t you?” She joked and I felt the tug at the corner of my lips as I began to smile.

“Something tells me Malfoy’s sense of humour’s rubbed off on you.”

“Has it? I hadn’t noticed.” She grinned. “So you sure you’re OK?” She asked and my concerned friend was back.

“Perfectly, even if the butterflies in my stomach have other ideas.”

“Excellent. The bridesmaids are already being seen to by the make-up artist, so I am going to leave you to have a long hot shower, or bath depending on what you’d prefer. The boys will be apparating in the early afternoon so take as long as you need. The wedding’s at 4pm, then the dinner reception goes on until 11pm, and then you two are grabbing a portkey to your honeymoon.”

“Have you memorised the whole wedding schedule?” I asked incrediously.

“I’m the Maid of Honour of course I have!” Hermione exclaimed cheerfully and tapped the side of her head. I shook my head.

“Hermione have you already had something to drink?”

“Coffee.” She answered turning away from me and handing me a large cup of tea.

“Thank you, but at least I know what’s going on with you, you’re hyper.”

“Hardly, it wasn’t even an espresso.” She claimed without managing to keep a straight face.

“Yeah right Hermione pull the other one, because only once you’ve had lot of coffee is you ever this bouncy.”

“Alright, maybe one espresso.” I arched my eyebrow and she sighed. “Alright it was two but I needed them, because I still have to finish the decorations in the main hall and then I have to supervise the others etc etc. Because Ginny this is going to be perfect.”

“How many times have I heard you make that speech before?”

“Just the three times before hand.”

“Right so that explains why I think I’ve heard this record before.”

“Probably... so is there anything else you need or can I dash off and make sure everyone else is alright, and then I have to start the decorations.”

“Sure, go, go be gone.”

“OK I’m going.” Hermione laughed her hands help up in surrender. “Oh and don’t fall asleep.” She told me, I nodded for a few seconds until she was out the door before burrowing back under the still warm duvets. This bride still needed some beauty sleep and there was nothing in the world that was going to stop me from getting another hour of sleep... well alright, apart from Hermione there was nothing.

After all it had been Hermione who told me I didn’t have to do anything for a long time, what better way could it be spent than to be lying in bed relaxing?

OK so this is the first chapter of the wedding, so we're already a quarter of the way through it. The next few chapters take you through the entire day. I really hope that you're going to enjoy them, I know that this wasn't one of my best pieces of work but I hope that you still liked it.
I'm warning you now, the updates may not come as quickly as they have done because I've started to write again as my stockpile of chapters has suddenly been depleated with the shortness of the queue.
Also a Happy Birthday to mikalily whose birthday was on the 3rd March.
Thank you everyone for your wonderful reviews, they always make me smile and of course I answer them all.

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