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We were in a posh dining room it looked like. A very wealthy family this was. It was stuck up and formal. It was strange to be in the place. It was unnatural to me. And I don’t like it. We’d been in the room all night so I’d memorised most things on the walls. The photographs. The family emblems. I didn’t recognise anything. I didn’t recognise anyone. I think mom did. Because she stiffened at the picture of a couple on their wedding day.

The lady last night had told us she was extremely sorry but it was for our own good. Wtf is that all about? She brought us food and left us. It wasn’t like we had been captured or anything. It was like she was trying to make us comfortable before she explained. It sure as hell wasn’t working. I still felt as our of place as I did last night.

Mom was slouching on the sofa, she slept last night. I couldn’t. I had too many things going around in my head. Why were we here? What did they want us for? Why was the woman waiting to talk to us? Why did mom stiffen at the photo?

I went back over to look at the photo. It was a wedding one. Of a man with my platinum blonde hair and a amazing smile, standing on his right was a beautiful woman. She had blonde hair too, but it was more a dirty blonde than a platinum blonde. They both looked extremely happy. They were smiling and swinging around on each others arms. I smiled. It was nice to know that something like that could happen. I wonder if it lasted?

The door creaked open.
“Oh I’m sorry I’ll come back” it was that woman again. She wasn’t going to walk away, I really want to know what the fuck I’m doing in this rich house.

“No. wait. Why are we here?” I asked her, I tried not to sneer. It wasn’t attractive and she was being nice for someone who just kidnapped us.

“it’s best to wait till your mother is awake child,” She didn’t say child in the harsh way that teachers say it. It was more like a loving way. I noticed that the woman was starring at me smiling. Like she’d missed me or something. She was familiar. I don’t know why but I recognised her. I did. I don’t know were from but I’ve seen her face before. I know I have.

“Wait. I’ll get her.” I stopped her from walking out of the door, and I turned to my mom. I shook her lightly, “Mom get up,” I told her… slowly her eyes opened and she smiled sheepishly at me. My mom was so cute. “the woman wants to speak now,” I told her and the woman from the door came and sat on the chair opposite to the sofa. She was smiling. Like she was proud of something.

“You wanna talk now? What the fuck we doing here?” Mom said rubbing her eyes. Glaring at the woman. I don’t know why she was being so harsh, but something was obvious. She didn’t like this woman one bit.

“Matilda. We did it for you and you know that!” The woman answered exasperatedly.

“I know. I thank you for it Narcissa. But look were the fuck we are! Your trying to get her back! You promised you wouldn’t do that!” mom shouted back at her. Next thing I know the two women are screaming at each other. I don’t know what the fuck is going on.

A man walked into the room.
“A hem. Come with me miss. Leave these two to it.” He said smiling kindly at me. I was familiar too. He had my hair. He was the same man in that wedding photograph. Me and him looked similar, except he was like my mom’s age. But we looked more related than me and mom did. I don’t know whether that was wrong or right.
“I’m sorry about them, they haven’t liked each other for a long time. What’s your name sweetie,” He cooed me.

“Laurie, what about you?” I answered him, his face lit up. And he started smiling like and idiot. It was refreshing to see that same smile on his face. He was obviously still with his wife.

“Draco. Would you like to meet my kids and wife?” He said smiling. I nodded my head and he led me into a more homely room. This had a woman sitting on the sofa starring at her teenage son who was rushing around stuffing stuff into the bag. This woman was the same from the photograph. He got his happy ending.

“Ast, Scorp this is Laurie. She’s one of the guests mom brought last night,” Draco said rolling his eyes whilst he was talking about his mother. Ast’s eyes lit up in relocation.

“Hello dear, I’m Asteria. This is Draco and mine son Scorpios. He’s a little excitable. Staying at a friends tonight.” Asteria said to me ushering me over to the sofa. She was nice. Friendly. Adorable.

“Hey, Scorp Malfoy! Mom where’s my legs open yes please tee?” the boy asked his mom. I laughed slightly. He had dirty blonde hair and caramel eyes. He was well built and muscley, he was so a beater. He was quiet tall.

“I don’t know sweetie ask your sister,” Asteria answered Scorpios, he suddenly looked quiet annoyed. He walked out of the room and stormed up the stairs shouting.

“I SWEAR MAY IF YOUR WEARING MY CLOTHES AGAIN!” I giggled. I’ve always wanted a sibling to fight with. Always. I hated growing up on my own. Yeah mom is like a sister to me. But she’s not. She is my mom. I want a sister. I want a brother. I want a sibling so darn much.

“Don’t mind them. May likes Scorp’s clothes better than she likes her own,” Asteria said smiling at me and laughing also at her children’s argument. Asteria was familiar too. Not only from the photograph. But I knew her. I did. I’d met her before. But where from?

“Why though? She has the most expensive things she could pick?” Draco muttered as he moved over to sit by me. Asteria hit him playfully. They loved each other so much. You could tell by just by the way they looked at each other. I smiled.

Scorpios and another girl walked into the room… Scorp looking slightly less angry and the girl thoroughly laughing at her brothers reaction. I looked at the girl, obviously May. She looked similar. She looked like me. I mean exactly like me. Her smile was mine. Her big eyes were mine. Her wavy platinum blonde hair was mine. Her curvy slim figure was mine. She was exactly like me. I saw her look at me. Obviously checking me out.

“Whoa you look like me,” She said confused. Scorpios looked at us both. Looking us over.

