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Tempest was thirsty. She sat in bed clutching her wrist to her mouth. It didn't help anymore. Her blood potions weren't helping anymore and now that Voldemort was aware of a traitor in his midst, Tempest had to be on her feet more than ever. What bothered her the most was the fact the Lord Voldemort did nothing. Being to lost and out of the loop, she was finally informed of the deaths. They had all hurt her but the one that stung the most was the death of Dobby the House Elf. She had paid a visit ti his grave and had wept for her dear little friend. She hoped that he was at peace.

Tempest smelt him and growled. Merwick pulled back the curtain and sat on the bed. She continued to snarl at him when he pulled a bag of something think and red from under his shirt.

"Are you going to behave," he said dangleling the bag from his fingers.

Tempest leaned back and smiled "I'll behave Merwick."

"Do I have your word?"

"Give me the blood or die," she said retaining her brilliant smile.

Merwick laughed and tossed her the little bag of blood. Tempest saw the label and her breath caught. It was a donation to the blood bank from seventeen year old girl named Cynthia A. Her blood was a delicious O+. Tempest wondered how it tasted from a bag, if it was as sweet. Her fangs sunk deeply into the bag and she knew, it was as sweet.

"You broke into a blood bank?" Blood dripped down her chin and she absent mindedly let it. The fact that he didn't forcefully take it was shocking.

Merwick smiled and wiped the blood off with his index finger. "Of course, why not? Would you have preferred I kill the girl?"

"No, I prefer the robbing of blood banks." She sucked the last of the blood out of the bag and laid back down on the bed refreshed,

"Well you look refreshed."

"I am."

"How are things with Riddle?"

"Frightening. He knows someone under his command betrayed him. He does nothing though. He had us attempt a trace but considering that we took control and are busy interrogating pure bloods, half bloods and mudblood, it doesn't work. Besides the mudblood rarely love that long outside Azcaban. When he finds out that of was none of the then he'll attention will switch to his dearly beloved Death Eaters."

"Then will be screwed, for a alack of a better word."

She nodded. "We're running out of time Merwick."

"Well of course, I thought that was obvious."

Tempest rolled her eyes and kicked him. "You're a bloody ass Merwick."

"I'm simply stating the obvious. Its been over three months, innocents have died—"

Tempest snorted. "Amazing, you care about innocents."

Merwick growled. "It would seen that your behaviour has degraded once again."

"Don't be smart Merwick, now continue."

"You're saying I'm smart? You're the child here!" He stormed from the bed and she followed.


"I'm the child?! You're the son of a bitch who had killed many innocents over the centuries! You're the child!"

Merwick spun and faced her. "You are the one who began this argument! What the bloody hell, you can't go one day without mentioning it!"

"Hey, I've gone without mentioning it!"

"You are a child Tempest Artemisa Nyx."

Tempest punched him. "Don't use my name Merwick! You've got no right—" Merwick grabbed her by the throat and slammed her into the wall, knocking down charts and stone. Tempest formed the growl deep in the back of her throat.

"Wrong Young Tempest. I've got the right remember, I kill him." He snarled at her with pained eyes and Tempest couldn't help but pity him. Merlin had twisted his mind , his essence drove him crazy. Still thought, that was no excuse.

"You're a bastard Merwick."

"Oh trust me, I don't dispute that." He continued to hold her throat as he kissed her. Tempest tried to struggle but er shoulder throbbed. She gave in and wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands fell down to her waist. Their eyes jerked open and met briefly before they pulled apart and Void entered alongside Zoltron. Nile appeared soon after and Void rubbed his eyes while Zoltron averted his gaze. Nila stared at Merwick.

"What's going on," hissed Nila.

"We were jus arguing, as usual," hissed Tempest shoving past a newly sneering Merwick.

"Of course, muttered Void. Zoltron and Nila looked at him and he quickly went towards Tempest and pulled her along.

"Come on Zeph, lets get you away from Merwick."

"Agreed," said Zoltron following after them. Only Nila remained, staring hatefully at Merwick. Tempest and Void shared worried looks.

"Nila—" began Void, lightly touching her shoulder. Nila continued to ignore her.

"Stay away from her Merwick, or I'll mkae sure you suffer." Her voice wasn't just here but Cecile's as well. Both the sword and the ring glowed brightly. She finally turned and stormed past them, grabbing Tempest along the way and dragging her along. Tempest could have easily pulled away but at the moment she was curious to see where this went. Void wand Zoltron followed quickly behind.

Outside in a clearing, near the forest, in the ever surrounding mist Nila swung her against a trees. Nila may be there but Tempest knew she was facing Cecile.

"Cousin, have you lost your mind?" exclaimed Cecile.

"Hello to you to Cecile. Tell me, how long have ou known?"

