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Amazing + chappie image = .MementoMori @ TDA!

I barely slept at all, trying to adjust to a different time zone and feeling uncomfortable in a room where no one liked me, was enough to keep me awake. Also lying there without Dom, sadness of the thought that I may never see my family crept up again. I wondered what they were doing right now, were they looking for me? I wished more than anything that my phone worked right now, just so I could call them or send a text message to say I was okay. I fell into a restless sleep. When Lily's alarm went off the next morning, everyone awoke, but I just lay there staring at the canopy above me.

“Hogsmeade trip today! Yippie!” Kim cried diving off her bed and onto Lily's.

“Kimberly, ugh!” Lily said, trying to shove her off.

Kim laughed. “Hurry let's get ready!”

“Kim we don't have to be down there until nine!” Heather said, rubbing her eyes.

“Yeah which is only an hour away!”

Smiling, I decided to be evil and sitting up I grabbed my toiletries I'd left beside me last night. “Bags first shower.”

All three girl's eyes landed upon me and Lily huffed. “I don't think so Adams, you aren't even going to Hogsmeade today, Professor McGonagall has already told me so.”

I sighed, she was right, but that still wasn't going to prevent me from trying one last time.

“...So I think Kim should have the first shower.”

Whatevs Evans,” I said dryly.

Kim gave an 'pwned' smile and hopping to her feet she proudly marched toward the bathroom. I rolled my eyes.

I, of course, ended up being the last to shower. It was quite cold this morning and the only warm things I had were Dom's pink skinny legs. I shivered as I brushed my hair and tried to put on makeup with a shaky hand without poking myself in the eye.

“Oh, I forgot something; I'll meet you down there.”

“Alright, hurry up Heather.”

The girls were dressed and prepared in a matter of minutes and they looked flawless. I couldn't wait to learn the tricks of the trade of using a wand and magic to do everything for you.

Heather re-entered the room and smiled at me. “Would you like to borrow some of my clothes?”

“W-wouldn't Lily know?”

“It doesn't matter, I can't let you freeze.”

Heather bent down to her trunk and I watched as she rummaged through, her mousy blonde hair was wavy and rested on her shoulders and she had light brown eyes. Her face was round and she had a cute button nose and thin doll-like lips. She was so gorgeous to look at!

I had fish lips, way too big for my face.

“Right!” Heather chimed, standing to her feet and presenting me with three different coloured skivvies. “Which one would you like to wear?”

“Um, the black one, it would be the only one to go with my jeans,” I said.

“Okay, here you go!” She handed me the skivvy and taking off my singlet I put it on, it was a little big, maybe because she had slightly bigger boobs, but it was comfortable. “Here is a beanie and a jacket you can also borrow.”

She handed them all to me and I put them on. “Heather, thank you so much for this,” I said gratefully.

“No problem, keep them until you can get some for yourself.”

I nodded. “I will thanks.”

Heather waved, as she left me to apply the rest of my makeup. I shoved on the beanie, gloves and Gryffindor scraf and sat down to put on my shoes. I heard a vibrating sound, looking to my compact mirror I saw it shaking I grabbing it I opened it to see Dom's beaming face.

“Sophieeeee! Get your ass down here, I'm waiting outside the portrait!” 

“Coming Dom!”

“And bring your permission slip, we are going to try one more time with McG.”

“Kay, see you when I get down there!” Shutting the mirror, I placed it into my pocket along with my wand and wallet. Grabbing Heather's jacket I rushed down into the common room and outside to see Dom waiting. It looked as though she'd borrowed some things off a Slytherin girl, most likely Stephanie. Her hair was down, and her fringe pinned back in a quiff.

“Nice knit cardigan!” I said admiring the black wool with hints of gold weaved through it and small gold rhinestone buttons. It was something I'd actually wear back home during the rainy season.

“It's Steph's, she let me borrow it. Ihad to alter it and make it bigger, I'm a little too big for her clothes,” Dom said, fiddling with her lip ring. “She's says it's designer so I have to be careful.”

I smiled. “Come, let's go.”

Hugging, we made our way to the Great Hall for breakfast.

“So did you get to meet the Marauders?” Dom asked excitedly.

I nodded. “Yup, I did...”

“And....were they cool?”