“Shit you do?” He concluded. Draco spoke up then. Sounding slightly worried.

“now now don’t be silly. You better go Scorp, Al will be waiting. See you tomorrow son.” He said changing the subject quickly. I shot a confused glance at May and she returned it. Whoa. It was like looking in a mirror.

“What ever dad. Bye babe. Bye mom, dad, Laurie” He said kissing his sister and mother on the cheek, sending me a small smile and giving his dad a slap on the shoulder. And he went off into the fireplace without another glance at us.

May sat by her mom and we all just sat their in silence. Their was too many similarities between her and I for it to be a coincidence. And I’m sure she’s thinking the same thing. There is some bond between us. Its like were related. But we can’t be. Ah. But even then its very distant. No way would these similarities be so distant.

“May doll, why don’t you take Laurie up to your room and give her some clothes, merlin can see she needs some,” Asteria said smiling at me and her daughter. She can see the similarities between us too. She wants us to talk. To share clothes. To become friends. I could do that.

“Sure whatever,” May smiled and stood up. I followed her lead and thanked Asteria for suggesting it. I heard May smirk my smirk from behind me. I smirked to. Together and still smirking we walked up the stairs and into a room on the left. It was decorated in red and gold with a Gryffindor banner across the ceiling. She looked my age so possibly she was a fellow class mate?

“You a Gryffindor then?” I asked grinning.

“Course, first Malfoy to become one. Then that little rotter had to join me,” she smiled why talking about her brother, “I don’t think I introduced myself properly. Mayella Malfoy. Seventh Year Gryffindor through and through!” She said smiling. I returned it.

“Laurie McGonagall. Seventh Year Gryffindor transfer.” I smiled as a saw a wide smile flash across her face.

“You’ll have to meet Dom! And the boys! Fuck me you are going to fit in with us so well!” She screeched as she looked into her wardrobe for something for me to wear. I just sat back on her bed and waited. I agreed with her. Me and here are so alike its unreal. Not just in looks either. The way she acted is the way I act to. There’s something special- different about me and her.

Mayella or Ella -she made me promise to call her- picked me some baggy jeans and a white vest top with grey pumps out and I quickly changed. we were now sitting downstairs with Asteria waiting for Narcissa to come and speak to me separately. She was still screaming with mom apparently.

I never knew that two people could be so stubborn. Nothings worth fighting like this over. But something in the back of my mind is telling me that its me. They’re arguing over me. I don’t know why, but that is in the back of my head.

It’s your fault

It not

it is and you know it.

It can’t be

Your family life is screwed.
What? Seriously that voice in my head is screwed. My families not fucked. I’ve got mom. Minnie. that’s all I need. They’re my family. They’d never lie to me. And if they did. I don’t think I could ever forgive them. Lying is a bad thing. It ruin lives. It runs lives to much.

“Laurie? Did your mother ever tell you about you dad?” Asteria asked suddenly. I froze. I didn’t want to talk about him. There is reminders of him in this house. And I do not want to talk about him. Well…. Maybe I will…

“Yeah, he stayed with us a lot. But apparently he had a wife, son and grandkids.” I answered looking up at her. Suddenly her face got very angry. Like she had realised something. I was quiet scared and shocked by the expression. Its something new to me. I rarely see people annoyed. Actually I only do when father is in France with us.

I heard her mutter something like ‘stupid bastard’ under her voice. And then Ella snigger next to her. Oh. So speaking under her breath wasn’t a skill she’d mastered at all. Explains a lot really.

Narcissa walked through the sitting room door then. We all looked up simultaneously. Narcissa smiled happily at us. Her smile was so genuine and happy, it made me smile and want to hug her so much. She looked like her son a lot. And me and Ella to think of it. For just a step parent we sure as hell look a like. But I don’t doubt my mom. She’d tell me if I wasn’t hers. Right? She would? Wouldn’t she?

“Laurie darling, please come through to this room I have a story to tell you,” She smiled again, but this time it was sad. Filled with emotion. She looked like she was about to cry. I don’t want that. She looks to innocent and sweet to cry. Like it would be a sin to make her upset. She s a sweet old lady. She’s adorable.

“Sure,” I said smiling at the lady who I loved so much already. It was nearly as instant love I felt for Draco, Asteria, Ella and Scorp. They were find and loving just like Narcissa. I followed her into the second living room. This was obviously the formal room- it was far too neat to be normal. We sat on the sofa, both next to each other slightly tilted so we were facing each other.

“Sweetie, I would appreciate it if I could tell you this story with no interruptions,” she paused and I just nodded me head, yes I’d be nice, “well my friend and her husband had a son. He had been out of school a couple of years fallen in love and got married. To an amazing girl let me tell you. Not long after their wedding, she got pregnant. With twins. Twin girls. But my friends husband didn’t want to girls as his first grandchildren, so when the girls were born he took one of them to France. He bullied a younger girl to look after her and raise her as her own. And of course she did. He went back to her every couple of months to check that the little girl wasn’t being told anything about her real family. And then he got sent to prison. And the girl continued to grow up under a false name not knowing anything about her real family,” She stopped. I had a strange feeling that this wasn’t a story about her friend. This was about her family. Her friend is her- Narcissa. Her friends husband- father. Her friends son - Draco. Her friends son’s new wife- Asteria. The twins - Mayella and I. the girl growing up in France- Me. The younger girl - mom.

“Laurie, this is your life story,” She concluded.

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