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Merwick hardly spoke anymore. Not since the revelation of his wife and daughters death. Tempest cornered him a few times but he responded one of two lays. Lovingly or very hostile. Most of the time he apologized for both reactions. Tempest understood his temper fully. She shared his feelings although she expressed it differently. Luckt for her Quidditch finals were up. Her against Astrea, ah yes, that would release much help back anger.

Tempest donned on her silver and indigo Slimythings uniform and grabbed her Firebolt. Being a pure blood had its advantages. She had to admit. Another plus was that now that Astrea was a vampire meant that she no longer had to hold back. Edana, Void and Nila each gave her warning looks but she never prmised to behave. Nila as team captain had no other chopice but to accept that. Void twirled his beater bat in his hand and gave her a stern look as they all lined. Tempest gave him her mischievous wink that made him groan and Nila giggle.

"Come on," said Nila placing her broom beneath her. "Lets go kick some Dufflebaggie arse." The doors opened and they flew out and got into position. Mistress Fanato explained the rules and as she looked at Atsra, she knew htis would be a far from friendly game. She and Asrea would thrash each othe rot no end.

The whistle blew, the shrill high note blew trough the spring air and the Quaffle was easily caught by Nila. She wisked by Hetah and jumped over Cassandra's head and scored a point. Fearless to no end she was bloody brilliant thought Tempeets as she watched the game from above and caught sigh of the snitch. As Tempest flew on she could the enmity flow towards her. At the last [possible minute, she dove ten rounded about as Astrea snarled at her, her fangs flaring. Tempest gave her a cunning smile and waved a s she chased after the snitch flanked closely by Astrea. Her rboom jerked and she looked behind her. Tempest knew that Atrea was doing some sort of spell. Tempest knew she could quickly undo it and tap into her inheritance, but she barely understood how mysticism worked and Void explanations made her head ache. Her broom jerked again and her temper was using. She temporarily clutched her necklace that was given to her by the Lady of the lake and knew what to do. Tempest muttered a few ancient words avoiding the questions of where they came from and how she knew them. Once the jerking stoped Tempest balanced herself on herherbroom locking them on with magic and stood facing Astrea. Astrea in all he grace and ingenuity did the same.

"Astrea darling," began Tempest jeeringly, "its not nice to use underhanded tricks like nonverbal spells."

Astrea caried a contemptuous smile on her face as she circled Tempest on her broom. "Oh I know, but its not nice to sleep with the enemy either. Especially one who had killed and tormented those around you. Me in particular!" Astrea charged but Tempest was quicker and in more ocnrtrol. She swung to the sude and kicked Astrea off her broom, relishing in the fact the Astrea didn't use a charm to lock her feet onto the broom. Tempest took the opening to fly away dn search for the snitche. She didn't have much time until Astrea regained herself, so she searched and searched and caught sight of the little golden ball. Tempest smiled ro herself and dove.

Just as her hand wrapped around the ball ans she heard the horn blaring her winning, Astrea crashed into her and brought her into the ground. This was no longer about the game but rather about the anger and sense of betrayal. Her wind was struck from her, her face was swung to the side and Tempest felt the pain as Astrea landed a punch in her gut. Tempest was officially livid. She caught Astrea 's foot and twisted it. She heard the bone snap but it would heel and the scream that came from Astrea's lips made a smile come to Tempest. She cut the shrill in half with a punch to Astrea's face. Astrea used her good foot and kicked her int the face, knocking Tempest down. Astrea's foot healed and Tempest licked the blood frm her face and charged at the oncoming Astrea. As they met they greeted each other with punched and kickd. Bones broke, blood was spilt. A single wave of magic was the only thing that could separate them and it did. Void helped Tempest standt and she looked across the field and watched Louis stand back as Heather and Cassandra helped Astrea up. He walked away from her but Astrea paid him no notice as she herself left. Tempest pitied them both.

"It would seem that I am not your only enemy," whispered Entia. Tempest glowered at her and wonderd when she had shown up.

"Yes, so it would seem you evil wench."

"Oo, so mean to me."

"Entia pet, behave and go get the others," said Merwick. Tempest had smelt him a mile away and stared at him. Not once did he look at her, not even when he adressed her.

"Tempest we have to talk."

Void gaver her an unsure look as he let her go. Tempest folloed Merwick to a safe distance. Merwick finally turned to her.

"I have to leave Zephyr. I have to prepare my army fpr the coming battle all right? Good. Look just keep me on about Lord Vold— about Riddle okay. I'll leave Entia here, if she does anything harmful to you let me know okay." His eyes were pleading, sad, fearful.

