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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter and the plot of this story belongs to Vicki Lewis Thompson and her novel Blonde with a Wand.




            Oh Merlin, what had she done? She quickly raced around the counter to the pile of clothes that now lay currently in a puddle on the floor where Malfoy was standing…or well is still standing just not in his human form. Oh god, oh god, oh god, what did she do? She didn’t even cast a spell, how could this have happened? She was reading the chapter in the book on ancient transfigurations and sure she thought about turning Malfoy into something vile, but she wasn’t actually going to do it. She remembered reading the spell a few times thinking it was a rather simple spell, but oh god! How could this have happened? She quickly scooped up the clothes and the now empty shoes and the cat…uh Malfoy out of view from everyone else. Oh Merlin, everyone else! It was nearly 9:00pm now, but the streets and sidewalks were still busy with people milling about and all her lights were on which meant anybody could have easily seen what happened. Oh god, she could go to Azkaban if this gets out or a muggle happened to witness this mishap. “Stop moving Malfoy, I need to get us out of here and back to my apartment so I can fix this. Ouch! That’s my arm!” she roared as Malfoy apparently figured out how to use his claws. “I promise I’ll fix this just stop moving,” she quickly looked about the shop and gathered everything she needed, her bag as well as the book that started this in the first place. She quickly stuffed the book into her bag and fished out her keys preparing to lock up. She didn’t have time to put the money from the cash register in the back, but it should be okay she had many magical wards set up around her shop so it should keep out trouble. She turned the lights off and locked the door and started towards her apartment.



            “I swear to god Malfoy, if you don’t stop digging your claws…I mean nails into my arm I’m going to drop you and leave you here and then you’ll have to fix this yourself,” she whispered. And all she got was a hiss from Malfoy through the bundle of clothing she was hugging against her chest.


“Hermione dear, is that you? What do you have in your arms? And why are you in such a hurry? You know it’s not proper for ladies to run.”


“Sorry Ms. Moffit. I just need to take care of something,” and of course Malfoy choose that moment to make himself known by meowing at the top of his lungs.   


“Dear heavens, is that a cat you have there?”


“Yes Ms. Moffit, I found him out by my shop and I thought I take him in until I find a new home for him.” Hermione lied. Merlin, Ms. Moffit, her neighbor was a sweet older women, but the one thing she hated was animals of any kind.


“Well you better be careful with that, especially strays, they could have diseases and who knows what else. In fact, there is a 24 hour pet clinic down the road and they have a special going on that will spay and neuter dogs and cats for free.”


            Even though Draco wasn’t accustom to all things muggle, he knew what the word neutered implied and like hell if he was going to let that happen. He started to move but Hermione just clutched him tighter against her chest probably to keep him from bolting.


“Well that’s nice, but I would rather I take him to my own vet to get him checked out. But unfortunately their closed now so I’ll have to take him another time,” Hermione said trying to keep walking away from Ms. Moffit so she could get inside.


“Well you need to get him fixed as soon as possible we can’t have him going around impregnating all the other strays who roam around these parts. If you don’t do it soon I’ll be forced to take him in myself and don’t think I won’t, that last thing we need is a male cat full of sperm.” Ms. Moffit warned.


“Thanks, but like I said I’ll take care of it. Have a good night Ms. Moffit,” she said as she opened her door to her apartment and walked inside. “That was close,” she said out loud mainly to herself. Still holding Malfoy and his clothes against her chest she walked into her living room and was immediately greeted by her cat Crookshanks. “Now Crookshanks you’re going to have to be nice to Malfoy, he’s not used to this.” Crookshanks glanced at her lazily then sniff the air and let out a hiss and bolted out of the room. “Okay well that went better then I thought it would.”    



            When they entered what he guessed was her home he was immediately assaulted by a smell that could only mean that there was another cat in the area. How he knew that smell meant cat he didn’t know, but he knew regardless. Oh great she still has that fluff ball of a monster that she had back in school. What was its name? Cracksticks? Whatever he didn’t care he just wanted Granger to let go of him so he could run away and hide and figure out what the hell happened to him. He obviously realized he was now in a cat form, but he could still think like himself although he couldn’t talk; every time he tried to speak it came out as a meow or a hiss. He rather hiss then meow, it just seemed manlier and besides it described exactly how he felt at the moment. Oh Hermione was going to pay when she changed him back.



