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Demenshia I need you to tell me about the Mystics of Magic," said Tempest as she lay on the swampy ground.

"Oh must we talk of such dismal things?"

"Yes, we must. Look Merwick is a Mystic, as am I, I end to know as much as possible."

Demenshia sighed. And handed her a plate of eggs before taking a seat herself. "Oh, very well. How shall I begin?"

"With the beginning seems most prudent," said Tempest smartly.

"Hmm, okay. Well wheen magic was brought into the world, the queens grew up and then finally when they realized everything was on their shoulders, they both created four daughters. Then as time passed they thought to create another, but that ended quite badly. She had too much power you see so they all had to combine their powers and kill her. Both the queens had to start over. They knew they had to make the Mystic mortal, and that they had to split it. So together they did, one male and one female to create the bond. Cecile was ordered to keep track of them."

"But Merlin was a Mystic, as was Morgan, how is it, it stayed within her blood line but not with his?"

Demenshia shrugged. "That I wouldn't know. You would have to ask Her Dark Majesty or the Lady of the Lake."

Tempest sighed in exasperation. "And what about the Elemental Mystics?"

A sly smile crept over Demenshia's face and she drank some swamp water. "On is now mortal , one is immortal yet mortal and two are immortal."

Tempest almost choked on her food. "Nila and Serena! That's insane! Well okay the thought of Nila being one isn't insane but the idea of Serena, that's insane! And wait hold on you and Verdina are immortal now!"

Demenshia nodded exaggeratedly. "Bloody brilliant isn't it."

"Does Verdina know?"

"I should hope so. She many just be in denial though."

"Of course she would be," Tempest sighed again. "What else can you tell me."

"Nothing more, I'm afraid. You should ask my grandmother, or grandmothers."

"I highly doubt one will help me."

"True, she resents you at the moment."

"Ugh, okay before I do anything, I need to have a few words with Merwick."

"Oh, why?"

"I met his wife and daughter in the mist and shadows."


Tempest waited for Merwick in the woods. She had sent him a message over two hours ago and he still hasn't arrived. She wondered he was.

"Sorry, I'm late Zephyr, Entia was holding me up with news."

A little jealously grew in the pit of her stomach. "Okay, now?"

His gold eyes twinkled. "Oh what's this? A little jealously here." He smiled at her.

"Oh shut it Merwick."

"My pleasure." Her took he by surprise and enveloped her in a kiss. Tempest sadly succumbed to it and wrapped her arms around him.

"Now, what did you want to talk about?"

"Oh right." She blushed and laughed at herself. "Merwick, how long have you know you were a Mystic of Magic?"

"Since I was sixteen, why?"

Tempest pulled away shocked. "Since you were sixteen." He nodded and sat down pulling her down with him.

"How did you know?"

"Wise man where I lived. He told me that I was a Mystic like that of Merlin himself. He said that Magic came to me. He couldn't tell me why though. He didn't even know."

"Was that all he told you?"


Tempest looked into his eyes before she kissed him again. He wrapped his arms around her. "What else did he tel you."

"He told me I would meet the other Mystics had he told me that I would hate you but not by my own will at first and then he told me that I would fall in love with you. I never believed him."

His look was distant and Tempest thought back. "Do you believe him now."

"Do you remember that time I kissed you two years ago? I believe him then, I believe everything he said because most of what he has said has . . . been accurate."

"Merwick what did he tell you?"

"He said I would fall in love with the other Mystic and bring about her doom as she brings about mine. He said I would kill the innocents that were not truly innocents, he said that I would cause unbelievable pain and suffering to those close to her and kill many in her life. He told me I could bring death onto her but would not die.

"I thought he meant my wife, she fit almost every detail he set out, but when she does, was murdered I knew. He told me not to venture down the path towards Merlin, he warned me that Merlin would drive insane, that I would let all the vengeance between us both consume my heart. He told me that I would die but be reborn ad he told me my other half, you, would kill me again and again and that my heat would grow black. He said we would bring about each others doom."

