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Hollie Knowles:)

“You’re still going to explain it to me right?” Molly pleaded, while banging on the door to the shower. “HOLLIE, HURRY UP!”

I laughed. “You are so bi-polar.” She shrugged.

She mockingly grinned. “You’re so telling me.”

When Molly shook me awake this morning, I was still wearing James’s jumper. It had been down to my exhaustion that I had forgotten to remove it before climbing underneath the covers and closing my eyes. After a momentary silence, she laughed. Her constant demand for an explanation hadn’t died at all. The truth was, I had given her an honest answer, but she refused to believe it.

Tammy padded from her bed to the bathroom; she swung her legs over the end of her bed and stretched. Molly rigidly arose before falling on top of me and pinning down my chest. She giggled and explained that it was too early in the morning for Tammy to explode. One glimpse of me wearing her future husbands clothes and I would be a dead woman.

I smoothed my fingers along Hollie’s skirt. She demanded that we switch this morning. Hers was surprisingly short, it merely came down to my knees – the middle of my thighs was more like it. My hair was beyond the means of controllable, therefore only my red hippie head band was placed.

“Shall I say anything?” Hollie asked, walking from the bathroom in nothing but a towel. She pushed a paranoid Molly through the doors before Tamara had even set eyes on it. I shook my head and smiled. “You know you’re going to get asked to take that off right?”

“I thought you weren’t going to say anything.” I said with a smile. “Anyway, it’s house colours.” I said pointing to my thin and twisty headband.

“I think it looks gorgeous, but Langley wont.”

“Langley’s a prat.” Molly said, emerging quickly from the bathroom with a toothbrush hanging from her mouth.

“Langley’s a lot of things, but I kept my mouth shut.”

“Shut it G.” Molly said, squeezing her toothpaste at me, but so that it hit the floor instead. It landed with a plop and just happened to be in exact stepping distance of Tammy to step in it. Hollie and I gasped as Molly laughed silently. “Ok, that was a total accident but it was the best one I’ve ever bloody done.”

“Oh, you are SO DEAD WEASLEY!”

Hollie swiftly walked over to me. “Get up and run.” I looked at her strangely as she grabbed my arm and walked me from the room. She lead me quickly down the stairs of the girls dormitories and in to the common room of where you could still hear the shouting of Molly and Tammy.

“Will they be ok?”

Hollie laughed. “Its fine, this happens frequently. It’s been along time coming.” She looked nonchalant. “To be honest, no one has really argued since you came, don’t worry, it’s a good thing.” She added after seeing my expression.

I nodded. “You wanna get breakfast?” I asked, as I took her hand and walked towards the Portrait hole.

“Do I get a say?” She asked, walking freely by my side.

“Uhh, no, I want my toast.” She laughed at my toast loving. What can I say; it’s all crumbly and yummy. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy alright?

I looked down and remembered the switch of skirts Hollie asked me to do this morning. She was wearing my pencil skirt that happened to show of Hollie’s curves beautifully. She was a very pretty girl, but she would never be able to see it herself. I realized that Hollie was the type of girl that would tell me why she wanted to borrow it is she wanted me to know. So I kept my mouth shut.

“So, what are you explaining to Molly later?” she asked. “Because if it’s about you wearing So-and-So’s clothes last night, then I want in on the explanation too.”

My mouth possibly dropped to the floor. “How…how…you…Molly?”

“I’m a light sleeper, I heard you go and I heard you come back, a few hours after you first left, except you returned in a jumper that happens to have never been given to another girl before.”

I looked to Hollie. “He’s never given it to anyone else before?”

“No one but Molly and his little sister Lily.” She smiled to herself. “I think that you are the very first non Wotter girl to have worn that jumper.”


“It’s a mixture of the potter and Weasley families. There are too many to remember so everyone just calls them the Wotter’s.” She stopped. “And don’t change the subject woman, I know that you feel special inside.”

I stifled a giggle. I did feel special. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that Hollie was pulling my leg. He was James Potter for crying out loud. I’ve seen the way that the girls of this school stare at him. They way he loves the attention, smirks at the undying love and gossip the girls (and I’m pretty sure the odd guy) revolve around.

There was a moment of silence. “So you’re Josh’s Defence partner right?”

