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A/N: Hey guys! So I've finished my other story and I am now focusing on this one! YAY! I am sorry about the long wait, but I promise it will not happen again! (Well I'll try my best to keep it from happening lol!) You guys are the best seriously, you all rule!

Thanks to the following: Mrs J Potter, my beta, .MementoMori, my graphics maker(who made the gorgeous chappie image below) and my reviwers!

Disclaimer: J.K owns the good stuff!

Claimer: My OC's, and plot!


Previously in Lost In Magic

“Sophie, I'm really scared of leaving you alone even if it's for one night,” Dom said, as she threw her things back into her bag.

After dinner, McGonagall told us to pack up our stuff so we could officially move to our houses.

“I know Dom, I'm scared too, some of the students aren't so accepting of us as I'd hoped,” I replied, folding my top and placing it in.

“Great,” Dom sighed, running a hand through her hair. “Sophie let's just ask Professor McGonagall if we can just have our own room.”

“You know she'd say no...” I trailed, picking up my makeup bag, I picked up my pink compact mirror and was about to chuck it in, until I took a second look and a brilliant idea filled my mind. “Dom I have an idea!”

“What?” Dom asked.

I held up my compact mirror. “We can totally ask Dumbledore to make them two-way for us! Then we can stay in touch when we're apart!”

Dom's face brightened and picking up her make up bag she scrambled through it until she found her black Cover Girl compact mirror. “Sophie that has to be the greatest idea ever!”

Laughing we packed the rest of our stuff and gathering it up we left the room behind the trophy case and made our way to Dumbledore's office. When we arrived, Dumbledore gave us a smile.

“What can I do for you girls?”

I gave him Dom's and my compact mirrors. “Could you please make these two-way for us? Dom and I would greatly appreciate it … we just don't feel comfortable being without each other.”

“Of course.”

Dom and I smiled happily as Dumbledore took out his wand and without saying a word he tapped both of them twice. “There you go girls.”

Taking them, Dom rushed behind the chair and opening them, I gasped with amazement as Dom's face appeared.

“Whoa! Yomee, this rocks!”

“It tots does, uh this is perfect!” I cried smiling before closing the mirror. “Thanks so much Dumbledore!”

“No problem, now I trust McGonagall and Slughorn are waiting to take you to your houses. Good luck girls and please keep me posted whenever you can.”

“No probs Professor D, have a good night,” Dom said happily.

“Night Professor,” I said, waving.

“Night girls.” 

I was very nervous. The sort of nervous where all I could say was, 'Cool' 'Yup' and 'Sounds good'. Dom had gone one way towards the dungeons and I had gone the other, up the many stairs to the seventh floor. Why did we have to be so far from each other? I thanked god, we had the two way mirrors.

“I have assigned Lily Evans to show you to all your classes the day after the Hogsmeade outing,” McGonagall was saying, as we neared the portrait. “I've asked her to stay up so I can make the introductions.”

Great, Dom and I have already met her, and it wasn't exactly on the right foot. I thought nervously. If she's anything like the books, she'd forgive us.

“Right and here we are!” McGonagall said, clapping her hands. “Now the password is Mandrake Root.”

The portrait of the Fat Lady; who was sleeping suddenly jolted awake and immediately swung open and my breath caught into my throat, as I trudged through the entrance, and into the warm common room.

“Whoa!” I whispered in awe, looking around until my eyes landed on a pretty red haired girl, who had stood to her feet at our presence.

“Uh, Miss Adams, this is Miss Evans,” McGonagall said, going to Lily's side and placing a hand upon her shoulder.

“Nice to meet you again Lily,” I said smiling. Lily smiled too, but it didn't reach her eyes.

“Oh, so you've already met have you?” McGonagall asked with surprise.

“Yes Professor, I met her and her friend yesterday afternoon,” Lily replied politely. “And what a splendid meeting it was.”

I smiled, good so she did forgive us after all, phew! 

“I shall leave Lily to her duty, and please don't hesitate to ask her any questions, she'll look after you,” McGonagall said, as she made her way towards the exit. “Good night Miss Adams.” 

“Night Professor!”

When she left I turned back to Lily, whose smile had immediately vanished.

