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Here it is, the chapter so many of you have been waiting for…Mistake doesn’t cover it. Hopefully this answers your questions. Oh and don’t forget to review. XD




Beautiful Chapter Image by FIND! @ tda. 
James Potter, Evie Lewis and Charisma Price.



James and I went our separate ways after practice, he ran off to Arithmacy, while Elle was carried by Kyle - such love. I was supported by Dixie, one arm over the shoulder.

My legs were killing me, they could amputate them and it would make the pain a whole lot better. Tiredness took over; crawling up in to a ball seems like a pretty good idea right now. I could buy a blue dressing gown, loose my front teeth and hit little children with a news paper, all the while complaining about the ‘Youth of Today’. Yeah, that seemed like a pretty decent career move.

“I can’t walk anymore, just leave me here!” I cried, falling on to the floor dramatically, pulling Dixie down with me and also part of the curtain.

“Merlin’s socks!” She cried, sitting back up and smacking me over the head with her bag.

“Well, that’s another way to deal with it.” Kyle muttered, walking off towards the main door, Elle still in his arms.

“Fine, leave us here!” Dixie shouted after them.

Rolling over on to my front I pathetically threw the lifeless Quaffle after him. “On the COLD HARD FLOOR!” A smile of happiness spreading across my face.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Well Dix, the floor is actually pretty comfy.” I mumbled, closing my eyes, falling asleep. I laid my head on to the tassels of the curtain.

“Oh lord.” She muttered.

A recognizably deep voice came from behind. “Is she ok?”

I turned quicker than ever thought possible, whipping my hair in to my line of sight. I twisted my clothes as I rolled, my padding actually hurting more than protecting. The sides of the shin guards dug in to my calves and the stomach vest only pulled in my tummy, working like a corset. Breathing suddenly became a chore rather than an instinct.

“Nate?” I asked breathlessly, lifting my head, shocked that he was even talking to me. I guess he got my letter.

“Hi.” He replied lamely, his hands were shoved in to his pockets roughly. He smiled gently.

I replied, still on the floor. “Hi.”

Dixie decided to interrupt the silence; it was beginning to get a little awkward. “Sorry Nate, Chic’s a little crabby this morning; James had them up at 5am, doing drills.” Dixie explained one hand on her hip.

“I am not crabby!” I defended. “I am very ill.”

“Oh, very, very ill.” Dix added sarcastically.

“On the verge of dying.” I finished, taking Nate’s offered hand as he pulled me up. I pinched his arm playfully.

“Oh, sorry Charisma, I didn’t mean to minimise your condition.” Dixie grouched sarcastically. “Shall Nate and I make the funeral arrangement’s now?”

“I want white Lily’s in the honour of Lily and I want lots of loud music played at all times.”

Dixie took a deep breath and tossed her honey blonde hair over her shoulder. Still she wore Freddy’s old Quidditch jumper, it was as if it were her necessity. “Can we go to class now?”

“In a minute.” I said, turning to Nate.

“No, don’t stop cause of me, I’ve got to go to Muggle Studies anyways.” He said, finally letting go of my arm and running his hand through his hair. “I just wanted to say…hi.” He added quietly, but I was sure that hi was not the thing that he had come to say.

“Ok, well. I’ll see you later.” I said, smiling a little embarrassed and waving lamely.

He lifted his hand as if to say goodbye before turning and leaving.

“Ok now if I weren’t so set on you and my homeboy James making babies, he is defiantly the one.” Dixie announced, maybe a little too loudly.

“Your homeboy?”

“Don’t ask.” She added grabbing my hand and dragging me down the corridor. “God that Nate is hot.”

“Does it matter if he’s hot?”

“Sweetie.” She started, turning to me. “Of course it does, I don’t’ want ugly nieces’ and nephews’.”

She spoke again after a second or two. “So when did you two make up?”

“Apparently now.” I answered truthfully, shrugging it off and linking our arms.

“I can’t believe that you set my alarm for 6am! AGAIN!” Albus called to his mischievous blonde haired room mate Josh Harding.

“I know.” Josh admitted grinning and sitting down next to me on the sofa in the common room. “I did it for purely practical reasons.”

Lily straightened up, smiling cheekily. “Which are?”

“My alarm is just not as reliable as his scream.” The entire common room burst in to laughter. A small brunette third year snorted before burying her head back in to her book.

“Lily, take note of that one, I have to use it on James one day.” I asked laughing. “You are amazing you know that Josh?” I said through giggles, although Albus’s glare only made me laugh harder.

