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Nila and Void let her go and she ran to the fallen body of her mother. Tempest cried and stroked her faceas she closed her blue lifeless eyes. She looked up tosee Edana collapse onto the ground. Temnepst brushed the strnds of brown hair out of her face.

"Zephyr, she was a traitor," she heard Bellatrix say. "She confessed to everything. She betrayed us all."

Tempest shook her head and opened up her mind as she looked up. A piar of gold eyes met hers as she stood up. Tempest stood straight and held her head high as she turned and faced Voldemort.

"You're wrong. You're all wrong. Viva didn't betray you Tom Marvolo Rriddle, I did!" She combined her magic with Merwicks and mad eall her friends vanish.

"Avada Kadavra!" Tempest caught te spell and crushed it.

"You pathetic half blood! You insane sick twisted old man! You are not a pure blood! You are the son of a bewitched muggle who didn't even want you. You are a pathetic excuse for a wizard." She smirked at him. "Oh and Tom, you will die this night." Tempest snapped her fingers and disapparated. Tempest arrived with her friends and slumped against Merwick.

"Zephyr," exclaimed Nila.

"I'm fine."

"She is, she just needs some blood," said Merwick sitting Tempest down.

"He's right Nila. You guys go now. Merwick will get me some blood. Go!" Nila and Void nodded and led everyone away. When everyone was gone, Merwick ripped ipen his wrist. They both knew she had to be in the battle not him. Shre drank her fill leaving him weak.


"I'll be fine. I'll summon Entia and go hunting. Just go, I'll be all right okay. Potter needs you far more than I do. Go."

Tempest nodded and ran. Everyone was there. She looked around, noticing faces. Tempest pulled out her wand and blocked spells that came her way. Death Eaters were attacking her, family members were attacking her. Tempest saw Oliver and her sisters togther far away back to bac. SH looked around and saw a Death Eater point his want at Oliver. Tempest ran.

"Avada Kadavra!" she said she she reached Oliver. The Death Eater fell to the ground and Tempest hand shook. Iy had been Castor Milifiecnet. He had greatly admired her mother. Now helay dead on the ground.

"Zephyr?" said Oliver. Tempest slowly turne dnad faced him.

"I'm fine, don't worry."

"Thank you."

Tempest smiled at him. "Don't mention it. Selene would kill me it I let anything happen to you." Tempest ran off. She had to find Nila and Void. Finally she found them in the staircase, fighting here and there. Tempest shook her head she saw she that Nila was blocking spells left and right ion a railing. Void was close by her side on the fourth floor.

Divina and Chad foght bello them and Zoltron and Hydra fought above. The staircases were moving erratically as people ran all along the staris. Tempest ran up the stairs casting Expelliarmus at everyone. She was sikc of bloodshed.

Nila must have caught sight of her becasues he smiled and waved, momentarily losing her balance, something that never happened. Nila's foot slipped and Tempest caught her bertha, she was still recoving and on the second floor, she wouldn't be able to make it in time. Her breathing returned to normal when she saw Void catch her and pull her back. Tempest surveyed her surrounding area's and ran to them. When she reached them she stood surprised. Of all the moments fopr Void and Nila to finally kiss passionately, they had to pick when they were in the middle of a battle. Tempest wanted to smack them

"You know, I'm so bloody happy you two have finally realized your feelings for each other, but really you coudln't have opciked a more inopportune time?" They sseperated and both blushed. "You two are perfect for each other. You're both a pair of idiots."

"Hey," said Nila.

"Oih enough, just save the kisses for a less chaotic time." They stood up and both nodded blushingly. Tempest rolled her eyes and leaped onto the railing.


"Lashempus," said Tempest. She she saw Nila jump on besides her and the pair of them fought side to side. Void fought at the edge of the staircase and as things came to a slight hal. Tempest couldn't help but laugh.

"And what the bloody heel could be so funny Zephyr?" said Void as he kicked a former fellow Death Eater in the face.

"Just rememberd. Before you two were even friends. Our first of classes."

Nila began to laugh. "That's right, I threw Void's muffin over the railing."

Void scowled. "That wasn't funny."

"Oh come, you were an ass."

"I still am." He smiled and so did she.

"True you are." Tempest rolled her eyes again and he heightened senses alerted her of a disturbance on the ground floor.

"We have to get to the bottom, we have to return to the great hall now." They both nodded and Tempest jumped straight dwn, landing on her feet. Tempest hoped that Draco was all right,. She had been to preoccupied with herself that she had neversought him out. She petrified two Death Eaters and ran inside through the doors. What she saw shocked her. People she knew were dead around her. She saw Death Eaters who had known her mother, who had nurtured her and adored her. And then sthere were others, on the side of light, who were dead. Tempest stopped cold when she saw Remus and Tonks, lying on the ground. Tempest fought back the tears.