I shook my head. “No.” I didn't really want to tell Dom that the real reason they offered friendship, I didn't want to hurt her. “They hate us.”

Dom's mouth fell open. “What! Are you serious?”

“Yeah, they insulted us.” I didn't want to tell Dom they actually insulted her for being a Slytherin, but insulting Dom was insulting me also.

“Right to your face?”

I nodded and Dom shook her head, her lips pursed tightly. “OMG, seriously what is with these people? If they had come into our world, we would have at least been nice to them!”

“I know Yomee, but the Marauders are a no go, unfortunately.”

Dom sighed. “Aw, and they were so cool in the books...well if they prank us, we know secrets that would ruin them.”

I wrapped an arm around her shoulder and chuckled. “We do too.”

Luckily our mood was brightened again by seeing some students on our way to the Great Hall, dressed in clothes that were definition of the 70's, girls in tight skivvies and bell bottom jeans and the boys...

“Some boys are even doing the whole, top open thing. Ew hairy chest and medallions! With really tight jeans, that's gross!” I squirmed. “Mum told me that's the reason why their voices are so high pitched when they sing.”

“Ah, ha, Stayin' aliiiiiiiiiiiivvveee!” Dom belted out. I lost it laughing.

Everyone looked at us with raised eyebrows and we burst into laughter.

When we arrived at the Great Hall I saw Matthew and Christy waiting for us. At least they were dressed somewhat normally, not a medallion in sight, phew! Christy was pouting arms folded and Matthew was beaming.

“Remember our promise,” Dom whispered to me.

I nodded.

“Morning!” Matthew said cheerily.

“Hi Matthew!” I said as happily as possible. “Uh, er bye Matthew!”

Dom and I continued walking into the Great Hall, and I caught a glimpse of Matthew's face twisted in confusion.

“You could have just said 'I can't hang with you for two weeks'...” Dom whispered to me, as she linked her arm through mine.

“Sorry, I just couldn't think!” I whispered back.

“Sophie!” I heard Matthew call out. I didn't know whether to turn and confront him or keep walking, but Dom made the decision for me and stopped me.

When I turned I saw Matthew marching up towards me and I just said it. “I can't hang with you for two weeks.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dom about to smack her forehead. I was too nice and I couldn't do this to people, I just couldn't. It was one of those things my heart wouldn't allow unless utterly necessary, like last night with Anthony Brown and the Marauders for example.

Matthew raised an eyebrow. “Why not?”

“Because, if something that brought me here comes back tomorrow, I don't want to be sad to leave anyone behind, so...” I took a deep breath. “Dom and I have agreed no friendships until two weeks are over.”

“We are only trying to consider your feelings here,” Dom added.

Matthew didn't look to agree with us. “Let's hang anyway, I mean what could happen?”

My shoulders dropped. “Look Matthew we barely know each other, and I want it to remain that way until two weeks are over, so stop making this bigger than it is!”

Something flickered through Matthews eyes before he nodded. “Ok, fine.”

I bit my lip, as he led Christy away who I heard say, “That's utter unicorn crap.”

I let out a breath. “I don't think I'm hungry anymore.”

“Me neither, come let's go and muck around until we McGonagall comes to collect everyone.”

Agreeing we rushed out of the Great Hall.

*** *** ***

Finally McGonagall arrived to collect all the fifth and sixth year students lined up to go to Hogsmeade. When McGonagall's eyes landed on us, she did everything possible to avoid us, knowing exactly what we wanted. However, we didn't give up, much to her dismay. Right now we were rushing behind Professor McGonagall as she rounded up students and tried to escape us.

“No girls, I shall not sign your consent forms,” she said. “I'm sorry.”

“But Miss- I mean, Professor!” I tried to reason. “Please, we have no one else!”

“We won't tell a soul you signed for us!” Dom added with plead.

McGonagall shook her head, “No, no and no!”

We turned the corner, where all the other eager students were waiting; they looked up at the scene as we approached.

“Alright students hand your permission forms to Filch and we shall get going!”

McGonagall ordered. The students cheered and one by one handed their signed forms to Filch and then were off on their way.