“Oh very funny, you do make me chuckle, Harding.” Albus said sourly.

“Good to know Potter.” Josh answered, he emphasized the last syllable perfectly, getting a rise out of Albus was easy. Getting him to make a scene is the opposite. Josh seemed to be doing a pretty good job. He was practised in the art of Albus-teasing.

“Ok ladies, break it up.” I announced, standing up from the sofa. “Josh, as my idol, will you do me the honour of escorting me down to dinner?”

“Of course my lady.” He answered, linking his arm through mine.

“This is not fair!” Albus exclaimed as we reached the portrait hole. “Charisma, you are MINE!” Lily rolled her eyes and Kyle and Elle, laughed. They got up from the opposite sofa and joined us at the painting of the Fat Lady.

“Josh, I thought YOU WERE MY FRIEND!” Albus shouted dramatically.

Elle stopped by me, leaning her head briefly on my shoulder. “Well, he’s defiantly James’s little brother.”

“YOU WILL NEVER EAT MY COCO POPS AGAIN CHARISMA!” Albus shouted, probably embarrassing himself more than anyone else in the situation. Lily would sort him out.

I laughed and Josh helped me through the portrait hole, which is a good thing due to the fact that I probably would have fallen flat on my face because of the hurry to get out of there. I never want to be around for one of Albus’s strops, he’s worse than Lily and James put together.

“Has he always been that cranky?” Josh asked me, still half laughing as we entered the Great Hall.

We sat down in between Drew, Fred and Dixie, who had already, began tucking in to dinner. “Only when he’s not had a good night’s sleep, so I blame you for this.”

Drew winked at me and then made a kissy face. I winked back.

“Oooooh, the blame game, what has James done now.” Dixie asked excitedly.

“Not James, Albus.” I stated, helping myself to a bread roll that was infront of me. Fred and Drew stopped eating and looked intrigued. “Josh here is my new idol; he did the best prank that you can pull on baby-boy-Potter.”

“He affected his sleep somehow didn’t he?” Fred asked, knuckle crunching Josh.

“Alarm clock tampering, it took no magic what so ever.” Josh admitted, shrugging.

“I love this kid.” I stated loudly, throwing my arms around him. Josh laughed along with Drew and Fred. Fred stopped laughing as Dixie hugged Josh from the other side.

“Josh, my man, I believe that you are now the new popular of Hogwarts School!” Fred said smirking. He gestured towards a group of glaring fifth year boys, from what I could gather, they were in his year.

“What did you do to them Josh?” I asked in to his hair.

“Me, I did nothing to them; they’re my group of friends.”

“There jealous Charisma, they want a hug from you as well.” Drew stated. “And on that note, so would I.”

“Hey, back off man, she’s my girl.” Josh said, the sound was slightly muffled due to mine and Dixie’s smothering.

Drew playfully glared and spoke before returning to his dinner. “This battle is not over.”

Elle stormed down the isle between the tables and shoved a tiny first year from her war-path. “Merlin, I can’t believe it!” She shouted, sitting down and attracting most of the attention of the Gryffindor table, including some nearby Ravenclaw’s. She rudely stuck up two fingers; they instantly went back to their dinner.

“Ok. Hi to you too.” Dixie said smiling and releasing Josh. Elle growled at the poor boy – actually growled – before stabbing Fred with a fork when he laughed.

Elle was panicked. “Chic, you need to get out of here.”

“Why exactly do I need to get out of here?”

“Because the devil is coming!” Kyle stage whispered, taking a seat next to me and pushing Drew out of the way. Elle looked seriously worried, where as Kyle just looked amused.

I raised my eyes brows and smiled at Elle. “Honey, we’re in the great Hall, she’s not exactly going to do anything.”

Dixie glared. “Charisma.” She argued. “You and Evie got in to a screeching match at the Potter’s home and you physically attempted to throw her out. Ginny had to stop you … and this is Ginny we’re talking about here; she hates that girl.” Fred snorted, as if to signify an understatement. “When Hog-Hoggy-Hogwarts rolled back around, she got down on to her knees and begged for his forgiveness. Alike you begged for hers.”

“I didn’t beg! I simply asked to start over!”

“Who?” Josh asked curiously.

“Only the SHE-BITCH of Hogwarts.” Dixie said, once again WAY to loudly!

“Ignore her, no one is a bitch and don’t use that language Josh. Dixie is a bad influence.” I said, even though he was a fifth year and was probably out of the question of training in to not swearing.

