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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter, and the plot is based off of Vicki Lewis Thompson novel, Blonde with a Wand.



“Hermione? What’s going on?” Ginny asked as she walked out of the kitchen.


“Um, well it’s kind of hard to explain,” Hermione replied, feeling like maybe this wasn’t such a great idea to ask for help from anybody. How on earth was she suppose to explain something like this.


“You didn’t tell me you got a new cat?” Ginny said as she walked towards Draco who was still perched on top of her bookcase. “What a pretty kitty,” she cooed reaching out to pet him.


Draco pulled back his paw…hand, ready to swipe her hand away from him, his claws at the ready.


“Draco!” Hermione warned his as she caught him attempting to scratch the daylights out of Ginny.


“Whoa, Draco? Ha ha I knew you always had a crush on the guy, but I didn’t know you had it that bad, to name your new cat after him,” Ginny teased.


“I did not! And I didn’t name him that, um…that actually really is Draco,” Hermione said.


“Uh, come again?” Ginny asked looking back at the cat.


“Let me just start from the beginning,” gesturing towards the sofa for Ginny to have a seat. Hermione was too keyed up to sit still, so she paced in front of her mantel as she explained to Ginny what was happening.


All while Draco sat patiently on the bookcase following Hermione with his eyes, tail swishing back and forth as Hermione paced back and forth, listening intently.


“So I got this rare book I ordered for the shop, and I was reading on ancient transfigurations when Malfoy walked in…”


“Wait, Malfoy actually came into your shop? Why?”


“I don’t know? To buy a book,” Hermione said getting frustrated all over again.


“A book? On what?” Ginny asked disbelieving.


“On gardening and before you say anything it was for his mother or so he said,” Hermione warned as Ginny started chuckling. “So I don’t know, he pissed me off, and I might have possibly pulled out my wand on him and the next thing I knew he was a cat. But I swear to god I never casted a spell, I mean sure I threaten him with one but I wasn’t actually going to do it. And now…now I can’t do anything! My magic it’s…it’s gone.” Hermione tried to hold it together and not cry, she needed to be strong so she could fix this. Merlin, she’s been in worse situations then this and never once shuttered under pressure.


“Bloody Hell Hermione, you’re serious aren’t you?”


“Yes,” Hermione said regaining her strength. “That’s why I need you to help me, since I can’t do magic at the moment, I need you to help me with trying to undo the spell. And I really don’t want you to tell Harry or Ron. I mean I know their my best friends too and they wouldn’t turn me in, but I just really don’t want the Ministry to find out.” She pleaded.


“But Harry’s my husband and we tell each other everything and Ron’s my brother, I can’t not tell them,” Ginny explained.


“I know, but can you just not tell them right away, help me try to fix this first and if we can’t then you can tell them. Please?”


After Ginny thought it over for a minute she said, “fine, is there a counter-curse to whatever it is you think you did to him?” nodding over towards where Draco was sitting.


“No, that’s it, I reread the chapter where I saw it and there’s no counter-curse. It said it was only used on murders and criminals who do such horrible things that this was their punishment for breaking the law, to suffer for the rest of their lives in whatever form they take.” Hermione explained.


“Let me see the book in case you missed something,” Ginny said as she reached for the book on the coffee table.


Fuck, Draco thought. This has to be some messed up dream he is having. Of course if this was a dream, why the hell was he a cat and why was Granger in it, and not only her but now the Weaslette too. And now she’s saying that there is no counter-curse to this nightmare. And she has the nerve to tear up over it; she’s not the one who is currently a cat! And not only that, it’s permanent too? And what was that about her not being able to do magic? Could it be because she is responsible for turning him into a cat that she lost her magic ability? Does he still have magic? He tried to do some wand-less magic in his head, but nothing happened, maybe if he could get his wand, but how was he going to hold it? It’s not like he has opposable thumbs at the moment. He needs to take a look at this book, surely she missed something.


He hunched down preparing to jump down, but instead went flying half way across the room when he leaped miscalculating his landing spot, instead landing soundlessly on the hardwood floor. Damn that was close, he forget he had these new cat muscles and reflexes.


“Careful Malfoy you almost crashed into the coffee table,” Hermione said glancing down at him nervously as if she was afraid he attacked her. Instead he just hopped on the coffee table trying to get a better look at the book that cause this mess.


If this was a dream, which he thought, it has to be, maybe it’s one of those crazy sex dreams, and if it was maybe he should just play along and then Hermione will change him back, and then they will shag each others brains out, then he’ll wake up. Of course if it was a sex dream he doesn’t want the Weaslette in it so hopefully she’ll leave. Of course Hermione wouldn’t exactly be his first choice to have dream sex with, and if it’s a dream then it’s not real so what does it matter? But if he had to choose between the two it’ll be Granger. Merlin he can’t believe he almost kissed her and actually wanted to kiss her back at her shop. Oh wait, this is a dream right? So therefore since this isn’t real that wasn’t real either.


