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Missing Padfoot by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 1 : Living Fast
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I look out the burrow’s windows and see Harry sitting in the grass looking sad and frustrated. I am probably no better. The loss of Sirius is a big damper on life. It hurt worst than any injury I had at Hogwarts. I watch Harry rub his eyes. I could see James in him and that hit’s a cord. I pick up the fire whiskey bottle and to a sip.

“ what are you doing, Angel?” asks a voice behind me. I knew it was remus. I didn’t turn around instead I took another sip.

He comes up next to me and looks out at Harry and then back at me. He grabs the bottle and takes a sip he puts it out of my reach.

“Hey, I was drinking that,” I mumble knowing that wouldn’t get it back.

“I know what you are feeling, Stef. I miss Sirius as does Harry. You don’t need to get drunk,” says Remus

“I feel like I have a hole where my heart is and I don’t want to feel it,” I say angrily.

“What about Gwen and John?” says Remus

“They barely knew him, Remus. They got four years at best,” I say with a slight sob. It hurt me at the fact that his children, my children barely knew him. I feel Remus’s Arms around me and I turn and cry into Remus’s Shoulder.

“Stef,” he says

“What?” I ask

“your getting my shirt wet,” says Remus with a wry smile.

“Sorry,” I say giggling slightly.

I look out the window and see Harry punch the ground. I walk out to him.

“Are you alright, Harry?” I say

“I think I broke a finger,” he mumbled

“Are you forgetting who you are talking to?” I ask with a slight smirk.

Harry gives me his hand and I look it over. I see the spot where it was broken. I pull my wand from my pocket. I point at His finger.

“This will hurt a little. Episkey!” I say and I hear the familiar sickly crunching back in place. I see him wince.

“Thanks,” says Harry

“You miss him, don’t you,” I say.

“Yeah, it just doesn’t feel right that he is gone,” says Harry

“I will miss his charm,” I say with a tear in my eyes.

“What was he like a school?” asks Harry.

“He was a babe magnet. He had flocks of girls after him. I being one in secret. We ended up being together for the end of the sixth year,” I say with a smile.

“Did he really trick Snape?” asks Harry

“ Yeah, he got a lecture from me. You should have seen him cower from me,” I say

“I think Peter wet himself,” says Remus Joining us on the ground.

“How can you still be friends with him?” asks Harry

“Harry, he acting out a fear. He was the same at school,” says Remus and I nod.

“What else can you tell me about Sirius, My dad or mum,” says Harry. I see a sparkle in his eye that instantly made me think of Lily.

“I could tell you how Sirius got your parents together,” I say.

“Really, Sirius got them together,” says Harry

“Yeah, that was completely insane way of doing it,” says Remus.

“Lets set this up. You know that your mom and dad were enemies. Well, they had become head boy and girl. They were in an Argument as per usual. Sirius and I were playing chess. We were making a bet. To make it short the bet was a week with handcuffed hands. Sirius was losing and the argument grew louder. Suddenly Sirius gets up and grabs the handcuffs. He cuffed your parents together. Moony, how many times did Sirius fake swallow the key?” I say

“ 6 fake swallows, 3 gags on the key, and I think he lost it.” says Remus, “I found it in the library in a book of spells. The funny thing is it was on the Alohomora spell. Didn’t it only take a week?”

“A week, that sounds right,” I say.

“Harry, it is time to come in,” says Molly from the door.

“One minute, molly.” I reply, “Did that help, Harry?”

“Yeah it did,” says Harry

I put my hand in my pocket and pull out the handcuffs from the Story. I handed them to Harry.

“These are them. I figure you could have them,” I say

“Thanks,” says Harry

He gave me a hug and I squeeze him tight. I let go and he went inside. Remus and I grab our cloaks and get far enough to apparate. I get home to the house Sirius bought. I enter and walk to Gwen’s Room. She was sound a sleep. I enter. I pull the covers over Gwen’s arms. I exit and walk to John’s Room. I see he is peace fully a sleep. I walk in and kiss his forehead. I go back down stairs and see Remus in the front Room. I walkover and sit next to him.

“How are they?” Says Remus

“Asleep. I am glad that we told story to Harry. Even if it hurt,” I say.

“I think he would like to her most of the stories from our years at Hogwarts,” says Remus

“Why did he go so fast? His kids would have loved him,” I say

“He always liked to live fast. It was just Sirius. You know that,” says Remus.

“yeah, He always liked to live fast,” I agree

“Here,” says Remus handing me a cup of fire whiskey. He had one of his own.

“To Sirius,” I say Raising my glass.

“Sirius,” we say together. We drink. I get up after draining it.

“Night Moony,” I say

“Night Angel,” says Remus

I walk up the stairs and head to my room. I pull on one of Sirius’s old Shirts and Crawl in.

“Night my love,” I whisper into the Air in hope Sirius would be listening from Heaven.

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