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Beautiful Chapter Image by FIND! @ tda.
Georgie Blythe :)

“Did you just say bugger?”

“No, well yes but. Not like the way that you put it.” I pleaded. “Ok, I may have but, that’s not that point.”

“You know.” He sad taking a deep breath. “If you didn’t want to go with me you could have just said no.”

“No Josh it’s not that. I’m honoured that you asked me.”

“So, is that a yes?”





“No – Look stop that.” I said sitting him down on to the wall of the arch. “I am so flattered by the fact that you picked me to ask to Hogsmeade out of all of the girls to take.” He nodded.

“Look, if it’s a no I’d rather just take what is left of my pride and walk away.”

Oh shit. “No, Josh wait. You seriously don’t know do you?”

He stared at me blankly. “What are you trying to tell me?” He looked so confused. “Yes or no?”

I attempted to look casual, all the while trying to not be too offensive. I watched his expression extremely closely out of the corner of my eye, only seeing confusion and a little hurt. I couldn’t really look him in the face. “Well it’s a no from me, but I’ve been thinking about other relationships – like Hollie’s for example.”

There was no immediate reaction, just an inhuman amount of male stupidity. “What does Hol’s have to do with this?” Hol’s huh?
“I … er.” I stammered, racking my brain for a point, - believe you me, I was rather crappy at dating advise. Hell, just look at my previous dates. There was Johnny, the band geek – he moved to America with his band on the condition that he had finished school and all, he ran off with an American wanna-be-model, then Aadam, he was the one that cheated on me with Zoe. Finally there was Chuck – he buggered off with a French actor or something – a male French actor. Honestly, there is something incredibly wrong with me.

I quickly considered using these as leverage of why Josh shouldn’t ask me specifically on a date. I’ve driven two guys to dating freaks and turned another gay. However, it’s probably better that I didn’t tell one of the most popular guys in school my mortifying experiences. “Well, Hollie hasn’t dated anyone in a while.”

“Since forth year I think.” He replied rather rhetorically, to which I entwined my fingers within each other.

I blinked a few times, smoothening out Hollie’s skirt a little. “Yeah, how ‘bout that huh?”

“Yeah?” He smiled. “Point?”

“Right, point; I do have one of those.” I said eagerly. “Look, I know … er … someone, a friend, who kinda like likes you, and it would be unfair to her?” I said with a similar amount of tact as a Nazi Storm Trooper. “Or him.” I added, sounding like a nervous and stupid butt-head.

His head shot up and his whole posture changed, he stopped chewing the gum that was currently in his mouth. “Hollie like likes me?” Bum, he really was a Ravenclaw.

A horrified expression suddenly applied itself to my face as I smacked a hand over my mouth and probably made a little squeak noise. His expression was changing fast from confusion to happiness to bewilderment. He dropped his school bag.

Bugger. “Who said it was Hollie?” I quickly corrected. My smooth talking skills shattering immediately into millions of pieces, three cheers for 00looser. He eyed me suspiciously, his pained face immediately faltering, his eyes filling with a surprising amount of youthful hope. “Ok forget that. My amazing spy skills aren’t just much for a match for yours.”

“Just never get a career in espionage G.” I stuck my tongue out, he burst out laughing. Getting a job in espionage would totally ruin my hair.

“Laughing – you’re laughing. Do you find something hysterical?”

He shook his head. “You’re trying to convince me that Hol’s likes me.”

“Yeah.” I said nodding my head. “Wait no.” My frown deepened. “I wasn’t talking about Hollie.” He smiled kindly and looked back up to me. “Git.”

“You’ve been spending way to much time with Molly, G.”

I looked to the floor and shook my head intensely. “No, stop changing the subject. Hollie may like you a little … I guess?”

He laughed, why the hell is he laughing? “But she likes someone else; she’s told me so for the past few years.”

Merlin’s nipples, Hollie so should have been the one born blonde. However, in the current circumstance, I couldn’t really speak. “She’s talking about you, you spanner.”

His eyes narrowed slightly, thought they were still slightly riddled with shock. “What?”

“She’s going to shoot me.” I muttered before regretfully speaking up again. Why didn’t my parents teach me to keep my mouth shut? “She’s been taking boy advice from Russell. I know biggest mistake on this side of the western universe.” I added due to his sudden horrified and slightly distant and intense expression. “He told her that when guys want to know how to ask out girls, they talk to them or something – I don’t know. I can’t remember a word that boy says. The bottom line is, yesterday when you were talking about who you fancy.” Thank you lads. “She thought that you were taking about her.”

