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Summary: As the Third Task draws near, Harry gets nervous. He feels something bad is going to happen. To help him settle his nerves, Hermione comforts him which turns into a night of passion. This, however, has its consequences as Hermione finds out she's pregnant. Harry vows he won't leave her or the baby, making a family.

Hi, I'm DREWHHR and I'm new here. I'm rewriting the second chapter and changing a few errors here and there.




Positive. That one little word scared her. Hermione Granger covered her mouth with her hand and sobbed, sinking to her knees landing on the bathroom floor. No. I can't be. But she was. What was written on the pregnancy test was true. She was pregnant.

She was pregnant! The good girl. The good daughter. The one who always got good grades. The daughter who has not been punished since she was five. Now, she was pregnant. Pregnant at fourteen. With Harry Potter's child. Her best friend. She's having her best friend's baby.

She placed a hand on her stomach. Her baby was in there. Safe and warm. Her baby. Harry's baby. Her and Harry's baby. What would he think?! Would he leave her? Would he want nothing to do with her or the baby? She could not live with that. But she knew she should tell him. Right before her parents. She was only fourteen. She did not know what she wanted.

There was only one thing she knew she wanted.

This baby. This creation she and Harry made out of passion. She knew she was in love with Harry. Which is one of the reasons she did not want to give this baby up for adoption. She couldn't do it. She couldn't go through with it. Even if her parents made her. She'd run away and have her baby by herself if she wanted.

However, she knew she couldn't do this alone.

She needed Harry. How would she tell him? Just go up to him and tell him, "hey, I'm carrying your baby"? No!

She stood up and looked into the mirror. Not exactly knowing what she was doing, she lifted up her shirt and put a hand on her flat stomach, rubbing it. "It's okay," she whispered to the fetus inside her, growing as she talked to it. "It's okay, baby. Mummy's here. Mummy's not going to let you go. Mummy loves you." What was she saying?! She already loved her baby?! She was fourteen! Most fourteen year old girls do not even like babies.

Yet, Hermione loved her unborn child so much she'd do anything to make sure they were okay.

She was glad her parents were out of the house. She put the pregnancy test in the brown paper bag it came in, went outside to throw it in the garbage. She knew her parents wouldn't look in there. After she went back inside to cry a little bit more, wondering where Harry was and if he was thinking of her and then suddenly groaned, feeling the need to vomit.

Scary thing was she knew why.

That night, Hermione was woken up to the doorbell ringing. It was ten o'clock, but still late for someone to be at their house. Hermione, wondering who that could be, raced to the stairs to peer at who it was. Her father, Jacob opened the door.

She smiled at who it was. It was Remus Lupin and a woman whom Hermione had never seen before. She had bubble-gum pink hair and was about Remus' age.

"Hello, Mr. Granger, I'm Remus Lupin. I was a professor at Hogwarts the year before last. This is Tonks, a co-worker at where I work now. I was wondering if Hermione was in?"

Hermione didn't wait for her Dad to call her. "Professor!" She walked down the stairs, not rushing in fear of falling and hurting her precious cargo. She approached the three adults. Jacob let them in. "What are you doing here? Is Harry okay?" she asked in fear that the father of her child could be hurt.

"Yes, he's fine. We were going to pick him up later tonight. We were wondering if you and your parents, of course, would like to stay at Grimmauld Place with me, Tonks, Harry, and Sirius for the remainder of the summer. Your parents do not have to stay, of course, but I know Harry would like you to stay," Remus asked.

Hermione thought about this. A whole summer with Harry? It was her chance to tell him about the baby. Oh, this was going to be an awkward summer. She turned to her Dad and her Mum, who had just walked in. "Can we? Harry needs a friend."

They thought about this. "We'll stay for two weeks, but your Dad and I will come back here. However, you can stay for as long as you like. But if your sickness gets worse, you're coming home," Charlotte Granger said. Hermione smiled, nodded, and hugged her parents.