“Uh huh.” I answered slowly.

“Has he said anything about me?” she asked hopefully. I could see that she was treading on egg-shells. She really likes this guy. If I was honest, if I told the truth, it would break her heart. Josh hadn’t really spoken about her; he hadn’t really spoken about anything besides the work we’re doing and Quidditch.

“He’s mentioned you.” I said, the small white lie wouldn’t hurt her.

“Really?” She asked, suddenly interested. “Uh, I mean, that’s nice.”

I smiled at her child like resemblance. “Hollie, if you like him, just tell him.” I said, giving her advice that I myself would never have the guts to use.

“Nh uh, I’m old fashioned.” She said shyly. “The boy has to ask me.”

I nodded. “I totally agree with that.” We laughed. “So can you tell me a basic and non horrible version of why they hate each other? Cause it’s really bugging me.” She blinked at my bluntness. “I don’t want any potentially horrid details.”

I thought about it a lot last night. If anyone was going to give me the version that I wanted, or any version for that matter … it was Hollie.

She smiled. “Well there isn’t really anything to tell.” I raised my eyebrows. “No seriously, you’d think otherwise from the way that they are acting.” I nodded slowly. “But it’s your basic boy rivalry.” She took a deep breath before going in to story teller mode.

“Well you see, James got a girlfriend in 3rd year, of whom after breaking up with a month later, went out with Josh. James did the same back to him with Josh’s next girlfriend, childish I know, but it’s been on going. They both made captains of their Quidditch Teams in their fifth years. They both have the same IQ, same personalities, same tastes, same skills. James says Josh is jealous of his parentage as Josh is a pureblood and came from a crazy family.” I winced; I came from a crazy pureblood family.

“We were in our sixth year when things really began to hit off. You see they both hit their puberty age at the same time, if you get my meaning. So they both became un-denying hot. Come on G, don’t look at me like that you so agree with me.”

I laughed. “It’s a crime not to.”

She smiled. “But they both went after the same girl.” I nodded; I could see where this was going. “Basically, as you don’t want the gory details. She lead them both on, did unforgivable things with them both, if you catch my meaning,” I did, I really did, “she stirred up so much trouble, almost caused our friendship group to split and the two houses to cause some sort of war.” I was speechless, who would do such a thing? “All before moving away without a word, and never to be heard of again.”

She paused, waiting for my reaction. “There are little things too. Like Josh has this idea that James intentionally murdered his cat.” She laughed.

“He what?”

“Oh, he didn’t do it. The cat actually just fell off the top of the Astronomy Tower, James just happened to be there. They just always blame each other for everything.” I rolled my eyes. “Typical boys for you.”

“Yeah, typical.” I said. “So who was this girl anyway?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I pushed her out of my head when she left, I don’t remember things for long, you know that.” She scratched her head. “Uhh, she moved to Beaubaxtons I think. Hey you might have heard of her…” Hollie looked a little confused. “Erm, it might have been Zoe Tagbell-“

“Zoe Taggert.” I answered for her without hesitating.

“Yeah, do you know her?”

I smiled a fake smile and sighed. “A little.”

“Oh, has she changed at all. Were you friends?”

“Friends isn’t exactly the word I would use.” Hollie placed her hand on my shoulder.

“Sweets, if you don’t want to talk about it, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have told you in the first place.”

I shook my head. “No it’s ok. I know exactly what she’s like. She moved to Beaubaxtons last year. She made best friends with my half sister, snogged my boyfriend infront of a large crowd of people and spent every day for a month straight flushing my books down the toilet.”

Hollie’s mouth dropped to the floor. “No, no it’s not that bad. You see, I don’t like upsetting people that much. But after this month of putting up with her, she made me realize something.” I smiled. “That I was better than her. That I wasn’t a pushover, that she couldn’t bully me.”

Hollie nodded. “So one day after she ran off with my History of Magic book towards the girls bathroom, I convinced her boyfriend that she was gay, spilt her underwear in half and roped in the help of my friend Kevin, of when we hung all of her ‘secret possessions’ from the top of the school’s bell tower. Then that night when she was sleeping my roommate cut off her hair while I dyed the remaining bits of black a rather unflattering shade of blue.”

