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hello people, thank you so much for the reviews, i'm so happy you liked the story so far
Enjoy... and review please!

-          CHAPTER TWELVE –

-          The Masters of Death –


Harry sat quietly on the edge of his bed, staring at the closest wall with many thoughts rushing in his mind. In just a few more minutes dawn would break and he and his wife needed to leave as soon as possible for their old school. Where they would change their destiny and they would have the Deathly Hallows once again, under their possession.

 Harry’s train of thought stopped when Hermione’s pet, Crookshanks jumped on the mattress and purred loudly as he got closer to Harry. The raven haired wizard smiled slightly at the piercing gaze of the cat, a gaze that many times matched the ones of the magical creature’s mistress.

‘You’ll take care of them, right, while Hermione and I are away?’ Harry said quietly and the cat purred as in reply, Harry felt for a moment that he had gone mental for asking Hermione’s cat to take care of his children and even to take care of Ron but Crookshanks was there, along with his mistress when Ron wasn’t back in their school years and even later on.

‘Be close to Lily, she will miss us the most,’ Harry said and the cat kept purring and pushed Harry’s palm so he would caress its head. Harry smiled and obeyed to the cat’s request by scratching his ears just like he knew the cat liked. Hermione entered the room that moment with that old black bag she had used during the Horcrux hunt and later on when she and Harry had left for Australia as to find Hermione’s parents.

Harry felt like the whole story of the Horcrux hunt was being repeated and that thought wasn’t missed by his wife since their bond was wide open. Hermione however decided not to comment and smiled at Harry sadly as she put his invisibility cloak inside her bag. He reached in the wardrobe and took out her invisibility cloak; it was one of the last personal items of Moody’s that had been given to his friends. It was just like he would want for them to be protected.

‘Ready for some tears?’ she asked and Harry sighed and nodded his head. They needed to wake up their children to say goodbye since they didn’t want to leave in the middle of the night, literally, and leave their children with not a proper goodbye. Especially with the current chances of this goodbye being permanent.

The couple left the bedroom with Crookshanks following them and they moved to Lilly’s room which for now was occupied not only by her but many kids of the other families that lived in Grimmauld for the past weeks. Lilly and James were sleeping on an enlarged bed and their parents moved closer in silence as not to disturb the rest of the toddlers in slumber.

Before either of the two could touch their daughter to wake her up, Lily opened her eyes and looked at them straight in the eye, her beautiful, green eyes were puffy and red as more tears run down her cheeks and dampened her pillow. Harry felt his own and Hermione’s stabs of pain in their hearts as his wife rushed close to their daughter and hugged her lovingly.

‘Please, mommy, don’t go,’ Lily whispered to her mom as Hermione hugged her child tightly to her chest and shut her eyes as tears ran down her own cheeks. James next to his mother and sister opened his eyes as well and Harry rushed close to his son as the young boy stretched his arms for his father as he immediately realized what was about to happen.

‘We have to, sweetie, but everyone will be here for you, you won’t be alone a single moment, I promise,’ Hermione whispered as she hugged her daughter tighter, trying to sooth both her child and her own pain.

‘I don’t want everyone, I want you, many times you’re leaving and then when you’re back, you’re hurt.’ Lily said as she looked at Harry from her mother’s embrace, causing Harry to sigh and kiss her forehead as he held James who was quieter but just as sad. Hermione sighed and kissed her child before she could pull her slightly away as to frame her small face.

‘Lily, your daddy promised a few weeks back that both he and I will take care of each other and of you. I swear to my life, sweetie, that I will do my best to protect daddy just like he will do with me, we’ll both come back as soon as possible.’ Hermione said and Harry could feel her pain of promising something that wasn’t certain to happen.

The couple remained embraced with their children until Lily calmed down a bit but the two decided to take the children down as the goodbye would be even louder and the rest of the children would wake up. The couple with their children moved down to the kitchen where most of the adults had already woken up to say their goodbyes. Ron approached first as Luna was on a chair with little Jane asleep in her hands.