“Are you talking about Evie Lewis?”

“How did you know?” Elle asked, dropping her fork. “Are you like a mind reader?”

“No.” He stated simply. “I just listen. People hate her … a lot.”

“And do you?” Dixie asked.

“Don’t answer that boy.” I said, pointing my index finger at him. He shrugged a little and nodded at Dix.

“Once again. MY FAVOURITE KID IN THE UNIVERSE!” Merlin, this was going to be along night.

Freddy leant over and took my hand. “He only took her back out of pity.” He whispered. “He said so himself. Drew pushed him from his bed when he told us.” I looked up at him slowly, although he was looking apologetically at me, his gaze quickly shifted to the doors. I followed his sight.

Evie walked in to the Great Hall, accompanied by none other than James Potter.

“What the hell is he doing?” Lily asked, sitting down angrily, across the table from me. Her arms folded angrily across her chest – argumentative mode switched on and her wit at the ready.

“Is he on crack?”

“What is he doing with her?”

“He’s mental!”

“James has finally lost it!” Fred added, finishing off the lovely little gathering of haters seminar.

“He has not lost it.” I defended. “They are dating after all.” Stupid James, how can I feel like this, still? It feels like he ripped my heart out of my chest and jumped on it repeatedly. Actually, that would probably hurt less.

He shot it?

He Avada Kedavra-ed it?

He spat on it?

He hurt my feelings?

Yes, that’s the one. I covered the hurt look on my face to a blank one, hopefully it wasn’t noticeable.

“But I thought that they had broken up.” Elle said comfortingly.

“We’ve just covered this.” Drew said, shovelling food in to his mouth.

“He never said that they were over in the first place, I just assumed.” I trailed off, shrugging and hugging Josh tighter. But you know the saying, when you assume, it makes an ass out of you and me! A big stupid arse is right.

“Should I go?” Josh asked to me quietly.

“Never, I will make you stay Mr. Harding.” I said quietly, resting my head on his. He was a cuddly boy, especially for a fifth year. His hair was soft and he was caring and fun to talk to.

He smirked as he and Drew began a staring contest. Andrew pouted his lips and stuck his tongue out immaturely.

“Yeah, well, if that boy had any common sense, then he would break up with her, she’s evil.”

“Dixie, don’t say that.” I ran my free hand through my hair as the other was tucked around Josh’s shoulders. “Maybe if we gave her a chance she would be alright?”

“Are you saying apologize?”

“No, no way am I apologizing again.” I said. “It was way to humiliating the first time.”

“Yeah,” Fred whispered. “Cause you shouldn’t have done it.”

I ignored him and rolled my eyes. “I was just suggesting that maybe, if we lay off the name calling and petty arguments, maybe we would get along a little better.”

“No way am I getting along with her.” Dixie sneered, glaring in Evie’s direction. “I will get along with her when sluts’ don’t shag.”

I covered Josh’s ears in an attempt to save the last of his dignity, although he seemed rather dedicated to hear ever word. Lewis ran her hand through James’s hair as they both took a seat amongst Evie’s friends at the other end of the table. He didn’t look over – not once.

“Oh, so he’s going to abandon us now! Well that’s just great!”

“Fred, don’t over react.” Elle said, jumping to James’s rescue. “I say we go and join him.”

“Yeah!” Lily said, getting up from her seat and already marching down the hall towards her brother. The crowd arose from the table and followed Lily’s lead.

“Are we going to join them?” Josh asked me.

“Do you still want your limbs in the morning?” He nodded. “Well then, I suggest that we leave while we can.”

We got up from the table and literally ran out of the hall. “James Potter is watching you.” Josh said to me as we reached the doors.

“Ignore him.” I whispered, a small smile enveloped my face. We walked out of the Great Hall and down the corridor a little.

“Charisma!” I turned around to see Lois, about to enter for dinner.

Her brown hair seemed curlier than usual, bigger. Obviously more care had gone in to her appearance today than normal. Her school skirt was pressed evenly, unlike her shirt, which was unusually crinkled. She wore thick framed black glasses, her contacts must have broken.

“Hey!” I said happily, letting go of Josh’s hand and hugging her tightly. “How are you, did you have a good Christmas?”

“The best, you?” She asked sweetly as her group of friends walked on in to the hall.

“It was defiantly up there.” I lied. She didn’t need to know details.

“So I heard that you and Nate made up.” Lois asked attentively, fiddling with the ends of her hair.

