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A/n: cute little plot bunny that attacked late last night **note: just edited this so the mistakes should be all good now***

 solareclispe at TDA made this lovely image for the story :)
weasleypotter2-2bysolareclispe.png picture by twitchy_little




Ginny Potter surveyed her surrounding with a pleased smile. A large banner reading “Congrats!” hung haphazardly from the mantle of the burrows fireplace. Today was Ginny’s baby shower. In one corner of the room, a pile of presents was growing steadily. In another, George was scaring Teddy and Victoire with his missing ear, insisting that it fallen off from Angelina’s constant nagging.


Ginny felt two arms snake their way around her waist, and chin resting on top of her head, “Having a good time?” asked Harry.


Ginny twisted her head around so she could look up at the man she loved. In her eyes, he still looked exactly the same as he had in their school years. Same glasses (no matter how much anyone tried, he refused to get a new pair), the same unruly messy black hair that stuck out of his head at slightly peculiar angles and most of all, the same bright green eyes that she loved so much.


“Definitely, can’t wait to open up presents!” Opening presents had always been a favorite of Ginny’s.


Before either could say anything more, a knock sounded at the door signifying another arrival. Harry made a move to answer it but Ginny said, “No, I’ll get it. Go save Teddy from George’s teasing.”


For lack of a better word, Ginny waddled over to the door, her hand resting on her stomach. Pulling open the door Ginny’s face lit up, “Luna!” Ginny immediately pulled Luna into a tight hug, “I was worried.”


Ginny stepped to the side allowing Luna and Rolf to enter. Rolf was holding their son, Lorcan, who was making spit bubbles with his lips.


“Yes, we were delayed,” Luna said while giving Rolf a purposeful look and then added, “Don’t ever put Harry in charge of preparing the baby to go out.”


Then, in a lowered whisper, “The Gregigs get to their heads once they become fathers.”


Ginny laughed, “I’ll have to look out for those.”


Luna gave Ginny a confused look, “They’re invisible. You can’t see them. Are you feeling alright?”

“Oh yes, of course, how could I forget? Anyway, everyone is in the living room right now, and I think we’re opening presents soon!”   


Ginny next ended up on one of the couches sitting between Charlie and the ever aging Auntie Muriel.


Charlie wrapped a protective arm around Ginny, “Geez, hard to believe my little sis is having a baby and I’m not even married!”


Auntie Muriel seemed to agree with this statement, “Yes Charlie, you are growing so old. Soon you won’t even be able to have children.”


Charlie leaned in and whispered to Ginny, “I’m so old? Has she looked in a mirror lately?”


Auntie Muriel placed a withered hand on Ginny’s stomach, “Oh, you’ve got a kicker in there. You know what that means.”


Ginny frowned, “No, what does that mean?”


“Well, both of my dearest friends, Doreen and Filma had kickers when they were pregnant…”


Charlie coughed, “How long ago was that?”


Auntie Muriel seemed not to have heard, “…and we all know how that ended.”


“I’m pretty sure we don’t know how that ended,” Charlie pointed out, earning a punch in the leg from his sister.


Auntie Muriel set a cold gaze on Charlie, “Well, let’s just say Charlie here was a kicker, Ginevra.”


Delighted screams sounded from across the room as George chased Victoire around the room with salami covering his eyes.


“And so were the twins. But little Percy here wasn’t, were you now, Percy?”


Percy, who had unfortunately decided to walk past the couch in order to get a drink refill, had his arm trapped in Auntie Muriel’s vice like grip. Clearly not knowing what the conversation was about Percy nodded vigorously, “Not me Auntie Muriel! Would you like something to drink while I’m up?”


Charlie and Ginny shared a look; Percy had always been the suck up.


“No thank you Percy, Auntie Muriel is fine.”

Soon enough came the time Ginny had been looking forward to more than anything about her shower, the gifts. Auntie Muriel remained next to Ginny on the couch, but Harry had replaced Charlie.


Excitedly Ginny picked up the first box and read the card, “Congrats Ginny and Harry, love Bill, Fleur, Victoire and Dominique.”


Harry leaned forward to watch Ginny unwrap the gift, but knew enough not to try and help. Ginny peeled all of the paper off in one try and opened the box to reveal a blue baby blanket, “Thanks so much! It’s so soft!”


In her thick French accent Fleur smiled, “Yez, well it ez French!”


George tossed over a bag to Ginny, “From me and Angie.”


Digging through the tissue paper Ginny pulled out a classic looking teddy bear. Harry said, “Thanks, I bet he’ll love this!”


