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Another incredible chapter image by Lady Malfoy!

 ^^ Scarlett ^^

Scorpius POV 

Walking in the common room at six o’clock, I rub my eyes, and then rake my hands through my hair. It’s far too early to be awake; but I can’t get her naked body out of my mind. She’s grown into a woman, and I’m forbidden to even give her the time of day. 

It’s Rose. Bloody lower class, inferior, mind numbing Rose. I can’t get her out of my head. 

“Fuck,” I mutter. I started casually swearing because she did – it’s common practise to find us throwing insults at each other now. I never mean mine. 

That’s a lie; I mean them in the worst way. I want her to cry so I can apologise and tell her I never mean it. 

Which is worse than not meaning them, by far. If I didn’t mean them, at least I’d have some redemption. 

But no. I want Rose, I’ve wanted her since we were first friends, and I can never have her. Malfoy’s don’t do love. I’ll probably end up marrying some horse faced bitch just because she’s pure blooded. Like I give a shit. 

I think tradition is bollocks – I don’t want to have kids just so my Grandfather can do the proud ‘I was once a pure blood maniac death eater’ smirk. Dad would probably do the face too. Sorry, father. If I called him dad to his face, he’d probably implode. Dad is an affectionate word. Malfoy’s don’t do affection. 

“Alright, Malfoy?” Amanda Goyle calls to me. I nod in reply. She has to be the ugliest person in the year; it’s like someone took a fat boys body and planted boobs on it. 

There’s another thing, I don’t like being called Scorpius. Only Rose calls me Scorpius. 

Or Scorp. 

I miss the days when she used to call me Scorp. 

Before I let it slip to my dad and pissed it all up, I used to call her Flower. Sometimes I hear Olivia call her that, and my chest tightens. It’s not a bad thing, sometimes I enjoy the feeling. Mainly it corresponds with a lack of concentration, as I try to hear her say compliments and pretend I’m nearer to her. 

This all sounds like complete toss, but the sad fact is it’s true. I’m more of a loser than I swear she is. My own girlfriend notices when she’s around. She’s fully aware of my situation; namely, every time she sees Rose she says something along the lines of ‘Here comes your love hater’ or ‘Breathe, shit face’. 

I do love Scarlett, just not as much as Rose. She’s just more of a friend. In fact, it’s a sham. I pretend to go out with her, when I’m constantly pining like a bloody puppy after Rose. The same Rose who recently acquired a boyfriend, without my help. I wanted her to go out with Marius for entirely selfish purposes, I wanted her near me. And Marius follows me because he’s useless, meaning Rose would be following me too. I’d love it more than my sick mind can bear. 

I meant to make her naked. I thought she might steal my clothes, but instead I ended up with a second arse on my back, and once I got that off I looked at her and was suddenly a mouse. In a jam jar. 

“Malfoy! Oi, mouse face!” 

I turn to see Scarlett waving the Hogwarts Rag like a mad woman, emerging from the girl’s dorm in a dressing gown, a tank top and my boxers. For all her sexiness, I still don’t love her. I really am screwed. 

“Have you seen this?” She asks breathlessly, shoving the paper in my face. 

“No,” I reply, taking it from her. “I’m on the 'Twats list' because I told her there’s no chance in fuck she’ll ever get me in her broom cupboard.” 

The front picture is of Rose and a boy from my lessons, blond one that was going to sit by her in Potions before I demanded to be moved. I wanted to be moved next to her, of course. If I’m not allowed to be civil with her I can at least inhale her scent. She smells like fruit and honey, and occasionally there’s a touch of vanilla. Not that I would know. 

Rose has a boyfriend. 

She has a boyfriend. Officially. 

“Fuck!” I exclaim. 

“Yeah,” Scarlett agrees, “It gets worse. Apparently, according to Verity, all her boyfriends have been blonde and she has an unhealthy obsession with an unnamed boy who hates her.” 

“That’s a lie,” I say sharply, but I’m not quite sure what part I’m disagreeing with. 

Scarlett raises an eyebrow. “Now might be the time to stop calling her a bitch and start just smiling and nodding. You have to work with her in Care Of Magical Creatures, you know.” 


“No, good! You can stop being daddy’s traditional arse wipe and start being a nice guy!” 