Tempest looked at him sadly. "Maybe so, maybe not. Not everything is set in stone Merwick."

"You don't know that. This man was a seer and so far, for me everything he told me has come to pass. What else am I suppose to believe Young Tempest," he said bitterly as he stood up.

Tempest stared ta him and reached for his hand. Merwick stared at her angrily but not once did he pull away form her gentle touch. His wife was right, she did bring out the humanity within him.

"Merwick, you can't let yourself be trapped by something an old wise man said five hundred years ago."

"Six hundred and seventy two actually." He smiled down at her and she returned it.

"Yes, well, you know what I mean. You can't let your life be define by one thing alone." Merwick bent down quickly and took her in his arms. Tempest eyes widened as she stood slightly stunned as well as a bit uncomfortable. But then she looked up at him ad her shoulder stung a bit. Merwick gently stroked her face and kissed her lightly. Tempest almost marvelled at how soft his lips were and how strong and tall he was, even in her high heels, he stood over her.

"You are going to need to speak to the Lady of the Lake and Her Dark Majesty."

"How do I manage that?"

"You'll come with me, I'll ask whatever questions are in your head, provided you open your mind and you'll hide in the secret passageway."

"That's brilliant Merwick."

"I have my moments." His eyes twinkled mischievously.


Tempest grabbed her wand and pulled back her hair securing it. Nila and Void were upset for two reason. One she was going alone with Merwick and two she was going to miss Quidditch practise.

"Come on, the final match between us and that witch is in two weeks, we have to practise," pouted Nila.

"Says you, besides you ca practise without me."

"Ugh, you're simply infuriating."

"Oh you know you love me."

"Yeah, as though you were my sister."

Tempest snorted. "Yeah, just keep your hands off Draco."

"No problem there . . . her hat was uncalled for!"

"But deserved," said Void. Nila snacked him and he simply took her in his arms and smiled.

"Well I'll be leaving now. Merwick is waiting for me and you guys have practise, or whatever else you have on your minds, to do." They each gave her a stern glance and she playfully waved goodbye, snapped her fingers and vanished with a bright smile on her face. Merwick greeted her at the entrance.

"Why are you all smiles?"

"Void is beginning to let on his stupid lovey dovey feelings for Nila. I'm proud of him."

"Hmm, well go towards the secret passage, I'll go the direct way and bide my time." Tempest nodded and ran towards the secret passage way and enter in. She remembered which passages to take from her memories. She loved her cousin, both of them, but back then Zoltron had been quite the arse. Remembering her cousins made her think of Maddox and she hoped that he was okay and that he and Draco were looking after each other.

Tempest reached the old wood door and hoped to god that the Queen did not sense her. She peaked through a whole in the oak door and saw hat Her Dark Majesty looked the same. She still sat poised on her throne, motionless except for the rising and falling of her chest. A bit of colour had returned to her face and that made Tempest heart quicker.

Merwick entered and a sly manipulative smile dangerously fell across her stone like face.

"Ah Merwick, always a pleasure."

Merwick smiled and bowed. "Hello Tempest, you look beautiful, as always."

"Such a charming little fellow. Now to what do I owe such a visit?"

"You know I'm a Mystic of Magic don't you?"

"Why of course."

"What happed to Merlins blood line? Why did it leave his line and pas to me?"

"Such a curious little old ma." She laughed and her laughter echoes around the room. "A part of Merlins mysticism was trapped in the Crescent but since in a What he died yet did not, it left to his children. They were good for a time, so it stayed within the bloodline as did Morgans. Its likely to stay within her bloodline it would seem, and it would have stayed in his had his descendants not become currupted at a pint and became more . . . like Morgan. So the power sought another. As luck and fate would have ti it found you."

A confused looked came across Merwick and Tempest shared his confusion. "But that doesn't explain me."

