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I wake up with a start, look at the clock, and groan. Three in the morning. It had happened again. I'd had that dream again. My friends all knew that I was having nightmares, but I never told them what they were about. But I can never get rid of the images in my head...

...I wake up in the house that James and I are currently staying in, except something is different. The house is changed.

James is calling me.

"Lily! Harry needs to be changed again!" I sigh, a smile plastered on my face. I walk downstairs to find a tiny baby boy crying in his father's lap. I pick him up to find that he has my green eyes and a very stinky diaper.

"Don't worry, love," I say. "I'll take care of the scary diaper for you." James rolls his eyes and lays down on the couch, closing his gorgeous hazel eyes. I take the little boy called Harry upstairs to change his diaper. As soon as I'm done, I hear James shout.

"Lily! It's him! Take Harry and run!" Then, there is a green flash, and I hear James' body crumple to the floor. I let out a whimper as tears start streaming down my face. I run to Harry's room and look at the window. I put Harry down in time to hear Voldemort turn the knob on the door...

I wake up just before Voldemort comes in every time. I can feel the tears running down my cheeks. James stirs and open his eyes to find me curled up in a ball on the floor, crying.

"Oh, Lily," he whispers. This is the third night in a row that I've done this. I still haven't told him about the dream. I guess I should tell him now.

"I had the dream again," I whisper. He gets up immediately, confused, and sits down next to me. I take a deep breath. Here I go.

"I keep having nightmares."


"About us. We're married and live in this house - and keep in mind, I've been having this dream since third year - and we have a so named Harry. I 'wake up' to you calling my name and telling me to change Harry's diaper. I smile and pick up our son and change his diaper. As soon as I'm done, you yell," I gulp, more tears run down my face. "'Lily! It's him! Take Harry and run!' And then... he kills you."

"Who? Harry?"

"No... V-voldemort." James looks stunned at the fact that I can say the name. "I hear you crumple to the floor and I take Harry into his room. I put him into his bed and look around. Just in time to hear him open the door..." I cry into James' shoulder. He sits there with his arms around my tiny body. I can tell that he's crying because I can feel hot tears on my shoulder.

"James," I whisper. "I'm scared."

"Don't worry, love," he says, hugging me closer. "Everything will be ok." I nod and plaster myself against him, his warmth immediately calming me down. I bite my lower lip and stare at his lips. He leans in to kiss me.

There was a knock on the door downstairs. I groan and get up to answer the door. Everyone of my friends is over. They have smiles on their faces. That is, until, they see my face.

"Lily? What's wrong?" Sirius asks. Natalie rolls her eyes and grabs my arm, dragging me over to my own couch. I cry into her shoulder.

"Are you gonna tell us this time?" She asks, although she sounds like she already knows that I'm going to say no. To her surprise, I nod my head yes. Ally, Alana, Alice, and the four boys all came over and sat down around us.

"Ok, so, it starts out every time -"

"Hold up!" Sirius shouts. "What are we talking about?"

"I've been having the same nightmare every night for the past four years. It start out where I 'wake up' to James calling my name..." And I tell them about my nightmare. James walks downstairs about halfway through. At the end of the story, I notice that Sirius and Peter are eating popcorn. I glare at them.

"What? I'm hungry! Cut me some slack!" Sirius says with a mouthful of popcorn, which actually sounds like, "Ut? Aye ungwy! Ut eee um wack!" I laugh at his lack of annunciation. He smirks - he met his goal.

"Anyways, why are you guys here?"

"HOUSE WARMING PARTY!" Natalie shouts in my ear.


"It's four in the morning, Lils."

"Still! Y'all are loons."

"But we're your loons," Ally says, batting her eyelashes at me. I shove her face away, smiling.

"You guys sure know how to cheer someone up." We sit there, talking until dawn. Sirius and James toss a quaffle back and forth. That's when they start falling asleep. I have to step over Sirius to get to James, who has been standing in the doorway the entire time. I press my lips to his. He closes his eyes and moans.

"Lily," he whispers. I giggle. "So, you've been dreaming about me since third year?" I nod my head, blushing.

"What day?"

"Ummm... the day that Snape and I got into our first fight ever... March 30."

"You started dreaming about me... on my birthday and the day I realized that I liked you?"

"Your birthday is March 30?" He laughs.

"Yes, love. It is." I yawn. He wraps his arms around me and kisses my forehead.

"Love you, Lils."

"Love you, too, James." And I guess I fell asleep, 'cause I don't remember anything after that.


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