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A/N: My story is based on the 1998 American romantic comedy ‘You’ve Got Mail’, written by the film’s director, Nora Ephron. The film is a remake of the Ernst Lubitsch film ‘The Shop Around the Corner’ in which the storyline of a Hungarian play ‘Parfumerie’ (written by Miklos Laszlo) was used.


Chapter One


Hermione was standing in front of the Shop of Magical Stationery in Hogsmeade, watching something in the shop-window curiously.


It was a diary book she was so interested in, a blank journal with purple and gold silk cover.


Hermione entered the shop. The shelves were filled with tricky notebooks, exercise books, parchment rolls and paper boxes. She took a look at the colourful pots of magical ink and the black and white postcards of the village on which the things didn’t only move but could also be heard and smelt… One of the cards showed Madam Puddifoot’s tea shop with Hogwarts students sitting at the round tables, whispering and laughing and the sweet smell of tea and coffee coming from the picture fascinated Hermione. In another postcard Dumbledore was watching the group of excited first year students approaching the castle while the meowing of Filch’s cat could be heard from the background.


’Can I help you?’ The owner of the shop, a white-haired magician wearing a black robe and huge glasses asked.


’Yes… I’d like that purple diary from the shop-window…’


’This is a really special one,’ he said while placing the book on the wooden counter. ’There are only two diaries of this kind. I sold the other one yesterday.’


The printed golden lilies were glittering on the purple fabric beautifully. There was a locket fitted to the cover but there was no key.


’How can I open it?’ Hermione asked.


’The first time you want to open it, whisper the same word three times into the locket. That will be your password.’




Hermione was sitting in the library of Hogwarts and, after making sure she was alone, she whispered ’Crookshanks’ three times into the locket. The book opened up and she started to write on the first page.



Dear Diary,

I feel so lonely and my friends are always busy doing something else. So I will pour out my heart to you. I know it’s a bit childish but



Suddenly she saw Draco Malfoy and Blaise entering the library. For a moment her gaze lingered on Malfoy's tall and confident figure and blond hair falling over his forehead but she quickly came to her senses,  snapped the journal shut, put it into her schoolbag and stormed off.




Later that evening, when the others had fallen asleep in the bedroom, Hermione pulled the diary out of her bag to go on with writing. She opened it and was shocked to see another entry below hers.


You can pour out your heart to me… Especially if you are a girl… Especially if you are a pretty girl…


’Is this a diary that answers me back?’  Hermione wondered. She jotted down some lines quickly.


I’m a girl, that’s right. But what do you care if I’m pretty or not? You’re just a diary.


The answer arrived soon, the black letters appearing one by one.


It might be surprising to you, but I’m not a diary. I am very much a guy… A man in flesh and blood… Writing in the fellow diary of yours.


Panic overcame Hermione.


You mean you can read everything I write into my secret diary?


The answer worried her even more.


That’s right. And all my entries appear on the pages of your journal, too. Spooky, isn’t it?


Hermione didn’t get a wink of sleep that night.




Hermione and Ginny were sitting on two big orange pumpkins near Hagrid’s hut. Hermione had just finished telling her friend the fantastic story and now she was waiting impatiently for her opinion.


’Wow,’ Ginny said finally.


’That’s all you can say? Wow?’ Hermione was disappointed.


Ginny was thinking for some seconds, playing with a red lock of hers.


’Well… It’s… thrilling. It can be a dangerous game, don’t you think so? What if it’s like Tom Riddle’s diary and the person who always writes back will possess you, control your mind and force you to do something terrible?’


’Of course I’ve thought of it, Ginny. That’s why I decided not to tell him anything personal about myself. All he knows is that I’m a Hogwarts student, just like he is.’


’And didn't he find this precaution ridiculous? Doesn't he want to know your name?’


’Yeah, he’s really curious but I am really determined so he’s no other choice but accept my rules. Anyway, he thinks it’s funny… exchanging messages this way… in this mysterious way.’


’You said you’ve been writing to each other for a week. What do you write about then?’


’Oh, we have lots in common… Books, music… The history of Hogwarts. He knows so much! Yesterday he helped me in my Potions homework. And he writes poetry, too. He has a beautiful poem about autumn colours and feelings… I almost cried.’


’Do you have any ideas who this mysterious penfriend can be?’ Ginny asked curiously.


’Well… He must be a good student, clever, intelligent…’


’Maybe… Harry?’ There was some jealousy in Ginny’s voice.


’I don’t think he has time for such things…’ Hermione wondered. ’And anyway, he’s not that good at Potions, either.’


Ginny seemed relieved.


’It might be… Colin,’ Ginny suggested with a serious face but soon they both laughed out loud. The short boy who once asked Harry for an autograph seemed highly improbable to be Hermione’s secret penpal.


’And what if it’s a teacher? Snape?’ Ginny continued teasing Hermione. ’That’s why he could help you in your Potions homework…’


This was the moment when they started to cry with laughter but deep down Hermione hoped Ginny was very, very wrong.


End of Chapter One

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