The gift list had ended up being a toy broom from Ron and Hermione, a set of knit sweaters from Arthur and Molly, more stuffed animals from Charlie, bibs from Andromeda and Teddy, shoes from Percy and Audrey, even more stuffed animals from Kingsley Shacklebolt who had made a brief appearance, and a dream catcher ‘to protect him from nargles’ from Luna.


Finally there was just one gift left, Auntie Muriel’s. Proceeding with caution Ginny opened up the gift, only to find out that it was actually a very nice set of baby onesies in varying shades of green.  


Ginny held them up for everyone to see, “How lovely! They’ll match perfectly with his red Weasley hair!”


Harry who had been stroking Ginny’s stomach paused, laughing, “Haha yes well. That’s funny, since we all know my boy will have his dad’s black hair.”


Ginny immediately put down the gift and forced a smile, “Sweetie, everyone knows the Weasley red hair is dominant.”


Harry dropped his smile, “That’s funny, because the Potter black unruly hair is also dominant.”


Everyone in the room sensed the argument and unconsciously stepped away from the couple.


“Auntie Muriel, please explain to Harry here that Weasley children always get red hair,” Ginny turned to her great aunt.


“It’s true young man, just look at my locks,” Auntie Muriel stroked her hair.


Everyone chose to ignore the fact that Auntie Muriel’s hair had not seen a color other than gray in a very long time.


“Well that solves it then, since he is a Potter.”  Harry added a lighthearted laugh, which people in the room joined in on.


Ginny felt a twinge of anger bubble up in her, she couldn’t help it, she had the Weasley temper, much like their child would have Weasley hair.


“And he will be half Weasley,” Ginny paused and looked at all of her siblings, “Am I right here?”


Fleur decided to add her input, “I agree with ‘Arry. Look at my Victoire, she does not ‘ave red hair.”


Harry nodded, “Thank you Fleur.”


Bill spoke up too, “Yeah, sorry Gin, I have to agree with Fleur, it is possible that he won’t have red hair.”


Ginny narrowed her eyes, “First of all, you’re only saying that since she is your wife. And second of all, look at your shade of red; it’s not nearly as vibrant as mine. Obviously yours was easy to override.” 


Bill seemed to shrink back, touching his hair. “Is it really not vibrant?”  He whispered to Fleur.


“No, your ‘air iz beautiful, mon amour.” Fleur consoled him.


Ron spoke up on his sister’s behalf, “Oh come on, Ginny is right. There’s no denying the Weasley red.”


Hermione smacked Ron’s shoulder, “Just stay out of it, Ronald. Besides, you couldn’t possibly know that for sure.”


Ron looked affronted, “Oh? I couldn’t possibly know that? Well let me tell you…” he faltered a little, “I do know it. I do!”


Hermione scoffed, “Yes, obviously.”


Kingsley Shacklebolt’s low and steady voice raised above Ron and Hermione’s bickering, “Genetically speaking, black is dominant to red, which is recessive…” Kingsley paused when he saw the look Ginny was throwing his way, “You know what? It’s been a great time, and thank you for inviting me, but being the Minister of Magic, I have some…ministerly duties to attend to, so if you’ll excuse me.”


After Kingsley had excited Percy piped up, “Kingsley was right. The kid will for sure have Harry’s hair.”


Hermione nodded, “Yes. I agree with Percy and Kingsley.”


George jumped in, “All right everybody, all right. I think one thing we can all agree on, is that genetics obviously don’t apply to red hair. It’s magic.” He wiggled his fingers as he said this.


Hermione interjected, “I’m pretty sure nobody agrees with that George.”


Arthur, deciding that he was the wisest, stepped forward, “I see only one solution to this kids. A vote!”


Charlie spoke, “Yes! Good one Dad. People who side with Harry, that side of the room, People who are correct follow me to this side of the room.”


Everyone made their way to their respective sides. (Though Harry had trouble getting there when Auntie Muriel elbowed him in the ribs as he passed by her)


When everyone had reached their sides the standings were such:


With Ginny: George, Arthur, Charlie, Ron, Audrey, Andromeda, Angelina and Luna.


With Harry: Hermione, Percy, Bill, Fleur, Rolf, Victoire and Teddy.


Quickly everyone counted.


“We win!” Shouted Ginny.


Harry shouted over the mini victory party that was taking place, “Wait a minute! Kingsley was on our side! It’s a tie!”


Ginny paused and ran the numbers through her head. Her eyes widened and looked around the crowded room, “Who didn’t vote? Who didn't vote!?"


Just that moment Molly burst through the kitchen door holding a large cake,


“Who wants cake?”



A/n: Haha like I said I randomly thought it would be funny if everyone argued over the hair color, since Weasley red and Potter Black/unruly were supposed to be so….you know. Well I hope you all enjoyed my first one-shot, tell what you thought!

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