He turned his head to the courtyard slowly. “But she said she liked-“

“A deep kind and caring guy. The Captain of a Quidditch Team who’s different from what he appears to be.” I finished, having heard the speech from Hollie a thousand times.

“I … I … I always thought that she was talking about James.”

Unable to contain it, I lt my mouth turn upwards and break out in to a loud and unnecessary fit of giggles. Josh looked up in complete confusion. “What? What’s so funny?”

The tables have turned.

I leant on to the pillar to my left and rested my head on it, gasping for air as Josh carried on demanding to know what was going on.

“Josh, I’m sorry it’s just, the amount of things that come out of Hollie’s mouth about you. It’s unreal thinking of how she could fancy James. Also considering how repulsive she finds those lads sometimes.” Which I sometimes couldn’t agree more with … Josh’s face crumpled, utterly perplexed.

“But – It’s Hollie.” He said quietly. “Hollie, baby Hollie, the brown haired little titch that I used to smack with my Astronomy book back in forth year. The one who punches anyone who makes fun of a Muggleborn or uses any type of inappropriate language …” Hollie? Yeah right. “The only girl who’s ever seen me cry.”

“She’s stuck with you, you frikin lumberjack.” I said with a smile on my face, wiping the tears of hysteria away from my cheeks. “I’m flattered that you asked me. But Hollie is the one you want, she a much better person than I am.”

He smiled. “From just that last sentence George, you can tell that not many people in this world are better than you.” He got up from the archway. “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“For being such a boy.”

I shrugged. “You can’t help it; it’s in your genes.” He smiled.

“You and Hollie are a lot alike you know.” He said carefully. “Maybe that’s why I like you so much.” He must have thought that I was a right mental escapee. Especially considering the fact that before he even had the time to contemplate what I had just told him (or the time to say goodbye) I had turned and already began scurrying up the thin staircase in the direction Albus pointed me.

I broke out in to a light run the second that I realized where I was, practically tumbling down the corridor and knocking small children out of the way. I think that I just took the rules of girl-code, threw them out of the window, set them alight and river danced on the ashes before spitting heavily on them for my final performance.

Turning down a hottie – check.

Telling your best friends undying secrets (to the person they are about) – check.

Laughing at love – check.

Possibly causing Wizarding World War Three by getting together Hol and J, and consequently turning JP and RF in to the new Lord V’s – check.

I’m screwed … and I mean seriously screwed. When she find out … what if he doesn’t ask her out. What if he laughs at her for the rest of her life – no, Josh wouldn’t do that. Would he? But Hollie’s that silent but deadly kind of killer … no, not by farting … but by the type of waiting until your back is turned and then smacking you discreetly over the back of the head with a bar stool. Bam … you never wake up again. Ahh … she’s going to murder me, she’s just going to find out and I know it. Merlin’s earlobes. This is the type of moment where you could just bite of Merlin’s old, wrinkly earlobes in anticipation. Yes, I have gone that low. 

Honestly, you would think that I would be dead by now right? But I’m not, just a little bruised. I entered the great hall with Freddy by my side, he seeming to find the entire situation completely hilarious. He said that he would jump infront of an Avada Kendra curse before being on the receiving end of one of Hollie’s punches. Great, just great.

I waked over to the Gryffindor bench where Molly gestured for me to run away quickly. So I did. Or at least, attempted it. Hollie jumped up from the bench and ran over to where I was and punching me full pelt in the stomach … then she hugged me.

It was a rather awkward hug, considering she was babbling about how horrid I am before thanking me utterly and completely. It was also awkward considering the fact that I was hunched over, attempting to regain feeling in my gut once more. Fred pulled us apart, dragging me over to the Gryffies table and sitting me next to him.

She wasn’t actually to stir crazy. She said that I actually did her a favor by ‘talking’ to Josh. When she said to the table that she was now going to Hogsmeade with Josh – James and Russell nearly leapt across to the Ravenclaw table and clawed out his eyes with their spoons. Once again, Fred held them back. Jeesh, that boy’s strong. Though Rory helped … a little. Mainly he was eating Chocolate cake, of which I took off him and may have confiscated his spoon too.

Molly couldn’t stop laughing the entire evening. She laughed through dinner, through the boys Quidditch Practice and all the way in to the Common Room. She apparently seemed to find the thought that Josh McCartney was too blind to see how ridiculously in love Hollie really was – with him.

Josh hadn’t apparently mentioned the fact that he asked me out first. Boy relapse. So I didn’t mention it … I had done way more than enough for the rest of the year, especially if those punches are what’s on the receiving end of each ‘help out’.

