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Tempest hugged her little sister as she slept. Two nights now she slept like that. Edana was so frightened of being aay from her sister at night. For two nights now she woke up screaming with nightmares that she was Lord Voldemort. Tempest assured her that tha wold never happen. Nevertheless the fear remained. When she finally, woke Tempest looked down at her like a nurturing mother.

"Good morning sis, what's up?"

"Nothing, I'm hungry."

"All right. Welll get dressed and we'll go catch some breakfast." Edana smiled at her and Tempest shuffled in the bad at her side for her three daily vials. Her head shot up and she growled. Vivaldi was standing in her doorway. Edana stood closely against the wall far away from her.

"Everyone leave, I need a word with the insightful daughter of Morganna le Fey Lennox." She said that all bitterly and everyone looked at Tempest awaiting her orders. Tempest nodded at them all and stood up with her arms crossed. Tempest wanted a world woth her herself.

Vivaldi closed the door and Tempest stood her ground.

"Well?" said Vivaldi.

"Well? Well what?"

"Have you nothing to say for yourself?"

Tempest eyes flares. "Excuse me? You're asking me if I have anything to say for myself? Have you lost your bloody mind! You sold out your own daughter!"

"I did what was best for the dark lord."

"You have lost your mind. To think I used to call you my moher. How insame I was."

"Learn some respect Tempest Artemisa Nyx. I came here to tell you to end you plans at betrayal this instant, or else."

Tempest scoffed at her. "Or else what? You'll hand me over to Voldemort? Please I could kill him in my slepp if I wanted to."

A smile crossed Vivaldi's lips. "Not before he hurts your friends . . .or Draco."

Tempest stopped smiling and took frightened dtep back. "Narcissa would never let you do ahythgin ti harm him and I'll kill you before you ever got te chance."

"If you say so Zephyr. Now end this stupid little charade. I'm done protecting you."

"You were simply protecting you own bloody arse Vivaldi."

Vivaldi simply smiled and head back to the door. "Behave Zephy." As she left the roon , it filled up again. She knew that Nila android had heard. Tempest gave them all a sardonic smile before she punched a whole in the wall.

"I hate that woman."

"Oh Zeph," said Nila.

"No I really hate her. More and more each day."

"Calm down Zeph," said Void as she fixed the wall. Everything is going to be okay."

"Say's you." Tempest brushed her hair out of her face and held out her hand to her little sister. To think, she used to do this in search of her mother who was alwasy at their fathers grave. Suddenly, she saw Vivaldi giving her a sad smile before a green light enveloped her.

zeph?" asked Edana.

Tempest looked down at Ednanad nfeighned a smile. "Yeah, I'm fine. Look Vayne, and I have to go see Blade and Thorn. We have to tell them what happened."

"Zeph, I don't want to."

"Vayne, we have to, they're out siblings. They have to know what eh did."

Edna wring her hands togather. "But what happens if they don't lve me anymore."

"Oh Vayne. They're your brother and sister, they could never stopp loving you."

"I can't—"

Tempest hugged her sister. "Okay, you tsay here, but I'll go tell them at least." She nodded and Tempest disapparated.


Tempest sat in Jason's cubicle waiting fo rhi to return from whatever he was doing. Her prescene had startled Isolde who was always a little on edge these days. She had told her as little as possible as she sent a memo to her sister and Oliver. Hopefully they would arrive soon.

"You look paler than usual Zeph," commented Isolde.

"I had a near death experience a few days ago."


"It's part of what happned , I'll tell you when they all get here." Isolde nodded and leaned back against the wall of the cubicle. They sat there and continued to wait. The shuffling of feet appeared along with the familiar stomp of Selene's anger. She greeted all with her legs up on the desk and a smile on her face.

"Hello family, gald you got my memos."

"What the bloody hell happened Zephyr," began Blade. "Is mum okay."