Dom and me stared enviously as they went, looking around angrily I saw Sirius and James standing not so far away, their faces unreadable. I rolled my eyes at them and Filch soon shooed them off, and disappeared after them. Once the students were organised they set off and McGonagall turned to us. I was really upset and angry; I didn't understand why she refused to sign our forms. I mean it wasn't technically regarded as favouritism when we had no one else.

“You suck Professor!” Dom spat, folding her arms in sulk.

“I will pretend I didn't hear that Miss Austin. Now you two go back to your common rooms or find something suitable to do, like study.”

“That's boring!” I whined.

“Behave girls,” McGonagall warned, then turning on her heal she marched off gracefully.

I threw my arms up in the air with frustration. “Grrr! Now what can we do?”

Dom ran a hand through her hair and sighed, “I dunno … wait!”

Dom's face lit up like she had just won a million dollars, or in this case Galleons. My heart leapt.

“What is it Dom?”

“I've got a brilliant idea! Do what Harry did in the Prisoner of Azkaban, let's steal James' cloak and the Marauder's map and go to Hogsmeade on our own!” Dom gave a nod as if to seal the deal.

“Brilliant!” I said happily, as Dom grabbed me by the arm dragged me towards the Gryffindor common room. We arrived at the Portrait of the Fat Lady and muttering the password she opened, I turned to Dom, who took out her compact mirror, I took mine out too.

“Alright,” I said, stepping inside, the portrait shut behind me, and opening my mirror Dom's face appeared.

“Right, let's do this!” She said determinedly.

“Right!” I walked up the stairs leading up to the boy's dormitories, opening the door I was greeted with a huge mess, and foul odours that made my eyes water. I immediately blocked my nose. “Ew, it seriously reeks in here!”

Dom laughed. “Boys are boys.” 

“But still, how do they let themselves live like this?!” I said, kicking some junk out of the way. “I don't think I wanna touch anything,” I took out my wand, “Ok, what should I do?”

Dom was thoughtful for a moment, before smiling. “Use the summoning charm.” 

Nodding, I let go of my nose and raised my wand. “Accio invisibility cloak!” 

As soon as the charm left my mouth, James' trunk flew open and a silky smooth cloak landed in my arms, I smiled widely. “Accio Marauder's map!” Soon a piece of blank parchment flew across the room and I caught it.

“Good job Yo! Now let's get to Hogsmeade!”

Closing James' trunk, I rushing out of the room, I stashed the cloak and the map into my bag. Leaving the common room, I handed Dom the map while making sure the cloak was hidden underneath my skivvy for a few seconds. Pointing her wand at it she said those infamous words.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

I smiled then throwing the cloak over us, we set off. We arrived in Hogsmeade through the Honeydukes cellar in no time, it was so easy to follow the map and exciting to know what everyone was doing at any given time, resulting in us not wanting to give up the map sooner or later.

Once we were out of the cellar, I took the cloak off us and shoved it into my bag.

“Mischief managed.” Dom hissed, then she gave the map to me and I placed it in with the cloak. Zipping up my bag I threw it over my shoulder, nodding we skipped out into a sea of excited students, and we quickly became excited too, because I'd never seen so much candy in my life time!

“Holy shiz!” Dom cried. “This is awesome!”

Grabbing a paper bag each we rushed over to a wall full of lollies.

“Jelly Slugs!” I said, grabbing a handful, and ducking as a flying cart of lollies flew over my head.

“Fizzing Whizzbees! Pumpkin Pasties!” Dom cried, shoving lots into her bag, and I followed close behind.

“Cockroach Clusters!” I said, shoving some in. Once our bags were full, we paid with the left over money from Diagon Alley and we left to explore the other amazements Hogsmeade had to offer.

“Ek, I think that one was a Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Bean...” I said, my face twisting, the flavour was disgusting and I couldn't place a finger on it, and I didn't really want to know what I had just eaten either. I took out the box, and sure enough it was a Bertie Bott bean, “Yo, when they say every flavour, surely they don't mean every flavour?”

Dom raised an eyebrow. “What, you mean like you just ate shit without knowing it was the 'shit' flavour?”

I nodded, “Exactly that.”

“Ew, that's gross,” Dom said her mouth full of Jelly Slugs. “I hope not, so where to next?”