Nate appeared from behind her and shoved her lightly with her palm. “Yeah we did, I was an arse. I finally realised that.”

“Don’t you dare use that language infront of the children Nathanial!” I angrily placed my hands over Josh’s ears.

“I’m taller than you.” He said, pulling my hands from his face and placing them by my sides. He gave them a little pat.

Nate and Lois were grinning. “Yeah, well …shut up!” I said pettily, smiling a little.

“I’m Josh Harding.” He said, shaking hands with them. “Gryffindor.”

“They can see that from you robes stupid.” I said laughing. He shoved me a little

“I was being polite.” He retaliated, shoving his hands in to his pockets.

“It’s ok, Charisma’s seriously slow occasionally.” Nate said. “You are a hell of a lot more polite than Potter.” He added turning to Josh.

“I have to agree with you on that one.” I admitted truthfully, especially upon considering how polite James was to Nate the first time they had met.

“So this is Lois and Nate, guys this is my boyfriend Josh!” I said smiling. Lois smirked, acknowledging my sarcasm.

“You want a kiss to prove that statement?” Josh asked cheekily.

“Ok, correction, this is my totally perverted boyfriend.” I took one look at Nate’s confused face and carried on. “Final correction, I was being sarcastic, this is Josh, Albus’s roomie?”

“So you lied to me?” Josh asked, faking a shocked impression.

“Go home.” I said quickly. “So Nate, good Christmas?”

“It improved when it got to the end.” He said smiling.

“School excitement?” I asked. “Typical Ravenclaw’s.” I muttered to Josh, just loud enough for them to hear.

Lois laughed and Nate rolled his eyes. “Sure, that’s why.”

“I’ve got to get to dinner, but I’ll see you round Chic.” Lois said smiling, before hugging me and running off in to the hall to catch up with her friends.

“I better be off too.” Nate said, before copying Lois’s actions and strolling towards the Ravenclaw table.

“Wait!” Nate stopped and popped his head back around the corner. “If the ‘Claws are talking about a rude Gryffindor that swore at them – defend Ellie?”

He snorted unconvincingly and smiled. “Will do, love.”

I watched his disappear and take a seat in amongst a group of seventh years at that ‘Claws table. He picked up his Goblet and smacked his friend around the back of the head. I could only assume it was Elle’s doing, especially as I heard her name shouted around. But it wasn’t from the Ravenclaw’s table.

“You wanna head back to the common room?” Josh asked sweetly.

“Sure, why not?” I stole one last glance behind me at James before linking arms with Josh.

“Lily, are you trying to get yourself expelled?” I questioned angrily that night in the common room.

“No, why would I do that Charisma seriously?” She took my hands and pulled me down on to the sofas, crossed legged, I was sitting on my feet. “She just pushed my buttons a little too far this time.” She added, making the figure of an inch between her index finger and thumb.

“You should have bit your tongue and walked away Lily, not hex her!”

“Yeah well I couldn’t exactly help it, you should have heard what she said about how you acted over Christmas, Drew was livid.” She genially looked upset.

“What about James? What did he say?”

Lily collapsed back in to the nearest couch, placing her feet up on to the coffee table. “In all fairness Wolfy, I don’t think that he heard, he wasn’t listening to Evie for once, he was too busy staring off in to space.”

The fact that James wasn’t staring at Evie’s massive basoomas at dinner was a fact that I found oddly unconvincing. Nothing that I know of could cause him to not do … well …that.

“It’s James; he doesn’t stare in to space.”

The moment that Josh and I had left the hall, leaving the rest of the gang to join Lewis and her army of skanks (excluding James obviously, but he’s certainly on his way) all hell broke loose, just as expected.

Lewis was the only one who refused to accept it, her ‘friends’ were fine with it, probably just because they got to it with the Quidditch team. But the next thing I know, almost a quarter of Gryffindor is being pulled in to two weeks detention for duelling in the Great Hall. Professor Longbottom found it amusing.

Apparently there was a lot of screaming.
Apparently Evie’s hair was turned blue.
Apparently Evie was dissing me.
Apparently Drew had to go to the Hospital Wing.
Apparently Dixie and Elle accidently stripped Fred and Kyle of their clothes (somehow I don’t think that one was an accident)

Apparently James fought for Evie.

That was the one that killed me. To know that he fought for her, but I wasn’t there and I know how Lily exaggerates, so I don’t know the full story. But I will be expecting a full report from Drew later (who finds it completely impossible to lie to me).

