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Hermione has her baby, will Harry be there?

Weeks had went by, and not a single word, nor sign of Harry. Dumbledore, Remus, Tonks, Mr. Weasley, Mrs. McGonagall and Mr. Kingsley, were all looking for Harry but the search was fruitless. Ginny had been convinced, Harry would be in the hideouts they used to go to together, but she was wrong. Ginny had now taken on the role of worried 'girlfriend', and was playing the part well. Hermione was now nine months pregnant and ready to pop. She was also now staying at the Weasley's, much to Ron and Ginny's dismay. Her parents had to go abroad because, her father's, father was sick.


Molly was trying her best to make everyone happy, but it was a struggle. Ron spent all of his time in his room, Hermione was depressed, and Ginny was just getting on everyone's nerves.


"I hope my Harry is ok" Ginny sighed.


"For the last time Ginny, Harry does not belong to you" Hermione snapped. She was resting on the sofa whilst, Ginny and Molly made lunch.


"Harry and I are supposed to be together" Ginny retorted.


"Enough Ginny" Molly warned.


"No mum. I'm sick of Hermione thinking Harry loves her, just because he slept with her" Ginny argued.


"Aside from the fact that, he told me he loved me. You think you and him are supposed to be together, just because you dated a while ago. You need to get over yourself. The only love Harry has every shown you is platonic. I love Harry, and he loves me, and you just need to get over the fact that he doesn't love you" Hermione shouted.


"Oh yeah, he loves you so much that the moment he found out you were having his baby, he ran away" Ginny retorted.


Hermione had enough. She threw her book onto the couch, and stormed up the stairs. Ron had come round to the fact that she didn't love him, so why couldn't Ginny come round to the fact that Harry didn't love her. Once she was in her room, she broke down. Why couldn't she do this without Harry? She had gotten this far, so why did she need him now? After a while of her crying, Hermione decided it was time to go down, just as she was about to get up she spotted Hedwig. He had no note, but now Hermione could get in contact with Harry. She got out her stationary set and composed a note to Harry. She sealed it up, and sent Hedwig out with it, hopeful that Harry would forgive her and come back.




Harry had been fleeting from hotel to hotel, across the country for the past eight weeks. Searching for answers, how could Hermione hurt him like that? She knew family was everything to him, so why keep the fact that he was going to be a father a secret from him? Sure she was frightened, she was about to become a mother, and thought she was on her own, but she could tell from the amazing night they had together, that Harry loved her. Couldn't she? Harry's head was starting to hurt, he needed answers, and the only place he was going to get them was Dumbledore's.


Twenty minutes later Harry was knocking on Dumbledore's door, he could hear mutter coming from inside, which subsided at the sound of his knock. He could hear shuffling of feet, and then Dumbledore appeared.


"Harry" He said astounded, he stepped aside and opened the door wider. Harry stepped in and was greeted with Remus hugging him, he gratefully received the hug.


"Harry, we've all been so worried about you" He said as he let go of Harry.


"I know and I'm sorry, I just needed to get away. I'm assuming Professor Dumbledore, told you everything. Which I am sorry, if I disappointed you" Harry explained.


"Harry you could never disappoint me, sure you're too young, but everyone makes their mistakes, I just want to know, if you are going to live up to your responsibilities."


"I want to be apart of the babies life, I just don't know if I can forgive Hermione, everyone knew how much I liked her"


"Did she know?" Remus asked.


"She should've, I thought that night meant as much to her as it did to me"


"It did" Dumbledore said. "She was just scared of hurting Ron and Ginny"


"But she didn't mind hurting me" Harry snapped.


"She had just found out she was having a baby, at the ages of seventeen, she was frightened, and didn't know what to do for the best" Harry just sighed. Suddenly there was a loud tap on the window; he looked over to see Hedwig sitting perched on Dumbledore's window. Dumbledore opened the window, and she flew directly to Harry, and dropped the letter in his lap.


"It's from Hermione" He said and opened the letter.


