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Just Like A Rose by xLoversxKissx
Chapter 3 : Game Plan
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Sorry about the bit of a wait people, but that aside, this story seems to be going alright, plenty of readers! And i think you'll like this chapter more. But regardless of whether you do or not, let me know! Reviews are helpful things :)

Anyway, enjoy chapter 3!


The walk to the headmistress’s office was long, dull and unbearably quiet. The further we walked, the more irritable I became. Now, usually I have no quarrels in helping teachers and doing what they ask of me. I’m head girl after all. But when you spend over an hour in the cold harsh wind and rain, just waiting till you can finally sit down with your friends warm and dry, and eat the delicious food the house elves so kindly prepared, and then you’re delayed from doing that because someone wants to have a little chat about petty issues that let’s face it, no one could give a toss about, it tends to annoy a person. A lot.

“Are there many things to discuss professor?” Jasper asked.

I jumped in surprise at hearing someone speak, and glanced ahead at them both. I hope he didn’t see me glaring at the floor like it was eating my shoes as I walked, and I hope to Merlin that I didn’t accidentally voice anything that I’d been thinking. Wouldn’t be the first time I‘d done that…unfortunately.

“Not really Mr Smith. I just need to give you the patrol time tables, Common Room passwords, and introduce you to the new student” she said as we started to head up the spiralling staircase that led to her office.

I looked up sharply. The new student was up here? Why not just do all this on the train?

“Why aren’t they at the feast?” I asked confused, “They’d be able to meet everyone that way, and don’t they need to be sorted too?”

McGonagal paused as she grasped the door handle to her office, having already given the password. “Not exactly Miss Weasley…” she said, opening the door and striding in.

I looked at Jasper confused, but he merely shrugged and followed her lead. At least I wasn’t the only one who didn’t have a clue what she was on about.

I’d barely got over the threshold before I froze mid-step, my jaw practically hitting the floor.

It hit me like a truck.

I didn’t see their face, I didn’t need to. I’d seen as much the first time I encountered them.

The office was as cluttered as it had ever been, but they didn’t fit in among it’s many trinkets and treasures. It had the same dim and comforting glow it always had, but that didn’t stop it shining off their hair like a beacon. The atmosphere in here had always had a calming effect, but with them here, it was full of tension.

I’ve walked into hell. I’m sure of it.

“Miss Weasley?”

I didn’t change my shocked and horrified expression, I didn’t move an inch of my stiffened body, I merely moved my gazed towards McGonagal.

“If you would care to join us?” she said, gesturing to the last remaining chair in front of her desk, in the middle of Jasper and this…‘newcomer’.

Jasper turned to look at me, and I instantly rearranged my expression into one of polite indifference, and walked calmly to the chair. Though I couldn’t for the life of me rid the tension in my shoulders, or stop my hands from clenching every once in a while.

I could see McGonagal glancing back and forth between us, but I pretended I didn’t see this, and crossed my legs, comfortably resting my hands in my lap where I could clench them unnoticeably.

“Right, well,” she said averting her eyes and clearing her throat slightly as she began to rifle through the papers on her desk, “As Head boy and girl, it is your duty to keep track of the other prefects and act as a voice for the students you could say, voicing any problems there may be to the other teachers and myself, and together we can hopefully solve them.”

I can think of one problem right now, I thought savagely, and I have the perfect solution…

“Now here is a copy of the patrol rota for you both,” she said handing them over to Jasper and I, “If any of the prefects are unable to do their patrol, you can use this to help you to find a replacement, or just do it yourselves. This is a list of the Common Room passwords, and any other passwords you may need. Do not lose these” she warned, looking us both in the eye as she handed them over.

I raised an eyebrow, nodding. What does she think we are? I think we can keep track of a piece of paper.

“Now,” she said, her tone changing from one of business to forced cheerfulness, “as you may have noticed, we have a new student” she said as she sat down, gesturing to the chair beside me, “Scorpius Malfoy”.

As soon as she said his name, my teeth ground together involuntarily.

“Though of course, I expect you all remember each other” she said as she sat back observing us.

Jasper nodded with a polite smile and said leaning over me to shake his hand “Nice to have you back”.

Does he not realise politeness is wasted on this fool?

I looked down and watched a smooth pale hand grasp hold of Jaspers lightly tanned one.

“Thanks. Jasper was it?”

My eyebrows rose when I heard his voice. It was so deep and smooth. Nothing like what I remembered. Though he was eleven the last time I saw him.

I frowned.

Scratch that, who cares about his voice! Why is he here?!

