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Image By Genevieve @ TDA

Harry woke to the sweet smell of vanilla, he turned to see Hermione curled up in a ball beside him, he smiled, and revelled in her beauty for a minute, before waking her up. She smiled at him, then remembered that she was in the common room, naked. She jumped up and quickly got dressed. Just as Harry and Hermione finished, Ginny and Ron came down.

“You're up early” Ron commented.

“We crashed here last night.” Harry said, and Hermione nudged him. “We got chatting last night and fell asleep here” He added.

Satisfied, Ginny and Ron, nodded and headed out the door for breakfast. Harry and Hermione both went for showers, before heading down. Today was the last day for the everyone, and a special day for the seventh years. Most of them would probably never return to Hogwarts. After a walk around Hogsmede, Ginny and Ron along with the rest of the student body boarded the train leaving Harry and Hermione at Hogwarts. Both Harry and Hermione were left without homes. Harry vowed never to go back to the Dursleys, and he didn't want to live in Sirius' house because of the painful memories and he didn't want to live with the Weasley's because he wanted independence. Hermione's home was destroyed in the war and Dumbledore was currently in oz, looking for her parents to restore their memories.  So whilst McGonagall looked for a home for Harry, he and Hermione stayed at Hogwarts.

Things became awkward for Harry and Hermione, neither could look at eachother properly, they blushed when their hands touched, and when they caught eachother looking at eachother. Harry spent most of his time in his room, going over what had happened with Hermione, and how it would hurt Ginny if she ever found out.

Hermione burried herself into her books, reading almost the entire library. She spent most nights crying herself to sleep. She kept remembering the amazing time she had with Harry, and then how she couldn't be with him because she would only hurt Ron.

One afternoon, Hermione, who was feeling unwell and slightly hormonal, decided enough was enough, she had been friends with Harry for too long for their relationship to end, just because they had sex. She stormed up to his room, and bladdered the door.

"Hermione are you O.k" He asked when he answered the door.

"Harry we have been friends for two long, for us too grow apart just because we had sex" she blurted.

"Hermione, we can't exactally remain friends, after having sex" Harry began, but he never got to finnish, because Hermione let out a squeak and ran off. Sighing he closed his door and started packing.

Soon enough they were both leaving. McGonagall had found Harry a two bed, detached home, two miles from the Weasley's. Dumbledore had found Hermione's parents, plus a new four bed home, three miles from Harry's. Much to Hermione's dismay.

 Hermione had been sick for the past week and a half, and was currently visiting the Matron. She thought she ad a bug and was a tad depressed.

“All right Hermione. I know what the problem is” Madame Pomfrey said

“Have I got some sort of tummy bug. Maybe the food wasn't cooked right at the party”

“I'm afraid it's much more complicated than that. Hermione you're pregnant” Pomfrey smiled.

“I'm What?!” Hermione shrieked.

“Two weeks gone. I think”

“How can you be sure?” she asked, still in shock.

“I felt your stomach, and I defiantly feel something in there, but I can do a spell to double check to make sure.” She offered. All Hermione could do was nod. Pomfrey brought out her wand and performed a spell. A crystal clear picture of Hermione's womb appeared, along with a picture of a tiny foetus, no bigger than a peanut.

“Oh my Merlin” Hermione said shocked

“ It take it this wasn't planned” Pomfrey said knowingly.

“I didn't even plan to sleep with the father. It just happened.” she explained “ Not that I don't love the father” she added at the look on Pomfrey's face. “It's just we weren't together for a reason. Now, everything has just became so much more complicated.”

“There are options, you don't have to have the baby, you could abort”

“Abortion is not an option, It's my fault I shouldn't punish the baby”

“Well the other option would be, adoption” Hermione considered the option, it wasn't a bad choice to make but would it be the right choice for her. She would need time to think.

“I would need some time to think about that option.”

“And the father?” Madame Pomfrey asked.

“ Harry must never know” Hermione said firmly. Not after what he had said.

“Harry! Harry Potter is the father! But family is everything to that boy.”

“I know, but atleast not for now.” Hermione said. Madame Pomfrey could do nothing but nod and agree, after all patient confidentiality is a strict rule.

After her visit to Madame Pomfrey's Hermione avoided Harry at all costs, she had locked herself in her room, with nothing for company but her thoughts and crookshanks. Harry had tried many times to get her to come out, but Hermione gave him the excuse that she had a real bad tummy bug and didn't want to infect him. Hermione thought and thought for hours about what to do. Abortion was a big NO! So the only other options were Adoption or Single Parent, and neither was the option she wanted to go with.

Adoption came with many pro's and con's. The pro's were, the baby would have two parents, with money, good jobs and lot's of stability for the baby, plus she would be giving a precious gift to a couple who couldn't have children. The con's unfortunately out weighed the pro's. First of all, it was a 99.9% percent cert it would be a magical child, so that eliminated the chance of giving to a muggle couple, which left her with the option of giving to a magical family, but that brought about the problem of the baby looking like Harry. If the child was born with any resemblance to Harry, then the adoptive family would know immediately and her cover would be blown. Then there was the problem of giving up the child, could she give up her and Harry's baby. But if she kept it and the child looked like Harry, then apart from the obvious fact that everyone would know, she would be left with the constant reminder of the fact that she had a child with Harry.

Everything was so complicated, and she was only seventeen. She wasn't with Harry, he didn.'t even want to know her right now  Was she capable of making such a huge decision on her own? She needed a mature opinion from someone whom was the oldest person she knew. Dumbledore. Hermione had a quick shower and, made herself a tad more presentable. She made some excuse to Harry, and made her way to Dumbledore office. It only took her fifteen minutes to get there, with only one pit stop to the bathroom, to be sick. Once inside Dumbledore's office Hermione explained everything to Dumbledore and the decisions she is left with. And being the ever great Headmaster that he was, he listened with no interruptions and no criticism.

“I have only one thing to say to you Miss Granger, and that is, when it comes to going through the nine months taking care of your baby, nurturing it, watching it grow. Then going through the long and painful labour. Would you really be able to give up your baby that is half yours and half Harry's. Judging by what you were saying. I think you've already made up your mind, you just needed someone to confirm it for you.” Hermione nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Hermione, I have no doubt that Harry is the love of your life, you just don't know if your his. I won't tell him but I think you should, but I won't push you”

“Thank you Professor”Hermione said standing up to leave.

“Can I ask you a favour?” She asked, turning 'round at the door.

“Of course”

“Can you perform the concealment charm on me, just until I'm ready to tell Harry.”

“As you wish” Dumbledore said, he lifted his want and did a complicated movement. Hermione felt something cold travel down her body.

“Now only you can see the bump Hermione”.

“Thank you sir”

“My Pleasure”.

Hermione left the office much happier, she knew now what she was going to do, even though it would be hard, she couldn't give up her baby. Hermione's happiness was short lived when she turned a corner and ran into Harry.

"Hermione, I've been looking every where for you." Harry began

"I have some where to be Harry" Hermione cut across him, she sidestepped him. But he stood infront of her, and made her look at him.

"Hermione, about what I said the other night. I just meant that we had gone past the boundaries of friendship, not that we can't be friends anymore" He explained. She smiled and hugged into him. He was surprised, but hugged her back all the same. A few minutes later, and Hermione broke from their hug, she looked into his green eyes, and realised how close they were. Electricity charged between them, Harry leaned in for a kiss, but Hermione pulled away.

"Harry I have to go" She said, and ran down the corridor

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