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A/N: Yay! Chapter Eight! I'm so excited it's moving this fast lol! Anyway moving on!

Thanks so my beta Mrs J Potter, my graphics maker .MementoMori and all my reviewers - if bees had knees, you'd be them :D

Disclaimer: J.K owns all the good stuff!

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Chappie image made by .MementoMori @ TDA!!!

The next morning McGonagall had sent my timetable to me via owl when I was in the middle of getting dressed. The robes were comfortable, but I regretted not bringing a pair of comfortable underwear, all I had brought were sexy frilly underwear and lacy g-strings. They weren't comfortable, but I had no choice but to make do until I could do something about going shopping for some more suitible clothes. Now that I thought about, I didn't understand why Dom and I brought sexy underwear, Soshi and Paul weren't going to see them. Shaking my head at our stupidity, I sat on my bed and scanned my timetable.

7:30 am – 9:00 am: Breakfast in the Great Hall
9:00 am – 10:00 am: Divination
10:00 am – 11:00 am: Care of Magical Creatures
11:00 am – 12:00 pm: Defence Against the Dark Arts
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: History of Magic
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm: Lunch in the Great Hall
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm: Transfiguration
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Potions (double on Thursdays)
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Free Time
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Dinner in the Great Hall 

What the? I finish classes at four-o-clock! I could barely handle finishing at three-fifteen!
I thought in absolute shock. Not to mention five on Thursdays! I'm going to be stuffed at the end of the day! 

“Oi, Adams, what's this?”

I looked over my shoulder to see Kim holding up my overly scratched Sony Ericsson mobile.

“That's a mobile,” I replied dimly, going back to my timetable.

“What is that?”

Rolling my eyes I folded my timetable and shoved it into my pocket. “It's a phone, heard of those?”

Kim nodded. “Isn't it a Muggle contraption? I've heard of them in Muggle Studies.”

“Yeah, well we all have phones in our home and when we want to talk to someone, we ring them up and one day someone came up with an ingenious idea to make a phone that you can carry around so when you are outside your home you can call people and talk, you can also send messages if you don't want to talk.” I explained.

“Wow!” Kim said with interest. “Far out, that is ace!”

“Yeah...and check this out!” I took out my iPod. “You can tot's listen to music whenever, wherever, too, cool huh?” 

“On this thing? That is bad!”

“Bad? I think it's quite good.”

Kim laughed. “I meant, that's 'bad' in like that's 'cool'.”

“Oh.” I laughed too. “Different slang, right.”

“Wow, so you don't have to listen to a record?”

I shook my head. “Na, you can tot's just download music from the net and yeah, load it onto this and you stick these things called ear phones inside your ears and tada music!”

“The net?”

“On the computer? Ya know what, never mind,” I said waving my hand to dismiss the subject. “Unfortunately they don't work in Hogwarts.”

Kim frowned. “That's too bad, I would have liked to hear it.”

“I listen to music to drown everything out, reading also helps a lot,” I said, putting my phone and iPod away.

“I like music too, have you heard of The Milly Mandrakes? They're quite popular at the moment along with The Caput Draconis'.”

“Yeah, um I've heard of The Milly Mandrakes, um I think the name of the song was Alohomora or something?”

“Yeah!” Kim sat down on my bed gingerly, her blue eyes twinkling. “Who are your favourite music artisits?”

I shrugged. “I don't really have any favourites, I like pretty much anything from any genre and any era, if it's good and means something then I like it, you know? Or if it's beaty and very catchy I like it also, I must say I'm loving songs from 1999 upwards at the moment.”

“1999...” Kim said thoughtfully. “Wait, you mean 1999, as in the future year 1999?!”

I froze and shook my head quickly. “Oh, no! Uh er, 1999 upwards is a band, yeah a band.”

Kim seemed to buy it luckily. “Oh, wow where you come from sounds interesting.”