I turned to a rather gobsmacked Hollie. Of all of the reactions I expected her to have; I didn’t expect her to laugh. “Hollie, it’s not funny.” She carried on. “It’s really not, there’s a heck of a lot more that we did, that ended up with me and Kevin in so many detentions we were on the brink of expulsion.”

She only laughed harder. The days of Zoe Taggert weren’t ones that I was proud of. But if it’s at all believable, she made me a better person, a stronger one, one that doesn’t give up. While also attempting to make her life a living hell, I also learnt how to communicate with the Mer-people and how to fire a Muggle BB gun.

I smiled and turned the corner to the Great Hall. We walked in without a care in the world. “You realize that you are telling the boys that one right?”

My face turned from apprehension to confusion. “Excuse me?”

“You are telling that story again to Josh and James, maybe even Fred and Russ; they’ll get a kick out of it.” She twisted her fingers.

“No, no way. It’s totally shameful.” I laughed. Why am I laughing? I shouldn’t be laughing. “It’s horrifying that I could do that to a person.”

“You’re a tough one I’ll give you that.” She said as we sat down. “I’ve seen the way that you deal with Nott and his cronies. You’re a totally natural at protecting yourself. You’re Wonder Woman, you need no help.”

Nott deserved a right kick up the butt. He followed me from the Gryffindor Common Room sometimes, just to see what I would do. He wouldn’t make a move unless I was on my own or with Hollie; he seemed to think that Hollie was incapable of doing anything herself. He’s such a pervert. He walked me from the library to my Potions lesson, attempting to shove me in to every broom closet along the way. How that ended … I charmed his face so that he would see everything upside down and would spew out slugs. It was quite an eventful morning. Considering that most of this had happened all before lunch.

“I need help sometimes.” I admitted helplessly. She smiled and handed me the toast rack.

“Knock yourself out honey.” She said, still half laughing. Yum, toast.

“What the hell is this?” Oh Merlin.

When the day had finished, the sun had gone to sleep, all way calm in the castle, apart from one angry Molly Weasley and a rather dishevelled Tammy Jones. Upon shoving Russell through the Common Room portrait hole and ignoring the annoying knight that seems to be following me around from painting to painting, Russell seems to find it endlessly hilarious. Hollie was still with Josh. They both have been in the library every night since Tuesday. I don’t even know if they have a project together anymore.

I walked up the to the girls dormitories after giving Russ a loud punch on the arm, and found my belongings completely uprooted and my part of the room turned upside down. Molly was standing in her pyjamas with a crumbled cookie in her hands, probably just collected from the kitchens, glaring at a green haired Tammy whose wand might have just backfired.

“I repeat.” Tammy screeched, pointing to a little box that I recognized instantly. “What the hell is this?”

“That would be a wand contaminator.” Molly said stubbornly. “I believe they are all the rage in France.”

A wand contaminator is a small contraption that was invented by a creepy guy who deals on what’s known as the Junior Black Market in France. It’s basically the market for teens from teens and young adults if you want to play pranks on people. A Wand Contaminator is something where you put you wand near it, and it causes the spell that is being cast to backfire. It’s nicknamed a diaphragm in France, due to its small and round shape. The kids who were bullied used to have them in Beaubaxtons. Tammy must have cast a spell.

I was speechless. “Tammy, you went through my stuff? Why?” I practically whispered.

“Because….because you’re French, why does James like French girls? I found the jumper. Why, why did you get the jumper? Not me.” She whined. “What’s wrong with me?” I stood back, shocked.

“A lot of things are wrong with you Tamara Jones.” Molly scolded. “For one thing, you seem to think that it is ok to go through somebody else’s belongings without care in a sad attempt to find out why someone may or may not want to date them.” She leant back and whispered to me. “Btw, it’s a total yes.” She did a little happy dance before turning around and throwing a deck of Exploding Snap cards at Tammy.

Cue Explosion.

“MOLLY!” she screeched. Seriously, this girl is a harpy. I took Molly’s hand and pulled her back down to the Common Room, still kicking and screaming.

“Georgie let me have her, honestly. I can kill her. I’ll rip her apart for you.” I smiled, still a little shocked as I sat her down next to Russell on the sofa. He grabbed her and held her still as she threw a child’s temper tantrum. The boys were obviously used to this as they made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to calm her down. “She can’t treat you like that!” Molly yelled, her voice muffled by the pillow Russ was holding to her face.

