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"What about a magical chicken?" said Nila. Tempest and Void exchanged looked. Nila had a loveofanimal magic. But sometimes hher ideas were a far stretched.

"And what would this magical chicken do exactly," asked Void. He sat next to her causing her to blush under his scrutiny. Tempest almost laughed.

"Well I don't know stare away garden gnomes. Those things are pests."

"Nila sometimes you can be ridiculous," said Tempest standing up. Void followed her.

"Hey! You know I think its a good idea!"

"We know," said Tempest and Void in unison sparing looks the the catching up Nila.

"You guys are so bloody mean to me."

Both Tempest and Void snickered. "We know." Nila rolled her etes and stepped next to tmpest.

"How long do you think we have?" asked Void.

"Until the sun sets."

"Your sights working again," asked Nila.

Tempest shook her head. "No, only enough for me to look mere hours into he day."

"That's not much," commented Void.

"Ia;m aware. The Order is gathers itself together. As the suns sets, the battle will begin."

"The final battle," said Nila in a relished tone. Tempest sighed.

"Not for me dear Nila."

"So when does Young Nila plan to expose herself as a traitor," said a male voice from above. Tempest, Nila and Void stopped walked in and craned their necks towards Merwick.

"Merwick please, keep your voice down," said Tempest looking from side to side.

"How long have you bee listening?"

"A while." Merwick jumped down. "By the way, I like the magical chicken idea."

Nila beamed. "Really? Well at least someone does. Thank you Merwick."

"Hey! I never said I didn't like it," stammered Void.

"No," said Nila walking away, "but you never said you liked it either." Nila flipped her long blonde and black hair back over her shoulder and continued to walk away.

"Nila! Oh come on, that's not fiar!" said Void chasing after her. Tempest shook her head in disbelief and Merwick laughed.

"They are like children," said Merwick.

"That they are," said Tempest. In a flash they were both very serious.

"So I gather my . . . minions should attack."

Tempest nodded. "Yes, but you have to stay close. There is a foreboding in the future that I feel that if you're not there, we'll all die."

"Death is inevitable Young Tempest."

"Death is coming this night. So many people I know are going to die."

"Those people are your family. Do you feel any remorse for your betrayal?"

Tempest gave him a look filled with accusation. "Do you?"

Merwick's eyes dilated but his compuser remained intact. "That was not the question but what I do or what I've done is of no concern to you."

"It is when it concerns me."

"Don't worry then." He stepped up to her side, allowing her to take lead. As all the Death Eaters stormed the halls to make sure that everyone was behaving, Tempest took extra care in wondering the hall with the Room of Requirement. Nothing yet.


Tempest, Nila and Void sat staring at the clock. The sun was setting and the time was approaching seven o'clokc. The clock truck and Tempest pulled out her wand.

"One—" Nothing happened, the dormitory was silent, still in anticipation.

"Two—" Tempest voice echoed against the wall and she looked around. Divina looked back form the windows. Only she could see through the water as though ti were clear. She shook her head. Tempest looked at Nila, her ears were against the dorm door and she also shook her head.

"Three—" Tempest dissapparated and sppearinright on the beam above the Great Hall.

"Four—" Glass shattered and Tempest disapparated again. Void and Nila looked at her

"Follow me and be bready." Everyone nodded and pulled out their wands. The battle had begun. Tempest ran towards the forest. She wanted to be as far away from the battle as possible until she was needed. She already knew she would sheed blood, she already had, but she wanted to delay it as much as possible. Besides she knew that Voldemort would want her close by and she would lie. One thing she knew for certain was that Harry Potter would live and Lord Voldemort would finally die.

The place was chaotic, and theyall had to block many spells that were thrown their way. The forets was the only safe pace and that was a dismal thought. Tempest looked back to see the colours of diffrenent spells being cast.

They approached Lord Voldemort and far off Vivaldi was speaking to Severus is urgent hushed tones. As she approached, Severus looked at her and stopped talking. Viva's hair flew around as her head spun. Her crystal blue eyes were filled with sadness and anger and yet filled with resignation. Vivaldi turned away and walked closely towards Voldemort. Severus took er before walking toward Tempest.

"What's going on?" he asked reading into the concern writen on Severus' face.

"You must follow me Zephyr." His voice was stern. Tempest followed him even deeper into the forest.

After a long walk they stopped at a pool of water and Tempest stared ta him questionably as he pulled a vial of milky white liquid from his cloak. Tempest knew exactly what was going on.