‘We need to go,’ Harry said to Ron as he handed him James who sniffed and looked tearfully at his dad.

‘I love you very much, Jamie, remember that,’ Harry said and kissed his only son’s cheek before he could turn to Lily who was still hugging her mom for dear life. Lily moved in her father’s arms as Hermione moved close to her son for a last kiss.

‘I want you to be careful and take care of your siblings, and your uncle Ron, will you, pumpkin?’ Harry asked and achieved a small chuckle from his daughter who nodded before new tears could pool in her eyes. ‘Mommy and I are in each other’s hands, so we’re in good hands,’ Harry said and Lily nodded her head. ‘And we both love you and your siblings like nothing else in this world.’ Harry went on and Lily nodded again.

‘I love you, daddy,’ Lily said and Harry sighed and hugged his big girl lovingly in a tight embrace, Lily was his firstborn, the symbol of his and his wife’s Bond, she was his beautiful daughter and he just wasn’t ready to give up hugging her yet.

‘I love you too, pumpkin, don’t forget that, ok? Not until I’m back to tell you again,’ Harry said and felt his child nodding her head.

The couple left their children and Lily was immediately hugged by Hermione’s mother who was also in tears as she watched her daughter ready to leave once again for a dangerous journey, as the two Potters moved close to their youngest child who was asleep.

‘Bye Janie, mommy and papa will soon be back.’ Hermione whispered and kissed her little daughter’s head from Luna’s hug, she knew that if she took her child in her arms she wouldn’t be able to give her back to anyone. Jane was the one that had been with them the least and it hurt to know that there was a chance for her not to remember her parents or one of them.

The couple said their goodbye to the rest of the people who were there and kissed goodbye Luna and Hermione’s parents who hugged the couple with love, Ron was the last one as the couple hugged their best friend together, still with little James between the trio.

‘Take care of our children, Ron, we trust you to take care of the most important people in our lives.’ Hermione said and Ron nodded his head with a sober expression.

‘Take care you too, I trust you with each other’s lives, and you’re both some of the most important people in my life…. So for your own good, take care.’ Ron said before the couple could nod and hug him for a last time.

After that, Harry took Hermione’s hand and apparated both far away.

 The next thing the couple saw was the Hogwarts gate with the winged bears. They looked at each other and decided to move inside the grounds quickly, trying not to let the depression at leaving their children surface. They needed to be fast and trying to make sure if someone was already hiding in the grounds would take a lot of time given the measures of the place and the limited time before dawn.

First, the stone.

Hermione sent through the bond and Harry sent his agreement, both Hallows were to be taken, it would be better if they reached the most hard to find, first. The couple moved inside the grounds and fought the urge to go closer to Hagrid’s empty by now shack since their half giant friend was at their own house. They needed to finish with this mission before it could turn into a trap with Bellatrix out of control.

Harry couldn’t stop the feeling of being followed but he decided to ignore it the best he could as he got closer to the lake along with his wife. They looked at each for a last time and then Harry took out of his robes his Phoenix wand and pointed it at the lake and said out loud.

‘Accio Resurrection Stone!’

For a moment nothing happened, and then with a small sound an object came out of the water, destroying the calmed surface of the waters of the lake. It flew close to the couple and landed on Harry’s opened hand. It wasn’t as they remembered it, after ten years of existing in the bottom of the lake. With a cleaning charm of Hermione’s, the stone, even wet, looked like before.

The couple looked at each other with the second Hallow between them, knowing what kind of weapon was under their possession once again. Harry felt a pang of pain in his chest as he remembered his father’s words when he had used the stone for the second time, in that spot of the grounds, a decade or so ago, when Harry introduced his parents to Hermione. He was supposed to never use the Stone again, or have it close to him for that matter and now he was pulled in a situation that demanded he and his wife posses of the three Hallows once more.

The couple moved as fast as they could close to Dumbledore’s tomb, feeling their hearts heavy, the hardest part was now. The pair reached the tomb and examined it with their eyes, there was no opening. It seemed like a tube of marble with no way of opening it.

