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Tempest sat ontop of one of the many arches in the Great Hall. She had been ordered by her 'mother' no less, to watch from above and punish any student that acted out of order. Tempest hardly even had time to spend with DRACO AND Maddox. They way Vivaldi ordered her around made it seem as though she weren't evern around. She looked down at Edana who was seated with Maddox. Vivaldi had been paying a little too much attention to her daughter . . . As was Riddle. Tempest didn't likfe that one bit. She saw Neville Long bottom and a few other members of Dumbledor'es Army sitting under scrutiny. Bellatrix was paying an awful lot of attention to Veville which really bothered her considering what she had donet o his family.

"Everything will be fine Mistress,"

"I hope so. Vivaldi and Voldemort have been awfully secretive as of late. Makes me wonder what she's telling him . . .if he knows I'm the one who set the prisoners free."

"How could she? She didn't even know."

"No, but she's highly perceptive. She probable would have guessed."

"Something more is going on."

"I know. At first Vivaldi pitied me and now she's as crazy as Bellatrix. She's up to something, the question is hwat."

"Do you think you should discuss withi with the others?"

"I know I should but Vivaldi keeps me under

Tempest made her way to Draco. She knew that her mother was heading towards her. Tempest picked up the pace. SH ereached Draco and wraped her arms around him. Draco hugged her tightly and she began draggon from from the Great Hall and wawy from her 'mother'.

"I've hardly seen you. Why is Vivaldi ordering you around so much?"

Tempest shrugged, cautious. "She's been losing her mind quite simplu. Vivaldi had also become very secretive wth Lord Voildemor."

"That's not comforting."

Tempest shook her head. "No its not."

"So what are you going to do?"

"I don't know." Draco opened his mouth but with a distant voice, Tempest hushed him. Edana came running looking for her. She was out of breath.

"Vayne what's wrong?"

"Horcrux's. Its just been confirmed that they're destroying them."

"How furious is he?"

"That's the thing, he's not upset at all. He say's he's got something up his sleeve."

Tempest kicked the wall and shared a looked with Draco. "Now I really don't like where thi sis going. I've got a very bad feeling."

"Can you look into the future,." asked Draco.

"No," said Tempest a little more than agitated. "My sight has been off."

"What does this mean exactly," asked Edana.

"I don't' know, but Ednan I feel like I have to tell you, warn you rather, to stay away from Vivaldi."

Edana stared at her shadow. "Zephyr, she's my mother—"

"Vayne, please, just be careful asround her. You've already seen what she's capable of. Look at what she did to Blade and Thorn."

"You save them though," Edana smiled at her sweetly, innocently. "I know you'll save me like you save them."


"I have faith in you Zephyr. Lokk, I've gotta get back. Tink of something Zephyr, please." Edna ran off and Draco took her in his arms.

"It'll be all right Tempy, I promise you."

Tempest snorted. "Don't make promised you can't keep Draco." She smiled and he hugged her tighter and although he was trying to be comforting all she could feel was the foreboding that seemed to surround her sister.


Tempest slept a lot during the next few days. She wanted to hide from whatever threat was coming. In fact moe than anything she wished she could see what was going to happen. Tempest traced over the bedshets until she decide to take a walk. Death Eaters were everywhere standing along on the way here and there to th epint that even unnerved her. These people were her family and although she knew she had to beray them, she regretted to. Theye were her family, however insane they were, they were her family.

Tempest headed to the Headmistress office and said the password. She walked up the stairs and placed her hands along the walls. When she reached the stop her hand hesitated on the door knob. It had been so long sisce she had set foot in the offcie. The last time had been when they had discussed his death. Tempest shook her hea dnad finally her delicate fingers claspsed the cold metal and tuned it. She stepped into the empty office and took her usual seat and stared at the sleeping portrait of Dumbledore.

"Albus?" The figure remained sleeping and she smiled. "I though you would remain as thus. I just hope you here what I'm about to tell you. Ppotter is safe the school though is not and I fear that Neither is my sister. Vivaldi had completely lost her mind. I feel so lots and confused if yu were here none of this would be happening." She sighed. "I guess that's why you had to die huh? Other than the fatc that you were already dying to say the least." Tempest looked up from her hands and looked up at the slepping man. "I wish you were here and I know I'm not the only one. I hope yo're having sweet dreams Dumbledore." Tempest stood up ad walked from the office. A sick feeling spun in the pit of her stomach.


Tempest sat on the beam with Zoltron and Hydra fa raway form ears.

"He's insane," said Hydra.

"That's a given but what the hell does he have up his sleeve? Bastard is a psychopath, he'll do anything to assure his life." Suddenly she saw Edana crying. Her eyes held a green tint withing her deep purple eyes. Tempest gasped and her breathing faltered. Zoltron clutched her.

"Zeph, what's wrong? What did you see?"