Lily pulled me down next to her and hugged my arm. “Well, something made him.”

I pulled my arm back, brushing her off. “So he just sat there?”

“No Wolfy, we’ve been over this, he fought on her side.” Lily stated, slowly and clearly. “But he wasn’t throwing his best hexes. It was more like him and Fred were only participating as a joke.”

“But once again, why couldn’t you just talk it out?”

Lily folded her arms. “Do you really need an answer for that?”

I sighed and let go of her hands. “He really likes her doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, dunno why though.” She admitted openly. “What happened to”

“I…I…I’m getting there.” I stuttered. “Just, not as fast as I hoped.”

“My brother isn’t really helping either is he?”

“Not really, he’s actually making it incredibly hard.” I closed my eyes and let my head fall back lazily on to the sofa. “It’s never going to go away is it?”


“This feeling, it’s never going to leave.” I didn’t need to open my eyes to see Lily’s apologetic look. “I love him Lillers, that’s never going to change, we’re too close for that.”

“Don’t say that Wolfy.” She laid her head on my shoulder. This time, I didn’t pull away. “I don’t want to admit this, but I think that you could do better than my brother right now, especially now he’s dating Malibu Barbie.”

“For once Lily, I think that I actually agree with you.” We looked at each other and laughed without meaning for while.

“Charisma, I don’t want to scare you,” she said; suddenly the charismatic atmosphere was shockingly serious. “But it’s going to come down to a choice.”

“What choice?”

She shook her head. “It’s obvious.” She exclaimed, using her hands for emphasis. “James is going to have to choose between you, the true friend, and his fake, big boobed, bitch of a girlfriend.” I shook my head, but she resumed. “Why does she have the bloody façade? Why does she feel that she can’t be herself, around anyone?”

Shrugging, I spoke. “Cause she’s insecure – and clinically insane?”

“Kinda,” Lily nodded approvingly. “But mainly because she is threatened by you.”


Evie was talented, extremely talented. Her intelligence is far superior to mine, even with the gap of a year in our ages. She is beautiful and has opportunities to go far in life, opportunities that others would kill for. Yet, she knows all this. That is what makes her so stuck up, and in my mind, it is also what holds her back. Why she would be jealous of little old me? I am strange, I am not pretty, I have eyes that are a little too big for my head for crying out loud! Evie could do anything that she set her mind to.

Lily answered almost instantly. “Because you’re closer to James.” I blinked. “If it came down to it, she knows deep down inside, that James will choose you if it became a choice.” she sighed. “You know it too. You know it as well as I want to smack Professor McGonagall’s effing bird.”

She was referring to John, the self titled tweety bird that our Headmistress bought when she was first promoted, the thing just won’t seem to pass on. Lily hates it.

“I’m not so sure anymore.” Admitting it felt wrong. It broke me to say the words out loud. It was, as if for months, they had lingered in my head, and I, only, had the power to say them. Once said, I couldn’t take them back, and that is what scared me.

Because when I said them, the reality of the situation became true.

“Are you talking about James, or the bir-“


“Uhh, MERLIN BOY!” Lily cried while I covered my ears. “You didn’t have to shout that in my ear.”

“I’m sorry, I…I didn’t mean to.” It was Zac, Lily’s little stalker. He had backed off a while ago, after she had shouted at him, however lately, he seemed to be taking a liking again.

She stopped looking angry for a second and put on a sweet smile. “It’s ok, do you think that maybe you could run up to the boys dorms and tell my brother Albus that I need to speak to him.” Lily asked, sickeningly sweet.

“Of course, anything for you Lily.” Zac replied, instantly running off towards the boys’ dorms. Her smiled quickly faded as she turned to me, took one look at my face and jumped up.



James Potter 


“Will, you please just let it go?” I groaned.

“Me, let it go? LET IT GO?” Evie screamed, kicking my wardrobe door. “They completely embarrassed me, turned my hair blue and all!” She screeched, gesturing to her hair. That had now turned back to its original colour – I knew Lily too well, all it needed was a little shampoo.

Lily was never really good at those spells. She should have made it last bloody longer.

“Yes let it go.” I said, getting up from the bed and pulling her away from the poor wardrobe. “Evie, they were just trying to get a reaction out for you, and when you react like … well … this. Then they have won.”

I was going to kill my friends later, Lily most of all. They knew exactly what to say to get a rise out of my girlfriend, and they took the chance, they were childish. Thank god Charisma had walked out, not wanting to take any part in this. That would have just pushed Evie over the edge.

