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Tempest stroked Draco's pasty blonde hair. He was still unconscious. All she kept wondering what if she was meant to be with him. Maybe Cecile was wrong. Maybe she and Merwick were meant to do more than just stop Voldemort. Her fingers touched the choker her mother had wrapped seventeen years ago. Her mothers letter had said that she was meant onto be with Draco, despite what would happen. Tempest quickly went through her pockets. Not there, of course, but of course her mother had known this would all happen. Tempest swore, she knew that the note was on her bed stand back at the Nightmare Academy. Tempest sat back at the foot of the bed and looked down at Draco. Her heart ached for him, not Merwick.

Her ears twitched as she heard the downstairs door open. The footsteps headed up the creaky steps and Tempest knew who it was. She quickly kissed Draco lightly on the lips and stood across from the door with her arms crossed. Nila and Void opened the door and she smiled at them.

"What took you so long?"

They bothy looked at her sternly and then at Draco. He hadn't woken up yet and she herded them outside.

"Lets take this outside shall we." Void nodded and then pulled a gaping Nila long after them.

Tempest walked over towards the pond and pulled a silencing spell over then, just in case Draco woke. Nila gave Tempest a well deserved slap across her face. Tempest smiled lightly.

"Okay, I deserve that, but Cecile you really must learn to respect someone's privacy."

""You drank his blood! Then you ran towards Merwick! What the bloody hell is wrong with you! How could you?!"

Tempest eyes flared and Void pulled Nila back.

"You're getting your facts wrong dearest Nila darling. In the heat of passion," began Tempest blushing, "I bit him, I tried to control myself but I couldn't! You have no idea how hard it was for me to stop Nila, no idea! Nila took another fearful step back. "And concerning Merwick, I didn't go running to him. I came running out here to cry and to get away, he just happened to find me while I was crying because of how much I hate myself. He comforted me and for once I saw something human within him! I saw who he used to be once upon a time. Something you'll never see because you choose not to! And don't' say I couldn't stopped, I saw the future, it was going to happen either now or later, even my mother knew it! So don't give my and bloody shit!" She looked at Void. "Remember that night in the catacombs where I woke up crying? That was the vision I saw. So again Nila, you want to bloody slap me, then go ahead. It was going to happen, all of it."

Nila stared at her shocked and Void hugged Tempest tightly.

"Its going to be okay Zeph, we'll help you sort things out."

"No it won't, I almost killed the man I love. It won't be okay Void, and what's more is I don't even understand the feelings I have for Merwick." Tempest broke down into tears once more and fell into Void's arms. She felt Nila, gingerly, stroke her hair and hug her.

"Don't worry Zeph, it'll be okay. Don't worry." Tempest continued to sob until she heard a waking sigh. HS pulled away from them both.

"Draco's awake." Tempest ran to to his side and he looked at her strangely as he sat up.

"Morning Tempy." He ruffled his pasty blonde hair and Tempest smothered him with kissed. He hugged her tightly. God, she thought as her shoulder stung, I love you so much Draco.

"I'm so glad you're awake. I thought—"

""What? That you may have killed me? You could never kill me." He smiled down at her and she smiled back. Astrea's bloody blade cam before her sight. It was Aurora.

"No, I couldn't could I, I love you too much." She hugged him tightly. "I'm just so glad I didn't drink too much. I was so scared."

Draco made her face him. "I know you Tempete. You have much more willpower than you give yourself credit for. Besides, I enjoyed it."

Tempest smiled faintly. "Don't say that again."

"I'm trying to make you feel better Tempy."

"I know, I know." She kissed him again before she handed him his shot grabbed hers and tossed him his pants and briefs.


"Nila and void are waiting for mer, but I—"

"I'll make it back to school on my own." He kissed her forehead. "You go through the back door and I'll go through the front once you're gone."

Tempest nodded and they walked down the stairs. He said his hellos to Nila and Void and they waved back at hi. Tempest took one last look at Draco and he gave her a reassuring smile, if only it had reassured her.


Tempest, Void and Nila headed back to school in silence. Merwick was waiting for her, with blades pointed at his neck. Entia was by his side, her fingers outstretched by her side ready to claw, her face in a snarling mass distorting her beauty. Her knees were bent ready to pounce at any moment.

"What the hell!"

Eyes turned on her equally fierce. No one put their blades down.

"Void, Nila did I miss something?"

"Obviously we did to," said Nila.

"Finally you're back," said Demenshia skipping towards her. "Cecile said very nasty things, but I believe Merwick." She winked secretly at her and placed her arm through hers leading her to the circle of blades.

"U, huh, well Cecile's facts are mistaken, right Nila."

"Yeah, everybody can put their blades down."

"Yeah, we all promised to adhere to their agreement," continued Void.

"Veronica says we should listen to Cecile," said Serena.