Her Dark Majesty pursed her lips and began tapping her long black nails against her obsidian throne. It echoed through the empty halls and a strong wind blew.

"Yes, you are an . . . anomaly but fate works in mysterious ways." Tempest took a steps back but was then shaken by her thoughts by her Dark Majesty. "Have I answered your questions Young Tempest? You can come out now." Tempest stood against the cold stone wall and stared at the door knob. She forcefully lifted her hand over it, slowing lacing her fingers over the cold rusted metal. Merwick gave her a reassure look.

Tempest closed the door behind her. As she walked her high heeled boots echoes across the black marble floor that gave her no reflection. Beneath Merwick there was just empty space as well. Tempest forced herself too look at the Queen as she took her place next to Merwick. The Queen gave her ,malevolent smile, a smile that was far from the gentle one the graced her sisters face.

"Hello your Majesty."

"Hello Young Tempest, please call me Tempest."

Tempest gave her a micking smile. "I'd rather not."

Her Dark Majesty's face became livid and her hands clutched the arms of her throne so tight that her knuckled turned pure white. Merwick reached for her hand and pulled her back a safe distance but Tempest held her ground and held her head up defiantly. Her Dark Majesty was powerless.

"You are lucky you're my daughter by inheritance," a sly smile played on her lips, "but even that, in due tine will not save you."

It took Tempest a moment to understand her meaning but at once she quickly understood and prepared to lunge when Merwick grabbed her. She struggled feebly in his arm sand continue to rant on.

"You evil witch! They were your daughters! And you hand—" She was abruptly stopped as Merwick placed his hand over her mouth. Tempest wanted to bite it, make him go away but he bent down to her ear.

"Hold your tongue Zephyr, this is her domain." Tempest sopped struggling and her clumsily bowed with her in his arms. "We bid you farewell Tempest, Lady of the Night."

"Farewell Merwick. See you soon Tempest."

Tempest held her tongue and allowed Merwick to carry her out. "I'll let you go only if you promise not to do something stupid." Tempest rolled her eyes and mumbled something that could only be understood as a yes.

"Good." Tempest licked her lips and slapped him. He shook it off nonchalant. "Okay that was deserved I will say that but now come on, we need to speak to the Lady of the Lake. Now I need to be discreet.

Tempest fixed her clothes that were ruffled trough the motion of being held by Merwick. "Grab on." He held her hand and they were wicked away by her spell and stood at the edge of the Lake. The was glistened beneath the shining sun.

Tempest dove in, head first, followed by Merwick. She lead and he followed her to the depths of the lake. Tempest hoped that the Veriserite did not harm him.

As they neared the bottom, she explained her worried to Merwick who agreed to keep his eyes shut. Tempest cast a spell on him just to reinforce it. Curiosities tended to get the better of them.

They stepped into dryness and Tempest held his hand as she led him along the crystal like hallway. She entered the throne room that contrasted her sisters by every detail of structure.

"It would seem that the future has come to pass," she sighed and Tempest knew what she meant by that intently. "How sad to know the future don't you think Young Tempest."

"I would love to agree. Now tell me, why did Merlins Mysticism not leave his body when I killed him the first time." Merwick stifled his laughter.

"Because of Merlin, Young Tempest. He stell retained a bit of his Mysticism therefore it called to him, sought him out. Indirectly killed his wife and daughter. And the life written for Merwick, his fate was sealed the day he chose to go hunting foe the fabled Crescent of Merlin. Merwick a victim of fate as are you. As his essence still lives the Mysticism will remain his as with your bloodline. Is that all."

Tempest opened her mouth ro answer but Merwick did fr=or her and all his love, all his anger and vengeance was revealed in that one word. Tempest stared at him sadly and held his hand until they reached the land again. Tempest had reversed the spell.

She watched as Merwick punched at the ground with all is might until his knuckled began to bleed teeming. Tempest felt his pain. His wife and daughter were dead, just like her father. She hugged him while he cried through the day.

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