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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter and the plot is based on novel on Blonde with a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson.



            Hermione didn’t sleep a wink that night, she tossing and turning. A little uneasy with the fact that she let Draco roam free in her apartment. Maybe she should have locked him in the bathroom or laundry room, at least then she would know where he was at all times. And she could have sworn she heard the toilet flush half way through the night. She kept having nightmares that Draco changed back into a man and be more then pissed at her for what she’d done. She could imagine him being in a murderous rage when he changed back and that made her nervous. Because knowing him it could be very possible, hopefully Ginny will come by like she said she would. And then she’ll have to figure out what to do with Draco when she went to work this morning. Does she leave him here or take him with her? Maybe she could convince Ginny to watch him, and she’ll work a half day and close early.

            Oh god, what about Draco, he works at the Ministry, she’ll have to ask him what he thinks would be best. But how can he answer her. She glanced around her bedroom; ugh it’s only 4:30am. She kept looking around her bedroom, only the street lights from outside her window providing the only light to see with. Her eyes landed on her laptop. Yes! That’s it, she thought. Maybe she could teach Draco how to type. He couldn’t write with no way to hold a pen, but he could type she was sure of it. She would just have to teach him how, which shouldn’t be that hard. He was smart, and he could probably pick it up easy enough. Yes that was it, he could tell her what he wanted and maybe if she helped make him as comfortable as possible, he’ll be nicer when he changes back…maybe?

            Just then she heard a scratching at the door, great she thought Draco must be awake also. She pulled back the covers and slipped on her slippers and opened the door.

            Damn-it, Damn-it, Damn-it Draco thought. He slept for a grand total of 3 hours and when he woke up, he was still a cat. So much for this being a weird dream, he thought. He was now convinced that this was real, absolutely real, which meant he had to change back, there was no way he was going to live the rest of his life as a cat. Man he was pissed. He looked around at all the magic books that were still scattered around the living room from the night before. Well he was awake now and he wanted to fix this. He remembered the Weaslette talking about maybe being a potion that could change him back. He never heard of any such potion that could do that, but he was a star pupil of Professor Snape’s, so he could figure it out. He noticed a book on Advanced Potions and went over to it. Since he didn’t have hands he had to open the book using a combination of his paws and his nose to lift the cover and then push it over and open. Which was a frustrating process but he managed. He ended up reading cover to cover until he found something that might work, but it would involve using magic which neither her nor Hermione had at the moment. So he would have to get Granger to get the Weaslette back here and make the potion. Hopefully Hermione had all the ingredients here in her apartment. Because he wanted it to be made now so he could change back. Of course there was no guarantee that this potion would work and it took 2 hours to brew and then it would take at least 8 hours for the transformation to actually work. Which meant it had to start now, he didn’t care it was only 4:30am, he was going to get Granger up if it meant waking up the entire building, so be it.

            Hermione opened the door to her bedroom and saw Draco waiting. He then let out a meow and glanced over at a pile of books, and then turned back to her.


“Yes, I know, I’ll keep looking until I find something that will change you back, I promise,” she told him.   


            Then Draco ran over to the pile of books and looked at her and meowed again pointing with his paw to a book that was opened.


“What is that? Did you find something?” she said walking over to where he was. He responded in another meow. She bent down to take a closer look; it was her Advanced Potions book from school. She read over the potion, “hum, this might work, I think I have everything in here. But we’ll need Ginny to perform the spell,” she said as she reached over and scratched him behind the ears and he started purring. She tried to hold back a chuckle.


“I’ll call her later this morning,” she said and his purring turned into a growl.


“Malfoy, it’s 4:30 in the morning, the sun isn’t even up yet. And if I call her now, then Harry will find out something is up, and I know you don’t want him to find out about this. I’ll call her at 7:00am.”


Draco growled again.


“Okay, 6:00am and we can start the potion and let it brew until she get’s here, but first I want to teach you something so we can communicate better,” she got up and headed back to her bedroom to retrieve her laptop.


            She came back and set her laptop on her kitchen table. She looked over at Draco who was till on the ground by her potions book. “Well come here, I’m not going to hurt you.” And he started walking over to her cautiously. He hopped you onto the table next to the laptop, looking at her then the laptop and then back at her.


“This is called a computer, muggles us it to write letters, do research and a lot more that is probably to confusing to explain right now. What I wanted to show you is a program that can allow you to write out what you want to say.” She showed him how to open it up from the main screen on her computer.


“Do you understand so far?” she asked and he gave a nod with his head.


“Good, so now you use the letter keys to type out what you want to say,” she showed him how to put spaces between words and how to move up and down between lines.


She typed out on the screen to show him an example, HOW ARE YOU.


He replied slowly since he didn’t know the key placements very well, IM A CAT.


“Okay good, that’s good, I mean not good that you’re a cat but good that you understand how to type,” she quickly added.


“Is there anything else you need to tell me?”




“Okay I’ll get on that.”




“I will don’t worry.”




“Draco it’s still too early, I promise I’ll do it as soon as the sun comes up. Is there anything else you need at the moment?”


After a while he responded, LEVE LID UP IN LOO.


“Ha Ha okay, why am I not surprised you didn’t want to use the litter box,” she said as she scratched behind his ears again without thinking.


“Okay well I’ll leave this on and if you need to let me know something, just type it out, okay?” he just started at her. Okay I’m just going to take that as a yes she thought.