"I know many things Young Tempest. The earth speaks to me whenever I need. So I've known you were the Mystic of Magic the moment I set eyes on you, as well as Merwick. The first kiss you shared and every kiss since then. I've been aware of. I see and know everything."

Tempest smirked. "And yet you have said nothing, why?"

"The Mystics fo Magic are always meant to do at least one great thing together, as your mother did when she stole the Philosophers Stone with Merwick, or has he neglected to inform you of that? The Mystics are always drawn to one another, always meant to do at least one great thing, I should know, I've been watching each and every one since the beginning. My mother requested it."

"So that's why you kept your mouth shut? So that we could battle Voldemort together?"

"Yes, until now. You two are unlike any Mystic I've ever seen. He should be dead, and you should be mortal and not contain the essence of Merlin. You both are far more powerful and this that makes the attraction greater . . . dangerously greater."

Tempest began to sneer, she hated being told what to do. Tempest leaned against the tree and with one hand she pulled herself up. She sat there perched like an arrogant cat, her eyes flaring red.

"Now, now Cecile, I dare you to stop me." Both the ring and the sword glowed and the earth trembled beneath their feet and the deep roots and vines shot up at Tempest. At this point, she really did hope that she was who they keep saying she was. Tempest focussed her energy on the oncoming vines stopping them in mid air. Nila took a hurt step back.

"As you said, I'm more powerful than you thought." She pushed them away and Nila fell to the ground defeated. Tempest sighed as Void ran to her and jumped down form the tree. "Nila, tell Cecile to mind her own business."

Nila shook her head as she let Void pull her up to her feet. "No . . . No Zephyr, I will not. We've kept silent, waiting, hoping that you would talk to me and yet you have not so I am saying this for the first and last time. Stop whatever you have with Merwick before you destroy yourself. Don't you love Draco?"

Tempest spun around angrily and the earth trembled, reminding herself that she was still tapped into it. "Of course I love Draco, I love him with al my heart, but I can't control anything Nila, you heard Cecile, this attraction can't be fought, it never has." Tempest turned on her heel and left, not looking back once. The use of energy made her hungry again.


Tempest sat in the Shrieking Shack. She was so happy it was spring the floor boards were no longer cold and creaky and the windows allowed int the light. The place was no longer so creepy, but then again it was always creepy.

Tempest sat upstairs on the bed, she had been here for two days, no one had come to look for her. She was going to have a lot of homework to do. She sighed, she was passing her classes easily anyway. Besides she was happy to be away from a highly volatile Astrea. She was officially annoyed with fighting with the girl. Especially considering all they had been through and all they had seen.

Tempest took off her clothes as she made her way down the stairs. She was going to take a little swim in the little pond out there. She peeked out the window and ran out diving into the water. She swam in delicately, bathing in it. She let all the little fishes and tadpoles brush against her flesh, tickling her as they went by. Her nails changed blue with her Auror talents. She couldn't thank Tonks anymore than she already had, going against the Ministry to teach her the talents that she now acquired.

Tempest dove up and wiped her hair back then turned covering her bare bosom. Draco stood there smiling. Tempest blushed.

"Hello Draco, how are you?"

"Nila and Void are worried about you. They said you stormed off." He knelt down holding out his hand. She dove under the water and swam to him quickly. He held out his cloak that she wrapped around herself.

"So you came and found me?" She asked walking back to the Shrieking Shak.

"I know you'd be someplace that you hoped no one would really look for you."

Tempest opened the door smiling. "You know me so well don't you."

"I like to think so. I've known you since you were three." Tempest headed inside and up the stairs, collecting her clothes as she went along.

"Why did you run away?"

"Because Merwick was being a pest and because they were all being pest. Not to mention the fact that, well, I was hungry."

"You're very temperamental lately aren't you?"

Tempest flashed him a smile. "You have no idea." She opened the door to the bedroom and son on the bed with the cloak covering her body. Draco sat next to her and pushed some of the hair out from his face, she blushed.

"You'll be nice to be thought right?"

"As long as you don't become an ass, yes." She smiled and laid down, exposing her are legs.

"How can you bare to be in such a filthy place?"

"I don't mind the filth, especially when it allows for an escape form the pest who are my friends."

Draco laughed. "Bloody hell Temp, you can be so very vicious."

Tempest laughed. "Oh, I know."

Draco laid down next to her and she snuggled up next to him.

"They think that Merwick loves you."

"Hmm, so they say."

"They also told me that the two of you have a bond."

"Disturbing isn't it."

"Very." She felt his body stiffen beneath her and Tempest knew he was uncomfortable. She was going to kill her friends.

"How about we not talk about it huh."


"Draco," sh said pulling his face towards her, "thank you for coming for me, I appreciate it."