            Maybe this was his mind telling him he needed to get laid more often. He was always known as the Sex God back at Hogwarts, not that, that wasn’t true, but it certainly was an exaggeration. In truth he only went all the way with two girls, but with rumors and gossip it turned into every girl in Slytherin and many more, blah, blah. It’s not that he didn’t like sex; he loved sex, he just rather it mean something rather then meaningless shag or a one night stand. He’s been pretty much a workaholic since getting out of school and hasn’t gone out much. Sure there were a few women, but definitely not the One. He just was never in the mood. He almost would rather work, then have to endure shagging some random woman just for the sake of shagging. Merlin was he pathetic or what?


            So maybe this is a good thing, that this was happening to him or it’s a good thing that he ‘dreaming’ this is happening to him, he reminded himself. Besides in his ‘dream’ Hermione was certainly more attractive then he remembered, her bushy hair was now tamed and fell in long soft curls making him want to run his fingers through it, her eyes were innocent and reminded him of chocolate. She had creamy white skin like buttermilk that looked soft and smooth, long legs and slightly curvy hips, tiny waist and small but perky breast, just big enough to fit perfectly into the palms of his hands. Merlin, he sure wishes this dream of his would hurry along already. He didn’t like being stuck as a cat. Maybe it would help if he help look over the book, it wouldn’t hurt to have a third pair of eyes. Of course it was rather difficult trying to read upside down. 


“Why did you cast a spell that has no counter-curse?” Ginny asked.


“I didn’t know it didn’t have a counter-curse, and I didn’t cast the spell. At least not on purpose, it must have been like a knee jerk reaction or something,” Hermione said.


“That’s so unlike you,” Ginny pointed out.


“Yeah, well I was a little flustered at the moment, what with Malfoy trying to piss me off.” No was in hell was she going to tell Ginny that she almost kissed him before it happened.


“Well he must have really pissed you off then if you unconsciously turned him into a cat.” Ginny said.


“Well, he was, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to he a cat for the rest of his life.”


“Or that you should lose your magic for the rest of yours.” Ginny said.


“Wait, what? Hermione glanced up at Ginny.


Ginny squeezed her shoulder. “It says here, that if a witch or wizard transforms a person into an animal, no matter what the reason, they much reverse the spell within ten minutes.”


“Ten minutes?”


“That’s all the time they have before they lose their magic abilities. And those abilities won’t be restored until the person is restored to his or her original form.” Ginny continued. “Maybe we could get somebody who knows what their doing to help. I mean I’m more then willing to help in anyway I can, but I’m not as smart as you, and if you don’t know what to do, then how will I?”


“No, we have to figure this out, just the two of us, together we can figure it out, just no outside help, not yet, not until we’ve tried everything.”


“Okay,” Ginny let out a sign and continued reading.


            Hermione went over to the bookcase and started pulling out anything and everything she could think of to help solve this and taking them back over to where Ginny was sitting on the sofa and Draco on the coffee table.




“Hum?” she said not looking up from the book she had in her lap.


“What is Malfoy covered in?”


“Huh? Oh um chocolate milkshake, it fell on him when he changed,” she explained as she looked over at Malfoy. Merlin, how could she have overreacted so badly, sure he’s and ass but he doesn’t deserve this, she thought.


“I guess that means you get to give him a bath” Ginny said wiggling her eyebrows and breaking Hermione’s concentration.


“Yeah I guess, but only because I don’t want him to die, cats can be deadly allergic to chocolate, so don’t lick yourself.” She pointed to Draco.


            Like I would want to, Draco thought rolling his eyes.


After a while Ginny looked over at Hermione, “finding anything?”


“No nothing, it all the same stuff.”


“Maybe there is some kind of potion you can make to change him back?”


“Maybe?” Hermione thought.


            Just then Ginny’s cell phone rang, “that’s probably Harry. Lily still has that ear infection.” Ginny said as she went into the kitchen to take the call.


            Hermione continued to read, thinking about what Ginny said about the potion, she’ll have to look into that. She wasn’t the best at potions, but she remembered Draco was pretty good at it, maybe he’ll find something?


“That was Harry, Lily’s been asking for me and it’s getting really late.” Ginny said as she walked back into the living room.


“So you’re leaving?”


“Yeah, but I’ll come by first thing tomorrow to help I promise.” She said as she was retrieving her coat. “Call me if anything changes okay?”

“Okay.” Great now what? She can’t fix this on her own and now she has to cat sit Draco for the night. That is unless he changes back on his own, but that’s wishful thinking.






“You do realize that when you turn him back it could mean a lot of trouble for you?”


“I’m well aware of that,” Hermione replied.


“Have you considered not changing him back?”


In the silence that followed, Draco’s blood ran cold.   



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