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New Attractions by tbhasker
Chapter 3 : Of Vampires and Kidnappings
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A.N.: Hey all! Sorry for the late update! I had midterms and so much school work! But I tried to make this chapter longer than the last one. So I hope you like it! Please read and review!

Disclaimer: I.Don't.Own.Anything.End.Of.Discussion.

Chapter 3: Of Vampires and Kidnappings

Hermione apparated out of flat and into her favorite place: Diagon Alley. She walked up and down the streets looking at the young witches and wizards staring wide-eyed into store windows. Hermione smiled; she remembered her first time in Diagon Alley. The first store she had walked into was Flourish and Botts. She remembered picking up her first copy of Hogwarts a History. Oh how she loved that book!

Hermione looked up to see a toy store. Her mind drifted to what had happened the previous day with Malfoy. She chuckled to herself at the fact that Malfoy was in a muggle town. He had grown up, she thought to herself, whether he changed or not she didn’t know, but he had grown up. He didn’t look like a cunning teen anymore. His head wasn’t stuck up in the air as it used to be. His hair, thankfully, wasn’t slicked back, but in fact, it hung loosely around his face into his eyes. He looked more mature, like a normal man almost. There was one thing though, Hermione had realized; his eyes. His eyes, no matter how grey and cold-looking they were, had a sort of melancholy look in them; a mix between sadness and a longing. She knew he wanted to change himself; everybody does.

She had an urge to talk to him, to see if he had changed or not. She scolded herself for ending their conversation in the toy story so rudely. She couldn’t help it though. After all; he had made her six years in Hogwarts miserable. But the past is past, she thought to herself. Whatever happened had happened, and nothing she would do could change that. If she met Draco Malfoy another time, she promised herself to at least have a civil conversation with him.

Hermione walked into a secluded dark alley ready to apparate. She heard footsteps coming near to her and quickly turned around. A young man probably in his mid-thirties, wearing a brown leather jacket and blue jeans, looked down at her.

“What is such a pretty girl doing here in such a dark alley?” the man asked, a stale smell of beer came from his mouth.

“N-nothing,” Hermione stammered, “I was just leaving.”

Hermione turned around abruptly and started walking fast out of the alley. The man was too quick for her though.

“You know, my sweet,” the man said in a disgustingly sweet tone, grabbing on to her arm, “One would think a pretty girl like yourself would have the brains not to walk into deserted places.”

He looked at Hermione, his eyes passing over every inch of her. She looked away as a hint of fear washed over her face.

“Let me go!” Hermione growled.

“Ah,” said the man, “Not so fast!” He looked at her, nasty thoughts on his mind. He stepped closer to Hermione, burying his face into her hair. “You smell delectable. So sweet, I can almost taste you from here,” said the man.

Hermione’s lip curled in disgust, “Get off!” She pushed him hard, causing him to hit his head on the stone wall.

He growled and advances upon her, “Why you little bitch!”

“Step.Away.From.Her,” said another dangerously low voice.

Hermione looked behind her and saw Draco Malfoy with his wand raised high. Speak of the devil…

The man looked at Draco and smirked, “Ah, young Malfoy. What would your father say? Defending a mudblood,” he spat.

Draco’s frown deepened, “Fuck off, Vlad, before I hex you into oblivion. Go feed off of someone else.”

Vlad smiled, “Oh I was only having fun,” he said innocently, and with that, he apparated away.

Draco looked back at Hermione, who was clearly in shock, “F-feed? What in all of bloody hell does that mean? Feed?!”

Draco grinned, “Oh come on, Granger. You don’t know? Vlad’s a vampire. He sucks blood, hence the reference to feeding. Are you sure you’re the smartest which?”

Draco waited for an angry comeback from Hermione, but he didn’t have to. She had fainted.

“Merlin help me,” muttered Draco, walking up to her.


Hermione woke up in the morning, stretching her arms and yawning in a very un-lady-like manner. She looked at her surroundings and gasped out loud. Merlin Pants! Where am I? Holy shit…I’ve been kidnapped. I’ve been kidnapped. Oh my god!

Fear was coming over Hermione rather fast as she remembered the past night’s events. She looked again at her surroundings. The walls were a unique bluish-grayish color. The bed she was in was all satiny green with some black here and there. She got out of the bed and gasped as she realized the only thing she was wearing was a large men’s t-shirt with the words The Weird Sisters on them. Realization dawned upon her as she read the t-shirt again. She was in a witch or wizards house.

Hermione stepped out of the room quietly with her wand in her hand that she had found under her pillow. She stepped down the stairs, curiously looking at everything around her. She admired the witch or wizards sense of style. Everything was breathtakingly beautiful. She reached the bottom of the stairs and the smell of food wafted to her. Her stomach growled and she racked her brains to remember the last time she had eaten. She entered the kitchen and almost fell from shock. Draco Malfoy was plating sausages and eggs on a plate right in front of her. She groaned as she realized where she was.

“Oh…hullo Granger,” Draco reached the plate out towards her. Hermione stepped back. “Granger, where are your manners? C’mon now and eat your breakfast.” He was treating her like a five-year old and clearly enjoying himself, “Granger? Are you deaf?” He steered her out of the kitchen and into the dining room with his free hand. He took out the chair for her to sit and once she had, he placed the plate in front of her. He sat down in another chair and stared at her. Hermione stared back.

“Malfoy,” she growled in a low voice, “What am I doing here?” “You kidnapped me didn’t you? You evil, loathsome bastard.”

“Tsk Tsk Granger. You shouldn’t be bad-mouthing your savior, should you?”

“S-savior? Savior, my arse. I could have taken care of the situation myself” Hermione said.

Draco sniggered, “Oh really? Is that why you fainted when I told you he was a vampire?”

Hermione said, defensively, “I-I was in shock, that’s all. You didn’t save me. Get off your high horse.”

“Is it that hard to take in Granger? I saved you. Now eat your breakfast and go,” Draco replied in a frustrated tone.

Hermione glared at him and after a few moments her eyes softened up.

“Thanks Draco, for all of this,” she waved her hand around. “I am really sorry for being so rude, I just—’’

Draco cut her off, “Draco?” he spat at her.

“Well that’s your name isn’t it?” Hermione asked.

“Don’t push it Granger, we’re not on first-name basis yet,” Draco growled back at her.

Hermione flared up again. She put one hand on her hip and glared at him.

“Sorry for trying to be civil with you, Malfoy. I thought you said you had changed, you know…grown up a little.”

She glared at him a last time, grabbed her wand, and apparated to her flat. Hermione reached her flat and flopped down onto her sofa. She ran a hand through her hair and sighed out loud. She had tried to be nice to him, really she had. She sighed again, exasperated. He’s not worth it Hermione. He tormented you ever since he first laid eyes on you. Stop trying to get his attention. Leave him alone. She argued with her own mind for a while, but stopped before she went completely insane.

A.N.: How'd you like it? Please review!

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New Attractions: Of Vampires and Kidnappings


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