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A/N: Hi! This is my first story, so any and all comments are appreciated!  Please leave a review!

She sprinted down the sidelines, looking for the open pass. She heard the roar of the crowd and the shouts from her coach. She spotted Christina, and threw the ball neatly into her stick. With a splurge of adrenaline, Hermione blew past her defender and called for the ball. “Tina! TINA I’M OPEN!” She caught the incoming pass cleanly and pivoted towards the goal. It was now just her and the goalie, one-on-one. She faked top right, and then dumped the ball in the bottom left hand corner easily. The crowd went wild as the final buzzer sounded. “HERMIONE! HERMIONE!” She turned and grinned at her teammates as they rushed forward to envelope her in a hug.

She loved the feeling she got when playing lacrosse. Hermione congratulated her team, and they lined up to shake hands with their opponents. She couldn’t help the wide smile that was plastered on her flushed face as she and her team gathered their equipment and trooped off the field. She tried not to scan the crowd, failing miserably. She knew that she would be disappointed with what she didn’t see there. Sure enough, Hermione felt the sharp tug of rejection in the pit of her stomach.

She couldn’t stop her brain from forming her unasked questions. Where is he now? Is he thinking about me? Was he here at the beginning of the game? Did he see my shot? Does he know I exist? Probably not, she sighed bitterly to herself. Why couldn’t she seem to keep her mind off him? It’s not like he had ever shown any interest or anything… Plus, he was a year older and there were several other pretty girls in his own year that he could fall for. Hermione chided herself for letting that spark of hope develop in her chest, and proceeded to push down any of her remaining feelings.

The team trudged the rest of the way to the field house to change and gather their things. Hermione dressed quickly, hoping to fend off any curious glances or prying questions as to why she was upset. She didn’t know what was wrong with her either! They just won their lacrosse game for goodness sake! She slipped out of the locker room quickly, intending to walk to her car alone. She waved a rushed goodbye to Christina, her best muggle friend, and walked down the steps of the field house, clutching her keys tightly in her hands.

Hermione had this one habit that she tried relentlessly to cure in the past. For some odd reason, she felt the need to stare at the ground in front of her as she walked, instead of watching where she was going, like she should. She hated this habit so much because of the trouble it caused, but now she couldn’t be more grateful, or embarrassed, for that matter. Walking away from the field house, eyes on her feet, Hermione met with the inevitable. She slammed into a solid mass of warm body. “Mmmphf!” She heard a deep male voice grunt from the impact of her body, her unruly hair smothering his face. “Oh my goodness, I am so sorry!” she gasped, pulling away from the embrace of his muscular arms, “I wasn’t paying attention, I-” She stopped abruptly as she recognized his easy smile and bright brown eyes. Hermione felt her heart lurch as she grinned back. “Hey, Will.”

A/N: Hope you liked it! I know this chapter is short, but they'll get longer, I promise! PLEASE leave a review and tell me what you think! Any advice or criticism is welcome too.

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