“Hey Lily, I'm really sorry about yesterday,” I apologised. “Dom and I were being stupid and immature. We were overwhelmed, and the 'Make Love, Not War' thing. They were just light hearted jokes. I really hope we can be friends." I stuck out my hand for her to shake.

Lily looked down at my hand and back up at me with her arms crossed and her left foot tapping against the carpet. "Well, light hearted joke or not, I wasn't laughing. Those clothes were inappropriate and in violation of the school uniform code." Her emerald green eyes pierced mine. "Not to mention, mocking a person of authority, you're lucky you didn't have a house or else I would've docked at least 50 points off, but now I won't seeing as you're in my house and it would be irresponsible for me to dock it off Slytherin and not my own. So, friends? Don't hold your breath for it, and apology. Not accepted."

And spinning on her foot she stormed up to the girls' dormitaries, leaving me standing there in complete shock. Okay, what the hell was her problem? Wasn't Lily Evans suppose to the really nice and compassionate? Shaking my head, I picked up my bag and slowly went up to the girls' dorms. I heard voices and when I opened the door the three girls' that were in there immediately fell silent. Lily was on her bed smirking and the others looked curious, but didn't dare talk to me.

“Um, hi I'm Sophie,” I said politely.

No one replied and Lily pointed to an empty bed nearest the window. “That's your bed over there.”

Pursing my lips, I awkwardly made my way towards my bed trying not to laugh, I saw two sets of Gryffindor robes neatly folded at the end, along with the gold and red Gryffindor scraf and gray gloves and a trunk for me to put all my belongings in. Placing my bag onto my bed I turned over to the girls, who went back to talking. Sighing I turned back around and unzipped my bag. Unpacking all my things, I transferred them into my trunk and placing my books and cauldron aside, I listened to all the whispering around me.

“I think we should be nice to her Lily,” I heard one girl whisper, I continued as if I couldn't hear them. “She looks nice.”

“If you even think about befriending her, Heather, I swear to Merlin...” I heard Lily reply. “And that goes for you too Kim, she's a brat, her friend especially.”

That was it. “Don't you dare talk about Dom like that.” Spinning around, I put my hands on my hips. “You hear me? You can call me names all you want, but leave Dom alone.”

A brown haired girl, who I guessed was Kim, sniggered. “And what are you possibly going to do about it?”

I smirked. “Dom and I can get nasty, don't you dare judge us.”

“Ooo, I'm so scared!” Lily said, pretending to shake, Kim laughed but the blonde next to her who I assumed was Heather; stayed quiet. “Don't barge in here like you own the place, you won't be accepted here, so don't try.”

“Fine, I won't,” I said simply. Turning around, I unpacked the rest of my stuff and grabbing my compact mirror I stormed out.

“Gosh, I see what you mean Lily!” Was the last thing I heard.

Once down in the common room, I smiled as I looked around again. So this was the Gryffindor common room, it was, as Ron would say: bloody brilliant! The burgundy couches were nice and squishy and the gold and red made the room warm and inviting. Squealing in excitement I slumped onto the comfy red couch, I could get used to living in here!

Opening my compact mirror, Dom's face immediately appeared, as if she'd been waiting for me. “Sophie, how are you doing? I'm so worried!”

“Don't worry,” I said weakly. “I'm doing just fine.”

“Are you sure, have they made you feel welcome?” Dom asked.

“They are just so inviting … oh man, Dom they hate me,” I said, pouting. “Especially Lily!”

Dom rolled her eyes.“You serious? I thought Lily would have been the first to jump at the chance of being your friend.” 

“I don't think she likes us because of our last encounter,” I replied.

“Oh, shiz … that was my fault,” Dom said, biting her lip. “What a bitch, oh well I guess that makes it easier for you, Yomee, you don't have to feel so compelled to befriend them before the two week dead line. Anyway don't hesitate to use an Unforgivable Curse on her ass if she drives you mad.” 

I laughed. “So how is it in Slytherin?” 

“Pretty good, settled in nicely. Have this really enthusicastic Slytherin girl called Stephanie Rosier to show me around and her brother, Evan, gawd damn he is hot!” Dom said happily.“OMG, and there's this other guy who fully hit on me, but I wasn't complaining, he was super hot too! Charles Montague I think his name was, is that right Stephanie?” 

“Yeah, that's right.”
I heard a voice in the background.