I laughed and let out a small breath of relief. “Thanks.” Why she was so interested in me all of a sudden?

“So where do you come from?”

“Somewhere far, far from here where places like this, are only in books...” 

Kim just stared at me in awe, until a voice snapped through us.


Kim gasped and I turned to see Lily at the door, hands on hips not looking too impressed at all.

“She just started talking to me,” Kim said, looking at me with how-could-you eyes. “I'm coming.”

Lily didn't look convinced as Kim made her way towards Lily, who gave me the evil eyes before closing the door. Shaking my head, I shoved all my books into my bad and shoving my wand into my inside robe pocket, I went to meet Dom and Regulus for breakfast.

I met Dom outside the portrait, who told me she told Regulus to go on without us because she had something to show me.

“Right, I spent half the night up going through Order of The Phoenix writing down all the spells and potions Harry and other's do.”

“Dom, wow I didn't even think of that!” I said, taking the list off her and scanning down the spells and potions she wrote down.

“Also, I did a little sneaky recon and'll be impressed Yomee.”

She handed me a book and I saw it was Advanced Potions Making and raising an eyebrow I chuckled. “You stole a Potions book Yomee, wow impressive.”

“Open it,” Dom sang in delight.

So opening it, I gasped when I saw what was written inside.

“Property of the Half Blood Prince...wait Princess!”

Dom laughed. “Yeah, couldn't help myself, I'm sure Snape will get rid of the extra S's, the little princess.”

I laughed. “Yomee, you are absolutely fan-fricken-tastic!”

“I know right! And here you go.” She took out two Advanced Potion's Making books out of her bag and handed me one. “Stephanie taught me the copy spell and well, I put it to good use.”

“So you copied all Snapes notes down into our books!” I cried in disbelief.

“Shhh!” Dom said putting a hand over my mouth. “Yeah I did, might help us get a kick start at things.”

She took her hand off my mouth and I smiled. “Yomee, I can finally say you have a brain.”

Dom flipped her hair, and taking Snapes book off me she stashed it into her bag. “I'm going to give it to Regulus to give it back to Snape; it won't be so suspicious that way.”

“Right, as long as you're giving it back.”

“So let me see your timetable!” Dom said happily.

Dom and I only had one class together and that was Potions, again we were separated and we were really disapointed.

“So, you didn't tell me how Regulus and you met yesterday,” Dom said casually, taking my hand and swinging it.

“We met at the Shrieking Shack,” I replied.

“Aw what? I would have loved to come, especially because it was hard to ignore Stephanie and her friends I didn't get to enjoy Zonko's much, but the Shrieking Shack would have been fricken awesome!”

“We got into a little bit of a disagreement, but then I guess we left it at a mutual understanding, if you can call it that.”

Dom nodded thoughtfully. “Yeah, I was actually wondering what his intentions with us are, I mean Regulus Black wanting to be our friend, that's a little sus if you ask me.”

I nodded in agreement. “Yeah at first I did think he wanted info to dob was into Voldie, but he told me and I quote 'Why would I tell him of two pathetic girls'.”

“He said that? Douche. Do you think we should tell him to get lost or let him keep hanging? He could be lying and we don't really know him.”

When we drew near the Great Hall, we saw Regulus waiting outside leaning against the wall, taking to a boy with messy blonde hair and another dark haired scrawny boy. When he saw us, he straightened up and with a swish of his hand, the two boys immediately walked away.

“The blonde one is Evan Rosier,” Dom whispered to me. “I'm not sure who the other one is.”

Looking back to Regulus, he had his hands shoved inside his pockets and stood there waiting and some weird feeling came over me, and it must of hit Dom also.

“Nah, let's just keep him around, he err, could be useful and um yeah he's kinda cute...” Dom trailed.

“Yeah, of course you're right,” I said quickly agreed.

“Morning girls,” he greeted kindly.

“Morning Regulus!” We replied brightly.

