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Crap. Whoa. I’d been lied too? She was telling the truth. That’s for sure. Their was sincerity was laced in her voice. Damn. I was too stunned to say anything. My mom had lied to me. Minnie had lied to me. I’ve been raised as a McGonagall - but I’m a Malfoy. Oh my gosh. But the nose? Minnie, Matilda and I have the same nose.

“I believe you. But the nose. We have the same nose.” I said confused. Narcissa stroked my arm gently. Comforting me.

“Magic deary. She transfigured your nose to mimic her families.” Narcissa waved her wand and I felt the parts of my face shrink slightly. I no that I’ll look the spitting image of Ella now. I didn’t even need the mirror that Narcissa handed me. But I took it and looked anyway. I was different. It was weird how a simple moving of my nose made me look so new. So different.

“You said false name. what’s my name?” I asked her. Wanting to no the name I was going to be called now. Now that I knew my parentage, I was prepared to live up too it. Starting with my proper birth name.

“I can’t tell you that. That is a conversation with your parents. Yes Draco and Asteria.” She answered smiling. She swiftly stood up and left the room. Leaving me to contemplate on what I’ve just been told. I should have grown up with my twin as a best friend and a baby brother to look after. I should have had siblings to argue with. I should have had two parents looking after me loving me with all of their heart. But I didn’t and it was all her fault. She lied to me. She did the one thing that I would never be able to forgive her for.

I hate liars. And she lied. I can’t forgive her. Ever. She’s ruined the closest relationship she’ll ever had. And she can’t make it any better. So much for my wonder mom who’ll never hurt me. But she hurt me. In the worst way anybody could. She lied about my family. I can’t honestly believe she kept all of that stuff from me. She let me believe that that scum was my dad. She never told me that my real family misses me. That my real family loves me. If she had told me all of this. I’d be with her now. I’d stay with her - stay a McGonagall. But she didn’t and now I’m a Malfoy.

The door opened and two people came in. Asteria and Draco. Mom and Dad. It sounded right. It fit. It worked. They were hand in hand. Mom had tears running down her face and dad was starring at me, taking in every bit of my appearance. They knew it was me. They knew I was their long-lost baby girl. And I was home. Back in the place I’m supposed to be.

“Baby?” Mom asked wiping her eyes looking at me. I felt my eyes begin to water. I nodded my head and moved towards her. She ran at me and embraced me in the strongest most loving hug I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Her head was pressed against my hair, she was taking in my sent kissing my hair. I sniffed. She smelled of something exotic. It was lovely. I felt another strong on my waist. Dad’s. I turned to face him. He was crying now, his eyes filled with pride. I reached and wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his shoulder as he hugged me closely. We fit. He was my dad. He was the one who was supposed to teach me right from wrong. He’s my dad. For real.

“It’s you isn’t it. My little Maizey-kins?” Daddy asked me smiling. We were sitting on the couch now. I was in-between mom and dad. Mom was clutching onto me for dear life, stroking my arm. It felt right. She’s my mom. For real.

“Maizey. That my name before I went to France? Right?” I looked at dad. He new that that was his answer. Maizey did seem familiar to me. I remember someone saying Maizey, but I’d always assumed that it was one of Matilda’s friends kids. Obviously not. It was me.

“Yes doll,” Mom answered, “My gorgeous girls, Maizey and Mayella.” she continued. And then of course she remembered Ella. She called her into the front room. I was slightly scared. How would she treat me now? Did she still think that we’d get on brilliantly. I heard footsteps coming towards the door. Quick ones. She was running! This was either amazing or really bad.

“OH MY GOD MAIZE!!” Ella shouted jumping on my knocking me back so I was lying on the sofa with her on top of me. She hugged me tightly and I hugged back. I had a family. For once in my life, I belonged in a proper family.

After a while dad pulled Ella off of me, claiming she was crushing me. We all laughed. Dad decided we should go into the other room- it was more suitable apparently. Ella interlocked our fingers and we started swinging our arms as we walked down the corridor to the other room. Mom and dad both behind us, smiling at the new family.

We sat and talked for hours. Narcissa joined us after a couple of hours. We were talking about me. What interested me. What I liked to do. How did other people treat me. What I’d been like as a baby. If I remembered anything. To no surprise what-so-ever Ella and I were so alike! Sitting their with my family was amazing, we all loved each other so much, you could feel the love radiating off of us. It was - no pun intended- magical.

“I best go tell Scorp we found his big sister,” Daddy said at about 9 o’clock. Yeah of course Scorp needed to know about me. It was just lucky that I didn’t really no anyone to tell the story to. Ah. that’s when it hit me. I had a train date with James. I’d have to tell him. He still knew me as Laurie McGonagall. I’ll tell Ella once the parental’s are gone. She’d no what to do.