‘I guess we have to do it the hard way.’ Hermione murmured as this time she took her wand and pointed it at the tomb of their old headmaster. After a moment the tip of her wand changed color as if the wood was rendered and soon a small orange line started destroying the marble sealing the last resting place of Albus Dumbledore. A few moments later, a big, square part of marble was cut from the rest of the tomb and Hermione stopped the spell with an exhale of breath. Now they could only lift the cut part and Dumbledore’s corpse along with the Wand would be revealed.

Harry had a fraction of the second to push Hermione away the moment the green flash hit the spot between them from behind. Both the Potters bended and then leaped behind the tomb as to protect themselves the moment the hysteric laugh of Bellatrix Lestrange echoed through the grounds of the school.

‘Took you long enough, Potters!’ Bellatrix called out as she used a smashing spell that collided on the marble of the tomb, causing half of the marble to explode, a few more blows and the tomb, the corpse, the Wand and the Potters would be in pieces as well. Harry and Hermione looked at each other as they kept hiding behind the tomb, forming a small plan of action through their bond.

You go from the left, I’ll go from the right, we’ll cover each other before the other side of the tomb.

Harry sent and Hermione nodded her head, they both held their wands tightly in their hands and counted till three in their minds, then they both sprang from behind the tomb and pointed their wands at the old Death Eater who was holding two wands in her hands. She first sent a spell towards Harry and then she sent a curse at Hermione, both Potters avoided the spells, Hermione with a spell of her own and Harry with a small shield as they circled the tomb and finally rejoined before the other side of it. They needed not only to protect each other but also to save the Elder wand and the corpse of its old master. 

‘Avada Kedavra!’ Bellatrix shouted, pointing one of her wands at Hermione, Harry shielded his wife the moment Hermione sent a burning curse that was avoided from the Death Eater who screamed in effort but remained standing.

‘It was so easy for me to wait so you could summon the Stone and open the tomb; you make my life pretty easy.’ Bellatrix said as she tried to make the Potters move away from the tomb but stopped when she saw that the Potters wouldn’t leave the tomb that easily.

‘Confringo! Bellatrix screamed and this time the Potters had merely the time to jump away from the blasting curse that hit the middle of the tomb, causing a larger piece of the marble to explode, revealing most of the corpse and the Wand on it.

‘Impedimentum!’ Hermione screamed, pointing at the rubbles of marble that flew to all directions, all the pieces slowed down in the air and fell with thumbing sounds on the grass.

‘Redusen!’ Bellatrix screamed this time and Harry with a shield saved the tomb that was about to explode with the curse.

‘Stupefy!’ Hermione screamed and Bellatrix even with a shield before her, got hit by the curse and her body flew a few feet away, she stood up immediately and snarled at the brunette witch as she pointed both her wands at Hermione.

‘Crucio!’ She screamed and two beams of red light flew towards Hermione who had tried to shield herself with a circling motion of her wand the moment Harry also covered his wife with a shield of his own. The two Cruciatus curses hit the shields and shook off in different directions, one hitting a tree from the first line of the forbidden forest and the other hit the water of the black lake, causing steam to rise in the air.

‘Serpensortia! Engrogio maximum!’ Bellatrix screamed in furry as she saw Hermione Potter still standing, at first a snake was conjured before her feet but then, the snake started growing in size until it looked like a Basilisk, looking at the Potters ready to strike.

‘Enough with all this,’ Harry murmured as he got closer to Hermione and the tomb the same moment Hermione did the same, now they were both under a common shield that was stopped by both at the same instant.

‘Fiendfyre!’ Harry shouted and a snake of fire, slightly bigger than the one Bellatrix had conjured started circling the one with flesh and blood.

‘Nicely done, Potter! Not as good as the Dark Lord’s but good enough to entertain me!’ Bellatrix screamed with a hysteric smile on her face.