"Edana. . . I have to go talk to Vivaldi."

"Temp—" Tempest shot him a look and he shut up. Tempest looked for Vivaldi and found her in the woods with Voldemort. She climbed a tree and listened.

"I have a traitor in my midst Vivaldi."

"I am aware. Do you suspect anyone?" Her eyes gave ntohign away.

"I suspect a few." His snakelike speech made her blood run cold. "But no one has showed their true colours yet. In the mean time, is everything ready for tonight."

Vivaldi nodded. "I have prepared everything for tonight my Lord. Have eno worried." Vivaldi bowed and walked off. Tempest wanted to nsap her neck. She knew that whatever was planned involved Adnan. Tempest wonderd thought what would haooen tonight. SH eclitched her necklace and knew that soemthign bad was going to happen. Tempest had the faibt feeling that she wouldn't be able to stop what was going to happen.


As the day neared darkness most of the Death Eaters had left. Tempest watched as her sister had been ushered out ther first. Nila and Void had been close to her side and as Vivaldi began to leave Tempest held her back.

"Viva, what's going on?"

Vivaldi gave her a cold look. "Lord Voldemrost is going to make a knew Horcrux."

"How? And more importantly with what?" As Tempest waited for the answer she feare that she already knew. Vivaldi pulled out her wand and turned to her.

"With Edana dof c ourse. Avada Kadavra!" Tempest hadn't seen that coming so she didn't think of her blade when her shock overwhelmed her. She stumbled back weaker and in that moment Vivaldi cast the spell again making her fell to her knees. Tempest began to cough up blood. SH felt so weak and hungry.

"You are to stay here Tempest."

"D-dopn't you dare . . call m-me that you witch," she stuttered. She felt cold.

"Stay here, oor I'll cast the spell agains. Lets not have the precious daughter of Morganna die now shall we," she said hatefully as she walked away. Her blue eyes stared down at her disgusted.

When she was gone, Tempest got up only to falll back down. Her whole body ached. She felt so weak as thogyuh she were dead. She tried to crawl, she tried to mve but she couldn't.

"Tempest!" Her eyes shot open. She knew that voice. It was Merwick. He rushed to her side and helped her stand. Entia was even confused and helped her stand and walk.

"Get Void and Nila . . . Lord Voldemort plans on turning Edana into a Horcrux." She slumped onto Merwick as she was no longer able to stand. Entia rann off and Merwick hefted Tempest into his arms and carried her off to the forest. Tempest had to stop. She could almost hear Edana screaming for her help. Her eyes shot open. Ceile was right about the ancient magic, she already felt as though she were losing her mind. Her sister was screaming for her help in her thoughts, doing her best not to struggle to give herself waywa. Edana was frightened.

Entia finally eturned with Nila and Void and they reached for her and tried to carry her to Edana but she was too weak. She flel to the ground and tried to fight the overwhelming pain.

"Edana—" Tempest knew nothing more than blackness.


Tempest wope in the Slytherin dormitory. She was still too weak, too thirsty. Someone helped her sit up. It was Draco. Tempest looked up and around. Adrian was holding a crying Edana. Merwick stood far away fro all the others. He didn't look at her, his arms were crossed and his gold eyes were fixated on Draco.

"Edana? Edana are you—"

"I should have listened to you sis." She buried her head into Adiras chest. "Mum— she just handed me over. I wanted to fight but I kew that would give you away."

"Edana come here, I may know what to do." Tempest crawlied to the end of the be and pulled out her dagger fearfully.


"I'm going to etch a protective rune on you back okay. It'll hurt but—"

"Just do Zephyr, I trust you."

"Okay. I'll try to mark the area around your back.

"Just do it Zeph."

The room fell silent as Edana took off her shirt. Tempest motioned for Adrian to step forward and he did. Edna wrapped her arms around him and he did the sae to her. Tempest tried to numb the are o her left shoulder. She placed her dagge ron her shoulder and dug it in deeply. She could see the tears fall down her little ssters face as she dug into the skin. She watched the blood drip down her back and fought her urges as she frew threw protection rune. When she was done he the wound healed up on its own wihch let Tempest know it was working.

"Zoltron, Merwick, takle Edana to the Lady of the Lake and have her see what else she can do." They both nodded and left the room. Tempest tried to get up but fell to the ground. Someone tried to help her uip but she pushed whoever it was away roughly.

"She needs to feed,"came Entia's voice. Tempest looked up at her and let her help her up. "She technically should be dead and if she doesn't feed soon she just might." Entia helped her out. No one stood in her way.

orders. Its upsetting me greatly." She stood up and looked down beneath her. She was through standing up there on the beam. She tooka step off and landed on her feet. Popel stared at her, some as a friend, others a s afoe. Thet all stared at her thoigh, in awe.
said Aidan.

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