“Yeah that’s right, Jasper Smith” he said, as the both of them let go of the others hand, “and you probably remember Rose Weasley?”

I could ignore him no longer. I mean, I hadn’t looked at him the entire time I sat here, I made no reference to the fact he was even sat there, but I had to now.

I sighed quietly to myself, and slowly looked up and I literally had to stop my eyes from widening.

“Yeah, I remember Rose…” he said smoothly, sitting back in his seat, inclining his head towards me in recognition.

This had to be some sort of joke.

This wasn’t Scorpius Malfoy!

Scorpius Malfoy didn’t have such effortlessly perfect hair. It was far too pale and was slicked back annoyingly. You wanted to rub it just to see if it would come away in one big clump.

He didn’t have perfectly sculptured cheekbones and a strong manly jaw with a smooth pale complexion. He had a face that was begging to be whacked! One that just screamed “I’m an evil tosser!”

His eyes were never that big and silver.

He’s not that tall.

He’s not that built.

He’s not Scorpius Malfoy!

I must have been sat there with an odd look on my face, for Jasper said confused “Do you not remember him Rose?”

I was still looking at him, and as Jasper spoke, the corners of his lips twitched ever so slightly, and my expression instantly hardened.

“No, I remember him” I said coldly, turning to look back at McGonagal and giving her a look that plainly said ‘just what the hell is he doing here?’

She pointedly ignored my glare and aimed her explanation at Jasper, who I imagined looked a hell of a lot less hostile right now. What did she expect? You can’t just spring his company of all peoples, on me!

“Mr Malfoy’s father works for the Department of International Magical Cooperation at the Ministry, and when he was in his first year, his father was transferred abroad. But now that job has been completed, Scorpius and his family have moved back, and he will continue with the rest of his education here at Hogwarts. Now,” she said, putting on her glasses and consulting a sheet of paper in front of her, “Rose, you seem to share the most classes with him out of yourself and Jasper, so I would appreciate it if you could lend a helping hand towards Mr Malfoy, though I’m sure he remembers his way around and what not to a certain extent” she said looking up at him with a small smile.

“I’m sure it’ll all come back” he said politely.

Good. If he thinks I’m speaking to him he’s got another thing coming!

“Excellent!” she said, “Well, I shan’t keep you any longer. Either Mr Smith or Miss Weasley will show you to your Common Room if you are unable to remember where it is, though, I’m sure you’ll be fine once Mr Potter learns of your return” she finished with a smile.

The three of us rose from our seats as Jasper said “Thank you Professor”.

She nodded in recognition, and we took that as our cue to leave.

I pointedly stepped from behind my chair first and sped ahead leaving Jasper to talk to Malfoy. I couldn’t really force a polite conversation with him right now. My blood was boiling far too much for that.


I reached the Great Hall in record time. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say I flew there.

I took no notice of any of the greetings aimed my way as I made my way along the isle towards Dom and Mel, I just kept my head down, consumed by my murderous thoughts, and angrily sat down.

I took a much needed gulp of pumpkin juice and sighed, inwardly wishing it was Firewhiskey. I then hastily grabbed a handful of chips, some chicken, a clump of vegetables and dumped them on my plate. Food is the best remedy to any problem. Well…for me it is.

Dom and Mel sat very quietly, their conversation stopped when I all but threw myself onto the bench in front of them.

“What’s wrong wi-” Dom began but Mel cut her off saying loudly “Is that Scorpius Malfoy?!”

I glanced towards the entrance of the Great Hall and saw Jasper pointing out the Slytherin table. The next thing you could hear was Al jumping up and shouting out his name in surprise.

Great. Now he and Al will be attached at the hip again.

“Unfortunately, yes it is…” I muttered, slowing down and eating my food at a more acceptable pace having noticed some of the shocked looks some of the first years where casting my way. If I was sat with dad, this would be a perfectly acceptable way to consume a meal.

“But…what’s he doing here?” she asked confused, unable to take her eyes off him as she watched him walk over to Al and greet him like he hadn’t been away for five years.

“His dad got transferred back here, so now we’re lumbered with him” I spat in disgust. Thank you Draco Malfoy. I can see why my dad hates you so much.

“He wasn’t that bad” Dom said taking a sip of her pumpkin juice.

My gaze instantly snapped to hers and I let my fork clatter to my plate as I said bluntly “He’s the devil.”

“He’s bloody gorgeous!” Mel said, still openly gaping at him as he sat with Al.