“Well I’m going to let Crookshanks out, so be warned, then I’ll fix you guys breakfast.” She said as she walked over to the broom closet.


            He would never, ever admit to Granger or anyone that he was simply fascinated with this muggle machine called a computer. And it was a good idea to communicate with Granger. He’s heard a little about all the other stuff muggles can do with computers. He might decide to invest in one once he gets changed back.

            His hackles went up once he discovered Crookshanks in the room. He slowly turned around and the saw that he was glaring up at Draco, fortunately it didn’t look like he was going to attack, at least not at the moment which was good. He could hear Hermione moving around in the kitchen which meant she was preparing breakfast; he could already smell the chicken and apparently so could Crookshanks because he sprinted towards the kitchen. Draco waited a few seconds after Crookshanks took off so he wouldn’t get attacked again.

            He walked into the kitchen and quickly hopped up onto the counter while Crookshanks wasn’t looking. Hermione set the plate of chicken in front of him.


“I just got off the phone with Ginny, she has to get ready and then drop Lily off at the Weasley’s, and then she’ll be right over. I got all the ingredients ready and started brewing the potion. I’m going to take a quick shower, in the meantime try to stay up high so Crookshanks won’t attack you. He really is a sweet cat, he just doesn’t like strangers to much.” She said walking out of the kitchen leaving Crookshanks and Draco to finish their breakfast.  


            Crookshanks ate up his disgusting diet cat food quickly then stared up at Draco in longing. Draco tried to ignore Crookshanks pitiful stares. Oh no you don’t act all sad and pathetic when I know what kind of Demon cat you really are, he thought. He finished up his chicken and sat on the counter thinking about what he could do as he waited for Hermione to get back. He looked back down at Crookshanks sitting on the kitchen floor watching him. From this vantage point, Draco could evaluate Crookshanks bulk. Even though he was covered with long fluffy orange fur, you could still tell he was big, fat actually. He might be lazy by nature, but he didn’t really have much here to motivate him to exercise, what with being holed up in this tiny apartment. Unlike his house out in the country, now if Hermione and Crookshanks lived out there with him, Crookshanks would have all the room in the world to run around and play. Wait, why was he thinking about them living out there with him? This little game of playing house was only temporary, like him being a cat was only temporary.

            Draco kept thinking about what he could do to pass the time. He could, however work off some of his stress and possibly some of Crookshanks flab at the same time. He leaped from the counter and landed right in front of Crookshanks who jumped back in shock. Draco let loose a taunting hiss, and then ran like hell. Because Crookshanks was no match for Draco’s speed and agility. Draco paced himself so the monster cat wouldn’t give up. Staying just out of reach, he raced through the apartment when Crookshanks go a little close; Draco would leaped for the first available high place. If he knocked over a few things, so be it. Then he was off again, tearing from room to room like a mad man. It was the best fun he had in ages.

            Hermione walked into the living room wearing only a bathrobe and her hair was hanging in wet ringlets down her shoulders, she smelled almost spicy, no exotic. Not flowery or fruity like most women wore. And Draco really liked that, he could smell her all day if he could.


“Holy Shit, Draco! Crookshanks! Stop right now!” she yelled.


            Draco leaped onto his favorite spot on top of the bookcase. Damn she looked pissed, he wish he could tell her that it was all Crookshanks fault, but he couldn’t talk and besides he was furious at her still, so he didn’t care if she was upset. With a certain degree of satisfaction he surveyed the damage he’d inflicted on her apartment. Besides the books that were already scattered across the room he saw that they managed to knock over all of her plants she had around the room scattering dirt all over the floor and he noticed that he and Crookshanks must have tracked through it several times because black paw prints decorated every piece of upholstered furniture in the living room and carpet. He knocked several knick knacks she had on the bookcase, most of them laid in broken pieces on the ground. And Draco’s one attempt to climb the drapes had tempted Crookshanks to follow and the weight of both cats had pulled the rod out from the wall and onto the floor. And a couple of framed photographs had fallen off the side table with the glass cracked.

            If Draco could smile he would impressed with the destruction he caused. His game of chase, wore Crookshanks out. He flopped down on the carpet, panting. He might not be grateful for the game, but it was good for him. He also hopefully drained him out enough that he wouldn’t want to fight later on.

            Hermione wandered around trying to straighten and pick up but gave up and plopped down on the sofa and buried her head in her hands.


“I’m not used to cleaning without magic,” she said realizing that she might have depended on her magic more then she thought. Just then she heard a pop, which meant Ginny was here, thank god she thought.


“Hey…whoa! What happened here?” Ginny said walking into the living room.


“Draco and Crookshanks playing chase,” Hermione said defeated.


“You want me to clean it up for you?”


“Oh yes please,” she said. “And then I need you to sent an owl to the Ministry saying Draco is sick and can’t make it to work and make it so it looks like he wrote it.”


“Okay what else?”


“Um I need to finish getting ready then we’ll work on the potion. It should almost be done brewing.”


Ginny pulled out her wand and just like that her apartment was spotless. Hermione let out a sigh of relief.


 “Thank you Ginny,” she said as she walked towards her bedroom.


When she came back out Ginny asked, “Uh who typed this message?’


“Draco,” she said as Ginny looked over the message that Draco painstakingly typed out. Then she turned her gaze to Draco.


“Well done, I wouldn’t have used the litter box either.”

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