I shrugged, and threw the Bertie Bott's Beans in the nearest bin, and ate another lolly to get the taste of the bean out of my mouth; Toothflossing Stringmints, I laughed when it actually flossed my teeth. Swallowing I looked around. “Um, how about Zonko's?”

“Hella yeah!” Dom said, and laughing we raced towards a bright green building. Before we even reached the door, five Slytherin girls came rushing over to Dom.

“Dominique, you're here!” One cried. “How did you do it?”

Dom beamed. “My secret!”

Giggling, the girls practically pushed me out, and pulled Dom away.

“Dom!” I grabbed her hand, but let go when I smacked into someone's shoulder, I let out a squeal and fell onto the ground.

“Sophie, hurry!” I heard Dom's voice float away.

“Sorry!” The man apologised, offering a hand. I took it and he pulled me up and rushing forward I searched around, but Dom had gone.

I was all alone … great and in such a small village. Letting out a sigh, I turned around wondering what to do. It wasn't like school if Dom had a lunch time detention that I could go and hang with other friends. No one would want to hang with me and the hardest part was I couldn't make friends for two weeks.

Placing my bag of lollies into my bag, I walked over to a small clothes store Gladrags Wizardwear. It was weird, and who would possibly wear odd socks? And socks that would 'tickle your toes'? Walking a little further, I glimpsed a sign pointing towards a lane through some trees, interest filled me and I followed the lane, only to come across a sign, and my heart leapt in utter excitement.


Hell yeah! I knew exactly what it was used for, so I wasn't scared one bit, practically skipping past the gate, I was half way in when I heard a low chuckle.

“Brave little Gryffindor aren't you.” A voice drawled.

I spun around to see a boy who looked very familiar leaning against the warning post, arms folded and smirking. Same gray eyes, same casual haughty manner … Regulus Black, Sirius' younger brother. The only differences were he was more darker and hollow in his looks, he was hot, don't get me wrong, but Harry had been right, he didn't posess something Sirius did that made him equally good-looking.

“It's not haunted,” I huffed, as if he should've known, “it's just a house, used every month for-” I stopped myself right there. “Stuff...” I trailed, biting my lip. I could have given Remus away just then!

“'Not haunted', how could that be, if people hear screams coming from it?” Regulus said calmly, as he straightened up.

“Pfft, I'm going to have a look at it, haunted or not haunted.” I turned to be on my way, until I stopped, turning back, I saw Regulus was still there, watching me with a bemused expression. Biting my lip I sighed, he was a good boy deep down, he was sort-of like Draco I guess, forced by his family to become something, and not strong enough to fight back. He was misunderstood, and deserved a chance.

“Do you want to come with me?” I asked. “Let's go see what it's like for ourselves.”

Regulus stared at me, his face unreadable, but then he stepped past the gate and was soon by my side, I smiled. When I got a closer look at him, there was something about him that captivated me the way Dom did before we became friends.

“Alright, let's go,” he said, shoving his hands into his jacket pockets.

We arrived and stood outside the front door; the house swayed and creaked, even though there was no wind. I rushed up the stairs, Regulus not far behind.

“This is awesome!” I said grabbing the door handle, twisting it I pushed it open, and was greeted to a musty smell.

“You can tell no one's been in it for years,” Regulus mumbled, as he followed me inside.

It was just like being on a boat the way it swayed. Regulus closed the door behind us, and I walked towards the stairs, leaving black shoeprints behind me.

“Wow! Just like in the movie!” I whispered, smiling I made a smiley face with my shoeprints. Regulus scoffed and wiped it away with his shoe, I stared at him incredulously with my mouth open.

“Hey, that was my smiley!” I cried, I pushed him playfully, and surprisingly he let out a cheeky-like laugh.

“Let's take a look upstairs.” Regulus suggested.

“Hell yeah!”

We rushed up the stairs and into the first bedroom on the landing. A huge four-posert bed was the only thing in there, and I could tell the room was only used very month for Remus, as it was pretty dusty.

“This is amazi-ahhh!”

The house gave a sudden jolt, sending both Regulus and I toppling onto the bed.

“Ow!” I cried, as Regulus' arm hit my chin. 

“Oh, sorry.” He apologised quickly rolling off.

I laughed and rubbed my chin. “It's ok.”

