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Disclaimer: i own nothing. i wish i did cuz then id be rich but sadly i dont. All J.K Rowlings. but everthing else i own too bad i dont get paid for this.

Lillyanne’s POV:

I was sitting there, alone in my room when I heard an ear piercing shriek of alarm coming from downstairs. I ran down to see my mother on the ground with her glassy eyes staring up at the ceiling and a white skinned man staring down at her. He looked up at me with blood red eyes held out his wand and then everything went black.

*         *         *         *         *         *         *         *         *         *         *         *         *

I woke up to nothing but the roof of my bedroom. “Maybe it was just a dream” I mumbled to myself then I remembered my mother’s eyes and her scream and I started crying. When I came to my eyes were red and puffy. I could barely breathe and I passed out again only this time it was only for a few seconds. When I woke up again I was still on my bed curled up in a ball from crying but I didn’t know why I kept blacking out. I thought about it and thought about it until I remembered something my mother had once told me “My attitude is as fiery red as my hair but yours exceeds mine. Figure it out then use it to your advantage. Always remember that.” I mean I was only 7 at the time but now that im 18 I kind of understand what she meant. Ok I don’t. I guess the only reason I can’t figure it out is because I miss her. I miss the way she would word things so you would spend hours trying to figure it out or the way she would yell “Get out of bed Lillyanne!” when I was late for school. There is a lot of different thing I miss about her but one that sticks out is the way she made me feel better after my dad left us and took my twin brother and younger sister. My two favourite people in the world were taken by that jerk on my 7th birthday. I learnt last year by the police that my dad and sister were found dead with no sign of my brother or even a sign that he had been with them for 8 years. I know where my brother is though. He is coming back to me. He will come help me. He must. I can’t bear to be away from him any longer. I got up and toppled over to my closet then pulled out my suitcase. Then as I was running to my dresser I tripped curse my clumsiness. I never hit the ground. Then I realized that someone caught me. I looked up in alarm to see a familiar pair of almond shaped green eyes staring at me on a head that was covered in a mop of untidy black hair. He had a pair of round glasses on that were vaguely familiar and a scar on his head just like mine.

        “Wow” I said breathlessly, “your eyes are so pretty”

        “I know” he said in a I’ve-heard-it-all-before-so-now-I-have-a-robotic-response tone of voice “their just like my mums”

“Why are you so sad” I asked my curiosity getting the better of me “you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to but I would love to know.”

        “It’s a long story” he warned me.

        “I’ve got time” I replied

        “I miss them my Mum and my sisters.” He replied sadly “my Dad died last year after he killed my sister, and we moved away from my Mum when my twin sister and I turned 7.” He continued just as sadly “my sister said it was the worst birthday present ever as she watched my Mum and Dad yelling and then Dad grabbing us and running out the door. I can still see her standing next to Mum arm outstretched, tear tracks glittering down her face as the silent tears escaped her water filled eyes. She hated Mum and Dad yelling she would get in between them and something would come out of her and everyone in the room would be calm except her and then she would yell at Dad for being mean and Mum would cry silently while she watched her sweet little daughter tell him she didn’t want to see him hurt her family anymore. I knew what she was feeling I could see in her eyes the pain and anger. Her eyes look kind of like mine only sky blue. Anyways my Mum would keep explaining to her when she put us to bed at night that she had to control her powers or something would happen. I found out what would happen and I bet she would have by now but I never saw her at school.” He managed to get out before the tears he was holding back finally escaped him. “I miss you Lillyanne” he said as he cried. I just sat there processing what he had said and rubbing his back as he cried, when I froze.

        “Lillyanne! Did you say Lillyanne?” I nearly screamed at him.

        “Yeah” he said cautiously “Why? Do you know her?”

        “Of course I know her! I am her! I mean she is me, oh forget it I am Lillyanne” I cried.

       “You? You’re Lillyanne? You’re my twin sister?” He said.

       “Must I explain everything?” I asked him “my name is Lillyanne Potter and you are Harry Potter my twin brother. You understand now?”