“Well I'm glad you are fitting in quite nicely, I wish I could say the same.” I replied.

“You have me Yo, and after two weeks, let's hope things settle enough to finally make friends.” Dom suddenly gasped.“Have you met the Marauders yet? Oh please tell me you have!” 

I shook my head. “Not yet Yo, but when I do, I'll tell you all about it.”

Dom squealed in excitement. “I can't friggen wait! Oh, well Yomee, I'm so tired and I am yet to unpack, so I'll see you tomorrow.” 

I nodded. “You sure will Yomee, I love you.”

“I love you too Sophie, g'night.” 

“Night.” I sighed and snapped the mirror closed. Why did Dom have to be in Slytherin? She's a good person! Was it because she held grudges? Was it because she egged fights on at school? Was it because she was a little rough, had a short temper or liked foul play? Either way, I just couldn't accept my best buddy was sorted into Slytherin. I bit my lip, I knew I had no choice but to accept the fact, I mean not all Slytherins were bad and wanted to be Death Eaters right? I knew Dom didn't like Voldemort's ways, nor did she approve of any evil in Harry Potter (although we did think young Voldie was hot!) Leaning back in my seat, I decided to just be happy for Dom despite my disapproval. And who cares if I was best friends with a Slytherin? She was my friend before then and I loved her just the way she is.

“Moony, shut up!”

I quickly stood to my feet when I heard the portrait open and voices, my heart leapt when I realised who they belonged to. Four hot guys entered the room, the four main guys Dom and I were dying to see. The Marauders.

The first boy who came strolling around the corner; James Potter was spitting image of Harry, or Harry was a spitting image of James. Either way when people kept saying he looked so much like his father, they weren't kidding. The resemblance was uncanny! His jet black hair was unruly and some of it fell into two hazel eyes, that were behind a pair of round-wired glasses. Luckily, for him the glasses gave him an alluring look, adding character instead of the 'nerd' look.

Unlike Harry, who had practically grown up living a cell and being underfed in the Dursley's home which gave him an unhealthy look; James looked as though he'd grown up in Dudley's lavish lifestyle. He wasn't fat, but held that rich, spoilt kid look, the brattiness shined in his eyes. Even though it wasn't a good trait, who was I to hold it against James? By the time I'd laid eyes on him, I developed a small uncontrollable crush, he definitely wasn't easy to hate.

Beside him, was of course Sirius Black. Taller than James by a couple of centimetres; he was slender and well shaped; his dark hair was longish, ending right above the nape of his neck. His fringe fell into his two intense gray eyes in a casual elegant way (just like in the books). His lips were well-formed, his jaw was strong and he held himself with over flowing confidence in a causal yet appealing way. Just the sort of boy that girls would swarm around for attention. My heart even skipped a beat just by looking at him!

Remus Lupin was not far behind, he was lanky; his sandy brown hair looked mattered. He, of course looked sickly, but in his two light brown eyes, there was a decent looking man, unfortunately masked by the stress of his werewolf curse, (which Dom and I thought was actually rather sexy – I knew we weren't the only ones) he had a kind smile and a small scar above his lip, I really admired Lupin, he was a caring sensitive guy who would be the first to accept anyone different in my opinion, I couldn't wait to talk to him. And of course, little Peter Pettigrew, Dom and I didn't like him one bit, he was a traitor. Yeah, he was cute I couldn't deny that, his mousy light blonde hair was gelled back, he did have good features, even though he was a little chubby, but unfortunately he wasn't as good-looking as the rest and well he deserved it for all I cared. Yeah, he was probably good now, but to know he had some evil inside him was enough to put me off.

As I stared as the characters stood before me in the flesh, forget Paul and Soshi and their hot friends, these boys were 100% better! I smiled as they looked very excited to see me.

“Here she is! Sophie right?” James said happily, putting out his hand. “James Potter.”

“I know!” I blurted, grasping his hand I shook it excitedly.

“Well what do ya know!” James said beaming. “Of course you do, everyone knows us!” 

“You guys are amazing!” I said in awe.

“Alright, alright...” James said trying to be modest with a roll of his eyes, and waving his hand as if he'd heard that a million times. 