Regulus let out a small chuckle, neither of us moved.

“So...” I trailed on, while lying there. “This isn't very exciting huh?”

Regulus shook his head. “I am very disappointed, I was expecting a poltergeist.”

“Me too.” I lied. “So, can I ask you a question?”

“You just did.”

I let out a chuckle of surprise, Regulus having a sense of humour? Since when?!

“But you may ask me another.”

I took a deep breath, “What made you want to come with me? You're a Slytherin.”

Regulus actually laughed at this, I was again surprised, this wasn't like his character – well I didn't know his character, he was never properly explained, but still I expected some cold hearted mysterious boy, even though he was a little, I didn't expect him to joke.

“You Gryffindor's are all the same,” he sniggered, “but if you must know, I was curious.”

“But I'm a Muggle-Born, a 'Mudblood' to you guys, it's like you'd contract something just by being near us.”

I bit my lip as a rush of anger swept through Regulus' features. He sat up and jumped off the bed, I followed suit, and watched as he went to towards the window, his hands shoved in his pockets. 

“You're not like the normal Mud – Muggle-borns,” he said darkly.

“Not like normal Muggleborns? Last I heard Muggleborns were all the same, there is no such thing as a special type,” I said folding my arms.

“Your friend was sorted into Slytherin...”

“Oh, so have you already informed ol' Voldie that two 'not normal Muggle-born girls' are at Hogwarts and one was the first ever Muggle-born to be sorted into Slytherin.”

Regulus turned around to look at me, his eyes had darkened, and he didn't answer, so I didn't expect an answer. But I guessed he probably had already dobbed Dom and I in to Voldemort, now he had information on us and we were now probably a threat. 
“So you have?” I grew angry too. “You Slytherin's would do anything in order to keep yourselves safe, you don't think of anyone else don't you! No wonder everyone hates you guys!”

“Don't flatter yourself, why would I tell him about two pathetic girls?” He finally said through clenched teeth.

I stood there surprised, humiliation creeping inside my stomach. Regulus smirked at my speechless state.

Swallowing I stamped my foot to snap me out of it. “Oh, I-I dunno, for information, w-we could be a threat to the wizarding society just popping up out of n-nowhere!”

“Merlin, and when I thought you were even remotely different to the others at that bloody school!” Regulus snapped he kicked the dresser beside him, making the rotting wood cave in.

“Well sorry to disappoint!” I spat. “I thought you were different too, but I guess I was wrong!” I let out a frustrated growl. “You know what never mind, and to think I was giving you a chance to prove yourself!”

I turned on my heel to storm out, but what he said next made me freeze in my tracks.

“That little speech that your friend said, kind of made me think, alright!” Regulus exclaimed.

I turned around to face him, his face twisted with anger, as if he didn't want that to come out at all, as if it would ruin him. “I didn't want to say it, but there, now you know!”

Again I was in speechless surprise, we stared at each other for a while, before warmth and understanding filled me and shaking my head and stepping forward I smiled slightly.

“Don't be afraid Regulus,” I said slowly, and taking his hand out of his pocket, I squeezed it, “I'm sorry, and don't worry things are going to be different now. Dom and I are different, we know the truth.”

Regulus stared at me, he didn't smile and his face was unreadable, but his eyes had lightened down to his clear gray again.

“So,” I said happily, “this place sucks, so how about we go grab a Butterbeer? My shout!”

I let go of his hand and took out my bright pink Roxy wallet, opening it I saw I only had two Knuts – Knuts, haha! Oh my dirty mind.

“Erm, how much are Butterbeers?” I asked, trying not to smile at my thought.

Regulus chuckled. “Don't worry, I'll shout.”

“No I want to!” I said as we moved towards the door.

“Unless you only want an empty cup, then you better let me shout.” 

I pouted all the way back to Hogsmeade. We arrived at The Three Broomsticks and looking through the windows I saw it was packed.

“I'm really excited; I've never had Butterbeer before,” I said happily, while Regulus opened the door for me.

“Well you're in for a treat; The Three Broomsticks brews the best,” Regulus waved his hand. “Ladies first.”

I smiled curtly. “Why thank you, such a gentleman.”

