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Fleur always had an air of confidence around her. She was part-Veela after all; capable of wandless magic, and good at charms and dueling. She was beautiful willowy and graceful with beautiful silver blonde hair, perfect teeth, and dark beautiful sapphire eyes that seemed as fathomless as the depths of the ocean. She was a little oblivious to the fact that she could be more than a bit arrogant for she never meant to come across this way, well, not most of the time. For truth of the matter was that Fleur was warm and caring often fretting over the ones that she loved. Yes, she did have a blunt manner and criticized things she didn’t know, but that was just part of her nature. She didn’t realize that it was so offensive. She was very motherly to Harry and to his friends for she cared for them deeply. She didn’t understand why Bill’s family seemed to hate her so much. She thought that they would be accepting, but she could tell that his family especially Ginny and Molly didn’t like her much no matter how much she helped out or how nice she tried to be.

She wasn’t blind nor oblivious, though, she did try to hide her hurt feelings every time she heard Ginny call her ‘Phlegm’ behind her back or when Molly said something completely rude. Sometimes, she’d lash out at Molly, but she blamed Ginny’s rudeness on her mother and for simply being immature. She was a little girl, she couldn’t possibly understand the nature of love. In that manner, she pitied her, though, it seemed that the girl didn’t want her sympathy only for her to be gone. Which was very hurtful, though, confident and strong willed Fluer would never admit that. Yes, she may have been part Veela, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t have emotions and feelings like everyone else. Why did Bill’s family have to be so tactless?

Then Ron, poor hapless Ron. He fawned over her, she could see that. But she didn’t mind the attention so long as it was positive and he realized that she was with Bill and there would be nothing going on between them. She was glad to hear that Harry would be coming over to the Weasley’s soon. Maybe then she could have a decent conversation. She had always liked Harry ever since he had saved her sister Gabrielle, though, he modestly tried to write it off every time. Fleur thought the only reason Molly liked Harry was because she was trying to play matchmaker with her daughter, Ginny. Perhaps, Molly was a bit more sincere than that, but she wasn’t impressed with what she had seen so she’d reserve her judgment on that account.

“Bill!” she cried, the moment that the Charm breaker walked through the door. She kissed him promptly on the lips, ignoring the fact that Molly was tutting and Ginny was making gagging noises behind her back. Yes, Bill was doing a little more than teaching Fleur how to properly speak English. She looked at him lovingly and pulled away, giving Molly a glare as condescending as the one that Molly had given her.

Bill sensing the tension, grabbed his girlfriend’s arm. “Why don’t we go somewhere today, just you and me?” he asked.

Fleur’s eyes brightened. “What a lovely idea, Bill!” she exclaimed, glad for a moment to be away from his mother and little sister. “Where are we going? You ‘ave been working very ‘ard, I’m pleased that you ‘ave a moment for me,” she beamed. “Zere isn’t much to do ‘ere,” she complained, and it wouldn’t be the first time he heard this complaint.

“Which is why I thought I’d get you out of the house,” he grinned, ignoring a patronizing glare from his mother. “I can’t tell you that,” he smirked in response to her question, shaking his head, so that his fang earring danced with it. Fleur laughed. “Of course, how could I not have a moment for you, ma joli.”

“Ah, Bill, you are lovely, too,” Fleur smiled. “Let me get properly dressed. I look ‘ideous covered in all zis flour,” she said, pulling a face. He laughed. She managed to escape upstairs and decided upon a blue summer dress that would bring out her eyes, though, she knew it didn’t much matter what she wore, she still liked to look her best.

“I look hideous in all this flour,” Ginny sneered to Hermione in the other room, out of earshot of Bill. She rolled her eyes.

“I know,” Hermione sighed. “She’s so full of herself,” she scowled. She couldn’t see why anyone would like Fleur especially not someone like Bill. “I thought you said your brother was intelligent? I don’t know why he would fall for someone so shallow.”

“Neither do I.”

“I’m ready,” Fleur announced, before appearing suddenly in the dining room where Hermione and Ginny were congregated. “‘Ello, ‘Ermione,” she said politely before she left, clasping Bill’s hand. Getting out of the Burrow was bound to do wonders for her mood especially when there was absolutely nothing to do but cook, clean, and feed chickens. None of which she enjoyed too much. It was all too domestic for her. She preferred more exotic things. Probably the reason she had fallen for Bill in the first place. He was different than his siblings. But in a good way.

She was a bit surprised when Bill took her to the ocean. This was the first time they would be taking a walk by the sea which she found both enthralling and quite beautiful. “Oh, Bill! Zis is so beautiful,” she cried, her eyes on the blue-green sea that stretched before them seemingly into oblivion. “So beautiful,” she murmured. “C'est magnifique.”

“Not as beautiful as you, Ma Chéri.”

“Or you,” Fleur countered with a smile. “Bill, why does your family ‘ate me so much?” she asked suddenly, eyes imploring his.

“They don’t hate you,” Bill soothed. “I guess they just don’t understand how we fell in love or even want to. Mother’s never approved of the ‘exotic’ types, not to offend you or anything,” he sighed.

