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**This story used to be called 'Beauty and the Beast' like the Disney movie, but I had to change it because it violates a copyright issue, so I'm sorry if I offended anybody with that. But for those of you who followed my story before note that it is still the same story and nothing has changed, just the title ;) so please keep reading!!!

AN: I don’t own any thing from Harry Potter and the plot is based off Vicki Lewis Thompson novel Blonde with a Wand with my own special twist. Hope you like it.


Hermione was sick of her work as a healer even though that is what she has always dreamed about becoming all throughout her school years at Hogwarts. But since the war ended she couldn’t stand the sight of the wounded, it just brought back to many awful memories. So she decided to make a drastic change mainly for herself. She resigned and took what money she’d saved over the five years from working as a healer and bought this cute little corner shop in the heart of London, which just happened to be a few blocks from her small one bedroom apartment and just around the corner of the Ministry of Magic muggle street entrance and turned it into a bookshop.


Though she truly despised the nicknames that were given to her from the students at Hogwarts like ‘know it all’ and ‘bookworm’ to name a few. Even though if she was truthful, that is really what she was, not necessarily a know it all…well yes okay, so what? She liked to know all the little tiny facts about everything, just because she always felt like she had to prove herself not only to the professors but the students as well…of course a whole lot that did, hence the nicknames. But a bookworm she was proud to admit was true. Books were her passion. She loved the high and excitement of getting a book that she never read before and opening it up and learning all its secrets. She loved books of all genres; fiction, non-fiction, academic, magical. Sure Harry and Ron always teased her on how she memorized Hogwarts A History mainly for a pleasure read not because it was part of the curriculum. But hey because she was smart enough not only to read it but to memorize it as well, thanks to her the Golden Trio escaped some pretty sticky situations over the years at Hogwarts.


 So she opened up her very own bookshop Once Upon a Time Books. Her concept was to create a charming atmosphere where people of all ages could come and get away from the city life of London and relax and get lost in the books she had to offer. She even set up a little drink and snack bar inside the shop for the customers to enjoy, Butter Beer and Pumpkin Juice being the top two on the menu, which was surprisingly very popular with the muggles. Though her shop was located in an area that was populated by muggles she still wanted to cater to the magical world as well. Her shop was stocked full of magical books on herbiology, potions, to learning how to fly, and magical creatures. You name it, she had it. And she was proud to admit that she read every single one of those books. But of course to keep the muggles at bay without revealing the secret of the magical world she had to keep them hidden in a special room that you could entered through one of the portraits in the back, as long as you had the password. Of course there hasn’t been one person from the magical world to come visit her shop except for Ginny since she opened up a month ago to this day.


She knew opening up in London instead of Diagonally would be a challenge with getting magical people to come by, but she was hoping that she could get Ginny, Harry and Ron to help her spread the news, but so far nothing. Not that she expected her shop to be overflowing with magical people, even though the war was over there was still prejudice out there with purebloods, muggleborns, as well as muggles though the muggles didn’t know about it. And she could understand why people wouldn’t want to get out of their comfort zones and venture out into the muggle world. She still wished that people would still come by to at least look. If not she’ll have to stop ordering magical books altogether to save money for all the other books she has to keep stocked as well as for her shop.


But other then that little dilemma Hermione was very content with her life as well as he shop. Since opening Once Upon a Time Books she hasn’t felt this relaxed in about six years no twelve years. Even after the war and after school it still felt like her life was going by way to fast for her to keep up with, becoming a healer straight out of Hogwarts as well as attending a muggle University on the side. She feels like she can finally breathe since starting her own business. Usually her shop is busy when the muggles go on their lunch break or when their coming home from work and weekends are non-stop busy, but other then that she has a lot of downtime. Definitely more then she ever used to have. She started reading again, not just to learn something but to actually enjoy; something she is sad to admit hasn’t done in some time. Every time she would pick up a book it was to learn about something that would help them survive or something she had to read for school.      


It was evening, the after work five o’clock rush finally had died done. Hermione got a new shipment of books today in the morning but it was one of those days where it was just busy non stop and she never got around to unpacking them, until now so she went behind the counter where she put the boxes earlier and started going through them. Mainly it was just fiction novels from best selling authors and other popular selling books that were flying off the shelves. When she got to the third box she noticed it was full of new magical books that she ordered, of course not that she need anymore at the moment because the ones she did have weren’t selling. But she was excited nonetheless. There was a new book or rather old book in there that she has never read before. It was a very rare ancient book on spells that was written in the early 1700’s. Okay so it was a risk in buying it and it cost her a fortune just to get her hands on it, but she figured why not! She opened a bookshop to cater to everyone’s wants and needs which meant she had to carry books that were new and old, used and very rare books like this one. She should wait and go through this particular box later when she closed up she thought. That was she could move it to the ‘back room’ and besides the box itself weighed a ton there was no way in Hades that she would be able to lift that by herself without using her magic, which of course would be forbidden in front of a muggle. So she would just have to wait. Although, her fingers were just itching to open it up and take a peak, she could practically feel the magic surrounding it. Oh why not, if somebody see’s it, she could just tell them it was a history book on fantasy, myths and legends…all purely fictional of course. So what could it hurt if she looked through it while sitting behind the counter by the cash register?


Once she opened up the book she was immediately hooked, she only had to stop twice to help check out two customers who and came and went, but other then that she was completely absorbed in the ancient book, she didn’t even realize hour many hours had passed since she first opened it up or the fact that a particular person came through the door just then. She heard the bell chime at the door when the person walked in but didn’t lift her head to see who it was. She was reading a chapter on Transfigurations that she was sort of put off guard when this so called person cleared his throat, she didn’t even realize he was standing there. But still without looking up so she could finish this sentence she was on, “How can I help y…” She started to say but was abruptly stopped when she looked up and noticed a all too familiar smirk across this mans mouth then glanced up and her eyes instantly met cool grey ones. She gasped by quickly covered it up when she calmly replied through gritted teeth, “What in Merlin’s name are you doing here…Malfoy?”

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