“Georgie, what happened?” James asked worriedly, hugging me tightly. It was the expression on my face that worried him.

“Tammy went through all of my things.” I said slowly, looking at him through teary eyes. “She threw all of my belongings around the room.” I smiled. “That was until she found my diaphragm.”

Russell nearly died from an eruption of coughing, Rory fell off of his chair and I swear that James actually stopped breathing. His arms though were still around me tightly. Fred however stayed as still as a post.

“I knew it. I knew that I was right!” He said, standing up. “I thought that you weren’t a virgi-“

“Fred.” Molly shouted. “It’s a French contraption you prat. You stick your wand near it and it makes it basically explode.”

Fred was nodding as if to say uh yeah or duhh. Rory looked like he was in pain, Russ still hadn’t stopped coughing and James, had actually frozen.

“Oh Merlin’s Pants.” Molly said. “That didn’t make it any better does it?” Rory slowly shook his head.

“It’s also known as a contaminator.” I said quietly. Why are they confused? “It contaminates the wand if it’s used by some people.”

“Really?” Fred asked. “Now I wouldn’t have guessed that, not with you.”

“Bloody hell, she doesn’t mean as in sex you stupid shits.” Molly said. Oh, they mean that type of diaphragm. “It’s a French contraption. You use your actual Wizarding Wand, sold to you by Ollivander or another Wand producer and it backfires. Take Tammy for example.”

I felt James breathe again; it somehow reached the back of my neck and gave me the shivers. He held me tighter, as if to think I was cold. “Yeah.” I said still a little tingly. “Tammy attempted to hex Molly when she shouted at her; instead, she turned her own hair green.”

James laughed and Rory must have too as I heard a nervous chuckle come from behind. James sat down and pulled me to squish in to the single chair with him. Russ laughed and covered Molly’s mouth from a remark … until she bit him that is.

“Kinky.” He announced. “Molly Weasley likes it kinky.” She smacked him as he had managed to get the attention of the room. “Watch out lads … she bites – Ow, Molly that hurt.”

I giggled quietly and looked up only to find James Potter lazily staring at me. “What?” I asked almost inaudibly.

“Nothin’.” He said teasingly. We were both squished into the small chair, both half falling out. He had his arm around me, keeping me on and the other around the arm of the chair, keeping himself on.

“You know, it would probably be more comfortable for you if I moved.” I said against my heart that was currently having a loud and joyful party in between my lungs.

“Don’t want you to.” He practically growled, pulling me back in to the chair aka, in to his chest. “I want you to stay with me, keep me warm, you’re cuddly.”

“Well, it’s always nice to be wanted as a teddy bear.” I sarcastically answered, ignoring the daring look from Molly opposite me.

He chuckled, sending the rhythmic movements as shivers up my spine. I could see Molly accusing me with her eyes, I glared back but instead she just burst in to laughter. She hopped up reluctantly from Russell’s firm grasp. “I need to go and owl Victoire.”

Fred laughed and followed her up to the girls’ staircase, forgetting about the charm and a moment later sliding back down the staircase backwards lying on his front. He got up, shook his hair out and walked back to the boys dormitories. “I’ll just pop and get my broom shall I?”

I laughed and shook my head with disbelief. “Is he really that dumb?”

“Heck yes. And you should try it.” Russell said sourly. “Sliding down that staircase is a hell of a lot more painful than it looks.”

I shrugged. “I’ll never slide down it.” I said childishly, sticking my tongue out.

“Oh, oh you’re taunting me now Blythe, huh?” He stood up with his hands on his hips. “Don’t you go and stick your tiny tongue out at me you titchy little woman.” I gasped teasingly. “You just, you just always make me feel small.” His joke suddenly was turning in to an Oscar award winning performance of a portrayal of Tammy having just found out she had run out of make-up.

He straightened up and laughed. “Yeah, I’m gunna go get my broom too.” I laughed and looked over to Rory, but he was already gone. Silly boy.

“Is Russell always that … dramatic?” I asked, standing up from James and mussing up my hair. Surprisingly I hadn’t been asked to take off my head band by anyone. I took it off and mussed up my hair.

“I’m still in the room love.”