"Snape, can't these memories wait?"

"No, unfortunately. These memories are special. One you look at them you will not be able to pull out until they are done showing you what you are meant to be shown."

Tempest was confused. "Severus, the timing is impractical."

"I don't care about the timing Zephyr, you have to watch these memories whether you like the timing or not."

Tempest was taken back by the anger in his voice. Severusnever rose his voice at her. He poured the liquid into the water and Tempest was given no other choice but to comply with his wished. Whatever she was going to witness had better be good, she thought as she stuck her head into the water.

Tempest was swept away and was in the Slimythings grils dormitory. Her was mother was older than her, probably eighteen. Her hair was loose and she sat in bed writing someitng with a placid smie on her face. Vivaldi walked over to the foot of the bed and gripped the board and the end of the bed. Morganna looked at her concerned.

"Viva, are you all right?"

Viva shook her head. "No."

"What's wrong?"

"How long have you known Aidan?"

"Since we started school, why?"

"When did you start dating him?"

"When we were—" Morganna stopped short and closed whatever it was she had been writing. "How long have you known?"

"Answer the question?"

Morganna sighed. "We started dating when we were twelve."



"How?" Vivaldi insisted, her eyes flaring.

"We were in detention and he kissed me. At first only on the cheek then again on the lips. We were cleaning the trophies."

Viva snorted. "He's never been that never romantic with me. Our first kiss happened because you ran off with Remus and he was jealous. Iy wan't romantic, it was forced. Most of his kisses are . . . I can tell."


"I saw him kiss you on your brithday. I heard you two talkin. He kissed you tenderly. He loves you not me."

"Viva please, he does love you."

"Really?! So his love letters to you are nothing!!"

Morganna inhaled sharply and gripped whatever it was in her hands tightly crumbling it. "Viva you have eevery right t be angry, but he's yours and I accept that! I've let him go."

Viva shook her head. "No you haven't. You know what, I'm done trying to replace you. You can have him Morganna." Viva wiped away her tears and Morganna reached out to her, only to be shoved away. Morganna stood there, seeking something to say.

"He marry's you Vivaldi. Its you he marry's not me!" Tempest could tell Morganna was on the verge of tears. Viva slowly turned aroudn and shook her head once again.

"Maybe in one possible future Morgan, but not this one, not if you don't let him go."

"So what the bloody hell do you want me to do?! I try Viva! He—"

"Then push him away! You say he aske sme to be his wife? Then push him away, its the only way its ever going tohapeen. Goodbye." Vivaldi left and Morgan fell to the ground in tears.

Everything swirled and Tempest was next to Vivaldi watching a faraway Aidan and Morganna arguing.


"No! Bloody hell Aidan shut up! You let me go! You moved on and literally forced me to! You let me go! Viva is my best friend Aidan, I love her like a sister! Dammit! Damn you!"

"Morgan I love you!"

"No, you don't, you only love yourself. Damn you to hell Aidan. You choose my best friend over me! You broke my heart and I will not let you brake hers too."

"Morgan please—"

"Leave Aidan . . . I-I want nothing to do with you!" Morganna ran off and Aidan just stood there.

"Happy wih yourself," said a makle voice. Both Viva and Tempest spuna round an stared at Michael.

"She did it on her own, I didn't ask her to."

"No, maybe not, but yuo didn't stop it wither. They love each other more than anything—"

"She said he was—"

"I know what she bloody said! But you Viva, you had to be selfish! I'm too disgusted with you right now. I'm going to make sure she's all right." He wakled off and Viva watched him leave before making her way towards Aidan.

Again the scene flashed. Viva was walking with Aidan down a dark hallways. Leading them was Michael, with the dark mark labelled on his arm. Tempest looked at her fathers arm and Viva's. Nothing on theirs.

"Down this hallway—"

"Speak of the devil," cam a sultry voice. They all turned around to stare behind and Morganna and Casca. Morganna smiled at them both congienally, her eyes lingering on Aidan.

"You were right," said Casca smartly staring at Aidan coldly.

"I usually am. Now you two are the new recruits? How . . unsurprising. How was your wedding? My invite seemed to gotten lost but no worries, Casca told me it was a beautiful ceremony." Her eyes fell on Viva's belly. "And the baby,how is he? Oh, its a boy by the way." Morganna smiled sadly at them Aidna glowered at her.

"Care to tell us the name too?" he said rudely.