Tempest rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah she's just swell.  Physically anyway. Mentally, not so much."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"It meants that she used the Killing Curse on me . . . twice, so that I would b to weak to sto her from handing over our little sister to Lord Voldemort to be a Horcrux."

"Yo're insane," said Selene.

"Maybe, but I'm serious."

"Zephy you can't be," said Isolde.

"Well I am."

"Then that means our little sister had a bit of him within her," stammered Jason taking a step back.

"Yes it does, but the Lady of the Lake and I did some magic to . . . block him."

"That doesn't change anything, she's a piece of him now."

Tempest had had enough. Edana was their little sister, her little sister who had appeared to be correct. In her anger, Tempest broke the desk and kicked her hair away.

"You know what, the reason Edana isn't here is because she thought you all wouldn't love her anymore. I thought that was just her fear speaking, I didn't think she would be right. You are truly the children of Vivaldi." She vanished and punched the wall in the Slimythings Common Room. She coudln't face her sister, after what she just heard. She looked at Stella and Serena who were staring at her concerned. She hadn't expected them to be there.

"You all right Zephyr," asked Stella.

"No, but its a long story, I would prefer not to tell again." She sighed na fixed the wall with a wave of her hand. "How are thigs here." Stella and Serena exchanged looks of worry. Tempest saw Serena buite her lip.

"What trhe hell you two? What's going on?"

"It's Entia. She's been . . . watching Astrea. And Astrea got so violent she attacked her own friends. We think that maybe she's affecting her mind like she did to Zoltron."

"No, it's not magic," said Serens. "She's manipulating her, she using simple manipulation. She's feeding into her anger. Zephyr Astrea hates you and Entia is simply playing her hate. I think we—"

"That's Merwicks other motive." Tempest snarled and sat down on the closets thing to her. Her worst nightmare . . . that bastard, she thought. Tempest clutched her fist and grabbed the woodedn table neaths her. She had to go find Astrea, she had to try to fix and unto the future.

"I have to go."


"Don't Stella, I have to go alone."

Tempest walked form the rrom and calmly went on her way to fiding Astrea Sanguina. She hoped that Astrea would be with Louis Morte. She followed his scent and followed it closely. To her surprise, he was alone. H esat there reading and looking forelorn.


He looked up and greet her wih a sad version of his arrogant smile.

"Why hello there Zephyr, I thought you were at Hogwarts?"

"I was but see I heard that Entia—"

"You heard correctly. Entia's actually been tormenting her. Astrea hasn't gotten good nights rest in months."


Louis looked away. "Since the summer Zeph. I though you working with Merwick would giver her a break. It tok me a hile to see that is was Entia." He closed the book he was reading."

"No Louis. It was all Merwick." She sat down nect ti him. Confession time, she thought. "Look only Merwick, Nila, Void and possibly Entia know this but a hwile ago I had a vision of Astrea stabbing Draco with Merwick's sword. I've done everything in my power to prevent it. She was also a vampire. Merwick promised me he would make my worst nightmare come true. It would seem he's keeping his promise despite everything."

"Zephyr . . . why didn't you say anything?"

"I thought I could change it. Turns out I may be chaning nothing."

Louis clenched his fist. "Astrea has been sneaking out at night. Ever since you left. She thinks she's quiet but she's not."

Tempest stared at him shocked. "Why are you telling me this?"

Louis grabbed his book and stood up flashing yet another sad version of his arrogant smile. "Because Zeph, both of us shouldn't lose the person we love." Tempest stared at him shocked and kissed him. Louis was taken back.

"Louis thank you."

"Don't mention it Zephyr." Tempest hugged him and began to walk away but stopped and stared at him.

"You know Louis when I first met you I thought you were an obnoxious arrgoan arse. You're not anymore."

"Come on Zeph, don't get all soft on me. It's far to eeire."

"I make no promises Morte." She walked off and tried to hope that Astrea was being manipulated, but deep down the feeling was too strong, she knew Astrea wasn't.

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