“But you didn’t even attempt to stop them.” She queried.

“Evie they’re my friends, I fought on your side, I think that’s enough.” I said innocently.

“Fought doesn’t really cover it.” She disagreed. Putting on a mocking fairy voice and pretending to flap her wings about she spoke, “All you and Fred did was playfully hex each other.”

The truth was I was thinking heavily through out dinner. Charisma had left the hall as soon as I entered, with Al’s bloody roommate. Due to his visit last summer, I can easily tell what he’s like. He is a miniature Harper – of who she next talked to – aka, twat. Evie mocking demeanour was something I wasn’t used to. Until this Christmas, she had always been so nice to Charisma. I have no idea what came over her.

I can’t see Charisma hurt again, I just can’t.

She sat down on my bed, by my pillow. “I bet Price put them up to this.” She sneered.

“Now hang on Evie.” I growled no trace of a joke or lie in my voice. “Charisma wasn’t even there, its one thing to blame my friends and family for your little strop here, but it’s another to blame my best friend for something she wasn’t even involved in. I thought we had talked about this.”

“Yes, we have, and I apologized for being such a jerk at Christmas, I was way out of line. You know that I even apologized to Price the second I stepped back on to Hogwarts grounds.” Liar. She stamped her foot. “And this is not a strop.”

She did have point there. We had talked out our issues after breakfast this morning, she had admitted to being a bitch. Which to be fair, she was. She even went off to apologize to Charisma; she really wants to make amends. They could be really good friends if they wanted to be.

I decided to ignore her last contradiction.

“I know, and I appreciate that, but you can’t just go around blaming my friends whenever you feel like it.”

“You make it sound like everything is my fault!”

“Well Evie, in a way it sort of is.” I knew from the moment these words left my mouth that they were the wrong ones. Yes I was telling the truth, so I had no reason to take them back. Registering from the look on her face, I probably should have stopped there…but no. “If you wouldn’t torment my family, then they would have no reason to hex you.”

Surly enough, her eyes took on a dark glare, her voice was piercing somewhat. “Then tell that to them.” She spat.

“I have, on many an occasion.” I retaliated truthfully. I have lost count on the amount of times that I have asked them to leave Evie alone.

“Well they obviously took notice.”

“Please don’t talk about them like that Evie, they actually say nice things about you when your not there.” Well Charisma does, but I don’t need words to know Lily and Albus’s opinions.

“Yeah sure.” She answered sarcastically. “And I’m a man.”


“JAMES! This isn’t the time for JOKING!” She shouted. “I can’t even say how angry I am!” Her words were rough.

“YOU! ANGRY?” I shouted. My voice suddenly repelled a natural charm and hissed at my girlfriend. “Evie if anyone should have the right to be angry it should be me NOT you.” I huffed, folding my arms. “Maybe even my friends more than us.”

“Oh yeah, cause they’re really the victim in all this.”

“What the hell did I just say Evie, don’t talk about my friends like that. You think that you are above everyone else all of the time, but take a hint Evie YOU’RE NOT PERFECT!”

“Me?” She choked out, an ironic grin on her face. “YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE BETTER THEN EVERYONE JAMES POTTER!” She sighed, retreating back in to herself, tears threatening to fell over. “Nothing that I do is good enough James; nothing can beat bloody Charisma, not in your eyes.”

All anger disappeared from my body. I sat down on the bed next to her, attempting to put my arms around her but she pulled away. “Hey, hey, hey.” I soothed. “Where the hell did that come from?”

She looked up in to my eyes and laid her head on my shoulder. “I don’t know.” I stroked her hair lightly. “You and her are just so close. I get jealous sometimes.”

“Jealous?” I smirked. “Evie, you are the girl for me. You should know that.”

She sat up and looked in to my eyes, she was so beautiful, her golden blonde hair was carefully messed to perfection, her dainty hands held mine. Her eyes were a deep chocolate brown, not crystal blue like Charisma’s.

Wait! Where the heck did that thought come from?


“Really?” She chimed. I shook my head, trying to think of what I was agreeing too. My head span in a panic. When did charisma enter this equation? Since when was Charisma anything but my best friend? Since when did her eye colour register in my mind?

“Really.” I answered, not thinking about it. She smiled a new smile, not one that she’s grinned before.

She didn’t say anything, she just hugged me tight. It was unusual coming from Evie.