Morganna waved him off. "You already know it love." She walked off ahead na dcalled back to them. "Its nice to see you two, even after all these years." She walked off followed by a smiling Casca

"You neglected to tell us Morganna was a Death Eater," said Viva once she was gone.

Michael simply shrugged. "I didn't think it mattered Vivaldi. I thought you grew yo since school ended." He walked on ahead followed by Aidan. Viva lingered beind and stared down the Morganna had walked.

Viva was ricking a baby girl to bed whist she cried. A door openend and closed and footsteps went up the stairs. The door to the babies room creaked open. Baby Selene gurgled as a tear fell on her cheek.

"How are my—Viva, are you all right?" He put down his briefcase and knelt down wiping Vivaldi's tears away.

"No, no I'm not. You end to leave. I've already packed your stuff so you can leave." She got up and placed Selene in her cradle. Thunder struck

"Viva whar are you talking about?"

"I-I thought I would be okay replacing her but I'm not. I see the way you two look at each other, how you laugh together, how you two still love each other." She wiped away the tears and walked form the room.

"Viva what are you talking about? We're just friends. She pushed me away I—"

"No! You are not over her so stop trying to fool yourself. Everyone see's it and she . . she only pushed you away because I asked her to. I made her, I only wanted you for myself, I wanted you to love me! You never truly did Aidan. Your heart belongs to her, so go, go be with her."

Aidan stared at her again and then ran for his bags. He looked back at her once but Vivaldi turned her back to him. Love and anger filled her gaze.

Vivaldi was alone at dinner feeding Selene and Jason. The door opened and closed and Vivaldi didn't look up to greet Morganna.

"Hello old friends," said Morganna.

"We stopped being friends so long ago. My fault I know but one cannot undo the past."

Morganna sat down. "I would ask why but I already know why and I already know what you're goin to ask."

Viva smiled sadly and picked up Selene. "Jason, take your sister to bed okay." Jason nodded and took the tiny babe in his tiny amr. "Tell me the future."

"Oh Vida." MOrganna sighed. "Aidan and I are going to have a daughter. I'm goin to die and that cannot be changed. You and Aidan will get back together and when my daughter is tree, he's going to die right in front of her. You are going to rasie her as though she were your own. You are a good mother Viva but you will forfeit her trust when she is seventeen. You will give your life to Voldemort for eher protection, for her to betray him at exactly the right moment. She will call you mum again." Tempest collapsed onto her knees and Viva and Morganna began to cry.

"Can nay of that be changed? Morgan do we all have to die?! Tell me this time now, please!"

Morgan shook her head. "No."

"What's her name?"

"Her name is Tempest Artemisa Nyx and right now she is watching this memory." Morgan turned her head and seemed to be straing at Tempest. "Oh Tempy, I love you and . . I'm so sprry I have to take Viva from you."

"No!" screame tempest.

Everything changed and Tempests tood in front of her bathroom mirror next to Vivaldi.

"Oh Tempest. Its your seventeenth birthday and I'm so sprry to leave you." Viva started to cry. "Please know that everything did, did with regret. I love you Tempest as though you were my own. God I loved both of your parents with all my heart. Rasiing you had been te greatest pleasure anyone could ever ask for. I love you will all my heart. Tell Edana I'm sorry, tell her I love eher. You may not been mine by blood but you were as muhch my daughter as you were Morganna's. I love you my darling Tempest."

Tempest was released from the memories and gasped. She was about to die, she had to hurry and stop her.


"I know and I'm sorry young one. Avada Kadavra." Tempest fell to the ground and Severus summond the memories back to the vial and placed it in her hand before runnnign on ahead.

Tempest gasped and forced herself up. Her speed was slower, but maybe she hoped . . . Tempest ran. She saw Nila and Void look at her shocked as she approached. She saw Viva turn her head and mouth something to them. They nodded reluctantly and she reached them they both grabbed hold of her.


"Hold Tempest," said Voldemort. Tempest did not yield. "Your mother has been found guilty of betraying me and has confessed."

"No!" Tempest struggled against Void and Nila trears streaming down her cheeks.

"I accept my punishment Riddle," she said scornfully before spitting at his feet. He pulled out his wand. Tempest struggled harder.

"No! Mum, no! Mum—"

Vivaldi looked at her, her eyes watery. Her eyes glistening that familiar gentle look on her face.

"You've always been my daughter Tempest. I love you."

"MUM!!" The green light hit her and she lew back. Tempest stared at her cold body and looked up and Edana who had also been hled back. She was crying as much as Tempest was.

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