"Of course Merwick."

"Thank you." He turned to leave and she let him.


"So he left her here?" asked Nila bewildered. "Her? Unsupervised?"

"Yeah, pretty much, but Serena and Stella are going to keep an eye on her." Tempest slumped on her bed. Between her vampire lessons and her sword lessons, she was exhausted.

"So we don't' have a choice do we," said Void. Tempest shook her head.

"No, he just up and left. Bit annoying if you ask me."

"But Entia? Why not one of his other minions?" questioned Nila as she began brushing her frazzled hair.

"She knows the school of course. But I'm sur ethat there is more to this. He's become very . . . different since we spoke to the sisters."

Void ruffled his hair and hismuschles flexed as they did do. Tempest saw Nila's cheeks turn red. All Void ever slept and worked out in were his boxers. Even Tempest noticed that he worked out . . a lot." Tempest nudged his butt secretly and he looked at the very red Nila and smiled.

"Why are you os red Nila?"

Nila slamed down her hairbrush and looked at him flustered. "Because its very bot in here and . . I'm going for a walk. Lestat come." She stalked from the room and Void smiled His blue tiopped hair hung down.

"You know she's gorgeous when she gets all flustered. She's even more gorgeous when she's fearlessly—"

"Oh my god , enough Vpid. I get it you love her." She threw a pillow at his head. "Try telling her that."

"She's the fearless one Zeph, not me."

"You're such a butt Void."

"Yeah, I know." He got up and looked down at her." Get some sleep Zeph."

"Yeah, you too."

Tempest curled up in bed and willed herself to sleep. Her hands ached slightly, her bpdy ached slightly. Her fight with Astrea had taken a lot out of her even id all her wounds had healed.

I her sleep, the nightmares greeted her. It took her some time to finally waken and when she did Merwick was by her side, within the drapes that surrounded her bed. He had his bare back to her and was twirling a faded blue stone in her hands.

"I found this ins the forest. Its the last remnant of wheat was once the Crescent of Merlin."


"I have a handful approaching. They are the most talented and they are only travelling by night. I'll be leaving as I have already told you. I shouldn't be gone long so don't worry too much about me." A delicat e smiled played on the very fringes of his lips.


"Can you come with me please. Before I leave. Things will change soon."


"Please?" He looked at her, his eyes treaful. Merwick knew more than he was letting on. What did that old man tell him?"

"Yeah, okay." Tempest grabbed his hand and together they left.


Tempest woke to the throbbing in her arms. She pulled the blanket up wityh her as she sat up and looked down at the waking Merwick.

"Ou have to go?"

"Yeah and in my pajamas, great." Tempest pulled on her tank top and grabbed her shorts and undergarments. She brushed though her hair with her fingers and again looked down at Merwick who sat up.

"You look fine Zephyr, get going."

Tempest smiled down at him and sat back down briefly kissing him again.

"Don't stray too far Merwick." He snorted and grabbed his pants.

"That same to you Zephyr." Tempest wanted to question him again buut her arm throbbed again reminding her off her duties.

Tempest arrived last bowing to the Dark Lord. She hated the psycho half-blooded wizard. She could feel few eyes on her instantly she knew whose they were. Neither Nila or Void gave her disapproving looks as she made her way towards them. She stood behind them as both Narcissa and Vivaldi gave her different looks. One was fearful, the other was blank.

Potter bhad been located in the direction near Hogwarts. Students were ralling up and becoming more of a pest to the Detah Eaters. Tempest wouldn't be abblet o go back to school. Everyone was ordered to stay at the school. Tempest hated how she missed so much school sometimes. Tempest was going to need her clothes. Luckily Nila had speedily packed fro her and she change din the shadows.

"So we're basically stuck here,"said Tempest as she tied her choe laces.

"Pretty much. Look at the bright side, you will get to spend time with Draco," said Nila with a hopeful stare. Draco's name alwasy made her heart flutter.

"True, now come on lets go find my cousin and try to avoid as muuch trouble as possible. I've no desire to put myself in the epicentre of more trouble than this is worth. Void contact Merwick tell him to bring his Meriwkc Crusaders here."

As Tempest entered Hogwarts she noticed that the place wasn't just in an uproar, It was chaotic.

"Bloody hell," muttered Void.

"Find Dumbledore's Army, find Maddox and I'll find Draco," she whispered running off. There was one thing that made Tempest fell better as she looked around. As the seconds past, she could almost taste Voldemort's Death.

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