“You could never offend me, love,” Fleur assured him. “You would never ‘urt me on purpose,” she insisted, clasping his hand tightly. “I’m so happy zat ‘Arry is coming soon. Do you know when?”

“Tomorrow or the following day, I believe.”

“Good, I’ll ‘ave someone other zan your brother in zat ‘ouse that can actually stand being in my presence and doesn’t call me Phlegm.”

“Who calls you that?” Bill asked curiously.

“Of course, I’m sorry,” Bill apologized.

“Do not apologize for your sister. She is young and immature, she doesn’t know any better. She isn’t well versed in ze art of love,” Fleur insisted.

Bill smiled. “I love you,” he murmured.

“I love you, too,” she responded, kissing him.

He kissed her back with passion of a thousand setting suns. No, some people may not understand how they fell in love, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that they were in love and always would be. No one would take that away from them. No one.

Fleur watched him as they walked. The way the sun hit his beautiful flaming red hair as they walked. How the sand clung to his wet feet as they walked the ocean’s edge, how his lips curled into a smile every time she smiled at him. Perhaps, she shouldn’t worry so much about what his family thought of her. But she couldn’t help but wish that Molly and Ginny would give her a chance. She enjoyed being in his presence, the way his hand held on to hers, the contour of his lips upon hers. “Gabrielle wants to see ‘Arry again,” she announced to Bill.


“She is completely infatuated with ‘im,” Fleur laughed. “I told ‘er zat maybe she would see ‘im sometime soon,” she responded with a small toss of her shoulders. “But I rather doubt zat,” she answered with a rueful smile.

“I think my sister would kill her,” Bill smirked. “She seems to have a thing for Harry, herself.”

“Zat I ‘ave noticed,” Fleur nodded. “But I don’t think ‘Arry knows. ‘E seems completely oblivious,” she said, shaking her head.

“Yes, well, he’ll notice her once she sheds her childlike looks and matures into a young woman,” Bill predicted. “Just you wait and see.”

“I don’t doubt zat,” Fleur laughed. She looked into Bill’s eyes. “Do you zink zat your family will come around?”

“Yes,” Bill answered. “Just give them time.”

“‘Ow much time do zey need?” Fleur huffed. Bill laughed. “I mean zey know zat we care very much for one another, zat should be enough.” But she let that discussion fade as it really wasn’t nothing that he could control and instead contented herself in being his presence. She thanked him from saving her from the Burrow. “I ‘ave missed you, but I know you ‘ave been working very ‘ard,” she insisted with a nod of her head. 

“It will be worth it.”

“I ‘ope so, Bill,” she answered. “But I trust you.”

“I don’t know if you should,” he teased, playfully pushing Fleur into the water. He laughed when she yelped. Apparently she hadn’t been expecting that.

“Bill, zat was not very nice,” she protested. “Bah, don’t look at me. I look ‘ideous. Like a drowned rat,” she insisted.

“You most certainly do not,” he grinned.

“Really?” she asked, and while he was distracted she pulled him into the water. “Zat is what you get for pushing me in,” she insisted.

“Maybe that’s what I wanted all along.”

“It wouldn’t surprise me,” Fluer chuckled, shaking her pretty head. “You are a very silly man, sometimes, Bill Weasley.”

“Maybe, but does that make you any sillier for dating me?” Bill asked discarding his wet shirt. He didn’t like the way the wind kept blowing the fringe against his skin, making raised red marks on his skin.

“Ah, but vat can I say? I’m a fool in love,” Fleur smiled, kissing him. She walked away from him in the sand and started building a sand castle not too far away from the razed remains of a child’s forgotten stronghold crashed seemingly by the waves. Bill smiled joining her. He laid down on his back and she continued work on the castle. Upon finishing, she laid beside him, trailing her fingers down his bare shoulders and abdomen. He leaned forward and she leaned forward, kissing him. She knew that it didn’t matter what his family thought of her. She and Bill were very much in love, and she thought later as they walked home to the Burrow that this was the best evening they had shared together yet. “Look, Bill! Did you see zat?” she asked, in awe. She stopped walking.

“What?” Bill asked.

“It was a shooting star,” Fleur answered. “It was phenomenal! I ‘ave never seen one that was so close before.”

“I missed it.”


“I was too mesmerized by the beauty standing before me,” Bill answered with a rue grin.

“Ah, you shameless flatterer,” Fleur laughed. “But I love you all the same.” That was something she knew would never change no matter how corny he could be, sometimes. No matter how many arguments they had, it didn’t matter. For they had shared one thousand and sixteen kisses and she was sure that there were more to come, they had shared four sunlight evenings together, many dinners out, and their love stretched out in front of them like a never-ending eternity. That’s all that mattered, in the end. Smiling, she took his hand and allowed him to take her back to the Burrow. Somehow, she knew that everything would be okay. Even in these dark times, it wasn’t such a bad thing to hold on to hope. “Everything will be all right, Mon Chéri.”

“I know it will be,” Bill smiled.

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