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Just Like A Rose by xLoversxKissx
Chapter 2 : Rocky Rides
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The train moved smoothly through the picturesque countryside. Rolling green meadows and dense dark woods passed us by in big colourful blurs. The once bright and unusually sunny day was slowly darkening as the dark clouds started to roll in, with the barest hint of a storm on its way.

My face dropped slightly as I kept my gaze locked on the dull, murky night clouds ahead. Why does it always have to rain on our first night back? By the time we’ve gotten out of the carriages, we’re soaked. Just how I want to be at the welcoming feast.

“So Rosie…you and Smith?”

“Not now Al” I moaned turning away from the window, shoving another chocolate frog in my mouth.

Al scoffed and sat up so he was fully facing me as he said glaring at me slightly, “Yes now. So, what’s going on there then?”

I scowled at him as I reached for yet another chocolate frog. What can I say! They’re my favourites. I’m skinny anyway, Nana Molly is always trying to fatten me up, I’m just helping her really.

“I don’t think we need to talk about Jasper.”

“Well someone has to,” Dom muttered from beside me as she flicked through her Quibbler.

I looked at her with clenched teeth, and a very miffed expression. Just whose side was she on here exactly?

She looked up at feeling my gaze and scoffed “Well someone needs to talk about it, and if you’re not going to, I will” she said turning to Al. “She likes him. A lot.” she said with a very pointed tone to her voice.

Al sat back in his seat folding his arms. “Really?” he asked casually, “And you think you can’t share these things with me because…?”

“Because I don’t like him like that!” I said throwing my hands up in exasperation, “He’s good looking, yes” I went on seeing Dom turn her disbelieving sparkling blue gaze my way, “But I’m Head Girl and he’s Head boy, so obviously I’m going to talk to him more and get friendly with him considering he’s probably the person I’ll be seeing the most of this year. That’s it” I finished firmly turning back to Al.

He looked me in the eye for a moment, before shrugging casually and tucking into his Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

Dom rolled her eyes and said with a shake of her head, getting back to her Quibbler “Fine, convince yourself of that. But I think you like him more than you even realise”.

“Like who?” Mel asked interestedly upon entering the compartment once again.

“Rosie likes Jasper” Dom muttered, no longer interested in the conversation.

Mel waved her hand dismissively, “Oh we all know that. But I have a problem,” she said sitting beside Al, who, irritatingly, barely glanced her way I noted with annoyance.

“What?” I asked frowning.

“I cannot for the life of me,” she said throwing her hands up in exasperation and shaking her head, “find out who this new person is. Do you know who he is?” she asked looking at me, “Didn’t they get a mention in the heads meeting?”

“Not really,” I said apologetically, “McGonagal just mentioned the fact that there was a new student, and then moved on to patrols. She didn’t seem that interested to be frank” I said honestly.

“Well that’s just downright frustrating!” she huffed, sitting back and folding her arms.

Mel isn’t exactly the smartest of girls, she’s by no means thick, it’s more that she has a one track mind and most of the time, lessons and schoolwork are not the thing she’s focusing on. So, for her not to be able to find out who this new person is, is her own personal hell.

An image of her sat in a corner, rocking back and forth, pulling out those perfect golden brown curls with a mad look in her pretty pale green eyes, instantly brought a grin to my face.

“Hey Dom,” Al asked through a mouthful of jelly beans, raising his eyebrow slightly as he noticed Mel sat beside him seething as if she had her own little rain cloud over her head, “where’s Louis these days? I can’t remember the last time I saw the little Scarecrow”.

Louis Weasley in no way resembles a straw haired figure that scares off birds. That little nickname is of James’s doing obviously because Louis is as far from a scarecrow as you could possibly imagine. He’s like a little golden haired god. Where as Auntie Fleur and Victorie have long shimmering white blonde hair, Louis’s literally looks golden when the sun hits it. He’s got the same perfect complexion Fleur, Victorie and Dom have, and the same bright blue eyes that you could swear were gems. Sometimes I feel sorry for Uncle Bill being surrounded by them all and their practically other-worldly good looks, but he’s not bothered.

But James being James, took no note of these things and decided to name him after a clump of hay. The name officially stuck when Fred made him dress up as one for Halloween one year and tied him to a tree in Nana Molly’s garden.

James Potter and Fred Weasley are a lethal combination.

Dom’s expression instantly darkened as she looked up.

“Just guess” she practically spat.

“With Lorcan and Lysander?” I hazarded a guess.

Her teeth clenching at my words was enough of an answer.

“Oh come on Dom!” Al laughed, “they’re not that bad. They’re actually a bit of a laugh if you get talking to them. A smart version of Dumb and Dumber” he mused with a grin.

