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Christmas at the Burrow! by xxArianaDumbledorexx
Chapter 1 : Why I, Lily Potter, hate the Christmas Holidays.
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So, most normal people look forward to the Christmas holidays. Are you one of them? I most positively am not. I cannot stand the Christmas holidays and I am not looking forward to this Christmas either for a few reasons.

1) Around 100 people stuffed inside the Burrow.

2) It is only around three months until the Weasley/Malfoy wedding and tempers are running high.

3) Due to the up coming wedding Rose and Scorpius have decided to invite Scorpius’ parents to Christmas.

4) Albus has got a girlfriend!!!!

5) I have not got a boyfriend and Dominique will spend the whole time recommending boys for me.

6) Victoire is VERY pregnant with her second child and Teddy is panicking!

7) Grandpa and Grandma Weasley are old but will still do everything they used to, cooking, cleaning, etc, people will panic and demand they don’t, they will get offended.

8) Rose sent me a weird note by owl in my last week of school saying she had to talk to me.

9) I had a weird last week of school, involving a usually quiet quiditch player, my best friend, breaking up with his girlfriend and then saying he hated me

10) Oh and because I’m Lily Potter and life isn’t fair!

I got off the train with Roxanne, Fred, Louis and Hugo. Usually I would have sat with my best friend, Euan Wood, but as it says above he is annoyed with me.

Mum was waiting to take my younger cousins and me to the Burrow. She hugged me and I asked about everyone.

Yes, Albus was still coming. (damn)

Yes, James was coming a day late.

No, Uncle Ron had not given up his quest to put an end to the wedding.

Yes, Aunt Hermione and Rose were not talking to him.

Yes, Victoire and the baby were all right.

No, we weren’t going home first.

Yes, my stuff was already at the Burrow.

Yes, Uncle Charlie was coming with Morganna, his girlfriend.

And then mum said the one thing that surprised me.

“Oh… Ange and George invited Oliver Wood and his wife and son. Euan right?” she said, taking the trunks from little Roxanne and Fred took his and Louis’ and put them onto the trolley, I added mine to the tottering pile, still in shock.

On the way to the car I tried to explain to mum that Euan was annoyed with me, but she said this would give us time to make up and then we were off to the Burrow.

We drove there in silence stopping only once, at the Ministry of Magic to pick up my dad and Uncle Ron.

There was one thing Rose had asked me to do as an extra message on the tiny scrap of parchment.
So when Uncle Ron asked us all if we’d had a good time at school. I had not answered.

He had frowned slightly and then carried on talking to Mum.

We drove all the way to the Burrow along the road that I had travelled along all my childhood.

And then we were there.

The Burrow.

Ready for Christmas.

I looked up at the tinsel covered house as we drove up the drive and gritted my teeth.

Bring it on, I thought to myself!

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Christmas at the Burrow!: Why I, Lily Potter, hate the Christmas Holidays.


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