"Thank you!" She went upstairs to pack, thinking about how she was going to tell Harry. She put her hand on her stomach and rubbed it affectionately.

Harry Potter sat on his bed, depressed and bored out of his mind. His relatives had locked him in his room for the summer, only letting him out to use the bathroom. They let him send letters to his friends. He looked at the clock for the sixth time in the last ten minutes. 12:21 am. It was late and he could hear his uncle and cousin snoring down the hall.

He had finished his homework for the summer already. He finished it in about two days, since he could not leave. He had been out of school for a week now and from the moment he stepped foot into this house a week ago, he knew it was going to be a long summer.

He had competed in a Triwizard Tournament three weeks ago and tied with Cedric Diggory, who died in the process by Peter Pettigrew, who right after used Harry to bring back Lord Voldemort.

However, Harry could not stop thinking about the night before. He had lost his virginity by his best friend, Hermione. He smiled at that memory. She was so beautiful. And amazing that night. He couldn't believe that had happened. He had been so nervous about the Final Task, so Hermione decided to talk to him about it. They had gotten too emotional and one thing led to another and soon he was waking up in his own dorm room naked next to an equally naked Hermione. He had lost his virginity at fourteen! What would his parents think if they were alive?

They would not be happy. And neither would Sirius, his godfather.

He sighed and tried to remember that night and how amazing it was. They had talked a little bit about it after the tournament was over. They had said it was just a one-night stand and they decided to try not to mention it again.

He, however, did not know that they would have to mention it again soon.

Two hours later, Harry was awoken by a knock at the door and then the doorbell ringing. He checked the time again. 2:31 am. He wondered who that would be at this hour. Hopefully someone to rescue him.

"WHO THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT AT THIS HOUR?!" he heard his uncle yell running from his room down the stairs to open the door and shout at whoever was on the other side of the door to go away.

Harry grabbed his wand and listened hard for who it was.

"What are you doing here?! Get out of my house!"

Whoever it was did not leave apparently because he heard about three sets of footsteps coming up the stairs. The boy wizard held his wand up just in case it was someone who wanted to harm him.

The door magically unlocked itself and creaked open revealing Mad-Eye Moody, a young woman with bubble-gum pink hair, and Remus Lupin. Harry lowered his wand and smiled at his old professors.

"Hello, Harry, pack your things. You're coming with us," Remus said with a smile.

Harry would have jumped for joy if he was not so tired. He was glad he had not unpacked much from his trunk. He repacked some of his parchment and his clothes. He grabbed his trunk along with Hedwig's cage, which Moody and Remus took.

"Oh, Harry, this is Nymphadora Tonks, and please whatever you do, call her only 'Tonks'. She hates 'Nymphadora'." Remus gestured to the woman, who smiled and shook his hand.

"Hello, Harry, I've heard so much about you. It's nice to finally meet you."

"It's nice to meet you, Tonks," he said politely.

They went down the stairs and out the back door. His relatives were nowhere in sight when they went through the house. "Why are we going to the backyard?" Harry asked confused.

"We are apparating and we won't be seen back here," Moody explained. Harry nodded.

"Come, Harry, hold on to me and don't move," Remus said holding out his arm. Harry complied and he soon felt as if he was getting sucked in through a straw. He shut his eyes for the whole thing. He sighed with relief as they arrived in front of a row of townhouses.

"Where are we?" he asked.

"Number Twelve Grimmauld Place," Tonks answered.

Harry looked at the townhouses and saw Number Eleven on the left and Number Thirteen on the right. "But there is no Number Twelve."

No one said anything as Moody hit his cane on the ground and all of a sudden, a townhouse was coming out from in between Number Eleven and Thirteen. Harry's eyes widened, but then he smiled when he saw, "Number Twelve" on the front door.

They went up to the door and entered. It led to a small hallway, where it was almost impossible to fit two people side by side. The walls were dark blue and black and a little bit dusty. "We've been trying to clean up the place. We're almost done, however," Tonks explained. It was a gloomy house, but nevertheless, Harry thought it was better than the Dursleys.

