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‘I hate this, I hate this!’ I hissed through my teeth.


‘Relax, I get it Anemone.’ Albus sighed next to me at the Slytherin table, ‘It will all be over in a few hours.’


I propped my head up on my hand, ‘Thirteen hours, ten minutes and sixty seconds.’


‘Oh, are you looking forward to the day being over? I never would have guessed.’ I threw my scarf at Albus and turned back to Professor Longbottom who was going on and on and on about some stupid plant or what not.


I sighed and blew the bangs from my eyes, ‘Well it’s not over soon enough.’


I heard Albus laugh from my side as we continued to try and follow along with the boring teacher.


Albus and I had been friends since the train ride of our first year. I had no other place to sit and, all though all his family had warned against it since I am a Malfoy, he invited me to come sit next to him.


He had been such a dork as a first year, his tousled coal-black hair was a mess just like it was today and his big emerald eyes didn’t seem to fit with his sharp features, but he soon grew taller and filled out into his body more and now – I hated to admit it – was turning into a very handsome guy.


I sighed, boy did I hate to admit that. Not only because it stroked his ego, but because it always brought up the ‘unknown’ feelings as I dubbed them.


I wouldn’t ever want to ruin our friendship, but what if…and that’s were I always stopped it. That was far enough for me to know it wasn’t worth chancing it.


Albus was too important to me; I don’t know what I would do without him, why would I risk loosing him forever if it didn’t work?


‘Anemone, what’s up?’ I shook my head, coming back to the present, and there was Albus with his bag over his shoulder ready to go, ‘The bell just rang, almost everyone’s gone – Professor Longbottom is even gone.’


I looked around, he was right – only two Ravenclaw were left, a boy and girl pair, and they were already, um, occupied with each other.


‘Ew…’ I said, scrunching my nose and grabbing up my books, ‘Lets get out of here.’


‘And fast.’ Albus handed me my bag, which I quickly filled with my book and parchment and we left just as fast as we wanted too.


‘Gaw…ok we already know they are in love, do we have to see it?’ I said as we started back towards the castle.


Albus shrugged, ‘Well, maybe they didn’t see us.’


I held up a strand of my fair hair and looked at him, the son of the famous Boy-Who-Lived, ‘Try again.’


‘Well, maybe they were lost in the other’s eyes, I’ve heard that can happen if you aren’t to careful.’


I looked away blushed, knowing I had done that to him before.


‘We’re going to be late for Potions if we don’t hurry up.’ I said, changing the subject.


‘But it’s—’


I took off down the hall, all the while reminded of our races in first year, ‘Last one there is a Hippogriff’s arse.’


‘Hey! What would Buckbeak think if he heard you talk like that?’ But even as he said that, I could hear his feet pounding on the ground close behind me.


I smiled; this was how it was suppose to be.




‘Gosh.’ I complained, turning my head away from the couple engrossed in each other on the couch in the far corner.


Albus smiled to himself and shoved me with his elbow, ‘Oh, come on, admit it – this is all a façade, you wouldn’t mind a little snogging if it was offered to you.’


I crossed my arms and turned my head away, pouting.


‘Oh, that’s right, you’ve never been kissed.’


‘Neither have you.’ I snapped back, not in the mood. Couples had been everywhere today, and I mean everywhere.


In the classrooms, empty or not, the Great Hall, the hallway, the Black Lake, the hallway, the common room, the hallway, the forest, the greenhouses, oh, and did I mention the hallway?


Ev-er-y-where! Seriously, it was getting annoying.


‘Well, I’m waiting for the perfect girl.’


I smirked, and slouched in my seat. ‘Well, good luck with that Albus.’


‘Thank you.’ He said, so engrossed in his Arithmacy book that my sarcasm just passed in one ear and out the other.


I sighed, blew my bangs out of my eyes and leaned my head against the back of the couch, eyes closed, ‘Well, I’m waiting for the right guy too.’