He followed closely behind and to my dismay, nearly everyone's gaze landed on us, it fell silent for a second. I looked up at Regulus, who didn't seem to notice or care, biting my lip my eyes soon met four pairs that looked the maddest of them all. The Marauders had sat up slightly, I could tell their hands were already itching for their wands, and Sirius looked furious, his lips folding back into a dog-like snarl, and like his brothers, his eyes went dark instantly. I was relieved that neither Lily nor Matthew were in here, otherwise I would be in more deep shit.

Taking a seat at a small table nearest the window, I smiled softly at Regulus, the chatter started up again and then the waitress came to take our orders.

“Two Butterbeers please,” Regulus said. “One warm and...” he looked to me and I shrugged.

“I'll take mine cold I guess...”

The waitress nodded and went off to get them; taking off my beanie and gloves I relaxed.

“So where is your friend?” Regulus asked, taking off his gloves.

“Oh, Dominique, she went off with Slytherin friends,” I replied, a slight tingle of jealousy in my voice. “We'll find her after this, you have to meet her, she's awesome.”

Regulus nodded. “Hmm.”

“So, what do you do for a living?” I asked, trying to keep conversation, and not really knowing what else to say.

“Full time wizard,” Regulus replied, leaning back in his seat. “Among other things.”

I knew being a follower of Voldemort was the 'among other things' but I didn't dare mention I knew … he must of guessed I knew anyway from the fight we had earlier on. But I didn't want bring it up for a conversation purpose. “You don't have a job?”

Regulus shook his head. “Why would I have a job?”

“I have a job,” I replied. “Well, I did. I worked in a clothes store back where I come from called Summer Chic, and Dom worked in a music store called Music Madness.”

“Why?” Regulus asked incredulously. “Wouldn't your family provide for you?”

“Unfortunately my family isn't as wealthy as yours and I hate taking money from others, especially my parents, so I got a job as soon as I was old enough. I love being independent like that, plus Dom and I were saving to travel.”

Regulus leant forward on the table, and even though he didn't show it, I knew he was very intrigued. “Where to?”

I leant forward also. “We were planning on going to places like London, and America.”
“Well you can cross London off your list.”

“OMG! I tot's can, I'm fully here!” I said excitedly. “Well in Scotland, but still I can go to London during the school holidays and I might as well add Scotland to the list and cross it off!”

Regulus chuckled. “So do you have any talents?” He asked.

“Well um ... not anything that would be considered out of this world, but um, I can play flute, and a tiny bit of piano and, yeah, if I have a hidden talent, then I don't know of it yet.”

“Which pieces can you play?”

“It's a bit embarrassing, but on the flute I can play My Heart Will Go On - I know, I know, embarrassing! And on piano I can play like only the chorus of: By the Rivers of Babylon and the main melody of Axel F, but that's it. Hey you might know By the Rivers of Babylon it's from the seventies!”

Regulus shook his head. “I do not listen to Muggle music.”

“Oh, right, of course,” I replied, he was a Pureblood wizard, anything Muggle or related was disgusting. I guess then I wasn't to be embarrassed then - plus I forgot he didn't know any artists from my world, opps. “Dom and I did music at school, we only did it to avoid Economics, because it sucked; Dom is really good at playing guitar, and she can sing well too!”

“Maybe sometime you two can play something for me,” Regulus said lightly.

I smiled widely. “Why not, I haven't played in a couple of years, but I'll give it a try! How about you Reg, what are your talents?”

“I play Quidditch-”

I clapped in excitement cutting him off, “You do too! Seeker right? Oh gosh, how cool!”
Regulus raised an eyebrow. “How did you know?”


Luckily I was saved by our drinks being placed in front of us and I took a deep breath, as I stared at the thick brown froffy substance before me. “Well this is it...” I put the glass to my lips and soon a cool liquid that tasted like less sickly butterscotch filled my mouth. Along with the other spices mixed in, it was absolutely delicious! I gulped the rest down like it was the last drink I was to ever have.

“OMG that was so 'effing yum!” I cried, trying to get the last drop out of the cup. “Way better than Coca-Cola! I must have another...”

Soon a cluster of glasses were on the table, most were mine and I sat back with my bloated belly satisfied, Regulus looked amused.

“Wow, you must have really liked it.” he said.