“If he spends anymore time with those two, he’ll become as deranged as they are!” she all but shouted, all thoughts of reading gone as the Quibbler lay in a heap at her feet, “I refuse to share a household with a lunatic!

I glanced sideways at Al, who looked back at me with a slightly surprised look in his eyes. She was taking this a bit far. They’re odd yes, but they’re not lunatics.

I loved Dom. She was practically my sister. We grew up together, sleeping at each others houses and teaming up and blaming things on Al if the three of us did something wrong when we were playing, but putting my love for her aside and looking at her from an outsiders point of view, she isn’t the easiest person to get along with by far.

Unlike her mum, brother and sister, she has Uncle Bill’s red hair that fell around her shoulders in a long fiery red wave, so she was already rather eye-catching. You could say she had intimidating good-looks. Like her hair, she has a fiery temper, she isn’t very keen on change, and doesn’t really have time for a lot of people.

It’s not that she doesn’t have friends, its more that the majority of people have qualities that seriously grate on her, though if she actually gave people a chance once in a while, I’m sure that’d change, but her stubborn streak will always stop that.

So when her little brother, who she is fiercely protective of, was sorted into Ravenclaw, she was a bit put out, not to mention surprised as hell. He was a Weasley after all. Then when he came home after his first year, it was evident that he’d developed a little ‘weird’ streak. Dom wasn’t really fond of that and naturally blamed the Scamander twins.

Since then she’s always had a short fuse with them. I personally like them, as does everyone else, but they’re just not Dom’s cup of tea. She can barely stand James and Fred together!

The compartment door opened distracting me from my musings and Lily popped her head round as she slung her tie around her neck.

“Jasper asked if you could meet him at the front of the train in ten minutes” she said with a devilish grin fastening her tie absentmindedly.

Mel instantly perked up as Al frowned saying “What does he want you for?”

“He wants to ravish her in an abandoned compartment. He’s got it all set up the old dog!” Mel replied with a laugh. Even Dom joined in.

I shot them both a look as I stood up, shoving my robes on over my uniform, before saying to Al, pointedly ignoring the two hyenas “We have to be the first off to help Hagrid with the first years”.

He mouthed ‘oh’ silently as realisation struck, and nodded.

“Make sure you get the beast up to the castle will you? Or you can accidentally throw him in the lake if you want. I promise I won’t mind.” I said hopefully as I joined Lily at the door.

Al gasped dramatically and clutched Milky to his chest, who hissed in protest, “I am not throwing him in the lake. He’ll be in your dorm when you go to bed, safe and sound” he said smiling sweetly as if he was doing me some sort of favour.

The amount of times I’ve thought about throwing the thing out the window…

“Fine.” I muttered closing the compartment door as Dom shouted “Be a good girl now!” after me, with a sarcastic grin.

I rolled my eyes as Lily started to lead me to the compartment he was in. I might as well meet him there than stand at the front of the train on my own.

“Do you actually like him?”

I glanced at her as we walked.

“No.” I said shortly.

“Not even a little bit?” she probed, “Because, you two do get along really well, and you look so good together!”

I sighed shaking my head “We’re just friends Lil’s ” I said tiredly. Honestly, this whole ‘me and John’ thing is going to get really old very quickly.

I glanced into the compartments as we walked passed. I liked to people watch, that and I was also rather nosey - but in a discreet way! It was always the same old scene. Friends laughing, sweet wrappers scattered across the floor and seats, and the odd one or two people hastily trying to track down pieces of their uniform as they saw we were getting close to Hogwarts.

Except one.

There was just a person sat on their own, with their head deep in a book. I couldn’t even tell if they were a boy or a girl because they had a thick cloak and hat on. I frowned slightly, trying to get a better look.


I jumped slightly, and looked towards the voice.

Lily stood outside a compartment up ahead, regarding me with a look that was clearly questioning my sanity. “This is his compartment” she said slowly, nodding her head towards it.

I leaned away from the compartment that housed the lone person, and cleared my throat sheepishly “Sorry, I was just…looking at something…”

She raised an eyebrow as I reached her mumbling as she looked me over “Have fun with Jasper…”

I rolled my eyes and opened the door.

It just got old.


“C’mon on yer lot! Into tha’ boats!”

Jasper and I helped load six first years into each of the boats as Hagrid hurried them along. It wasn’t exactly the best thing I’d ever done.

The rain was coming down hard and fast, and it was at just the right angle with the wind blowing harshly, to hit you right in the face, blinding you momentarily, whilst making your cheeks unbearably numb.

Thank Merlin you’re only Head boy or girl for one year. I don’t think I could do this again.

Thunder started to rumble harshly over head, and I glanced at the black lake warily as I watched the first years drift off towards Hogwarts in their boats.

