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A/N: I do not own the characters or settings of Harry Potter. I do however own my own original characters, not the Harry Potter characters. 

Heidi sat on her bed writing in her diary:

James is really getting on my nerves, I just want to be happy with Albus, why should that be such a problem? If I didn't know it would hurt Albus so much I would curse James and get it over with! I really really like Albus... James is his brother... This is so complicated. There must be a way to get him off my back. And Bridge too. Wait.... I know just what to do.

Heidi stopped writing and got up, she had a plan.


Albus sat alone in the library, worrying about everything. After James had scared Heidi away, he had had to sit through a lecture. Where was the fairness in this? Albus had to be perfect and everything about Heidi was wrong to James. Albus just wanted to be with the girl he really really liked. He thought back to the lecture from the previous night.

"She's not for you Al. Why don't you go for someone else? That Arista is really pretty and everyone says she fancies you," James urged.

"Arista is the biggest bitch. She only likes me because I'm taken. Plus I was with her for a while and it screwed me up. Remember that? Dad took me away for a weekend to cool off."

"There has to be someone else, anyone else. Heidi and her friend Bridget are off limits, siblings of scum rotting where they belong."

"Can't I just live my life without you interfering!? I like Heidi, end of story, nothing you can do about it. And you are the worst person for scaring her off before. Why were you even out after curfew?"

"That's none of your business! Though it would be easier if I could have the invisibility cloak. I can't believe Dad gave it to you. He's supposed to give it to his first-born, not his second-rate second-born."

"So is that it? I can't be happy because you can't have an aide to your mischievous ways?"

"That has nothing to do with it. Heidi Clemmet is scum."

"Fuck you James."

Albus suddenly became aware of his surroundings when someone poked him in the arm. Groggily he looked up to find Heidi, he smiled, he had missed her.

"I haven't seen you all day," he said, stretching.

"I've been thinking..." she began nervously.

"What is it love?"

"There's a way we can get both Bridget and James off our backs."

"There is? But how?"

"Well, it's breaking a few rules, but it'll be worth it if it works."

"Go on."

So Heidi told him of her plan. He listened and was shocked by the end of it.

"That's pretty much illegal!" he said looking at her in shock.

"But if it works... it's not like we'll be causing them harm. Plus you don't have to decide now, it'll take at least past Christmas to have everything ready for it."

"I don't know... Heidi, why can't we just leave it be?"

"Because it won't let us be. That's why. Plus if it works, it'll be brilliant!"

"Well, you sort it out first. I'll help if you absolutely need me, but not until then."

"You're the greatest Albus!" Heidi got up, kissed him passionately then ran out of the library with the librarian yelling at her for indecent public displays of affection.

Albus quickly grabbed his things and left too, not wanting to be yelled at himself. He had a lot to think about. Heidi had just told him a plot that could save them from his brother's ridicule. But it was crazy! He still wanted to do it, to see if it could work, because if it did, they could be together without any hassle. Putting his work in his bag, he swung the bag over his shoulder and walked off to see if tea was ready.

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