‘Oh, and what qualities does this ‘right guy’ have to have.’


I sat up, tossing the thought around, ‘He has to be funny, but have a serious side.’


Albus hummed his responce for me to continue.


‘He has to be sweet and romantic, but not cheesy.’


‘Of course.’ It was funny how his eyes never left the page but some how he always knew what I was taking about. I guess it was because he’d been listening to me for six years now.


‘I would like if he was in the same House, but it’s not that important.’


‘Oh yes, you and a Hufflepuff – I can see it now.’


‘He should be taller then me, and know when I’m scared to wrap his arm around me, or if I’m excited to join in with me or when I’m sad to just be there and listen.’


‘So you are basically asking for a perfect guy? Sorry to burst your bubble Malfoy,’ Albus reached his finger up and made a popping sound with his mouth, ‘but no guy is perfect.’


‘I know,’ I said, standing up and running my hand through my hair, ‘but can he at least be close to perfect?’ I said, turning back to face him.


Albus’s eyes look on a deeper expression, ‘What exactly is it that you want?’


‘I want it to be like Romeo and Juliet!’ I said, walking over to the fireplace and leaning with my arm on it.


‘They killed themselves, Anemone.’


‘Or—or like Jack and Rose!’


‘They died too.’ He said, looking at me, still, with those eyes of his.


I sighed in frustration and stared deep into the green flame, ‘You’re just a boy, you wouldn’t understand.’ I whispered to myself.


‘One day you will find the perfect guy for you Anemone, a Romeo-Jack mix if you want.’ I looked over to him where he sat reading his book.


I sighed, what if I already had found the one? I rested my head on my hand, not wanting to follow that thought any longer.


I heard Albus stand up from the couch and I waited for him to walk over to me.


‘Here.’ I turned around to see Albus holding out a small piece of paper.


‘What is this?’ I asked, turning to face him.


He simply smiled, ‘Just take it.’


I complied, and just stood their holding it looking at him for an answer.


Albus let out his usual, playful laugh, ‘Well, please read it at sometime, but for now – I have to go. I have…plans.’ With one last playful smile and wink, he headed out the door before I could get another word in.


I looked down at the small folded piece of parchment and then at the door.


I closed my hand around the paper and smiled, ‘Albus Severus Potter.’


And with that I took my seat again, and unfolded the small note.




Damn it Albus, the note said meet at the usual place at seven. It was seven, and cold, where was the bloody Slytherin?


Before I could do anything else, my eyes caught a light in the distance. Slowly, I started to make my way towards it.


The light turned out to be at the edge of the forest, and when I broke into the clearing my breath caught in my throat.


Lights surrounded the circle of trees, blue and white lights, thankfully no pink ones.


‘What is—’ I stopped when I saw Albus standing in the center, he was dressed in his usual school cloths but there was a light blush to his cheeks.


I smiled and made my way towards him.


‘What is all this?’ I said, looking around and taking in the whole feel of it.


Albus cleared his throat – as if trying to find just the right words – and offered me his hand, ‘I’ll be your Romeo if you will be my Juliet tonight.’


I blushed and looked away before taking his hand.


He pulled me close and gently placed his hands on my waist and we began to dance to the music of the night around us.


‘When did you do all this?’ I asked, looking up at his bright eyes.


He smiled, ‘Lily and Rose helped me. They are suckers for romance, even if it’s Slytherin love.’


I looked away; he had just said the l-word.


‘So do you like it?’ He asked, making me look back up at him.


I nodded and, taking a big chance, rested my head against his shoulder.


‘So is Valentines day all that bad? Minus the pink of course.’ I felt his smile against the side of my head.


I pulled back and looked up at him, ‘It really isn’t.’ Slowly I pulled his head closer to mine, his green eyes bright with confusion, and, finally he got what I was asking permission for, he smiled and leaned in the rest of the way gently brushing his lips over mine.


I smiled as I looked up to him, ‘It really isn’t, my Romeo.’




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