Russell and I were lying on the floor of the Gryffindor Common Room as the rest of the Quidditch Team had taken the chairs. It’s weird; the moment that they walk in to the room, the rest of the house evades the seating areas. It’s like they own the place, like they’re royalty. It’s really rather fun.

“So are we still on for Hogsmeade G?”


“Hogsmeade … It’s the small magical town in Scotland. The one the school goes to a lot.”

I rolled my eyes. “I know what Hogsmeade is you muppet.” I giggled. “And yes, we are so still on.” I handed him my spare gum; yellow he would produce. Yellow dribble, nice.

I remembered back to my first few days here when Russ promised that he would take me on the first Hogsmeade trip and make me a ‘true Hogwartian’, I believe is the exact quote. He totally denies that he used the word Hogwartian, but seriously, who out of us all is most likely to use that word. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner – all the arrows are pointing to Russell.

“This is going to be trippin.” Molly squealed, squeezing my hand tightly.

We had arrived in Hogsmeade for the first second that it was possible to be open. They wanted me to get ‘the full experience’. They do this every time it’s possible. It resulted in me getting up at 5am, preparing for the day. My hair was in a loose French plait, completely unreasonable and the only jeans that I could find were my ripped skinny ones - ripped by the courtesy of Kevin Leighton when he decided to try on my clothes one boring Saturday back in France.

I had borrowed one of Molly’s big black rain coats, attempting to keep warm. Russell used the Al analogy once more – that if all sees me he’ll loose it. He’s been saying that a lot lately. I think it’s just to annoy James. He seems to get very annoyed when Russ says things like that. It’s probably as Al’s his little brother. Al can find someone nicer than me … and his own age.

“Since when do you say trippin?” Russ asked; his right arm linked with Molly’s other hand as we walked down a snow filled lane somewhere near the centre of the village.
“Since now smart arse.” She said laughing. “Practically no one knows about this place.” Molly said to me, a large grin across her face.

“Oh, no Mol.” Russ begged, his pleading youthful face suddenly appearing. “Please don’t make me go! PLEASE.” His begging suddenly turned in to hysteria.

Molly had joined the two of us in the entrance hall, after splitting up with a rather annoyed James. He hasn’t actually spoken to Russ in a few days. I think their having an argument or something. Molly told me it was over socks. Honestly socks? Boys are so stupid.

“No, you’re going.”

I stepped in, giving Molly’s hand a squeeze. “Can I please ask where were going?”

“Well you could …”

“But I doubt that you would get an answer.” I laughed and skipped in step with the two of them, smiling at Al and Scorpius as we passed them, laughing and giggling at their mortified expressions when Molly went up and kissed them all on the cheek.

Russell laughed and took my red gloved hand before running away from Molly and the Slytherins’. We stopped running when we approached a small alley way.

“This way G.” Molly said, catching up with us and running down the tiny back space without stopping.

“Don’t worry that it looks creepy on the outside.” Russ said frowning. “The torture starts when we go in.”

“Stop trying to scare her out of it.” I looked at Russell confused until I realized it was the echo of Molly’s call, also involving some serious damage to Russell’s arse if he didn’t get down there. I giggled and ran down after her.

“You know I can’t resist that giggle G, you’re torture.” Russ teased, following me in.

It was a long and thin black alley, only the flickering light of a small sign at the end that read Gambol and Japes.

“You’re taking me to a joke shop?” I asked quietly. “If you wanted to but supplies why didn’t you just go to your Uncle George?”

Molly laughed. “Oh lordy .. is Gambol and Japes still as joke shop in France?” I nodded. “It was put out of business years ago here by no other than my Uncle himself.” I could see there was a small amount of sadness in her eyes. Russell just bumped my shoulder with his own and gestured his head towards the door.

“Gambol and Japes each had daughters, none of them wanted to run a joke shop, so instead they all opened beauty shops only valid to a strict clientele.” I looked up to Russ with a smile on my face. This place was a beauty shop. He frowned; it was possibly the biggest display of nausea I’ve ever seen.

“Molly and her cousin’s Victoire and Dominique are close. Vic was the first to get on the VIP list, now Mol and Dom are on their too. Dom’s actually got a job in the G & J in Diagon Alley.”

I smiled and opened the door, pushing it a little further for Russell to walk in too. For a small clientele the place was booming. A few rich looking wizards and witches were getting their hair done in one section of the shop – a group of Hogwarts teenage girls were having their nails painted in one corner and three brightly coloured large bean bags were placed to one side – one green, one yellow and one pink. Shelves of products lined the walls, floor to ceiling and mirrors were instead of wallpaper or paint.