       “Yes I understand. I understood before I just couldn’t believe it I thought you and mum would have moved away after we left.” He finished a little sadly.

       “Oh gosh Harry I missed you so much!” I cried and flung myself onto him for a big bear hug. When I pulled back I saw his eyes flash with some warning but after a few seconds it was gone. We spent the next few hours catching up on what we missed in each others lives but we weren’t sharing something with each other, and that was Hogwarts and Voldemort. Suddenly there was a bang and my door flung open and he was standing there with his wand pointing at me and Harry. I screamed and flung myself at my side table hoping my wand was still there, it wasn’t but, Harry was standing there with one pointing at him.

      “Harry what’s going on” I said as Voldemort shouted

      “Stupefy!” and Harry shouted

      “Protego!” and the jet of red light bounced of our shield.

      “Harry tell me now!” I shrieked.

      “No time” he said shortly “later.” and he sent off jets of red light from his wand.

      “Harry!” I warned him as a jet of green light shot out of Voldemort's wand and he managed to jump out of the way with the curse flying narrowly past his shoulder. Voldemort then turned his wand on me and I closed my eyes wishing nothing more then for his wand to fly out of his hand. When I opened my eyes his wand flew out of his hand and came towards me. I used the seeker skill that was in my family and caught it. Just as I turned on Voldemort, Harry grabbed my arm scaring me and making me drop Voldemort’s wand I summoned mine to me just as Harry turned I caught it right before I was pulled into darkness and suffocation that was not new to me. We ended up in front of an old house that was painted a sickly green colour on the outside. Harry tapped the door with his wand and a series of clicks was heard then the door swung open. We entered and the door closed behind us.

        “Harry where are we?” I asked just as a shout of “Harry!” was heard from the end of the hall and he was attacked by a girl with brown hair that was pretty bushy.

     “Hello Mione” he replied and pulled her out of the hug but kept his arm around her waist “Hermione this is my twin sister Lillyanne. Lillyanne this is my girlfriend Hermione Granger.” Hermione looked taken aback but pleased to be addressed this as if it was something he would use in normal conversation.

     “Hello Lillyanne it’s nice to meet you” Hermione said as she shook my hand.

     “Same here, but you can call me Lilly I hate the second part of my name because of who named me that but you probably don’t care. There I go again saying things nobody cares about. I have to stop doing that.” I said mainly to myself but they laughed when I said “stop talking to yourself” a few seconds later. “Did I say that out loud?” I asked them.

      “Yep!” they replied in unison then looked at each other and burst out laughing than said in unison again “it sounds like we rehearsed that” they then laughed even harder.

      “And that’s not creepy at all” I said shaking my head, “do you do that a lot”

      “Yeah they do” a voice said from the end of the hall “it gets bloody annoying too”

I just stared with my mouth hanging open when he came to stand closer because he was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. He had red hair and freckles with electric blue eyes that shone with emotion when he looked at me, and that look made my insides squirm.

        “h-hi” I stuttered “I-I-Im Lillyanne b-but you can c-call me Lilly.”

        “Nice to meet you Lilly” he said as his eyes sparkled and he held out his hand. I shook it and never wanted to let go, but of course I had to, and he probably already had a girlfriend. “Im Ron. Ron Weasley.”

        “Oh so you’re the boy they had in the Daily Prophet on the front page for your family winning the trip to Egypt, the summer before third year. How was it there?”

        “It was great. The pyramids were huge and we got to see some really cool stuff that was cursed, and my older brother Bill led us through a whole bunch of mazes inside the pyramids, and one night at dinner Fred and George put beetles in Bill’s soup.” He said and started laughing. I laughed with him without realizing it “he almost ate them too and then Dad caught the twins. It was the funniest thing ever!” he concluded the both of us still laughing.

        “I don’t get it” Harry said and Hermione stared at us like we both grew two heads. I looked down just to make sure. Harry then said “that was a really stupid prank” and Ron yelled

        “Just because you’ve got a girlfriend doesn’t mean you know everything!” and then he ran off upstairs.