Hermione, the Wand! Harry demanded through the bond, trying not to think how good he cast a charm Voldemort had once cast against Dumbledore whom corpse the Potters now were trying to protect.

The first rays of light illuminated the grounds the moment the snake of fire consumed the true one and Bellatrix pointed her wand at Hermione who turned around, covered by her husband as to take the wand.

‘Not so easily, Mudblood!’ Bellatrix screamed as she held both wands in her hands and that moment Harry realized the second wand was Draco’s, with her other hand, the Death Eater tried to hit Harry by waving her arm with furry causing a wave of power to wash over the raven haired man who remained on his spot by waving his own arm, sending another wave of power that collided with the attacking one in the middle, causing wave after wave all the power to wash over the three opponents.

I got it, I have the wand! Hermione’s voice heard in Harry’s mind and he reached with one of his hands for her, the Elder wand was in his palm after a moment and then he pointed both his phoenix and his Elder wand towards Bellatrix the moment Hermione pointed her own wand against the death eater and with her free hand touched Harry fist, holding the Elder Wand.

‘NO!’ Bellatrix screamed in furry and pointed both her wands. ‘Avada Kedavra!’ ‘Avada Kedavra!’ she screamed with all her power as the two beams rushed close to the couple who with the three wands caused a blue-silver shield of power to cover them and the tomb behind them, they both had decided to use a common shield but somehow the blue-silver shield was conjured.

The shield remained around them for a moment and then started expanding, destroying everything before it, Bellatrix screamed and started withdrawing until she reached the gates of the school and got out of the perimeter.

‘This is not the end for you two and I, Potters! I will destroy you!’ She shrieked with venom and then apparated in black smoke before the power of the shield could injure her.

Hermione and Harry, in the shield were feeling the ultimate surge of power radiating from their own bodies in the three wands and especially in the Elder wand and then everywhere the shield was. After a moment they finally let go and the shield expanded a little faster and then withdrew in a flash, ending and distinguishing itself on the tip of the Elder wand, leaving both Harry and Hermione breathless to fall on their knees by each other’s sides.

The couple remained on their knees for a few more moments, feeling their bodies and minds exhausted by the power they had produced and then they looked at each other, still breathing hard.

‘What was that?’ Harry asked between pants of breath as he tried to stand up and help his wife do the same. Hermione took his offer of help and stood up with effort as they held their three wands in their hands.

‘You’re the master of the Hallows- Harry- and I am one with you because of the –Bond – that makes me part of you- and as a result- part of the possession- of the Hallows…’ Hermione answered in pants as well and Harry nodded his head as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

‘We’re powerful indeed, then…’ Harry said and Hermione nodded her head as she looked at him.

‘And she, for now, is immortal with the Horcruxes out there, so our powers are even with her current condition.’ Hermione said as they both leaned against the half-destroyed tomb that to their surprise hadn’t been totally destroyed like everything else around them because of the shield.

‘She won’t be immortal for long,’ Harry said through his teeth as he looked around and then at the tomb, with an ache in his heart he saw the skeleton of his old headmaster in the clothes he had been buried in and his long hair and beard being melted on the corpse.

Hermione with no words but many tears looked at Harry and nodded her head as he took the Elder wand and casted a powerful repairing charm on the tomb. In a flash, the corpse was covered in its resting place and the marble looked like it was never touched before.

‘We should go,’ Harry whispered and Hermione nodded her head and moved close to him, Harry hugged and kissed her head as they started for the exit of the grounds. Hermione took out the two invisibility cloaks and gave one to Harry, the two covered themselves with their respective cloaks but Hermione put her hands in Harry’s pocket so they could keep holding hands even if they couldn’t see each other.

‘We have the Hallows,’ Hermione stated in a small voice.

‘Now it’s time for the Horcruxes,’ Harry said in the same tone as Hermione nodded.

They both left with a loud crack, hoping with all their heart that Dumbledore’s loss wasn’t a waste after all.

sooo? what u think? i loved making the fight, it was nice to see the two against that witch hehe, please tell me your opinion, what u think is going to happen next?

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