“It's good to meet you! I'm Sirius, but you probably already know that too.” He took my hand and shook, a jolt rushed up my arm and I pulled back quickly, and blushed, Sirius smirked flirtatiously … oh yeah that's right, he was a player, it was never elaborated in the books, but I definitely didn't put it passed Sirius.

“Hi I'm Remus.” Remus introduced kindly, I shook his hand beaming, and then turned to Peter, I shook his hand, trying not to show disgust. 

“Peter Pettigrew...” I said trying to lighten my darkening voice.

Peter nodded. “N-nice to meet you!”

I smiled and stood back and let out a small giggle, it was like I was meeting famous celebrities, damn I had to introduce them to Dom tomorrow. “Wow, this is sooo coool!” 

“What can we say,” Sirius chuckled, “come sit down, let's have a chat with the new girl!”

I happily obliged and sat down, James slumped into an armchair, Peter claimed the other and Remus and Sirius sat on either side of me.

“The asswipe joke at dinner was hilarious!” James commented happily.

“That's an insult we say back in my world, I replied proudly. “I have so many more I can tell you!” 

“Good, Anthony Brown is one of many people we like to insult,” Sirius said. “So tell us about yourself!”

“Well I'm sixteen, and from Australia! So is Dominique, my friend.”

“Oh yeah, the one who got sorted into Slytherin right?” James said, his voice suddenly darkening. I saw Sirius' face had also darkened and my eyebrows knitted in confusion.

“Slytherin's have a nasty reputation, just so you know,” Remus said kindly. “We don't like them too well.”

“I know,” I replied. “It's been like that for many years.”

“It has,” James replied. “They're the type you don't want to mess with, I'll tell you this now, keep a close eye on your friend, Slyherins cannot be trusted no matter how good you think they are.”

I smiled warmly, wow, how nice of them, they cared for Dom's well being! I knew I'd like them!

“Yeah, so it won't be long before she inherits their bad traits and turns her back on you,” Sirius added. "Slytherins are famous for their conniving and sneaky ways, there's no way she will stay true to you!"

My smile immediately faltered. “What?” 

“Trust us Sophie; your friend will be sucked right in, unfortunately. So we are willing to offer you our friendship and protection!” James said, puffing out his chest. The others all nodded in agreement.

“We don't normally let others in, so you are pretty lucky!” Peter chirped.

My mouth fell open, so the only reason why the Marauders wanted to befriend me was because Dom was sorted into Slytherin? The only reason why they were willing to protect me was because they thought my best friend was going to betray me! Other than that, they practically would have ignored me. I stood to my feet, blinking away tears.

“Well, Dom and I have made a pact that we can't make friends for two weeks due to the unknown, so I'm going to have to reject your 'friendship' offer, and don't expect me to accept it after that either. Good night.”

Not even bothering to give those arrogant bastards a second look, I stormed towards the girls dorms.

“What the hell did we say?” Sirius asked curiously.

“You insulted her best friend, Padfoot,” Remus replied with a sigh.

Upon entering the girl's dorms, I saw everyone was asleep apart from the mousy blonde girl. I didn't talk to her; instead I threw myself onto my bed, wishing I'd just chose to be in Hufflepuff like the Sorting Hat had said instead.

“Are you okay?” I heard the girl whisper.

“No, I'm not okay,” I whispered back. “Now leave me alone.”

But she didn't leave me alone; instead she came and sat down beside me. “My name is Heather Perrywhittle.”

I turned to look at her. “Nice to meet you Heather.”

“Hey, I'm sorry about Lily before, she's usually really nice, and I'm not quite sure why she doesn't like you,” Heather said gently.

“I have a fair idea,” I murmured. “It doesn't matter though.”

Heather smiled kindly. “If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask me okay, our friend Mary MacDonald is nice too, when she gets back in a couple of days, don't hesitate to ask her for help as well ... just make sure that Lily isn't around when you do.”

I chuckled. “Thanks so much, Heather, I will.”

Patting me on the shoulder, Heather got up and went over to her bed. “Good night, Sophie, we'll talk tomorrow.” 

I smiled. “We definitely will, night Heather.”

A/N: Well, there you go! Probably not what you were expecting - no happy friendships at the moment. I surely wasn't expecting to write it like that, but it happened lol! Hope you liked it, please review and more coming asap!
XOXO WildFlower!

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