He walked to the staircase and looked up. It must have been five levels. Remus, Moody, and Tonks led him into the kitchen where they saw three figures. Sirius Black and two other people, a woman and a man, whom Harry did not know, were sitting at the table talking. However, Harry did think they looked familiar.

Sirius looked at him and smiled. "Harry!" Harry rushed to his godfather and hugged him. When they parted, Harry turned to the strangers and stuck out his hand politely and introduced himself, "Hello, I'm Harry Potter." The man shook his hand.

"Jacob Granger and this is my wife, Charlotte." Harry widened his eyes. Now he knew why they looked familiar. Mrs. Granger had Hermione's facial features and chocolate brown eyes, while her husband had her brown hair. Harry shook his best friend's mother's hand. "Oh, it's nice to meet you, sir and ma'am."

"So, you're the famous Harry Potter. Hermione talks about you all the time," Charlotte said smiling at the boy who was running a hand through his hair and blushing.

"She does? Well, I hope it's only good things then."

"Of course it is," she said.

Harry looked around, not seeing his best friend. "Is-is Hermione here?"

"Oh, yeah, she wanted to stay up to wait for you to get here, but she was wiped out, so she went to bed about two hours ago. She's been sick for a few days now, so we couldn't blame her," Jacob said.

"She's been sick?" Harry asked concerned.

"Yeah, she's been throwing up every now and then, we don't know what it is. We tried to get her to go to the doctor, but she's too stubborn," Charlotte answered shaking her head.

Harry slightly smiled. 'That's Hermione.' "Well, I'm kind of tired, too. I only slept about two hours. I'll tell Hermione 'hello' tomorrow morning. It was nice meeting you." He waved to the Grangers and left the room. Not before grabbing his belongings from Moody and Remus.

"He's a sweet boy. No wonder Hermione likes him," he heard Charlotte say as he walked up the stairs. He heard footsteps behind him and looked behind him. It was Sirius. "Here, Harry I'll show you to your room." They walked up to the third floor. "So, what is this place?"

"It's the Headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix. The Order is like an army. They protect the Wizarding and Muggle world from Dark followers. They're like the equivalent to the Muggle police. Grimmauld Place is also my home where I hide," Sirius explained as they approached a room on the third floor. "Hermione's room is just right here. We knew you two would want to be close together." He pointed to the room to the right of the one they were in front of.

Harry smiled and said, "Well, I'm going to sleep. Goodnight, Sirius. See you in the morning."

Sirius nodded and hugged him again. "Goodnight, son. Sleep well." He left, going down the stairs.

Harry went into his room and set his belongings down. He took Hedwig out of her cage and she flew to the window, wanting to be let out. He went to it and opened it, watching her fly into the night to go hunting.

He turned on a lamp to see what he was doing. He put his trunk on a chair and opened it, pulling out a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt to change into. He laid down in his king-sized bed, which felt heavenly. He immediately fell asleep.

The next morning, Harry woke up to a tapping on the window. He immediately knew it was Hedwig. He groaned and opened his eyes. He grabbed for his glasses on the bedside table and put them on. He got out of the bed and walked over to the window and opened it, letting Hedwig fly in. He filled a bowl with water for her to drink after hunting.

He then left the room and stopped short when he saw his best friend standing there, shutting her bedroom door. He smiled at her. She smiled back nervously. "Hey, Harry, I was just coming to wake you." She walked to him and hugged him, which he returned happy to see her.

"It's great to see you, Hermione," he said as they parted. "Are you hungry? Do you want to go get something for breakfast?"

Hermione looked nervous. "Um, actually I have something to tell you. Come on." She grabbed his wrist and led him into her room.

'This is it, Hermione,' she thought to herself. 'There's no going back.' Sheled him to the bed and they sat down on the edge.

"What's wrong?" he asked concerned.

A tear rolled down her cheek. She looked at him and gazed into his eyes, "I'm pregnant."


Well, that was the prologue. I hope you liked it.

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