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An A for Albus Chapter 4 They were standing in front of Professor Snapes class room, down in the cold dungeons of the school. “We are going to get help from here?” Harry asked dumbly. Albus looked at him, “Professor Snape in the best teacher here, in my opinion.” “Professor or no,” Harry replied, “I don’t think we will get the help we need here.” Albus rolled his eyes, “Well since you know everything…” his voice was sarcastic Harry glared, “I never said I knew everything, but I think I know something about this subject!” he waved his hand at the stone door. “Do you want help or not?” Dumbledore said with authority. Before Harry could answer, the door in front of them swung open. To Harrys surprise, it was not the Snape look-alike he had seen earlier, but a black haired, blue eyed woman. She wore a deep, slivery blue robe, and a bandanna cloth tied around her head. She was smiling ecstatically as she looked from Albus to Harry. “Hello Albus!” she grinned down on the small boy, “I though I heard you out here.” Albus smiled and blushed, he looked down at the floor slyly, “Hello Professor Snape.” He said. Professors’ eyes swayed to Harrys, and he felt a wave flow over him, like in side her eyes held the answer to everything. It was the same sort of feeling he had gotten whenever he looked into Professor Dumbledore eyes, only much stronger, and deeper. “And who is this?” she asked. Harry felt himself melt under her gaze. She was also an extremely beautiful woman. “This is Harry Potter.” Albus finally found his nerve and looked up, “He needs your help.” Professor Snapes face turned serious, “Really?” she paused, and then looked down the hall in both directions. “Come in.” she whispered and steeped aside so the boys could walk past her. The two boys hurried into the room as Professor Snape checked the hallways outside once more and then shut the door behind them. Turning to the boys, Professor Snapes smile resumed, “Now, what do you need help with?” Harry was amazed with how different the dungeon class room was. Light shone in from the open windows. It illuminated the perfectly organized masses of tools and books of every shape and size. Star charts hung on the wall to the right, and shelves of different type of teapots stood on the left. The tables that Harry knew so well from his Potions class were all bright and new, without a speak of dust on them. Things, that Harry did not recognizes, hung from the ceiling. They looked like long twisted mats of hair, and they never stopped writhing and swarming. At the front of the class room was something that Harry recognized though, a pure white marble head of a man sat at the front on the Professors Desk. It was the same one Harry had seen in his Diviniations class with Professor Trelawney. It was covered with small black scribbles. Looking up at Professor Snape, who had moved to her desk at the front of the class, Harry realized that she must be the Diviniation Professor. She smiled up at them, “Why don’t you boy come take a seat?” They did, and she handed each of them a cup of tea. Harrys stomach growled, he hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday. “Now,” Professor Snape took a seat across from then, “What seems to be the problem?” “Its like this,” Albus began, “This boy, Harry, clams to be someone who has come back in time through my memory. I didn’t believe him until I saw that nobody else could…” he stopped and he looked from Professor Snape, to Harry, “Hey! Wait a minute! You can see him.” He turned on Harry he looked angry and hurt, “You tricked me!” He stood, his fists clenched in a tight fist. Harry was afraid he would get hit again. “I didn’t!” Harry said quickly, “I walked into the girls bathroom. Do you really think I would do that for a prank?” “I can assure you,” Professor Snapes voice was calm and dignified, “Harry is not playing a prank on you Mr. Dumbledore.” Her words made Albus stop and sit down, “This is, however, a very serious situation we have here.” Harry looked at her, “What do you mean?” Professor Snape leaned forward. Her eyes gazed past his own, down into the deepest most part of his soul. Her voice, a dark whisper, “Where you, by chance, playing with the subject of Occulmency Mr. Potter?” Her tone sent chills down Harrys spine. “No,” Harry replied, “I was in a lesson with…a professor.” Professors Snapes mouth opened slightly and she nodded. “Ah,” she said, “I see.” Her serious manor eased and she sat back in her chair. “It isn’t really all the unique, mind traveling I mean.” “Mind Traveling?” both Harry and Albus said at the same time. “Yes, Its quite a bran-new study really. For a long time, people had believed it had to do with the supernatural, and, in away, it does.” Professor Snape stood and crossed to one of her bookshelves. “So, are you saying that Harry is a ghost?” Albus asked. “Almost. What has happened, is that what would normally be Harrys ghost, o his spirit, as we in supernatural studies call it, has entered from his time to yours, Mr. Dumbledore, through your memory.” Turning back to her desk, Professor Snape dropped an open book in front of Albus. He picked it up, his face serious. “That explains why others cant see him.” He said. Professor Snape nodded, “His body is still in his time, but I’m afraid that, never before has anyone located a sprit long enough to sit down and have a chat.” She smirked. “So, not much is known on the subject.” Albus finished for her. “Not much.” Professor Snape agreed, “but I will do research on the subject for you, if you like.” “That would be wonderful.” Harry was glad to feel like something, finally, could be done about his strange predicament. Professor Snape smiled and nodded, making Harry melt again. Albus closed the book and handed it back to her, “What do you suggest we do for the time being?” “I suggest, Mr. Dumbledore, that you try not to draw too much attention to you invisible friend, and” she smiled coyly, “stay away from Jacob Weasly.” Albus blushed and looked down at his hands again. “Wait a minute,” Harry said suddenly, “How is it that you can see me if no one but Albus can see me?” he asked. “Really Harry, you insult me.” Professor Snape said playfully, “I am the Divinations Professor after all.” She looked up past Harry suddenly. Her face lit up and she said, “Dearest!” Standing in the doorway behind them, was the Snape look alike Harry had seen the day before. He was gazing at Professor Snape with an expressionless look on his face. “I would like to have a moment alone with my wife.” The Snape look alike glared at Albus as he stepped into the room. Standing, Albus turned to go, “Thank you for you help Professor Snape.” He stepped cautiously past the Snape look alike “Professor Snape.” He muttered as he passed him. Mrs. Snape stood, and walked to her husband. She took his hand in hers. “You wanted to see me?” she beamed. “Yes.” He replied, he smirked and took her into his arms and leaned in to kiss her. Turning her face so that the kiss fell on her cheek, Mrs. Snape smiled at Harry. “Oh, sorry.” Harry said and he moved pat them out the door. As he did, he heard Snape say, “Did you hear something?” “Hmm? No dearest. Now where were we?” Harry rushed to catch up with Albus, “How long have those two been married?” he asked. “It was announced after the first year ceremony.” Albus replied. He was walking quickly. A huge smile grew on Harry face, “A moment alone with his wife.” He mocked, “what a laugh. Im sure he needs more than a moment…” “Oh grow up.” Albus said as he puched the doors to the grand door open. In the hall, several students sat, gathered over the four house tables. Albus didn’t hesitate to walks past the group of people at the Gryffendore table and sit near the front. No one else sat there. Harry took the seat across from him, “So, whats the plans for today?” he whispered. “Not to draw any attention to myself by talking to someone who isn’t there.” Ablus whispered back as he helped himself to a hard boiled egg. “Oh…sorry.” Harry said. “Hey Albus!” One of the older boys down the table yelled at him, he laughed and threw a bit of bread at him, “Eat any good flys lately?” Harry sighed and tired to ignore the boy as did Albus. It was going to be hard to not draw attention to himself. Especially if people were going to keep treating Albus this way.

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