“Well then leave it stupid.” Hollie said, climbing through the portrait hole. “Georgie?” She looked from me to James and back again and then shook her head. “G, I need to talk to you and Molly.” She paused. “Now.”

I smiled a goodbye to James before chasing after Hollie as she raced up the stairs, taking two at a time. She tore open the door to our bedroom and stopped. “Ok, who set the bomb off in here?”

“Tammy.” I said quietly, so that Tamara wouldn’t hear. I brushed my hand along one of the Christmas decorations, set up by Molly no less than a few hours ago.

“Oh, that explains a lot.” She walked in and began folding my clothes and placing them in my trunk along with Molly. I smiled at their generosity and began placing my underwear – that had been mortifyingly thrown around the room – back in to its correct draw.

“So tell us Hol’s. What’s happened?” I asked excitedly, at least hoping for some good news of the day.

“Well,” she began giddily. “I was in the library with Josh when he offered that we went for a walk.” Molly and I awwwww-ed. “Anyways, when we got to the forest, he said that he really liked this girl.” Molly looked a little confused.

“Sweetie, if he likes a girl, that’s not you, then you shouldn’t be happy.”

She smiled. “Yeah, well that’s what I thought. Like my hopes actually plummeted and I thought that I was going to cry and everything. But then, he started talking. He said that she was sweet and kind and pretty.” Molly raised an eyebrow. “And I was thinking well where is he going with this?”

“Like the rest of us.”

“Molly zip it.” I said, throwing a pillow. “I wanna hear every detail of how Josh McCartney asked out Hollie.”

“Well, he didn’t exactly ask me out.”


“Well, he carried on explaining about this girl, and I was thinking like, she sounds so nice and kind and all that jazz. But then he said, that she was his research partner and not like other girls. He wanted advice on how to ask her out. So I told him to ask her out to Hogsmeade.”

Molly and I shared a glance. “Hol’s, how can that be good?”

“Well, when he was explaining about her, it began to sound suspiciously like me in some ways, like the project partner bits.”

“And the pretty, and kind and smart parts too.” I said, sitting next to her on my bed. She blushed a little.

“Thanks G. But it wasn’t ‘til we got to the lake when I remembered the time that Fred and the boys told me that if they wanted to ask out a girl they would ask her how to, but discreetly, like they wanted to ask another girl.” I giggled at her expression. She was drunk with happiness.

“So you think that Josh was asking about you?” Molly said.

“Total girly squee moment.” I said laughing. “Hollie this is awesome.” She laughed and fell back on to the bed.

“Guys, I have been waiting for this moment since forth year. I basically fell in love with him when we were first partnered together. I mean, George, you can vouch for this; he’s not the stereotypical Ravenclaw is he? I mean, he’s got these gorgeous eyes that draw you in, and this really friendly personality.” She sighed.

“Hollie, I am so glad that you’re happy.” I said hugging her gently. “I can’t believe this is finally happening. The moment he asks you, you are to come and find Molly and me ok?” She nodded enthusiastically and sighed.

“Is this why you’ve been wanting to borrow all my crap?” I asked thoughtfully. !To attract Mr. McCartney’s attention?”

She nodded sheepishly before picking up the Wand Contaminator Diaphragm thing.

“What in the name of Merlin’s Saggy Socks is this?” She asked. Molly and I couldn’t answer due to the horrendous state to giggles we were in.

I told them everything about James. I mean, I finally admitted it, and not just to myself. Molly sat on me and smothered me with a pillow before Hollie pulled her off and sat slouched down on to the bed with a sigh.

Molly was mad at me a little before Hollie pointed out that it was another off of the dreaded list. We realized that what had taken them at least a few months to do, I had completed in a matter of weeks. This was the basic list though, they had another afterwards apparently. But I have a feeling that the other one is particularly rude.

So … I’ve hexed Nott, Snuck in to the kitchens, (unintentionally) pissed off Tamara, not done my Charms homework assignment last week, - don’t look at me like that, I went to watch the Quidpitch (which by the way, everyone is calling it now, thanks dim brain) and didn’t have time to finish, I had to go to James, self proclaimed lord of excuses to get out of that one – publically embarrassed the Slytherin house the other day when I turned all of their banners in to Gryffindor ones after having been groped by Nott after Potions, oh, I also punched him in the face ... and then so did Russell.