“Oh come on Rosie” Dom said as the food vanished, only to be replaced with vast amounts of deserts, “you knew him five years ago, back when you were both kids. Now look at you both. Clearly you’ve both changed. You’re head girl! Not stuck in a detention, and I’m guessing he was nothing but polite and civil?”

I paused, letting her words wash over me.

Maybe she has a point.

Perhaps the shock of seeing him once again blinded me and all I could see was the same eleven year old Scorpius Malfoy I knew five years ago. Maybe he has changed as much as I have.

“Yeah, come on Rosie” Mel said, dragging her eyes away from him for the first time since she caught sight of him, “Give him a break. You’re only going to make things harder for yourself if you’re horrible with him. You’re head girl and he’s a new student. You’re going to have to interact with him at some point. Why make that harder on yourself?”

“No one’s asking you to befriend the guy” Dom carried on, “Just don’t act like he’s chopped up your broom or something. Be civil. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Be the bigger person”.

I looked at them both. When did they get so wise? And since when did Dom of all people, lecture me about giving people the benefit of the doubt?

“But what if it’s just an act?” I asked cynically, “What if it’s all one of his games?”

“Well if it is,” Mel said, happily shoving a large piece of chocolate cake in her mouth “he’s winning thanks to you”.

I looked over my shoulder towards the Slytherin table as he chatted with Al.

They’re right. He doesn’t look like the Scorpius Malfoy I used to know, and it was true, he didn’t greet me the same old way that he used to, i.e. a well aimed hex in my direction, or some form of degrading comment sent my way. He was civil. I wouldn’t go as far to friendly, because he barely even said ‘hi’. Though I didn’t exactly give him a warm welcome…

I’ll give him a chance. One.

If this is all part of one of his little games, I thought turning back to my food with a glare, I’m not letting him get the better of me.



I weaved in and out of the crowds with Jasper by my side. I was starting to get used to his company, even though I’ve only been speaking to him properly for a matter of hours.


“Albus wants you” Jasper said, holding my arm, stopping me from continuing.

“What?” I asked looking up at him confused.

“Albus…” he said, nodding towards something behind me.

I turned, and smiled when I saw Al weaving through the throng of students, but that smile hardened and shrank slightly when I saw who he was with.

“Rosie” he said with a broad happy grin on his face as he reached me, “look who’s back!”

Scorpius stepped up beside him and I glanced up at him involuntarily. I haven’t stood this close to him, face to face, in years.

“Yeah I know,” I said, turning my attention back to Al, “McGonagal introduced us again in her office”.

“Isn’t it great!” he said enthusiastically, “It’s just like first year! It’s going to be great. I’ve got my favourite little cousin” he said dragging me to his side and throwing an arm around my shoulders, “and my old best mate. This is going to be a good year” he finished confidently, throwing his other arm around Scorpius’s shoulders.

I glanced up subtly over Al’s shoulder and caught his eye.

I stared at him for a moment, before turning back to Al saying “I’m not your little cousin, you’re barely a couple of months older than me”.

“But older nonetheless” he said with a grin.

I rolled my eyes, smiling slightly and stepped out from underneath his arm and said joining Jasper once again “Right, well, Jasper and I need to hand out some patrol timetables, and I’m sure you two have a lot of catching up to do” I said, glancing at him once again, only to find him already looking at me. Again. I raised an eyebrow. “So I’ll see you later Al” I finished, putting more emphasis on ‘Al’.

Sure, I may be on a the whole ‘being civil’ kick, but I didn’t want to give the impression that I would want to see his ugly mug again if I didn’t have to. I haven’t done anything bad recently, why punish myself for nothing?

Al nodded, giving me a quick hug “Night Rosie.”

I smiled warmly, hugging him back tightly “Night Al”, and as I let go of him, this time I couldn’t help but look at him. I mean, he was standing practically right in front of my face!

Be civil Rose, I thought with a sigh.

“Malfoy” I said inclining my head in recognition. Alright, it was hardly a hug and a fond farewell, but it was something.

This boy ruined my first year in this school. Made my life hell. I lost count of the amount of sore throats I had that year because of all the shouting and arguing, I’m not just going to forget all those things and be all pally with him just because he‘s turned up out of the blue, with seemingly a whole new personality. Not a cat in hells chance.

“Weasley” he said, nodding back with a ghost of a smile. I expect that was for Al and Jaspers benefit, not mine. Though, I did notice that that smile made his goodbye seem considerably more friendly than mine.

I frowned as I watched him and Al walk away.

Great, now I seem like the bitch! I thought angrily, Why does he always reduce me to thinking so pettily? I swear he has a game plan!

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Just Like A Rose: Game Plan


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