He smiled at her and pulled her close. "Well you know how much I love you. I worry about you."

"I know, I worry about you all the time."

"So I guess you're shoulder always throbs huh."

Tempest smacked him lightly on the shoulder. "Draco Malfoy, don't be an ass."

"Its part of my nature Tempy." He kissed her lightly and held her close but Tempest for some reason couldn't contain herself She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Tempest cold feel the heat of his body close. She unbuttoned the shirt and quickly thought of her vision, maybe she had mistaken Draco for Merwick. She felt a hand go up her leg and open the cloak she was bare in. Suddenly Draco stopped and sat up and Tempest sat up pulling her arms free from the cloak and pulled her legs up to er chin. Draco looked at her pained before looking away. Maybe I've gone too far, she thought.

"Tempest . . . I don't know."

"Don't know what?"

"If I can do this. Us."

"So what, are you breaking up with me?"

"Bloody hell no Tempy. I just don't think I'm ready for . . . that."

Tempest smiled and turned around reaching for the cloak. As she did though Draco stopped her, smiling arrogantly. She rolled her eyes.

"You're an ass Malfoy."

"I know." H pulled her into his arms and she blushed as he held her close. Draco kissed her and she wrapped herself around him as he laid down. Once again she could fell the heat of their bodies as he kicked off his shoes and laid her down. Tempest stopped hi and smiled sweetly.

"Didn't we just have a talk about this."

"I know, I changed my mind."

"You're a bloody ass."

"I'm aware." He kissed her again.


So this was it, she thought as Dracos' breath danced along the nape of her neck. Her legs were wrapped around him as he moved rhythmically back and forth. Her shoulder stung, was almost unbearable but she didn't care, she felt alive again and she loved him more than anything. Her breathing got harder and her eyes shot open as her fangs found Draco's neck. Tempest tried to fight it, the growing hunger from the passion but she couldn't. His blood tasted so sweet and he moaned in pleasure, she didn't need to stop. But Tempest knew she had to stop. Her eyes looked at the setting sun and she forced herself to stop when Draco's nails dug into her. Blood dripped down his neck and down her chin.

"Draco . . . Draco, you need to . . . you need to stop." Her back arched and with the fresh smell of blood and the passion they shared, her hunger was growing. She was beginning to fear for his life.

Draco finally slowed and sighed pleasurably. Tempest quickly took advantage to roll on top of him. His eyes were fluttering, she had taken too much blood.

Tempest examined the wound and his eyes opened briefly enough with love before he passed out. Tempest heart stopped and she listened for his heart beat. It was there, it was slow and it was faint. She got up from the bed and stared down at him. She could have killed him, almost did. She couldn't stay here and grabbed the first thing she could before she ran out. Tempest needed air, room to breath in that wasn't filled with the smell of him sweat and blood.

Tempest hid in the trees and hugged herself as she cried. She could smell him, but that was her fault, she had grabbed his shirt without thinking. Her shoulder still throbbed as she thought of him and the taste of his blood. Her hunger had never been so strong before. Tempest pulled and grabbed at her air. She wanted to be someone else. A twig broke and Tempest jumped down. Merwick appeared, unarmed and looked at her sadly. She wiped at her etas roughly.

"What do you want Merwick

"Are you all right?"

"Do I look bloody all right! I almost killed him!" Her knees buckled beneath her weight but he caught her and lowered her to the ground as she sobbed.

"But you didn't," he said hugging her.

"But I couldn't dammit. I almost did." Tempest continued to cry but he lifted her chin and wiped away some of her tears.

"You didn't Zephyr, he'll be fine in the morning. All you have to do is take care of hi. Now stop crying, I know you love him and care for him deeply and I promise you, he'll be all right."

Tempest wiped away her tears with Draco's shirt. His scent was overwhelming.

"But what if he and I aren't meant to be together?"

"It all depends on you."

"What if I actually kill him? What if I can't stop?"

"You shouldn't think like that, besides, vampires can always marry humans."

"How would you know."

"My wife and daughter. A vampire saved her life when she gave birth to my son and several years later when the plague came and struck my daughter. Bounty hunter burned our house down—" He stopped and looked away and Tempest was shocked by what she Chad just discovered.

"That's what you saw, isn't it, at Azcaban."

"Yes." Tempest looked at him and for once fully understood him. She wiped away a stray tear.

"Merwick—" She kissed him and her vision flashed behind her eyes. Merwick pulled away.

"Zephyr, no, you're hurting and so am I—"

She kissed him again. "That was a vision Merwick."

He stared at her shocked then finally kissed her back and began unbuttoning her shirt.

"Are you sure," he asked as they both laid bare in the green grass. Tempest nodded and Merwick kissed her on the neck as she gasped. His body rocked against her as she stared up. Her shoulder throbbed.

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