When Regulus found out that no one in Gryffindor had accepted me, he suggested I sat at the Slytherin table with Dom and him, in which I was afraid to, so I politely declined. So I had to sit at the Gryffindor table directly facing them, so they could see me, which was a little awkward, but Dom liked the idea so she could wave at me every five seconds and throw death stares at Lily and the others, being the Marauders of course.

When I saw them, I looked away, but I could feel their stares burn through me, and I knew they still weren't taking it so lightly that I rejected their friendship, and after they warned me about Slytherin's ways I went straight ahead and befriended one. Although I didn't befriend Regulus just because he was a Slytherin like they thought, I took their distress in with satisfaction, serves them right.

I was half way through my fruit salad and pancakes while gaping with awe at the Daily Prophet someone was reading across from me, when McGonagall came over with an annoyed looking Lily at her heels.

“Good morning Miss Adams!” She greeted cheerfully.

I smiled. “Morning Professor!”

“Now, I trust you received your timetable this morning.”

I nodded. “I sure did!”

“Good! Now again, Miss Evans shall show you to each and everyone one of your classes until you can manage on your own,” Professor McGonagall said, bringing Lily to the front, whose frown quickly switched to a smile, I had to refrain from rolling my eyes.

“Now I hope you enjoy all your classes and do not be afraid to ask for help and or advice from any Professor or myself, I shall tell Horace to tell Miss Austin the same. Also I'd like to see both of you during your free time at the end of the day.”

“No probs, see you then Professor, I'm sure I'll be fine,” I assured with a slight smile.

“Good!” She turned to Lily and smiled. “Thank you so much Miss Evans, I trust you know what to do.”

“Indeed Professor and that is not a problem.”

“Right, Miss Evans, see you third period and you Miss Adams sixth period!”

And with that she marched off, and the smile left Lily's face. I hoped she wasn't going to abandon me even though she didn't like me, I did plan to make first impressions today and wanted to turn up to class on time. At least she could find the heart to show me around, she didn't have to talk to me.

“I don't appreciate you corrupting my friends with your odd ways,” Lily said tightly, as she folded her arms.

“I don't know what you are talking about,” I muttered, going back to my breakfast.

“If you talk to Kim or Heather, trust me you shall regret it, you and your pesky friend.”

Whatevs,” I said carelessly, sipping my orange juice.

“And good luck showing yourself to your classes,” Lily said storming away.

I watched her go, my mouth open in shock.

*** *** ***

Since Dom and I were in different classes, we went our separate ways after the bell chimed. Dom was lucky to have both Regulus and Stephanie to show her to every class, as for me Lily refused to do so, leaving me to fend for myself. I only managed to make it to Divination and Care of Magical Creatures on time as I followed two girls who had the same classes. Divination was really easy, mostly taking notes and looking into a crystal ball for most of the lesson, and it was hilarious to watch Professor Valaria try to predict things about me, but I did get a little scared when she said something about me being from the future.

Care of Magical Creatures also happened to be really easy, and today was theory work. It was interesting, thankfully and Professor Silvanus Kettleburn was really nice, he made sure I was introduced and felt included and welcome (Dumbledore must of said something to the teachers). Matthew was also in my class, but he ignored me, in which I wasn't surprised, he was really sticking to the two-week thing. I tried to tell him we had already had broken it, but he never stuck around long enough for me to even open my mouth. After that, the girls I had followed went different ways and I got lost in the tricky halls that resembled mazes in Hogwarts.

Twice I had opened doors that had lead to nothing but a brick wall. A couple of times I had to take another route, as I was scared to climb any stairs, because I nearly fell to my death when a staircase suddenly moved out from under me. And one door refused my entry because I wasn't being 'polite'.