Mom sent us upstairs to get to know my room. It was on the kids floor. So Ells, Scorp and I have a floor to ourselves. My room was a light pink and had lots of fluffy animals on the floor and walls. Of course it hasn’t changed since I was a kid. I smiled. I did faintly remember this room. It was familiar. I wanted to feel the fluffy carpet on my feet so I took a step forward. However before my feet could even reach the floor Ell put her hand out to stop me.

“As soon as you step inside, it’ll recognise you as it’s owner. Therefore it’ll change into you.” She said smiling at my amused look. So that’s why her room fit her personality perfectly. I was glad she warned me though. It would have just been heartbreaking for all of this perfect stuff to disappear in front of my eyes with no warning.

I stepped in, closing my eyes, holding my breath. I was scared. What if it didn’t change? What If I’m not this Maizey I love already? What If I’m not a Malfoy at all? Damn. I heard Ella exhale and sigh ‘oh my god’ I heard her whisper. I didn’t know whether this was a good thing or not. So because I’m a Gryffindor and I’m supposed to be brave, I opened my eyes and peered into my bedroom.

Oh my god. It was beautiful. It was me. It was taunting. It was sexy. It was courageous. It had black and dark purple walls, but it didn’t drain any light from the room. If anything it added more. It had a large disco ball in the middle of the room, as the light! So when the light switched on the room would glow. There was a massive stereo in the corner, I knew as soon as I turned it on then it would be very loud and the room would be like a club. There was also three metal poles in front of the big glass doors that led onto a balcony. For my pole dancing. Not many people know that I do that. But Beauxbeatons girls can be down right rebellious! My bed was by the door, it was a double with deep purple hangings and it looked very comfortable. I knew I’d fall asleep immediately after my head had touched the pillow. It looked amazing. And of course to top it all off, a Gryffindor banner across the ceiling.

“No offence Maize, but I’m stealing your room.” Ell said from beside me, sitting on my bed to admire the view even more. I smiled.

“Just have different colours yeah,” I replied not minding her have the same room as mine. It was a hot room. I saw her nod. I flipped off my shoes and got on a pole. I pulled my self up it and sun around landing at the bottom on my feet again. It felt so good. I hadn’t danced like that since the end of term party with me and the boys. The girls at Beauxbeatons don’t like parties. Stupid idiots.

“You pole dance?” Ella asked me, starring at the pole with wide eyes. She wanted to try it. I laughed. She was like me. She’d LOVE teasing lads with our routines.

“I’ll teach you sometime okay, Ell can I ask you something?” I said walking over and plonking myself onto the bed next to her. I felt her lay down next to me.

“Corse sis, anything for my twinny.” I smiled slightly, I loved the way that sounded. I hesitated for a moment. I had no idea how this was going to sound. But I really need help on it. I remembered his face. His smile. His scowl. His eyes. His cheeks. His voice. Our train date!

“What’s up Maize?” She said again, now propping herself up onto her elbows so she could see my facial expression. I did the same.

“I meet someone. And I can’t stop thinking about him. And I don’t know whether that’s good or bad. But its annoying me so much.” I told her slowly, not giving anything away. She would no him. She was in the same year and house as him. And judging by the personalities, they would be friends.

“Who is it babe? Someone in France?” she said, the fire in her eyes disappearing. They were worried now. She was scared that I’d leave her and go back to France with my hot boys. “Is it one of them?” She asked pointing to a picture on the wall, right next to my bed. I had to look back. I didn’t even notice that that was there.

It was a picture of me and the three boys that I fell in love with at Beauxbeatons. I mean like friendship love by the way. Bobby P, Kieran and Jase. They were mine. And everyone knew that. We broke every rule there is at that school. We through parties for the boys - girls didn’t lie to party (sad bitches)- I entertained teachers. This picture was the four of us before the big end of term party we always through. The boys in simple jeans and white shirts. They still looked hot. And me, in the little black dress and heels. Hair normal and straight. I didn’t look to bad, but not as good as the boys. I felt a tear come to my eye. I missed them. They are the only things I’ll miss. I swear to god - they were my life. They were the only people I could be me around - the only people I could be a Malfoy around. That night was a good one, all I remember is drinking a lot!

“No, their by best friends.” I said simply not tearing my eyes away from those boys. The ones which my whole life revolved around. Shit what am I going to do without them.
“It’s someone else but I don’t wanna tell you because you probably know him,” I told her, I think she recognised the croakiness of my voice. I did feel like I was going to burst out crying.

“I think I get it, he knows you as Laurie and you really like him. And you don’t want him to think your lying to him. He’s the only one who’s on your mind, even when you’ve had really dramatic days. When your upset you want to be in his arms. With him comforting you. You want him to care as much as you do,” She paused, that dazed look in her eyes disappeared. I nodded silently, I knew she was talking about her now. Not me. I lay back again, I felt Ell do the same. “Tell him. Explain everything,” That was it. It was simple. Easy. True. My sister is an angel.

“I love you Ell. And don’t worry, we’ll get you your guy first” I smiled slightly moving closer to her. I think I fell asleep because I don’t remember anything from then.