        “Let me go after him.” Harry said mainly to Hermione but I put my hand on his arm.

         “No let me.” And I took off before he could answer. "Ron!" I called "Ron!" I searched everybedroompossible until I found him. I could smell his salty tears outside the bedroom door "Ron?" He was curled up crying in the deepest darkest room of the house "hey" I said walking slowly into the room "What’s wrong?"

        “I just can’t do this anymore.” The red haired beauty said through his tears “she was all I thought about night and day. I can’t forget her. I remember that day perfectly I had invited her and Harry over for the last two weeks of august before school started and I was planning on asking her out. I had finally worked up enough guts to ask her and her and Harry arrived at the same time. I didn’t think anything of it until later I found them snogging out underneath the tree by the pond. I yelled at them for getting together and after I finished yelling at them for that I yelled at them for not telling me. Ever since then I haven’t been able to forgive myself because as I yelled Hermione’s eyes kept filling up with more and more tears until she was fully crying and then she yelled back at me that I shouldn’t be poking my nose around in other peoples business and just keep to my own girlfriend. Then she reminded me that I didn’t have a girlfriend and that Harry was lucky to have her. I always get on the wrong side of her and her temper is terrible on that side. The weird thing was, Harry simply looked at her and said ‘don’t’ and she threw herself at him, and started crying saying she was sorry to me over and over again. It was really weird.” He finished and I saw that I had unconsciously crossed the room and was sitting next to him I took his hand and just thought for a few seconds then I decided to speak.

        “It’s because their soul mates.” I started then saw the confused look in his face and said “they can send each other messages through their minds and they understand everything about one another. Harry probably said ‘don’t’ to you guys fighting because it reminded him of Mum and Dad fighting with me crying then using my powers to my advantage and calming the whole room down. Then I yelled at Dad to stop making Mum feel like she was a worthless piece of junk. Harry never understood why or how I would do that.” I said sadly “but this conversation was about you, and why you ran off” I said reminding him of why we were here.

        “Right.” He said “lets see I ran off because I thought about what I said and realized I was a jerk again and it look as if you were all buddy- buddy with them so I thought I was going to be treated like I was a third wheel again because the famous Potters cant have more then one friend.”

        “I have never actually had a friend before.” I said the tears escaping my eyes so I closed them and leaned me head against the wall “probably never will unless you want to be my friend. Nobody has ever liked me because of my ugly eyes and my stupid powers that nobody else has or has heard of. I will never be normal. I was in Ravenclaw at Hogwarts but I didn’t know why because it’s the place for smart people. I was alone most of the time but one girl in my house would talk to me. Not very often but she would still talk to me. That’s the closest thing I have ever had to a friend.” I said as the silent tears cascaded down my cheeks. “She was really strange too. That’s probably why she talked to me. One thing she said to me though it really sticks into my head and I don’t know why. She said one day the nargles will find you. I mean what in Merlins beard is a nargle?”

        “Let me guess” Ron said “her name is Luna Lovegood”

        “Yes” I replied shocked at how he knew her name “how do you know her?”

        “She is our friend and she is also part of the D.A.” he said. “Dumbledore’s Army”

“I remember that” I comment “that was during our fifth year. I wanted to join but Dumbledore made me promise not to interact with the Gryffindors. He also sorted me in private so nobody but the teachers and Luna knew where I went. Were off topic again”

        “Oh” he said sadly “right now I will be your friend and we can plan on annoying Harry and Hermione for the next 50 years.” He laughed.

        “Ok. Do we start planning now?” I said laughing with him

        “Yes” he replied simply “we do.”

We sat there fingers intertwined without realizing it and we laughed and planned until well after 3 am when Harry and Hermione came looking for us and found us asleep with my head resting on his shoulder and his head resting my head ,holding hands. Little did we know that there would be a surprise for all four of us when we finally wake up.

AN: plese leave a comment to tell me if it was good or not *puts on hopeful face* please!

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