Frustrated, I was actually becoming annoyed of Hogwarts continuous magic meeting me at every brick wall, corner or suspicious moving floor. I guess the school definitely wasn't made for Muggles to attend (duh) or in this case a Muggle-turned-Squib-turned-Muggle-born witch. Although I loved magic, it wasn't helping me make any first impressions and I was already ten minutes late for DADA.

“Yo, I'm totally lost!” I said in a strained voice, to a sympathetic Dom who stared at me through the mirror.

“Um, okay,” Dom whispered, I could hear Professor McGonagall's voice in the background, if she was caught, she'd be doomed for at least two days worth of detention. “Why didn't you bring the map with you?” 

“Because, I don't know, I thought Lily would at least give me a chance.”

Dom rolled her eyes. “Of course, you always have to be nice like that, and how dare that beyotch ditch you! Reg and I will sort her out.” 

I managed a laugh.

“Erm what about that chick, Perry someone, in your house?” 

“Heather Perrywhittle, hm, she's friends with Lily and is very soft, Lily would have convinced her not to go near me.”

“That's it, I'm going to hex Lily right outta Hogwarts or even worse, charm boils on her ass, that'll show her...” Dom sighed. “Okay, Yo, stay where you are I'm coming.” 

“No, Yo its ok-” I paused when I heard footsteps. “Someone's coming! I hope it's someone who can help me.”

Dom let out a sigh of relief. “Alright, Yomee good luck, and by the way use a pen, the quill gets annoying after a while.” 

“I will, good luck, Yo.” Snapping my mirror shut, I turned to see Peter Pettigrew. He paused when he saw me, I exhaled, not exactly who I wanted to come around, but it was him or nothing I suppose, so putting on a fake chirpy smile I waved.

“Peter, hi!” I said enthusiastically.

“Sophie, I'm sorry, Sirius and James said I couldn't talk to you,” He squeaked, trying to rush past.

“Oh really?” I said, blocking his path and putting a hand on my hip. “Well what they don't know won't hurt them.”

“What do you need?” He asked, curiously.

“I need you to show me to Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, think you could you that for me?” Ew, I was fully desperate enough to flirt with him, gross.

“What's in it for me?” Peter asked, folding his arms, a cringe-worthy look on his face. I stared at him in shock; this was something James or Sirius would do! The little perverted rat! Putting the smile back onto my face I walked up to him slowly, this was something Dom would do, not me, but I was desperate. When I was close enough I swooped down and planted a kiss on his cheek and pulling away I winked.

Saying I made it to Defence Against the Dark Arts in record time, was an understatement.

*** *** ***

Professor Absyrtus Xanthos was nice and understanding and let me off being late to class and I was sad to think he may not last the year due to the curse on the subject.
Defence would have been one of my favourite classes, but the movies and the books were deceiving and I ended up hating it because it was super hard. I scanned the list Dom wrote for me over and over to no avail. Now I wished she was reading Half Blood Prince on the way to Toni's now. I didn't understand why we had to use certain spells against certain spells to protect us, and why. Way too confusing and I ended up slipping into day dream mode, in which I missed out on taking down half the notes and missing out some reason to block a paticular jinx, my bad.

History of Magic was interesting as it could get, Professor Binns was alright and I was thankful I could see the board through him but the thing that got me most was that he was a ghost, unbelievable! During the class, many were sleeping, but I wasn't I think I knew the reason Professor McGonagall placed me into this class, it did give me the gist on what magic was like and how it has changed and how it has helped and will continue helping throughout the ages and major events that had an impact on the Wizarding world. I took down all the notes in this class and even had the guts to ask a couple of questions, even though some people laughed at my ignorance and called me 'Squib-Girl Number Two' so I guessed Dom was 'Squib-Girl Number One'.

By lunch time I had two essays and a whole pile of homework to complete by tomorrow. After finally organising all my homework into their respective subjects, I came to the conclusion that I really needed a tutor.

A/N: And there you have it :D I hope you enjoyed n such, please leave a review on your way out and more coming asap!
XOXO WildFlower!

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