I glare at her. She tries to yank the newspaper out of my hands, but I’m gripping it so strongly she gives up and picks up a pillow, whacking me over the head with it. 

When she’s done attacking me, she throws the pillow at my head and marches off, presumably to plot ways she can blackmail me into disobeying my family. 

“Brilliant,” I hiss, looking back down at the picture of Rose and her new dunce, who are now snogging on the edge of the outline. The caption reads ‘An artist’s impression of their days together’. 

I hope to Potter I never catch them doing that. 

“Halloween Ball!” I overhear Caspar shriek, “Fucking Halloween Ball! With ‘mystery guest’!” 

“Calm down, Cas,” Rose responds, “It’s just a dance.” 

I’m eavesdropping again. We’re in Charms, and I have to spend all of next lesson with Rose, Olivia and Caspar, so I should be listening to Scarlett bribing me. 

“—please, Hyperion,” she hisses, “Stop gazing at her arse and pretending you’re not listening in, and pay attention to me!” 

“Don’t use my stupid middle name,” I reply from the corner of my mouth, “It’s a shit name and you know it.” 

“Finally, a response!—“ 

She continues to rant, but I drown her out, searching for Rose’s voice again. 

“...calm down, Cas, Livi will help you spend stupid amounts of money so you look prettier than is humanly possible,” she was saying, “And as for the guest, I know who it is. Take that, you lazy bitches!” 

“How the hell do you know that?” Olivia asks, “I bet James told you. He’ll tell me, right?” 

“Nope, I know because—“ 

“Girls, are you working? Show me your pineapple’s wings!” Professor Tonty interrupts.
All three of the ‘diamond girls’ ace the spell. Old Tonty picks on them because they talk over his lectures, but they’ve never slipped up. One day, they’ll be having a shit day and will slip up. I’m sure. 

My own pineapple is hovering an inch above my desk on thin, delicate wings. 

“Very beautiful,” Tonty remarks as it falls back to earth with a soft splat, “But useless. Try again, Mr Malfoy.” 

I look forwards grumpily again to see the three friend’s fruit flying around their heads, laughing hysterically. That’s the pineapples, not the girls. The pineapples are laughing hysterically. 

It’s not fair. I sound like a fucking kid, but it isn’t, okay? She gets off fine, while I get Death Eater heritage, my father breathing down my neck and apparently I’m going to end up with some pretty shit magic skills as well. 

“I could tutor you, if you like...” Scarlett offers, bonking me on the head with her pineapple. 

“Great, thanks,” I say gratefully, turning to face her. She has a funny look in her eye that I don’t like. 

“If you agree to be civil to Rose,” she concludes. 

I put my arms on the table and let my head fall onto them, admitting defeat. This won’t work, and my bloody dad will turn up at school again. Except this time he’ll be here kill me for talking to a ‘blood traitor’. Sometimes, I wish he wasn’t my dad. When Grandfather’s not peering over his shoulder he’s okay, though. 

“Fine,” I concede, “I’ll try.” 

“Not good enough!” 

“I will.” 

“Will what, Hyperion?” 

“I will promise to hex you if you keep using my middle name.” 

“Malfoy, I’m warning you...” 

“Fine. I promise to try my hardest to be civil to Weasley, in return for tutoring.” 


I sit up, rubbing my face tiredly, to see her looking smug. 

“What now?” I ask, dropping my head down and scribbling down some more notes I‘m sure will be useless. 

“You didn’t say tutoring with me. Therefore, I can simply fix you a Charms tutor of my own design.” 

“Fuck off.” 

“Now, now, no needs for language like that,” she says sweetly, “Look up to see your tutor.” 

I look up to see her walking towards me, smiling. Everything seems to fall into slow motion; her hair ripples lightly behind her, as if dancing behind her back, her smile curls the left side of her mouth up, making her eyes sparkle. 

“Scarlett, you called,” she says, arriving at our desk and showing a paper memo with the words ‘Help me, hot stuff’ written in Scarlett’s impeccable hand. 

“Yes, I did. I have a friend who seems to be failing Charms, and since Caspar’s fully booked I figured you were next on the list...” Scarlett says smoothly, trailing off nicely. 