“It was good! My new fave drink by far!” Smiling I leant in again, feeling light weighted, my head a little too clear and Regulus leant in too. “I'm going to have fun with you.” I said happily.

“Oh, no you're not,” a voice said darkly. We both looked up two see a very angry, scowling Sirius staring down at us; James and Remus were behind him. Remus looked prepared to step in authoritively, as for James, it looked as he wanted to take down Regulus as much as Sirius.

“Oh, brother, long time no see,” Regulus said, his voice and face darkening.

“Sophie, I've been fighting with myself not to do this, but I can't take it anymore ... get up and get away from him now,” Sirius ordered. I stared at him with my mouth open in aghast.

“Um, no I don't think so,” I objected “You can't tell me what to do Sirius, piss off!”

“James get her,” Sirius said, James stepped forward and grabbed my arm, I shook him off.

“No! What the hell?” I cried, what the hell was their problem?!

“Sophie, you don't know Regulus he isn't who you think he is,” James said softly. “Come on.”

I refused to move. “I do know him and no! He wasn't doing anything!”

Sirius looked like a wild dog ready to devour a rabbit. “Doing anything, I saw exactly what he was doing! He was luring you in so he could get you to join his dark ways, I'm not allowing that!”

I didn't know how to retort, because one: Sirius sounded genuinely protective this time and that somehow struck me and two: I knew the true Regulus – not properly, but enough to know he was a good person. Sirius hated his brother because he followed his family's traditions, and Sirius on the other hand had rebelled and had been abused for it and constantly told he was nothing. Of course if Regulus spoke up, he'd be treated just as bad as Sirius. I didn't know how to explain that. I was tied.

“Look,” I tried to reason; people were beginning to stare now. “Sirius, please if you just talk to your brother properly-”

“Oh I have talked to him properly! Tell her Regulus, tell her all of the brilliant conversations we've had!” Sirius snapped, his voice rising.

“I know it's hard Sirius, but you are blinded by hatred,” I continued, hoping I got through. “Everyone makes mistakes, if you just talk you'd see how good he really is despite him thinking he wants to work for Volde-” I paused. “You-Know-Who.”

Sirius' face fell and James stood back, his eyes wide. Regulus looked surprised too, the first emotion I was able to read clearly on his face.

“Come on Reg, let's get out of here, I need to find Dom.”

Regulus stood to his feet and left a couple of Galleon's on the table, I felt guilty I couldn't pay for at least half of the bill. I gave Sirius a grim smile, and grabbing Regulus' arm we pushed past the Marauders and exited out to the cold air.

“Sophie did you...”

“Mean what I said, yes,” I finished smiling. “We're friends now, that's what friends do.”

Great, I broke the promise, I had just said that Regulus was my friend.


I spun around to see Dom coming out from a sea of people. Pulling Regulus with me, I rushed over to meet with her.

“I've been looking everywhere for you!” She said, she paused when she saw Regulus. “Who is this?”

I smiled and I pushed him in front of me, and I rested my head on his shoulder cheekily. “This Dom, is Regulus Black.”

Dom checked him over and a small smile appeared on her lips. “Really nice to meet you.” She shook his hand, I winked at her and Dom gave me the nod of approval. “Since we're in the same house we must hang.”

Regulus nodded. “Of course.”

“OMG, Yomee, you have to see Zonko's come!” She jumped into the middle and linking arms with both Regulus and I, we skipped over towards Zonko's.

Our promise of not making friends was officially broken when Dom also said Regulus could hang with us all the time. Regulus ended up just fitting in perfectly like a piece to a puzzle and looked as though he wasn't going to leave our side sooner or later.

We also got Dom to try Butterbeer, in which she didn't like as much as I did.

When the Hogsmeade trip was over. Dom and I had to escape, so we told Regulus the truth that we weren't really suppose to be here, in which he was impressed because we broke the rules. Quickly going back towards Honeydukes undetected, I pulled out the map and cloak and we quickly rushed back to Hogwarts through the cellar. And after putting the cloak back into James' trunk we rushed to do something before McGonagall came back.

When McGonagall came to check up on us upon her return, Dom and I were 'studying' in the Great Hall along with Kelly and her friends, and she didn't suspect a thing. 

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