Last night we managed to cross off more. Molly pulled out a three foot stack of old Witch Weekly copies, which her cousin Victoire sends her once she’s read them. We spent hours taking boy advice on how to tame Josh for Hollie. We also pulled an all nighter, hence my death-like appearance this morning. It’s a Saturday, the weekend before Hogsmeade.

We’ve managed to make Hollie look … presentable for when Josh asks her. Well, as presentable as you can be when you have spent the entire night talking and casting silencing charms around the bed that you’re on to not wake up the sleeping harpy of death.

I walked down the third floor corridor and turned right at the end. I wasn’t lost, I was just very confus- … ok, lost. I turned looked to my left and saw someone I was incredibly happy to see.

“Albus!” I called, jogging towards him and squealing a little as he picked me off of the ground.

“Georgie, how are you?”

“I’m perfectly fine thank you. I just wanted to ask you to tell me where the heck I am.” I stated with a smile on my face.

To my total not-surprise he burst out laughing. “Merlin, you are funny G. You’re by the Hospital Wing love.” I nodded and made an O shape with my mouth. “Oh, I don’t think you’ve met. This is Scorpius Malfoy. Scorp, this is Georgie Blythe.” I smiled and took his hand.

“Hi.” I said happily.

“Hello.” He replied, he wasn’t as friendly, but he looked very confused. It’s probably just a Malfoy thing.

“So G, I hear that our one and only Mr. Nott has taken a small liking to you.” Al said with a huge grin on his face.

“Oh it is so not funny Potter.” He laughed and to my surprise Scorpius did too. “It’s actually not, the other he followed me in to the girl’s bathroom and Moaning Myrtle had to clear him off. She’s actually quite nice once you get to know her.”

“Only you could make friends with the un-friendliest ghost in the entire school.”

Scorp snorted. “She’s got a little crush on Al you see. He’s just upset that it would never work out.” From the expression that appeared on Al’s face, I could see that was a little out of context.

I giggled. “Well, seeing as were apparently on such friendly terms I’ll put in a good word for you.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” He looked just like James when he did that expression. His laugh sounded like his too. But only the older Potter was able to make me tingle with a simple touch.

“Point me in the right direction and I’ll do it now.” Scorp was obviously enjoying this severely as he was incredibly bad at holding in the laughter.

“You are so awkward!” he exclaimed, practically stomping his foot.

Scorp laughed and took his friends arm. “We better be off anyway. Look’s like someone else wants your attention.” I was confused as he gestured his head towards Josh McCartney who was walking towards us.

“Oh and G.” Albus said. “Would you please go to Hogsmeade with me? I would love to take you out for dinner, and then we could get married and live in a little white cottage by the sea with a white picket fence and lots of children.”

“Al, if I wanted to hear the pitter patter of little feet I’d strap shoes to my Aunties cats.” Scorp laughed.

“So is that a yes?” he asked teasingly.


“I’ll pick you up at 10!”

“No, 10s not good for me.” He was still slowly being dragged away from Scorpius as Josh arrived. “Never is good for me Al? How about never, is never good for you?”

He laughed as he stood up straight and mocked being hurt and whined to me. “I love you Georgie, I always have and I always will.” He walked away and called over his shoulder normal once more. “By the way, the stair case to your left leads you directly to the Gryffindor Common Room.”

How on earth does he know that? I turned to Josh with a smile on my face. “Children? You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.”

He laughed and looked a little nervous. “So the project was good, yeah?” he said.

We has handed in our essay’s on the Phoenix, to be honest, I was pretty proud, with the help of Josh, I had managed to write the best essay in the history of essays. “It was awesome. Thank you so much.”

“Oh, it’s no problem really. I actually wanted to talk to you.”

This was it; he was going to ask me advice on how to ask out Hollie. She’s going to be so happy. “That’s good, cause I wanted to talk to you as well.” He looked a little less nervous. “You go first.”

“Ok.” He said slowly, reforming back to the cheery Josh that I had worked with for the past few lessons. “Will you go to Hogsmeade with me?”




“Excuse me?”


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James pulled me down in to the tiny space next to him, once again we were squished together.

Then he took my hand.

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