“It’ll be fine” Jasper said reassuringly from his position opposite, helping a little girl step over the side of the boat, “they’ll be at the castle before the storm hits”.

I scoffed as the boat left the shore and said looking up at him “Yeah, they will be. It’s us I’m more worried about”.

Jasper smiled warmly and came to stand beside me putting an arm around my shoulders “It’s just one short boat ride. It’ll be over in no time”.

I looked up at the perfect face above me, and I couldn’t help but let my eyes slide to his mouth, and the cute dimples that framed them.

When I realised that I was just staring at his mouth when he was probably expecting a reply, I quickly looked him in the eye saying with a laugh “Course it will!”

“Right” Hagrid said as he bustled over towards us, his new puppy bounding along at his heels excitedly. I subtly ducked from under John’s arm and took a step away as he reached us, coughing slightly and paid very close attention to Hagrid, rather than glance at Jasper. “You two take tha’ boat” he said gesturing to the one in front of us, “an’ me an’ Albert’ll take tha’ one” he said pointing to the slightly bigger boat.

I nodded, not stopping to protest, and instantly headed for the boats. There wasn’t a chance I was hanging around outside in this weather longer than I had to. I’d ride a Thestral if I must.

Jasper held my hand and helped me into the boat, and I smiled politely as he sat down beside me. I folded my arms as we set off and the cold wind started to pick up, practically throwing the rain at us, and shivered involuntarily.

Jasper glanced at me and coughed slightly. He raised his arm, wiping the rain from his eyes, and I looked ahead at the castle. It really was a sight to behold. No matter how many times you’ve looked upon it, it never gets old. It’s like you’re gazing up at it again for the first time.

Next thing I know, a strong arm is hugging me close.

I jumped in surprise and looked up at Jasper, noticing how close we’d suddenly become.

“You look cold!” He shouted over the wind and rain with a kind, warm smile, rubbing his hand up and down my arm in a comical manner.

I forced a laugh and relaxed as much as the situation would allow.

I mean, to me, this was all slightly odd. I wasn’t used to boys being this kind to me, I grew up with the likes of James for Merlin’s sake, and as much as he likes to think he’s a lady’s man, he’s about as courteous as a troll.

Then there was the fact that, sure Jasper was probably one of the nicest people I’d ever met, but I didn’t exactly know him. He’s been in a few of my classes over the years, and I’ve had the odd conversation with him. But nothing major.

Now I find myself sat in a boat, huddling against him for warmth, with probably more close encounters to come if we’re head boy and girl. Though, having to look at him, and spend time with him for a year isn’t exactly a punishment.

A small part of me got weirdly excited at that thought, and I quickly shook my head as a blush started to make it’s way into my cheeks.

I know he couldn’t possibly have known what I was thinking, but I still got embarrassed considering there wasn’t even an inch of space between us.

Anyway, I don’t even like him. I don’t.

A flash of lightening brought me harshly from my musings as the boat gave an almighty jerk as it thudded against the shore.

I gasped as we were nearly thrown backwards into the water from the force, but luckily Jasper had a good hold on the boat.

Hagrid wasn’t far behind, and as Jasper helped me out from the boat, he rocked up with his shivering puppy Albert howling slightly in his coat where he’d hidden himself.

His boat rocked dangerously as he stepped out, but he paid it no attention and gestured for us to make our way up the steps.

We hurried up in silence, the thought of soon being warm and dry spurring us on, but as we crossed the threshold, McGonagal came striding from the Great Hall, the sorting hat in her hand as the rest of the teachers and students tucked into a highly anticipated welcome back feast.

“Ah, there you are. I was just about to send out a search party” she said curtly, her gaze passing over our drenched appearances.

Hagrid shook the rain from his hair, and McGonagal took her wand out and with one flick, a feeling of warmth suddenly swept over me, and I sagged in relief as my now warm and dry hair brushed against my cheeks.

Hagrid nodded gratefully as he said “Sorry Professor, the lake got a bit stormy, so thought it wa’ best to take it slow. Don’t want no one fallin’ in cause of tha’ waves” he said with a chuckle, fishing his puppy from one of the many pockets inside his coat.

McGonagal nodded smiling in thanks and turned to Jasper and I saying “I won’t keep you long, but I would like you both to come to my office. I just need to go over a couple of things”.

Jasper nodded “Of course. That’s fine, isn’t it Rose?”

I looked up putting on a fake smile “Yeah course”, and lagged behind them both as they started to head up to her office.

I groaned in protest as my stomach started to rumble as the delicious aroma of food floated along behind us. Why did she have to pick now to speak to us? I’m sure whatever it is can wait for a bit.

This better be worth it, I thought savagely as I unwillingly trudged along, I’m bloody starving!

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