Rose raises an eyebrow. “Oh? You’re right, I do have free Tuesdays right now, but since I’m in high demand I may have to check who it is first...” 

They were playing a very sneaky game, here. 

They were both trying to test the other, to see who would crack first. 

All for me. 

The flattery killed me. 

“Alright, Rose, you got me. It’s not your average client—“ 

"What's that supposed to mean?"

“—Nothing! Please, just take them?” 

“No way.” 

Now they were doing that weird staring thing. 

Finally, Scarlett sighs. “Fine. It’s Scorpius.” 

Rose’s eyes dart to me briefly, assessing the splat of pineapple on my desk. 


She turns and walks away, with Scarlett gaping after her. 

“Was it worth all the bloody dodging?” I ask. 

“Shut it, you. You got a date! Aw, my little Hyp is growing up!” 

I scowl at her. She pinches my cheek and beams. 

“Stop that,” I say thickly, with my cheek stretched halfway to her face. 

“Sure, sure.” 

“OH MY GOD YOU AND WHO NOW?!” Livi erupts from in front. 

“Shut up!” Caspar shrieks, “No way! Are you mad?” 

“Guys, shut the fuck up,” Rose says lazily, silencing Livi, who is now making a very high pitched squeak. Or was. 

Caspar begins to hiss in such a low voice I couldn’t hear, but Rose doesn’t seem to mind so I assume it’s fine. 

“Girls!” Professor yells, “You have NEWTs this year! You need to start taking this lesson seriously!” 

Livi tries to say something, but finds she can’t speak. Instead, she waves her arms around madly, mouthing words. I smile to myself; she hasn’t changed much. 

“Mr Malfoy, if you find this funny then I suggest you wait outside!” he snaps. 

“Sorry sir,” I drone. 

Scarlett shoots me a look. “Please never use that stupid voice again.” 

“Well, I think it’s a great voice,” I defend, “And it’s excellent at infuriating teachers, so it works for me.” 

“But it’s irritating.” 


Scarlett sighs, giving up the fight as Rose drifts over, followed by a silent Livi, who’s still waving her arms around and mouthing words I don’t understand. Caspar is glaring after them. 

“Scorpius,” Rose says, nodding to me as she conjures up a chair and sits down. Livi takes the simple route and merely steals a chair from a nearby table. 

“Rose,” I nod in reply. 

“So, you’re failing Charms,” she comments, turning to face her friend “For Merlin’s sake Livi, just use a bloody non-verbal spell!” 

Livi seems to consider this, then pulls out her wand and is suddenly talking. 

“Dog what-sit Rose why the hell did you do that? I didn’t deserve that, I was just shocked! No fair! Anyway, my opinion should go because I got Sweet Luke and he’s team captain and you have Quidditch practise tonight, your first I might add, so—“ 

“What do you want to learn most?” Rose interrupts, her eyes back on me. 

How to turn back time. 

“Stuff we can do in lessons, I mean,” she continues, and for a moment I wondered if I’d spoken aloud. I hadn’t. 

“Well,” I say slowly, “I’m—“ 

“He’s failing his lessons, Rose, teach him everything and anything,” Scarlett orders, putting her feet up on my chair. 

“Thank you!” I say indignantly, pushing her feet back off, “But I’m not that bad!” 

“Alright,” Rose challenges, “Make the pineapple fly, Scorpius.” 

My heart makes an attempt to imitate an electric pulse, and I uneasily pick up my wand, conscious of her eyes on me. 

Fugare,” I say slowly, twisting my wand in a circle in the vague direction of the fruit. It sprouts another set of over decorated, feeble wings, and flaps a couple of times to get into the air then plops back to earth. I scowl at it miserably. 

“Alright,” Rose says in a sceptical voice, “Tuesday in the library, Malfoy. Be there or die.” 

“Charmed, I’m sure,” I reply. Scarlett kicks me, hard. “I mean, thanks.” 

“You’re welcome. Nice kick, Scar.” 

She stands up and leaves, her plain wooden chair vanishing behind her. Livi salutes us and follows her, back to an irate Caspar. 

“You must be--“she starts, but is cut off. 

“Very generous,” Rose says, shooting her an evil look, “And possibly insane.” 

A/N Scorpius POV? Like it or think I've gone mad?

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