            “Okay Malfoy, I’m going to put you down now, you can’t run way because I need to change you back and the sooner the better…hey!” Draco bolted as soon as Hermione let go of him. He didn’t know where he was going he just headed through the closest open door, though all the lights were off it didn’t matter because apparently he had excellent night vision now and he ran into the room which he guessed was her bedroom. He could make out a bed, at least that is what he assumed was a bed, it was hard to tell when you are only 10inches tall. He could hear Hermione coming down the hall so he ran under the bed into the farthest corner. Ha she won’t get mehere, he thought.


“Malfoy come out from under there.” He saw her bend down and peak under the bed. “I need to change you back. And I know you won’t want to change back when your under the bed,” she warned.


Damn she’s right, he thought, but he was far to stubborn to do what Granger told him to do, he’ll come out when he feels like it. So in answering he let out a hiss in her direction.


“Ugh, I’ll just have to get you out myself.” She left the bedroom to retrieve her wand. When she came back she looked under the bed, and sure enough he was still there in the farthest corner, but she could easily spot him with his pale yellow fur…hair, he practically glowed in the dark.


            She pointed to the bed and did the whole switch and flick motion to levitate the bed. “Huh? That’s weird,” she said. She tried again and nothing. “Maybe if I say it out loud, Wingardium Leviosa,” she said in a clear voice and still…nothing. “What on earth? I’ll just have to get the broom,” she said as she left the room. Why wasn’t her magic working? She tried turning on the lights on and off and still nothing, then she tried turning on the blender she had in the kitchen. “What the hell?” she was starting to panic. But she wasn’t going to ask for help, not yet. She was the one to make this mess, now she’s going to clean it up on her own. Nobody except Malfoy and herself will know what happened. Of course having Malfoy involved could cause all sorts of trouble for her, maybe she could use a memory charm on him after she turned him back, but even that was illegal and she already broke enough rules as is. “There has to be a counter-curse in that book,” she muttered to herself as she fished out the broom from her closet.



            She walked back into her bedroom and sure enough Malfoy was still under the bed. So she got down on her hands and knees and stuck the broom under the bed and was met with a hissing yowling Draco, who was now running back into the living room. “Works every time.”



            Merlin what the hell? She turned him into a cat and now she comes after him with a broom, why couldn’t she just leave him alone. I mean really it was just a broom, he thought, but when your 10inches tall and weigh 6pounds, that broom is like trying to beat away a dragon with a stick. Luckily he was running away from her now. Damn-it her monster cat is blocking the way, now what? He looked up and without thinking leaped up onto the tallest bookcase. The fur ball just stared up at him growling. Ha well, look who can’t jump high? He wanted to brag. Just then Hermione walked back in, “Crookshanks stop tormenting Draco.” She picking up Crookshanks and putting him in the broom closet along with the Dragon Broom of Death she shoved at him earlier.


            When she turned around she noticed him looking at her from on top of the bookcase he was claiming. “What? Don’t freak out he actually likes it in there, besides it’s probably for your own good, he doesn’t play well with others.” He just continued to stare at her because that was pretty much all he could do at the moment. “Okay lets change you back shall we?” she walked over and picked up her book that was in her bag and set it on the coffee table and started flipping through the pages.



            As she was looking for the counter-curse, Draco was watching her and trying to figure out what he was going to do to her once she changed him back, first off he was going to turn her into the Ministry, I’ll sure they’ll love to hear how Little Miss Perfect managed to screw up so badly, then he would…


“Damn-it! There’s no counter-curse listed here, shit.” He was cut off from his evil planning when she got up and started pacing and swearing. Huh? He had no idea Miss Goody Two Shoes had such a colorful vocabulary.


“Maybe I do need help with this. I’ll have to get back-up,” she muttered.


Back-up! He thought, oh hell she better not get Potter or Weasley here to help out, he doesn’t want them to know what kind of state he’s in. She went over to the kitchen and picked up some sort of contraption and held it to her ear. Must be what the muggles call a phone. They have such weak means of communication.


“Ginny, hi…oh um…I’m okay. Listen I need your help, could you come over it’s sort of an emergency. But please don’t tell Harry anything…okay thanks, see you then, bye.” Thank god she convinced Harry and Ginny to get cell phones. Some people could get suspicious when you constantly have owls coming through you window all the time. Just then she heard a pop coming from her kitchen. “That must be Ginny,” she said up towards Draco then pointed at him, “Behave!”


Which he just replied with a hiss.



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