We sat there in silence for a moment. I can’t believe I just admitted to that. Of course Evie was up there with my top priorities, but if it came down to choosing, Charisma would come first every time.

No question. Stupid spur of the moment.

“But you and Price are so close, always going off together, spending nights at Hagrid’s.”

I rolled my eyes. “Evie, don’t push it.”

“I’m not pushing it, I just want to know where you to are all the tim-“

“EVIE!” I shouted. “Merlin, something’s are private, ok? There are something’s that I can’t tell you.”

“But I thought that we agreed on no secrets James. I’ve told you everything.”

I threw my head back and laughed. Yeah she’s told me a hell of a lot more than I needed to know, literally everything.

“What the hell is so funny? I tell you what I feel for us. I do everything I do for us.”

I didn’t answer for a moment; I just sat there thinking of what to say. Everything that she did was obviously in our best interests. “Look, this isn’t my secret to tell alright, so let’s just drop it.”

“No I will not drop this!”

“YES, YOU WILL!” I said firmly and particularly loudly.

“Don’t you dare shout at me JAMES POTTER!”

“I AM NO-“ I sighed and then resumed, scowling. “I am not shouting.”

“Good.” She folded her arms in a huff. “Charisma wouldn’t have got shouted at.”

“MERLIN! You are so petty.” I ran my fingers through my hair. “Please, get over it or leave.” I said abruptly.

I knew that it was the right response. It was the opposite of what I was expecting to come from my mouth, yet it felt right. Her argumentative demeanour faded instantly, she fell to realize the cold truth. She is anything but innocent.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, Evie, if you can’t accept the fact that Charisma and I are friends then leave.”

“So you’re picking her over me? So when you said I was the only girl for you, you lied?” Her eyes built up with water, once again, she danced on the verge of tears. “Some boyfriend you are.”

“No Evie I did not lie.” I lied. Wow, I’m really quite good at this.

“Then prove it, don’t talk to Charisma anymore.”

Suddenly, it was my turn to become speechless. “What?”

“You heard me, James.” She threw my own words back in my face, doing a rather pitiful and immature impression of me, rolling her sleeves up as she spoke; putting on an incredibly good impression of Cousin Lucy.

“I am not going to ignore my best friend because of your wishes, you are so selfish.”

“Me, I’m selfish?” She laughed un-humorously. “What about YOU!”

“How am I selfish? All I ever do is put you first. You have no idea the amount of arguments that I have got in to with my friends because of you.”

Her jaw dropped to her knees. “So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying, if you can’t accept my friendships then…. then.” I took a deep breath. “Maybe we shouldn’t be together anymore.”

She froze, not a word left her mouth. She looked me directly in the eyes as a single tear fell from her eye. She would not guilt trip me out of this! She brushed it away heartlessly and let her hands fall limp by her sides. I in no way wanted to leave her, but, it’s come down to this and I stick by what I said. Charisma comes first. Best friend of 6 years – Girlfriend of 4 months. The balance weighs itself out.

I pushed past her and went for the door but she grabbed my wrist, pulling me back. “Please James, no, we can work this out.” She sobbed.

“Evie, I want to, believe me I really do.”

“Then do, James, do believe me.”

I listened to her take a deep breath of dry air. “I don’t know if I can.”

“It’s her, it’s always her.”

“Evie, it has nothing to do with her!” I reassured. “I don’t fancy her, I don’t think of her in that way. She is my best friend.”

“YEAH SOME BEST FRIEND!” She yelled. I never knew her yell was really that loud. “She always puts herself before you James. Do you know the stuff that her and Lily say about you and Albus?”

They talk about me? Well this is Charisma and Lily we’re talking about, what ever they said we probably deserved. Well if it came from a certain blonde. My sister’s words could most likely be left from the equation.

“Evie, I have to be with Charisma, I have to protect he-“ Oh shit.

“Protect her?” Evie questioned, putting the crying on hold. “Protect her from whom? The bogey man?”

“No one.” Merlin, crappy answer there James.

“James you have always been a shit liar, now tell me the truth.” My plans had failed. My hopes of being a professional liar had been dashed. I threw them aside and pulled her up from my bed.

“I can’t Evie,” I growled in frustration. “You know I can’t.” getting myself in to messes that I couldn’t control had always been a talent of mine. Charisma was always there to bail me out, this time I was on my own. “This is what I have been trying to tell you. It’s not my secret to tell.”