"Zephyr . . .you traitor." Tempest spuaround and saw Niv Wimbletons poiting a wand at her. Her blond hari was blowing behind her.

"I had to do what was right."

"What Lord Voldemort's doing is right."

"No, its insane Niv, and both of my mothers knew it."

"You are wrong. Avada Kadavra!"

"Lashempuis!" Niv;s big pale green eyes widened as her own spell was slung back at her. More death was spilt at her hand.

"Feel any remorse Young Tempest," whispered a cold voice. Tempest spuna nd stared at Charles. He was nothing to her, his judgement menat nothing to her. He licked his blood covered lips and she stook a step nack in disgust.

"Do you?! You stand there criticizing me while you lick the clod of eopel off your lips! Don't you dare begin to pass judgement on you you piece of scum!" Tempest turned around nadstipped cold. Lord Voldemort walked ina nd Hagdris was narrung the body of Harry Potter. Narcissa ranin search of Draco. HS smelt Nila and void appear at her side as she stared forward. Charles gave her a confused look.

"You said he would live."

"He's faking," growled Tempest as she walked through the gathering crowd. Nila and Void hung close to her side as she moved forward. Everyone stopped fighting clearly s tartled by what they saw. A smile played on her face as she appraoche dthe edge of the circle. Soon, Lord Voldemort would meet his end. As Tempest reached the edge of the circle she stopped dead, her smile fading away ass eh saw the wand he was holding.


"Zephy," said Void.

"He has Severus' wand. Severus—"

"Maybe he just gave it to him, maybe he's still playing alonf," offered Nila.

"So then why isn't he here? No, he's dead just like the rest. I can't stay here." Withoutyh their permission, she ran, sniffing out his scent like a dog. Tempest already knew the outcome, she knew that Potter had the elder want. Severus was the of the few remaining pieces lieft of her mother other than Narcissa and Lucius. She couldn't leave hima lone.

"I know where he is," said Merwick. Tempest didn't need to turn around to see him, but she did anyway.


"First are you sure that they do not need you back there?"

"I'm sure, now where is he?"

"Follow me." He walked away and she followed him. Neither of them said a word as he led her to the little house.


Tempest sat with the bodies of both vIvaldi and Severus. All she had left were her god parents. She hoped that they were okay, as she sat against he cold ground. The wind blew her hair around her face and she wondered what would happen to her now. She want to see the futre, she hated it, but maybe if she did what her mother tild her too and accepted them, her life would be better. She knew all of this would happen, sh e saw everything but simply lived in the moment. Tempest couldn't do that, she couldn't accept it, any of it.

Grass and twigs broke beneath the weight of several feet. Different scents filled the air. She could make out every scent. And looked up at the crowd. Nila and Void led them. Edana s tood with her brother and sister and Oliver and Isolde stood as their respecieve sides. Divina, Chad, Zoltron and Hydra stared at her concerned. Merwick sat high in the trees.

"Potters wand," said Nila cautiously.

"I know."

"Draco was asking for you," said Void.

"I'll go find him in a bit. I just want to stay here for a bit."

"Zephyr, you have to go now," said Selene. "You've spent too much time amongst the dead."

"So? I life spending tiome around the dead. I'm the casue for most of the death around here."

"No you're no," said Jason.

"Voldemort was—"

"Yeah so? I still helped him kill people and then I turned around and killed fellow Death Eaters. I've caused death." A smile playing on the fringes of her lips. "I am the bringer of death."

No one said a word and Merwick jumped down and pulled Tempest up, shaking her out of her daze.

"You are not the bringer of detah and Blade is right, you have spent too much time among the dead. You forget you have two people left. You have your godparents and Draco, and you are going to see him now." Merwick began to dag her along roughly, the anger plain on his face. No one stopped him. Her feet moved unconcioulsy as Merwick pulled her along back towards the school. Tempest wanted to cry but she couldn't. She simply felt to overwhelmed by everything that had happened. Tempest wasn't even aware that she had been shoved into the school. She wasn't aware of all the people who rushed by her, all she was aware of were the dead bodies being covered. Her feet stopped working.

"Enough Tempest," hissed Merwick gripping her arm.

"They were my family. Both sides and now—"

"Enough! Everyone has lost people they loved tonight and yes you have elost more than them all but you still have a family left. You have the Malfoy's." Tempest looked at his as he scornfully said that name. "Go find your damn love and stop moping around. It doesn't become you." He turned her around and Te,epst saw the Malfoys, her family. Draco cought sight of her and stood up form te table he and his family were huddled on. Tempest ran to them and flew into Draco's arms and began to sob. They al hugged her tightly.

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