“Hiya Cassie.” Molly said walking up to the counter. “This is Georgie, and well, I bet you remember Russ.” She nodded with a huge smile on her face.

“She makes me come here every time.” He whispered harshly in my ear. I giggled and walked over to the counter, leaving Russell to ponder around the shop.

“What ever we have done today, can you just add it to Victorie’s tab please. She wont’ mind.”

I gasped. “No, Molly, I can’t let your cousin pay for me. I’ll pay my own, it’s fine.”

“No, it’s ok. Vic gets a discount cause of Dom anyways. Besides I’m sure after Christmas she’ll owe you something. Like stopping James from dying her hair blue, that kinda crap.”

“Christmas? Blue hair?”

“Yeah, well it’s near the end of November now and you’re spending at least a few days at the Wotter’s Christmas reunion, you get no say in that.” I smiled.

“Then you’ll have to come and stay with me and my father over the summer. It’ll be an experience I’ll give you that.” She laughed.

“Nothing can beat a Christmas with my family, seriously we reproduce like rabbits. It’s actually really scary.” Russ snorted from behind.

“Scary, is an understatement. There are hundreds of them.”

“Exaggeration.” Molly mumbled in my ear. “Well, just.”

I laughed and stepped towards the mirrors. “Just before I came to England I was going to die my hair brunette … what do you think of that?”

Russ turned to me and grabbed little bits of my hair. “But then we can’t call you Blondie.”

“Just because of that, it’s already got ticks in my book.” He chuckled. “And that wouldn’t stop you. I could shave my head and turn my skin green and you would still call me Blondie.”

“Because you would still be blonde. Duhh” I smiled. “Nahh, I guess you’re right, even if you had black hair you’d still be Blondie.”

Molly walked up behind us. “I love your hair though George. Don’t die it. At the worst cut it, but keep it long. I know it drives a certain boy crazy.”

“I could have webbed feet and still drive Al crazy.” I teased; Russ laughed while Molly just rolled her eyes and turned back to the counter. “OK, a cut it is please.”

Cassie pulled out a chair for me to sit in before tying up her long black hair with a brown hair tie. “You never know. I one worked for a woman who cut someone’s hair and managed to cut her own in the process.” She shrugged at my expression. “Yeah, I don’t know either.”

We both laughed as she picked up the scissors. “So what do you want done?”

I shrugged; my hair was way passed my mid-back now, with its state of curliness. It’s basically out of control 24/7. “I have no idea. I just want to be able to control it.”

She laughed. “I love your hair, it’s not often we get someone in who has natural ‘do’ like this.” She stuck her tongue out at Molly who returned the gesture rather happily.

I looked around briefly for Russ who seemed to have temporality disappeared. He was sitting on a small stool, his feet up on a woman’s lap and his fingers and toes being pampered by an array of different women.

“Does he always get that done?” I asked, as she used her wand to dampen my hair. When wet, its way down passed my butt. It’s just … uncontrollable.

“Yeah, I think he secretly likes it.” Cassie said smiling. She was pretty herself, she had olive skin and deep brown eyes. Her fingernails perfectly manicured and her hair light and wavy. “I know for a fact that the girls like him.” We both laughed as one of the youngest of the staff got seemingly closer and closer to Russell as the time passed.

Molly padded passed me, the toe separators that were carefully placed making it a lot harder for her to walk. If only, I had a camera. She collapsed in to the chair next to me with her hair in a towel and her fingers painted delicately.

“How have you done that so quickly?” I asked astonished.

“Well, I know what I want when I come here. So it’s quick and easy for me. But I prefer to stay in here for as long as possible.” She smiled. “And by the looks of things, so does Russell.”

Out of the corner of my eye I could spot the reflection of a certain brown haired boy having his nails painted a rather florescent shade of pink. It’s a good thing he’s buff.

I giggled and turned back to the mirror. My hair was awfully short now. The curls only reached to above my shoulders, layered and girly. It actually looked awesome. Each one to their own. It was totally me. A little crazy and a definite bed head look.

“G … You look … Merlin’s pants.” I laughed and smiled at Cassie greatness, still laughing a little at Molly’s babbling.

“I can straighten it if you want.” She said smiling. “It will only take a second, I can change it right back and if you like it I can teach you the spell.”

Molly answered yes before I could even blink. Cassie rolled her eyes playfully and pulled out her wand once again from the back of her trousers. Seriously, it’s the coolest thing ever; I might start keeping mine there too. But I just have to remember about it when I sit down. My mind continued to ponder until Cass flicked the short fringe that she had cut in to fit the shape of my forehead and then toss my hair over my shoulders.