Evie stood up and walked over to me, taking my hands in to hers. Her tone mirrored mine. An attempt to be subtle and calm, but annoyance and irritation shined through. “You can tell me anything.”

She ran a hand through my hair, and another along the top of my arm. I pulled away from her willing grasp. “No I can’t.”

“Yes you can, Merlin this is a pathetic argument.” Her glare outweighed any other I had seen before.

“It’s not pathetic Evie, please understand this.” I sighed and said my words slowly. “I. Can’t. Tell. You.”

“Why the hell not?”

“We’ve covered this;” I breathed, my hands grasping on to my hair for support. “It’s not my secret to tell! Jesus! You’re really not getting this are you?”

Her expression didn’t clear. “James, once again, it’s time to choose me or Price.” I ran my hand through my hair. She said Charisma’s name like it was dirt. It was clear.

“Fine.” I said sternly. “GET OUT!” I yelled, pointing to the door. Her expression changed for what must have been the seventy fifth time in the last 10 minutes.

She rose from the bed and stood still. “So you’re picking her?”

“YES.” I stood up to meet her, overtaking her by at least a foot. “I pick Charisma.”


“Because she doesn’t make me choose!” I spat, accompanied with what must have been the most horrifying expression I have ever managed to muster. “You’ve been a complete bitch to her for months and she never once complained.” I added, messing up my hair, a confidence booster I inherited from my dad.













“JAMES POTTER!” She bellowed. The sheer amplitude of her voice caused me to stop in my tracks. She took that opportunity to grab my arm and push me back on to the bed. Now considering that I am a hell of a lot heavier than she, it must have been bloody hard.

Hang on, what the hell have I just said?

Her eyes widened and she took a step back. “Full moon?” She asked quietly. I was taken back. My temper flared and I punched the post of my bed with all of the force I could muster.

“Oh my-!” I growled, mainly at myself, how could I have been so stupid?

I could see the whites of her eyes and they still grew bigger, even in the dark that had begun to envelop the window due to the setting of the sun.

“Wolfy? Wolfy? Wolfy?” She muttered to herself, obviously having made the connection.

“Evie!” I begged, holding her hands tightly between mine. “I WAS KIDDING!”


“You can never say anything?”

“But, she…she’s….a thing!” She announced with disgust.

“No, no she’s not. Evie, she isn’t fully one of them, she just is part, of…one of them!” I exclaimed, attempting to sound believable, but knowing that I wasn’t.

She pulled her hands away from mine. “I...I...I have to go.” She stuttered, walking towards the door and opening it.

The figures of Drew, Fred and Kyle fell through the door; they had obviously had their ears pressed against it. Kyle stayed on the floor, staring at it intensely. Drew, poor Drew, the youngest of the lot of us, stood to the floor, eyes wide. Fred jumped, up. His expression was filled with intense anger. Suddenly, he was the superior one in this room.

“Well, now THAT’S ALL OUT IN THE OPEN!” Fred exclaimed angrily, standing up from the floor where he had fallen, impending on the door that Evie had just opened before punching me in the face. I didn’t flinch; I just let the blood run from my nose instead. What I deserved was worse.

What the hell have I done? 

How many of you guessed this was going to happen? Or gathered it from my incredibly revealing preview? How many of you simply went ‘Shit’ or ‘Oh my God’. How many of you went ‘About fricking time!’?

Thoughts? What are your thoughts on Evie? James? Freddy? Who wants to predict what might happen? I know what happens! HAHA! Happy dances. :P

Dixie seemed to be a love or hate character. I hope that she didn’t cause you guys too much stress. I joke, I joke.
As a little advertisement. One of the readers of this story, Saffy (user name saffy22100), has a story called Whole Again. It’s awesome; if you guys are enjoying Wolfsbane. I recommend that you check it out.

A preview of chapter 21, described as an insanely torturous device. I simply consider it, a preview.

“Why don’t you want us talking to James?” Lily asked, leaning over the table in an interested sort of fashion. We stared at each other in silence before her eyes opened wide in realization. “You think he’s gay!” She shouted as I disagreed and unintentionally gaining the entire libraries attention.

A little of Lily there for you, I don’t think that she has had much sarcasm lately. For that reason, the next chapter is filled with Lily for you! Woop. She seems to be one of the favourite characters of you lot.

To answer last Authors Note’s question. Charisma was first written with the name Charlotte, and James called her Charlie while the rest called her Lottie, instead of Chic. I then changed it to Imogen before making it her middle name. Did any of you come close?


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