                    Dear Harry

       I wish I hadn't of kept the fact that I'm carrying your baby a secret from you, I know I hurt you so much. I wish I knew where you went. I miss you so much, I had gotten used to seeing you every day from I was eleven. Ginny is doing my head in, she keeps going on about her 'Harry', as if you two are madly in love. About what you said, do you love me? I know I do love you, which is why I am so sorry for hurting you.


Look at me I'm blabbing, I bet this letter makes no sense what so ever. I just miss you so much. I'm crying all the time, I feel like I can't do this without you, I need you Harry, and so does our baby, every five minutes it kicks. I don't know what the sex is, but I'm sure I'm having a girl. Who looks a lot like you.


Harry I love you so much, and I miss you. I need you, come home. Please.


                                                        Love Hermione, and baby.


Harry put the letter down, and put his head in his hands. Hermione needed him, could he forgive her?


"Do you love her?" Remus asked.


"Of course I do" Harry replied


"Then why are you here and not with her?" Harry thought about it hard. He really did love Hermione, so why was he here. Was he too scared?


"I'm too scared. What if I'm not a good father?" Harry asked.


"You'll not know that answer, until you try" Remus said. He was right, Harry needed to try. Harry bid his goodbyes and went to apologies to Hermione. He was determined to be a good father.




"I have to go Molly, I'm sick of fighting with Ginny. It's putting me and my baby under a lot of stress" Hermione said, packing her bags.


"I can talk to her for you" Molly offered.


"It's no good Molly"


"You can't go Hermione; you're due to give birth any moment. Let me talk to her" Ron said, arriving in the room.


"Ron that's sweet but- Aaaaaaaggggh" Hermione's sentence was cut short, due to an almighty pain in her stomach, soon Hermione was in a puddle on the floor panting heavily.


"Hermione, you're labor is progressing very quickly, I'm going to call a mediwitch for you" Molly said.


"I want Harry, please I just want Harry!!" She screamed through contractions.




Harry arrived at the burrow ten minutes later. All was seemingly quiet and deserted. He entered the house and looked around, no one was there.


"Is there anyone here?" Harry called out to the seemingly empty house.


"Harry, you're back" Ginny exclaimed when she came in from the garden; she ran over and hugged him.


"I missed you so much" She said.


"Where is everyone?" Harry asked ignoring her. Just then he heard a loud scream followed by Hermione screaming his name. He ran up the stairs to find Hermione in his old bedroom, on the floor, surrounded by Molly and Ron.


"Hermione" Harry shouted and rushed to her.


"Harry when did you get here?" She panted.


"A few seconds ago" He replied, he sat on the floor, and guided Hermione to him, she sat in between his legs, with her head on his chest. He held her hands, whilst Molly dabbed her head with a damp cloth. Minutes later the Healer arrived.


"Ok, Hermione you're ready to push now" The witch said, after examining her.


"No, no I can't" Hermione panted.


"You can, Hermione. Come on I'm here with you, you can do it" Harry encouraged. Nodding, Hermione gave five big pushes, and the baby was out.


"Congratulations, it's a boy" The nurse said, and set the baby on her chest, he was a big baby with a shock of black hair." I'll go and floo the hospital, and get a stretcher and another nurse over to get you and the little on to hospital." Harry and Hermione sat staring at their son for ages.


"What will we call him?" Harry asked.


"I've been thinking of that, and I like the name Jamie"


"Really?" Harry asked happily, Hermione nodded.


"That's a lovely name" Molly said. Harry and Hermione looked up, to see Ron, Ginny and Molly there.


“Lovely name, for a gorgeous baby." Harry said dotingly.


"Harry, I'm so sorry" Hermione began but Harry cut her off. "No Hermione I'm sorry, I was angry at you at first, but then I became scared. I almost missed the birth of our son."


"You made it, and helped me through the birth, there is no need to apologize" Five minutes later the nurse was back with another one, and a stretcher. Hermione gently climbed onto the stretcher with her new son, and was apparated to St Mungos


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