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AN: I don’t anything of Harry Potter. Based on novel Blonde with a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson.



“Well, well, well if it isn’t the bushy haired bookworm Granger.”


“What do you want Malfoy?” Hermione said as she glanced over at the clock on the wall annoyed. Oh Merlin, 7:40pm, she was supposed to close the shop at 7:00pm, 40 minutes ago. But then again this gave her just the thing to get rid of him.


“I came here to purchase a book,” he replied.


“Well so sorry to disappoint but we’re closed, you’ll have to come back another time,” she replied almost too cheerfully.


“The sign in the window claims your open,” he retorted.


“Well we close at 7:00pm, so you’ll have to leave.”


“And deny my money that I’m willing to pay for a book here?” he said as he looked around with a look of snobbish disgust, then added “which by the look of this place looks to be as if you could use a lot of help in that department.”


“What the bloody hell is that suppose to mean?” she almost shouted. So what she bought all of her furniture at yard sales and thrift stores so therefore nothing matched…it was eclectic, that’s what gave the charm of her shop.


“Oh nothing, just the fact that it looks like everything here is from so garbage dump that nobody would dare to have in their homes.” When she didn’t reply and just simply glared at him he continued, “So can I get a book or what?”


She let out a frustrated sigh, “You have ten minutes then I’m kicking you out.”


“Fine,” he smirked.


God he was so irritating. “So are you looking for something particular?” she asked going into bookstore owner mode.


“A book,” he replied.


“Wow, could you be anymore specific?” she muttered sarcastically.


“I’m looking for a book…” he quickly scanned the small shop trying to come up with something “…on gardening.”


“Gardening? I had no idea you would want to go through the trouble and get your hands dirty. You do know that gardening implies you have to dig in the dirt don’t you?” she said mockingly.


“It’s not for me Granger, it’s for my mother. Her birthday is next week.” Which was true, but he doubted his mother would actually read the books, she rather use her creativity by herself, instead of being taught how to from a book when it came to her gardening.


After studying him for what felt like eternity she finally said, “You’ll probably find what you need in the back behind the portrait of the castle. The password is broomstick. And remember you have ten minutes.”


He just simply nodded and went towards the back. Merlin what the bloody hell did he think he was doing. He overheard Potter talking to someone about Hermione opening up a bookshop in London and he had to admit he was…curious. He hadn’t seen or heard of her since Hogwarts other then random tidbits he overheard from Potter and the weasel over at the Ministry…not that he cared, but he was still curious. Last he checked he thought she was working as a healer over at St. Mungos or something. He just recently moved to London a week ago to a flat just a couple blocks away from the Ministry of Magic. Because even though he would be the last to admit it, he hated, absolutely despised appariting to work or anywhere for that matter. He could never get used to it…and quite frankly he would rather walk, ha or fly if he could but living in London that’s not an option and the floo network is to messy. He still had his place out in the middle of the country, away from everything, but he felt…lonely? No that wasn’t it, he just felt isolated from anyone and everyone which he pretty much did on purpose. After the war he just became bitter and grumpy and didn’t want to do anything except work. He was more then happy when the war ended and Voldmort was defeated and even after everything went relatively back to normal, he still was haunted by everything he had to do for that demented excuse for a man. And because of that Draco just shut himself off from the world and busied himself in his work. But he realized that he couldn’t live like that anymore and he needed to get out, so the first thing he did was buy a flat in London. And just because he was surrounded by muggles didn’t mean he had to actually interact with them, and he was finding out that his fathers point of view on muggles was rather stupid they really are just like everyone else, just completely oblivious to the magical world and magical beings.


When he heard about Hermione’s shop, which happened to be located right around the corner to his new flat, he was curious. Of course he was only going to walk by and maybe look through the window, not actually go inside. But then he saw her hunched over, her nose buried in a big old looking book behind the counter, biting her bottom lip which if her remember correctly she always did when she was concentrating on something. And the next thing he knew there he was at the counter clearly his throat to get her attention. Then she looked up, her golden brown eyes became huge at first then narrowed once she discovered who he was. And now after all of that, he was on his way to the back of the shop to look for a book on gardening, Merlin what a pathetic excuse that was, he thought. He should have just left when she told him she was closed, but no, he had to keep pushing. He couldn’t help it, he enjoyed making her mad or annoyed just like back in school, because when that happened her jaw would clench and her lips would push together making her nose which was still dusted with freckles across the top to crinkle up. If she wasn’t so annoying in her know it all ways he would almost find it cute and charming. But this was Granger, and no matter what, he had to push her buttons just because he could.


When he got to the back portrait that Hermione told him to go to, he realized that she must sell magical books as well even though this appeared to be a muggle shop. Interesting he thought, risking as well. “Broomstick,” he said and the portrait opened up. As he walked through he was impressed by the wide collection that she manage to have here. He quickly scanned the bookshelves until he found a book called Magical Gardens & Landscapes, and walked back out of the portrait opening. As he was walking out he noticed a small section on Gardening & Landscapes and he wondered why she didn’t tell him to just look here. He looked over the books and picked one that was called How to Create a Magical Garden with your Own Two Hands, and walked back up to the counter where Hermione was sorting out books from boxes that were on the floor. “Finished,” he announced when she didn’t look up at him. She took the books that he laid on the counter from him and started to ring up the purchases without looking at him.