I drifted off into a dreamless sleep. Which was surprising, especially after the day I’d just had. I was asleep on my bed with my gorgeous sister lying next to me. Her head on my shoulder. My arms wrapped around her. Like we’d known each other for years not days. But in some way, I always knew that she was there with me. Keeping me a true Malfoy at heart.

“Girls,” I heard mom’s voice next to me, slowly I opened my eyes to see her beautiful face at the side of me. Yes. It hadn’t been just a dream. “Morning, I’m going to get Scorp, wanna come. I know he wants to meet his sister properly,” Mom said, I looked over to Ella, she was slowly waking herself up too. I wanted to go. I want to hug my little brother.

“Yeah, I wanna come” I answered, mom swept down and kissed my cheek sweetly.

“Let us get ready mom, half an hour?” Ella said from beside me rubbing her eyes and stretching. I stifled a laugh, she looked hilarious.

“Sure, half an hour girls. Oh an I love your room Maize,” Mom said winking at me. I laughed and kicked Ella outa my room. I need to get ready. Clothes from Ella’s room had magically duplicated themselves into my wardrobe. So we both had the same stuff now. I got a pair of jeggings and a purple hoodie. I really can’t be bothered today. I found a bobble in my separate bathroom and threw my hair up into a bun, only leaving my sidey’s down. I took pride in them. I washed my face and brushed my teeth and did some silent magic to put my make-up on for me. I was ready. I looked in the mirror, I don’t look like as much as a tramp any more.

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, mom was sitting their with the news paper. She was laughing at something on the paper, she looked at me and grinned. I sat opposite her and smiled. She pushed the paper over to me. At the bottom of the page was a small article:

Last night the famous Potter household was thought to be under attack. Several girly screams and were coming from Albus Potters bedroom. Just a not to readers, Ginny and Lily were out with friends. So what was Mr. Potter doing up in his room, causing him to shriek so loud? Is the famous Harry Potters youngest son not so straight and narrow after all?

Ha. Ha. I laughed. Albus didn’t seem gay when I met him. What was he doing!?

“Albus is Scorp’s best mate. He was their last night with him,” Mom explained. I laughed some more. Understanding. It was probably my fault they were accusing Al of being gay! Ha.

After ten more minutes we were ready to go. Ella had had a good ole laugh at the article, apparently he’s a player in school. So he’s everything but gay. Oh I wonder what this’ll do to his reputation. Bless. We all flooed to the Potter Manor. Mom had warned them I was coming to it wasn’t a shock for them to see me!

“Girls!” Ginny Potter shouted from behind the cooker coming up to give mom a big hug, and then one to me and Ella, “Nice to see you May, Maizey. “ She smiled and winked at me. “James is in his room go on.” She bobbed her head to the door leading to the stairs.

“Thanks Gin!” Ella screamed grabbing my hand and pulled me with her up the stairs to the top floor and into the room. James was sitting on the bed with just a pair of jeans on. It looked like he was inspecting which top to wear. Ha! And the media said Al was the gay one.

“Hey gay boy,” Ell said raising her eyebrows at her friend who turned around and starred at us. He lingered on me, he was looking me u and down inspecting me. His mouth was a wide ‘O’ so I’m guessing he was liking what he was seeing. “Stop checking out my sister and give me a hug!” she said swatting his head. That got him outa his daze. He stood up and hugged Ella before saying anything. He had such a good body. Better than Kei’s and his was the best in France!

“Hey Ell’s whatchoo doing here, and who’s this?” he said in his extremely sexy voice, he smirked and me and winked. Oh so he wasn’t going to tell anyone he knows me as Laurie, not Maizey. His hand stayed on Ell’s waist and I felt kinda jealous. I looked at my nails and starting examining them, god I need a manicure.

“This Mr Potter, is my gorgeous, sexy, POLE-DANCING twin sister. Maizey Malfoy,” she smirked at me, knowing the pole dancing part would catch his attention more than my name.

“You pole dance?” He asked looking shocked. What do I look like some kind of virgin saint. Unlikely mate.

“Yeah pretty fun if you get my drift, good exercise. Got some poles in my room actually, I’ll give you a show if you like,” I raised my eyebrows playfully at him, Ella chuckled. My true Malfoy was coming out. I was new to it, but I loved it. I’ve always wanted to be this outspoken.

“Yeah, sure-” He was cut off as his bedroom door was nearly thrown of his hinges. Next thing I know I’ve got a massive strong body wrapped around me. I recognise the sent, it was my baby brother. We just stood there hugging each other, and after about two minutes, Ella butted in and joined us. So we were standing in Sexy James Potters room, having a good old family reunion.

I love my NEW family. 

Author Note : hey, i don't know if i like this chapter. 
btw, from the next chapter its going to be switching point of veiws so its an more interesting story. they'll be switching between the main characters though, so it won't go that of-track. please r+r 
love zoey:)

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