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The next day kind of melted together, at least, that’s what it seemed like to me. The evening had brought me wandering out on the grounds of Hogwarts trying to clear my mind. A harsh job that was, it hadn’t been clean in ages. I’m sure the little people in my head were trying to kill themselves with filing cabinets. Or maybe they were fish being sucked into the filter and clogging up the filter hole.

Actually, everything probably vacated the day I got hormones, leaving behind a void in which air would travel. Yes, that’s most likely.

Anyways, shall I go on about the sky, the sun started to fall below the horizon leaving behind streaks of red in the orange? A whole paragraph, maybe, about absolutely nothing except the natural beauty around me, and how the sun made them glow just right? I would, but we have all seen it and thought about it. Insert apathy here.

Getting to the heart of the matter, I was going to have to tell Remus I knew. Now, see my dilemma. Easy it may be for you to say I should just tell him straight out, but you’re merely the reader, and such delicate matters are predictable to you.

Lighting up a fag, I lied on the ground with my eyes closed; inhaling the intoxicants shoved in the tobacco as I contemplated life and all the cheesy metaphors representing the unfairness of everything, strength, and everything else that seemed empowering. Or, you know, just inhaling the cigarette. The former sounds a lot more interesting and purposeful, though.

“Smoking’s not very healthy, ya know,” a feminine voice said from a few feet away. I opened an eye to see the invader of my…general vicinity-ness.

“I’m alright with that, Marls,” I said, motioning for her to sit. “How is your world today?”

“It was a day,” she said sitting with her knees up and arms crossed around them. “Seems like you’ve been in contemplation.”

Marlene McKinnon was a Gryffindor, brave and strong to the end. She was tall with hair brown as moist dirt and eyes of a soft blue and bright, like the sky. She was also witty with a hint of sarcasm and could be quite pissy when someone really ticked her off. Once Avery tried looking up her skirt and she blasted him across the corridor, the sound of his head was quite loud. I wasn’t really close to her, but we got along.

“I have been,” I replied, watching a cloud shaped like a turtle pass by…or was it an octopus?

“That’s totally a ship,” Marlene said, pointing to the turtle/octopus.

“No way,” I disagreed with her shaking my head, “it’s an octopurtle.”

She gave me a weird look, “What?”

“An octopus turtle type thing. You know… tentacles with a hard shell.”

We argued for a few minutes over what the cloud really was and ended up in pain from laughter.

“So,” I said, calming down, “how’s Lily doing? I haven’t seen her around lately…”

Marlene flinched a little bit before replying. “She’s been studying a lot. Her and James are getting closer though.”

I smiled a little bit. “They just needed a push, though I must admit this wasn’t quite the push I was expecting.” I inhaled more
intoxicants, expelling the smoke from lungs before talking again.

“Death can do that, though, bring people closer. Tough times are coming, I can feel it.”

A strange look is all I got in return before her friend, Mary, called from a distance. “Well,” she said, “I best be off. It was nice talking to you.”

“Same. We should cloud gaze more often,” my eyes drifted upwards, “people don’t do it enough anymore.”

When my cigarette was down to the filter, I decided to man up and go find Remus. I wasn’t quite sure how I would go about it, but not telling him was not an option. It would be . . . with-holding the truth I suppose one could call it and it felt wrong not to tell him, for it was his secret that he guarded very well and put all of his effort into not being found out.

Ever try finding someone in Hogwarts? Particularly a Marauder?

Considering the size of Hogwarts, I spent a considerable amount of time hunting for that damned wolf that day. The WHOLE day. It was a long and grueling process, almost making me back out of telling him with my figurative tail between my legs. I was too stubborn, though, to prove myself wrong.

So, at 11 a.m. I had finally tracked down Remus by camping out in front of the Fat Lady….or voicing my opinion in a rather high octave that may have carried a hint of astonishment and great insult.

“I do not look like a beggar’s pet slug, you pink frilled, good for nothing pigmentation!”

The old hag scoffed at me, “I’ll have you know that we magical portraits differ from those pathetic still-frames muggles confuse for portraits. In fact just a few months ago I tried to hold a conversation with one….”

Really, who the hell would try to talk to a muggle picture? Or a picture at all?...I suppose that is what I’m doing now, isn’t it? What a strange world I have been brought to.

“…it’s always the handsome ones to give you the cold shoulder…” the portrait rambled on. I didn’t even know portraits had complex emotions. Let’s hope they can’t reproduce. That would be fucking creepy as all hell…

“Now these gentlemen know how to woo a lady,” the portrait snapped me back to reality from my pondering of portrait reproduction, which was definitely for the best.

“What?” I blinked and looked around to see the Marauders staring at me with amused expressions. “Oh yes, quite the erm…gentlemen.” And in my nervousness, I managed to shove my foot in my mouth and launch it out of my arse. It was not my fault, I got it from my dad.

During nervous situations we both had habits of making bad puns! “Some might even say they’re quite wolfish.” Spare me, I am now doomed!

A/N: So, this chapter was going to be the one with her and Remus talking about his condition, but I decided to be sadistic and leave it for the next one. My apologies for the shortness. So, next one shall be all dramatic and shite.

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