"Cecile was mistaken, as her yourself." Both green and red glowed alike and Tempest waited apprehensively. Finally Serena, looking confused, put her blade down. Tempest breathed a secretive sigh of relief. Merwick smiled at her.

"Be careful Mistress."

"I will Aidan."

"A pleasure Zephyr dear."

"Isn't it always," said Tempest annoyed. She was going to have t teach Cecile a thing or two about privacy and getting her facts straight. She just hoped to god that Astrea didn't get wind of this situation or else she would be royally screwed.

"Okay everyone go, now. Do some damage control and make sure that Astrea heard nothing and continues to hear nothing. She'll actually believe this." She sighed as they all ran off, all except Void, Nila and Entia.

"Entia it would be best if you left," said Merwick.

Entia shot Tempest a jealous hateful loo before standing straight and brushing her hairs back. "Of course." She ran off and Merwick stared at both Nila and Void amused.

"Hello Void, Nila, always a pleasure."

"Hey Merwick," said Void rather friends which made Nila confused. Tempest smiled and shook her while Nila remained silent and crossed her arms. It wasn't until Void pinched her that she muttered a faint hello.

"Cecile has a bit of a mouth," said Merwick.

"So I've notices," said Tempest giving Nila astern look. She quickly looked away and turned a bright res as she began to mumble to herself. Void let out a little laugh.

"We're sorry," said Void.

"They aren't but I know you are. Thank you for the apology."

"Yeah well . . . I feel awkward." He looked between Tempest and Merwick who were both averting their glances from each other and blushing.

"Cecile! Ugh you're being difficult we'll continue this late." Nila let out an exasperated sigh and looked at Merwick. "She says she's sorry, as am I. Zeph, you should heal him. Void did yesterday afternoon but he looks to be paling."

Tempest eyes widened and she quickly grabbed his hand and cast the spell. Nila had been right, he did need that. Merwick cracked his neck, her back was straighter and a bit of colour returned to his highly defined face. He licked his fangs delicately. Looking at him, a thought crossed her mind.

"You all stay here I have to do something."

"What?" asked Nila.

"Just trust me okay, I have a mirror to bicker with."


Tempest crept into Headmistress Majika's office and removed the covering over the window. No reflection greeted her , as always. She placed her hands on the cold glass and asked the mirror the ill fated question. Hands gripped hers and pulled her in. The cold glass swam over her skin, sending both tingles and prickles over her skin.


"I need to speak with my mother."

The reflected sighed and rubbed what would be the bridge of her nose. Today she was sporting the sight of Vivaldi as it last saw her, as eleven.

"Can't you ever just drop bye to say hi? No, I guess not. Very well, follow me."

"Thank you."

'Vivaldi' sighed again. "Don't mention it, really. Hmm, I get no visitors, no one just wants to talk with me. It's all so very depressing. People only ever want something. Noone chit chats anymore."

"Well I'm sorry but, a talking mirror, what kind of a conversation is that?"

"I used to be fascinating I'll have you know."

Tempest smiled. "Oh, I'm sure you were."

Mock Vivaldi gave her a slight smile. "You know Young Tempest just because you're having trouble seeing into the future doesn't mean you have to go to your mother. You could always just ask me. I have a sister, so to speak, who helps people see into the future."

The mist grew. "Really well, this gives me an excuse to see my loved ones."

"True, well this is as far as I go Young Tempest. Good luck."

Tempest ventured in. The mist swirled and grew around her. Three forms appeared. Her father, her mother and Gorx. Each one smiled at her. Tempest did not smile back.

"Did you know?"

Her mother nodded sadly. "Yes, I knew. The first instant I met him I knew. Quite disturbing for a mother to see such a thing, but yes I knew."

"So what, nothing would have changed it?"

"No, nothing. What happened with you and Merwick was going to happen. Just I like your fathers death, as well as Gorx's. They were going to happen, they are the certain things that make you see."

"But why?"

"Because you bring out the human in him," said another voice. Tempest turned around and saw two vampires, both angelic and beautiful. One with grey eyes, the other with gold.

"Zephyr, I would like you too meet Merwicks wife and daughter Celeste and Rose."


"Tempest," said Gorx. "They're right. You bring out what's human in him."

"And—look, I can't see into the future. Why is it when I try to look—"

"You don't accept it," said Morganna. "You look at is as though it were a curse."

"It is a curse."

"No, it is both a gift and a curse. You only see little things but until you accept it, part of your sight will be blocked completely. Do you understand? You're sight will be blocked. Understand?"

"I can't accept that."

"Then embrace this."

"No! I can't do that either!"

Morgana closed her eyes and shook her head sadly. "Than for you this is a curse my dearest daughter." She hugged her and kissed her head before Gorx and Aidan did the same.

"Please," said Celeste. "Save my husband, at whatever cost."

Tempest nodded. "I will try my best." Tempest left and took one last look at the two women. His daughter smiled at her and waved before vanishing into the mist.

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