“You do realize that this is a book for muggles don’t you?” she said.


“So?” he shrugged.


“So, I thought you were always anti-muggle?”


“It looked interesting,” he said


“Won’t your mother care?” she asked.


“I doubt she’ll even notice unless I tell her.” She looked at him funny but didn’t push farther. “So I thought you were a healer or something, what did you get fired? You weren’t good enough or something?” he pushed.


“No Malfoy, if you must know I was actually promoted but decided to resign instead.” She said trying desperately hard to just ignore him and ring up his purchases.


“So what, your now a cashier at a bookshop?” He pushed farther.


“No, I own this bookshop!” she replied trying to keep her temper at bay. “Why do you even care?” she asked.


“I’m just trying to make conversation,” he replied in a fake innocence.


            She glanced down at the still open book on the counter that was open to the chapter she was reading before Malfoy interrupted her. Thinking to herself how funny it would be if she could turn Malfoy into a cockroach or something then maybe he would leave her alone. Of course she would never do that because it was illegal and cruel, but she could still wish it could happen, and she could still threaten him with that, but even then she wouldn’t be able to do that because technically he hasn’t done anything wrong other then annoy her with his present. Damn why did he always make her flustered, even when he was pissing her off he could still manage to make her heart beat race. She always chalked it up to being because he was sadly blessed with gorgeous looks. But that didn’t mean she was attracted to him, she just thought he was good looking. And with it being what five, six years since she last saw him, he was even better looking then she remembered; tall, broad shoulders, lightly muscled at least what she could tell through his button up dress shirt he was wearing. He seemed to be a little tanner then she remembered, and his hair was grown out a bit and fell into his eyes in a boyish kind of way, and his lips were full but in the most perfect way. “…collection of magical books you have here.” Damn-it he was talking to her and she was staring at his mouth. “What was that?” she asked acting bored.


“I was saying, that is an impressive collection of magical books you have here.” He repeated.


“Uh, thanks, I like to be well stocked so I can provide whatever people might need,” she said rather lamely.


“You know it’s quite a risk your taking by selling magical books in the present of muggles, does the Ministry know what your doing?” he asked.


“As a matter of fact they do. I made sure to run it by them before I opened up the shop and they gave me their blessing.” She explained.


“Uh-huh,” was all he said.


She let out a sigh, “What Malfoy?”


“Nothing, nothing, it’s just that its risking and anybody could find out about it, then your shop could be in jeopardy is all,” he said.


“It’s fine, I have everything under control, besides it’s not like it’s a problem now anyway. Besides me, you’re the only one to actually go back there,” she admitted.


“Oh really, so I take it nobody from the magical world has come by to check out your shop?” he said clearly enjoying this.


“No,” she gritted through her teeth, ugh why did she have to tell him that.


“Hum, I wonder why that is? Maybe it has to do with your attitude, you know, your not very friendly to your customers. Specking of which I think I want to file a complaint.”


“What the bloody hell is that suppose to mean?” she practically screamed.


“You know what I won’t file a complaint, instead I think I’ll write a review and put it in the Daily Prophet, and hey that way you can get word out on your little business here. Of course after they read what I have to say, you probably won’t be getting any customers.”


“You wouldn’t dare Malfoy?” she growled as he was walking towards the door. “If you do I’ll…I’ll…”


“You’ll what Granger?” he asked smirking in her direction.


She pulled out her wand and pointed it at him and said, “I’ll turn you into a…” she glanced down at the ancient spell book and then back up at him, “…a toad.”


“A toad! Ha, really Granger? For someone who was known as the brightest witch of our generation, that’s the best you could come up with? Bravo very original,” he clapped mockingly.


            Okay so that was really lame she thought, but it’s the only thing she could come up with. Her wand still pointed at him he started walking back towards her.


“Tell me Granger, if you turn me into a toad...” he came extremely close so that the tip of her wand came into contact with his chest and he was lowering his head so he became eye level with her, his eyes slowly roaming over her face, “…does that mean you’ll have to kiss me to turn me back into a human?” he whispered looking down at her lips.


            Trying desperately not to fall for his bullshit, she tried to keep her control over this. Merlin, why did he have to smell good on top of everything else? No, she was threatening him to try to make him leave, not so he would kiss her. Just then he lowered his mouth towards her so he was only a brush away from making contact with her lips, and she almost forgot to breathe and also the fact that her wand was still pointed at him.

Then out a no where a horn from a car outside blared, startling them both, when Hermione realized that something terribly wrong must have happened because the next thing she knew Draco yelled and fell to the floor knocking over her chocolate milkshake she made for herself earlier on top of him. And his yelling turned into yowling like from an animal or something. She was almost too scared to peak over the counter to see if he was alright. So when she peaked over she almost passed out when she saw on the floor was not Draco Malfoy, instead there was a pile of clothing covered in chocolate milkshake and a yowling and hissing pale yellow cat with grey eyes.


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