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"Are you bloody serious?!" Ally McPherson yells. I smack her arm.


"Don't swear in front of the Headmaster!"

"Sorry, mum," she says, rolling her eyes. Her twin sister, Alana, is shaking her head. Alice Prewett is practically crying. And Natalie Cambridge is staring daggers at Sirius, who is sitting on the arm of her chair. The seventh year Gryffindors had been told to come to Dumbledore's office immediately after dinner to receive instructions on a mission. I had no idea that Dumbledore would want us to do this.

Speaking of him, he is smiling at me, chuckling.

"It is quite all right, Miss Evans," he says. I blush.

"Now, as I was saying, the ten of you have been paired up with each other and you shall go undercover as newlyweds. You have all been informed of the Order, correct?" We nod our heads solemnly. "Good. Now, since you are part of the Order, your mission will be working in the field. However, your safety is in extreme danger. That is why you have been paired up. And now, to give you your assignments: Alice, your new name shall be Alice Longbottom." Alice looks ashamed, Frank looks triumphant, and Ally is laughing her arse off.

"Allison." She shuts up now. "Your new name will be Allison Lupin. Alana, yours is Alana Pettigrew. Natalie, you are now Natalie Black. And that leaves..."

"... Lily and James," Natalie says. I'm too shocked to speak.

"What?" I whisper.

"Miss Evans, your new name is now Lily Potter," Dumbledore says gently. My mind is blank. All of my friends look at each other, concerned.

"Excuse us, sir," Alana says, standing up and coming over to me. "We will be back in a little bit."

The Gryffindor girls get up and follow Alana as she drags me out of the room. Potter looks at me, curious. When we are out of earshot, Alana and the girls turn and look at me. Ally is tapping her foot.

"Well?" was all she says. I start crying. They are so shocked, they have no idea what is going on. Alice comes over and comforts me.

"Sweety, what's wrong," she asks.

"R-r-remember when I received that letter last year about my p-p-parents?" They nod. "Well, Dumbledore ordered me to move in with the Potters. And it was horrible, at first. James was really mean to me at first. He would put some kind of creature under my pillow. Or Sirius would prank me while I was reading. Then, they started being nice to me. I don't know why, but James and I started hanging out more. And..." I stop, swallowing hard. This is really hard to say. "And I started falling in love. He was just so nice to me! But one night..." I start crying harder. They wait until I can breathe normally.

"He came home, with a random girl on his hip. And he looked so happy... and I thought that he had gotten over me. Do you know what feels like to have your heart ripped out?! I still love him, but he will probably never love me back." They stare at me, tears in their eyes.

"Oh, Lily!" They all hug me, tears streaming down our faces. After about ten minutes, we are ready to back up to Dumbledore's office. As we enter, my four best friends all glare at James. I keep my head down, tears still glistening in my eyes. I walk over to the chair that I'd been sitting in a few minutes earlier. James was standing behind it.

"Lily?" My heart thunders. Damn it.

"Are you alright?"

"OF COURSE NOT, YOU BLOODY DOLT!" Ally is lucky that Dumbledore had decided to step into his private quarters to retrieve something. The boys look at her, stunned. she is fuming.


"I did nothing of the sort! I had an amazing summer with Lily." I try to hold back a sob, but fail. Everyone turns to me. The tears are now running down my face as I lift my face up. And everyone can see how much pain I'm in right now. My hands are in tight fists. James is really confused now. I shut my eyes.

"If it was so amazing," I whisper. "Then how come you decided to break my heart?" I open my eyes again. James looks really upset.

"I didn't do anything to break your heart!"

"Then what was that with Brittany?"

"That was the biggest mistake of my life! Besides, I thought you hated me!" He moves closer to me.

"You were wrong about that," I whisper so that only he could hear me. My hand starts inching toward my wand.

Good thing Dumbledore chooses to enter now.

"I have found them!" He exclaims. He sets down a small box on his desk and opens it. Inside are gold wedding rings. He hands the Marauders (and Frank) two rings each. Sirius is about to put his on, but Dumbledore has different plans.

"Ladies, please take a ring, slide it onto your partner's right ring finger, and say 'I promise to be your wife, protect you, and be happy whenever you are around for the next two years.'" We do as he says. Then Dumbledore tells the guys to do the same thing. After this is done, we wait for Dumbledore to give us directions.

"Each pair has a house that is on the same street. If you need anything, you can go to each other's houses. The houses are in Surrey, a small muggle village with a few magic folk living there. You are going to leave tonight at midnight. Filch has been told to let you walk through the halls late, to say goodbye. Oh, and before I forget..." He snaps his fingers and ten picture frames with diplomas in them come floating to us. I reach out and grab mine, enthralled. "You are now Hogwarts alumni! Your trunks are still up in your rooms. Unfortunately, your robes have been removed. Now, you are allowed to go up to your dormitory to say goodbye." We walk out of the office. I am behind everyone. My eyes are starting water again.

"Lily." I turn around. Snape is walking toward me. I glare at him.

"Piss off."

"Lily, I'm so-"

"I said piss off!" And I run down the corridor. He follows me. I don't watch where I'm going, thus making me bump into James.

"Oi! Watch it - oh, hi, Evans. What is it-" I plant my lips on his. I feel a shock as my lips make contact with his. He's shocked at first, but then he starts kissing me back more passionately. I hear Snape gasp. I could care less. We break apart to breathe. James is smiling.

"Lily..." Snape whispers. I turn to see the tears in his eyes. James scoffs.

"I thought I told you to fucking piss off, Snivellus," I say, trying out his new name. He stands his ground.

"You silly girl," he says. I glare at him. "You don't realize that he's just going to break your heart. Unlike me." He took a step closer, his greasy hair shining in the light of the torch. "I will always love you." James puts himself between Snape and me. His wand is pointed between Severus' eyes.

"How dare you talk about my wife like that," he snarls. Snape jumps back in surprise, but recovers and whips out his wand.

"Lily, are you just going to let this tosser - this wanker - call you something so -" he glances at my left hand. I put it on my cheek, smiling brilliantly and flashing the silver band in the light. Snape glares at us and runs around the corner. James turns around and I crash my lips onto his. He kisses back fervently. He backs me up into a wall and brings my leg up to his side, caressing my thigh. My small hands slide up his chest. After a bit of snogging, we hear Sirius yelling at Natalie, making us jump apart. We are both breathless.

"I was waiting for that to happen for almost seven years," he whispers. I smile.

"Now we really can start acting like a married couple," I whisper back. He kisses me again. After five minutes, we pull apart, breathing heavily.

"We should go." I nod, still ecstatic. We walk back to Gryffindor Tower, hand in hand.

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