When straightened it was so different, almost unrecognizable. I smiled and played with the ends a little more as Molly collected the spell from the counter.

Half an hour later - you could find the three of us collapsed on the bean bags located in the far side of the room. Russell lying on the green, Molly on the Pink and I on the Yellow. We were waiting for the last specks of paint to dry from our nails before we pulled our shoes on and left for another shop. Russ had decided to cut off his shaggy mop and die it blonde. It actually looked half decent, which was a definite difference to what Molly wanted him to do – don’t go there.

Molly looked different. Her mid-length hair was short, like mine was when curly. It flicked under at the ends and tickled her neck.

An hour after that – Spinning around a clothes shop, me with an array of warm Gryffindor scarves, Molly holding a new blouse and Russ, running about like a child with women’s lingerie on his head.

Thirty minutes after previous – after being asked to leave the last shop we ended up in Honeydukes them forcing Fudge and Chocolate down my throat. We took this time – while on hyper candy – to do the more boring things, making it a heck of a lot more fun than it should be. Russell charmed a shelf of books to attack Nott who had the nerve to follow me in to the shop and slap my butt.

Having been in Hogsmeade for hours and hours – we were still low on things we wanted. Russ and Molly decided to clue me in on James’s dad and their parent’s times at Hogwarts. It was truly fascinating. They brought me to the Shrieking Shack, where they told me of a man named Remus Lupin and how Teddy is somehow related to Victoire and then there’s a child involved or something, I really couldn’t keep up. Russell was right; there really are too many Weasley’s.

But the one thing that they both managed to agree on is how uptight Molly’s dad is. Apparently he’s the smart one of the Weasley family, the well behaved one. Molly was the rebel child from hell … and I could tell that she loved every second of it. Russ went to The Three Broomsticks and told Molly and I to meet him there in an hour. We had until then to shop. Yay, shopping.

We ran around like crazy people, spending my parent’s bank accounts like there was no end – they’re really not going to notice, nor will they care. We even bought a few Christmas gifts, a little early maybe, but at least were prepared.

We ran in to Nott again. Molly hexed him in the genitals before running in the opposite direction like a loony and knocking a poor Hufflepuff second year into the Hogsmeade fountain. She shouted an apology, not slowing down for one second to see if he was alright.

We went sledding – we actually went sledding. We fell down the side of the icy hill, rolling down head over heels and loosing our hats along the way! Molly had Accio-ed a sled; and off we went.

By the time we had reached the pub we had an entire set of Gryffindor themed items of clothing for me, a lot of pretty casual clothes and hair accessories for the new styles that Molly and I had received; her once long deep auburn hair now a short-ish deep brunette.

We pushed open the doors to the pub and sat down at the table where the rest of the gang – minus Hollie – were sitting. Fred and Rory pulling up to more chairs for us to sit on.

“Merlin ladies.” Fred said. “Did you buy all of Hogsmeade or something?”

“No.” I said happily.

“Just most of the town.” Molly added.

“Next on the list is a house.” We high fived giggling like little girls as Molly kicked off her shoes and placed her feet on the side of Russell’s legs, not thinking anyone had noticed.

“I love the hair by the way girls.” Rory said smiling. “How short is yours when it’s curly Blondie?”

I placed my hands up to around my shoulders and shrugged. “Short-ish.” James and Fred laughed while Molly and Russell were too caught up in each other to notice.

We were sitting in The Three Broomsticks for at least half an hour before some one came and asked if we could return the extra chairs back to their rightful tables. Molly and I stood up and placed them on to the small round table for four. Mol sat right back on to Russ’s lap while before I eve had the chance to stand there like an idiot waiting for somewhere to sit, James pulled me down in to the tiny space next to him, once again we were squished together.

Then he took my hand. Squee.

An; The original summery for this chapter was going to be simply 'Slap my butt', a quote taken from a passage near the end, but then I thought, that doesn't really give much infomation away, so I gave you the Hollie snippet instead. :P

I hope that you all liked this chapter. Not too much happened. But I like it, especially the beginning. Little bits throughout this chapter are important, so NOT FORGETTING! Kidding. XD of these so called torture devices that I know a 'Previews'...

“Oh, this coming from Little Miss Sarcasm. Hey everybody come over here and listen to the sarcasm Queen. Let everybody worship me and give me cuddles over my secret cuteness.” He said, giving a poorly acted impression of me.

“Honestly, boy.” I said quietly, but still ticked off. “Don’t go there.” The harshness of my tone only seemed to anger him more.

Oo-er. Harsh much. The next chapter is called Of Hypothetical Skating and Anger.

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